[2.5] Fabulous Frank's Festive Fern Trickster - Tulborn Freezing Pulse


Welcome to Fabulous Frank's Festive Fern Trickster. This build utilises Tulborn with Surgebinders to make Freezing Pulse great again!


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+ Reasonably Cheap start
+ Fast(When not still levelling with the bare minimum in Xoph's Domain xD)
+ Makes Freezing Pulse great again
+ Uses a few "weak" uniques to great benefit.


- Resistance gearing can be tough.
- Not very good on isolated bosses without charges up.



Shadow - Trickster


Ascendancy Points:
Ghost Dance
For some Dodge Chance as well as Movement Speed on full Energy Shield

Shade Form
A massive boost in energy shield, some occasional extra cast speed and some evasion.

Swift Killer
Grants us an extra Frenzy charge and some frenzy charge generation outside of Ice Bite

Weave the Arcane or Walk the Aether
This comes down to personal choice, Weave the Arcane makes mana sustaion slightly easier as well as providing us with some extra damage reduction while Walk the Aether provides us with free lightning warp along with some extra cast speed for a few seconds afterward.

Bandits:Kill, Kill, Alira


Levelling can be done from the start with Freezing Pulse, just be sure to pick up life nodes before the transition to CI.
Level 28
Level 50
Level 68


We pick up Elemental Overload for extra damage(since we don't scale crit), We then grab Chaos Innoculation, Ghost Reaver and Vaal Pact for that large ES pool. We are grabbing Witch and Shadow power charges as well as Ranger and Shadow frenzy charges as a lot of our damage scaling comes from these. We then pick up damage that applies to freezing pulse, projectile speed and Energy shield. Grabbing the jewel sockets that are convenient lands us on 5 Jewel sockets to help fill out resists, stat requirements energy shield or damage. Another noticeable set of nodes is Heart of Oak down by the ranger for some stun avoidance(this is how we will manage stun since we are using The Aylardex and 2 Snakepit rings and can't afford Skyforth)


We focus mainly on Energy Shield+Damage jewels as well as jewels to fill out our strength/resist requirements,

The Green Dream is also a potential candidate at the Shadow jewel socket.



Main Hand

We are using Tulborn to add a large amount of flat cold damage based on our power charges and to also generate said power charges, since most of our flat damage comes from power charges Tulfall does not seem like a good idea.


For the Trickster we almost always dual wield wands as we gain a large amount of extra Energy Shield from the ascendancy.

another Tulborn was the best option for me

however one may consider a Void Battery for what was(for me at least) a very small damage boost fully buffed

Or a rare wand to help us have extra damage when our charges are down.

An Energy Shield, Spell damage + Catarina crafted cast speed can be substituted for extra energy shield.


We use a hubris circlet with Energy Shield and Resists as well as a Leo crafted chance to avoid stuns. Any freezing pulse enchant will help us but wont be necessary, our freezing pulse already does a decent amount of damage at the edge of the screen so while projectile speed is nice it is not mandatory.


We use a standard high energy shield chest with some resists


We use Surgebinders for up to 98% increased damage to our freezing pulse, the most important rolls are Elemental Damage Per Frenzy Charge, Spell Damage per Power Charge and a low roll of Reduced charge duration. It is worth noting that these can be a pain in the neck to search for on Poe.Trade and I recommend setting a minimum buyout of 4 or 5 chaos just to filter out bad rolls. cold spell based enchants are best.


Decent energy shield, high movement speed Sorceror Boots are used, we can also consider Skyforth if we can afford it. This is one of your best locations to fill out resists and I have prioritised those over high energy shield. For enchants leech is best.

although when we have all sources of leech it is interesting to consider +1 frenzy charge corrupted boots.


We use the Aylardex as its low value makes it easy to corrupt +1 frenzy charge. It also gives us an extra power charge and makes our power charges last exponentially longer which helps for bosses. The mana regeneration doesn't hurt either. Since we are not scaling crit and are using Elemental Overload the reduced crit chance per powercharge doesn't affect us.

An interesting alternative here is the Pandemonius(Upgraded Tul Amulet) this gives us some more cold penetration, blind and increased cold damage, for bosses you will either have to selfcast your Vortex or stand near the boss so that he is constantly chilled from the vortex.


For Early mapping we use 2 Snakepit rings for the extra cast speed, damage and most importantly the extra projectile

Later on when you can afford it, using a Green Dream jewel may allow us to drop Ice Bite for Greater Multiple Projectiles letting us remove the Snakepits for Opal Rings crafted with Essences of Hatred.


I like Doryani's Invitation here for the extra damage, a bit of leech and the extra freeze chance while using a flask, this becomes practically mandatory if you drop Ice Bite.


We are using Atziri's Promise for extra damage and leech

I like the Overflowing Chalice for increased damage and flask charge generation when needed

We then use an array of flasks to help with weaknesses such as bleeding or freeze immunity, these can go on your preferred utility flasks

If you can afford it Dying Sun is a great help as it increases the radius of our blasphemy and grants us 2 more projectiles if we are using Snakepits.


Main DPS Setup
Chest: Freezing Pulse, Controlled Destruction, Spell Echo, Ice Bite, Life Leech, Cold Penetration.
If you are using The Green dream and a Doryani's belt you can remove Ice Bite in favour of Greater Multiple Projectiles or Hypothermia.

Mobility Setup

Main/Off hand: Lightning Warp, Less Duration, Rapid Decay.

We skip out on faster casting here since we gain immense amounts of cast speed from our frenzy charges, although Rapid Decay can be Replaced with Faster Casting if you prefer.

Helm: Lightning Warp, Less Duration, Rapid Decay, Faster Casting.

We can socket these into our helm if we don't mind putting our auras on a weapon.

Aura Setup
Weapon/Helm:Discipline, Blasphemy, Warlord's Mark

We use Discipline for extra energy shield and Blasphemy along with Warlords mark for extra leech.


Lightning Golem adds extra speed/damage to our freezing pulse


Orb of Storms, Power charge on Critical, Curse on Hit and Warlord's Mark

In case we need to keep our distance we use an Orb of storms to sustain power charges and Elemental Overload along with cursing on distant enemies.

Cast when Damage Taken, Immortal Call, Increased Duration and Vortex

We have a Cast When Damage Taken, Immortal call setup to help with rapid burst damage and labyrinth style traps as well as Vortex to slow enemies that have reached us.

Main/Off Hand:
Vaal Breach+Faster Casting+Summon Lightning Golem

For some charge generation and leech during boss fights(note that this can obviously get us killed if used incorrectly).


We use Tulborn and surgebinders to gain a lot from our Power/Frenzy charges and then we generate Power and Frenzy charges, freezing pulse is used because of its high damage effectiveness as well as the fact that I felt like doing Freezing pulse.


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4 to 7 cold damage per frenzy charges only apply to attack. Not spells.

I think you can remove 'fast' from the pros has you hardly are able to do a xoph's breachstone.
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ZePample wrote:
4 to 7 cold damage per frenzy charges only apply to attack. Not spells.

I think you can remove 'fast' from the pros has you hardly are able to do a xoph's breachstone.

Thank's a lot for the information, I have updated the guide accordingly.
Wouldn't Taryn's Shiver plus stacking a bunch of spell damage just be better dps? Thinking of doing a FP build for the new league in HC with the new jewel coming out.
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
Edzilla wrote:
Wouldn't Taryn's Shiver plus stacking a bunch of spell damage just be better dps? Thinking of doing a FP build for the new league in HC with the new jewel coming out.

There are probably a lot of ways to do more dps than this version, most notable one being crit, I just enjoy the way the tulborns and surgebinders interact with all the charges that become possible when you use an amulet like the Aylardex. Other options will more than likely end up costing you more too since with the exception of QoL stuff like "The Dying Sun" everything was relatively cheap, even that +1 Frenzy Aylardex cost me 1 Regal.

Whether it will remain a budget option depends on the availability of Tulborn next league since so many will likely be levelling freezing pulse and there is no better substitute than Tulborn while levelling for FP because of its insane Damage Effectiveness.

Edit: It is however worth noting that since this build has been able to do enough dps with a shield that it will probably be one of the tankier variants of FP next league.
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