[2.6/3.0] [HC, Videos in Comments] Fidelitas's Trickster Cyclone--Uber Iz down

Why this build?

I have experimented with several different iterations of cyclone and this is my favorite so far, currently level 89 in Legacy HC, fully ascended (without help) and mowed down up to tier 14 maps (have found no T15s yet)

Key features of the build:
1. Super cheap to start! Though my version has become somewhat optimized, the key components of the build cost no more than a couple of c each.

2. Uses fidelitas's spike's high attack speed, HOT buff and newly buffed shock chance with several sources of flat lightning damage to good effect.

3. Trickster using a movement skill (cyclone) for our main attack (after first ascendancy taken as walk the aether) means we can ignore mana largely without blood magic and reserve our entire mana pool

4. A suprisingly high life pool for a right-side-of-tree build (216% on completion + 3 open jewel slots), plenty of increased evasion, iron reflexes, 2.4% attack damage leech, and LGOH combine to make the build quite tanky.

5. Super-fast whirling blades allows both for good escapes and an enjoyable play-style

Attack and Defense Stats at lvl 89:

Raw Cyclone dps: 19.8k
With Wrath, HOT, and skill activated: 34.2k
With 4 frenzy charges: 42.1k
With Sulphur flask: 47k
Counting Lightning Pen (36% gem+19% from tree):72.8k
Counting Conductivity (42%) 92.6k
Counting shock (either natural 40% chance per hit or through vaal lightning trap) 138.9k
With further bonuses if ES recharge has begun recently, or intermittently if using the gull mask

Life: 5869 (greater if buffed from gull)
Shield: 1639 (greater if buffed from gull)
Resses: capped for merc, (intermittently 79% with gull)
Chaos: -33%
Block: 30%
Unbuffed Armor: 8.4k (41% mitigation at lvl 89)
Armor with flasks up: 20.6k (63% mitigation at lvl 89)

Key Uniques, Current gear/jewel list, and gear/jewel priorities:

Fidelitas Spike: Best attack speed in the game for a whirling blades enabled weapon. Buffs HOT by 50%, 15-20% base shock chance. As I leveled to 89 I experimented with using higher end weapons, but this has continued to outperform all of them in practice. When leveling, I dual wielded Fid Spikes, switching to a shield shortly after I began mapping.

Wake of Destruction: 1-120 flat lightning damage is a key component of our attack

Thunderfist: 1-100 flat lightning damage another key component. Also acts as an easy 5-link with added lightning until a 6 link becomes available

Static electricity: Slots into the tree below forces of nature and above herbalism. Provides another 1-82 flat lightning damage.

Gull: See below

My Current Gear:

For maximum effectiveness, work toward a setup where (once rezzes are capped) each piece of jewelery prioritizes life and WED. I have aimed for at least 30 WED on both rings, ammy and belt over time.

A sidenote on the gull: This is not a required piece by any means, but it has been wonderfully fun to play with. A lesser shrine appears on kill with a 20 second cooldown. The shrine will do one of the following, each effect lasting 30 seconds:
1. Buff ele resses to 79%
2. Buff Armor and ES significantly
3. Buff life and AOE significantly
4. Buff damage and add knockback

Judicious use of the gull before boss fights makes the character somewhat more effective than it looks on paper. I can't envision a better head piece for this build, though ymmv.

Gem setup:

6L chest: Cyclone > Faster attacks > LGOH > WED > added lightning > Lightning pen
4L gloves: Blasphemy-Conductivity-Wrath-vaal lightning trap (added lightning from gloves)
4L boots: CWDT-Arctic Breath-GMP-Blind
4L Helm: Blood Magic-Decoy Totem-Lightning Golem-Blind
3L Weapon: Whirling Blades-Faster attacks-Fortify
3L shield: Herald of Thunder-Blind-Item Rarity

With the life gain provided by LGOH+leech from the tree, was able to face tank Uber Izaro in early 80s, regaining full life in between hits. Vaal lightning trap keeps our dps up by providing the shocking ground for high health bosses that won't shock naturally.


Bubbling Divine of heat
Seething divine of staunching
Experimenter's granite of grounding
Chemist's Sulphur of Warding
Experimenter's Jade of Heat

These are personal preferences--I typically fight by activating the last three flasks simultaneously when whirling into a large pack (for the fort buff) and then cycloning. I then have approximately 5 seconds where I have no concerns for curses, shock, freeze, or most physical damage. Your playstyle may vary. It may be possible to replace the sulphur flask with a vinktar's, switching Jade or Bubbling Divine flask to warding, but this has some drawbacks in that either the ward or heat will be of shorter duration. Likely I would switch the Jade to Warding and see how it played.

Link to current passive tree at 89:


[Edited to show superior pathing pointed out by commenter, upping extra lightning damage on static electricity from 1-72 to 1-82 at no cost]


Norm: Oak
Cruel: Kraityn
Merc: Kill all or Kraityn
I chose not to emphasize frenzy charges and killed all, but helping kraityn to go to 5 frenzies also seems reasonable

Trickster Ascendancies, in order taken:

Walk the Aether
Swift Killer
Ghost Dance
Shade Form

Leveling plan:

1-28: Choose your favorite. I happen to like frost blades, but almost anything will get you there. Proceed through ele damage to trickery, then straight down to charisma. Pick up the nearby gem slot, proceed through the eva/life wheel to Forces of nature and you are more or less at 28.

28-68: Cycloning begins. You can dual wield fid spikes through this stage for better clear speed without any trouble. Proceed down toward primeval force, picking up the gem slots and life nodes on the way. This is where you will slot in static electricity. Then head past the thick skin cluster, grabbing it as you go, over to the leech nodes and down to iron skin. Then work your way up and over to master of the arena.

68+: As you head toward maps, you'll want to pick up a high eva shield, to take best advantage of the combination of iron skin and the eva bonuses on the tree. Fill out the lower section of the tree first, and then finally head up for arcing blows and the hybrid life/ES wheels right around the time you fully ascend, as these will buff up that extra 250 ES from Shade form significantly. It's also around this time you will grab nullification.

Final thoughts:
I have been delighted to find a build that I was able to start so inexpensively, yet has decent clear speed, is fun to play, and was able to fully ascend and farm up currency and gear for its own improvement. I hope you enjoy it, or some variation, as much as I have.
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So you are playing Legacy HC league currently and you did Uber?

how's the build performing, do you think it has improvements for someone with high amounts of currency for more endgame potential?
Correct on completed Uber Izzy in legacy hc with this build.

It continues to perform well imo, with a pretty smooth clear speed for T10-T14. I am running mostly T10-T12, with the occassional T13 drop. I try for alcing to 0-1 damage mods since its hc, though on sc I'd probably be less conservative. I've typically been running nemesis/bloodlines/whatever I feel like for greatest potential map drops. T12 vault is my current favorite and vault boss is facetankable, though extra life on that boss is annoying. T13 gorge boss without extra damage mods also facetankable, though I mostly avoid the slams out of habit anyway. T14 shrine map without extra damage mods did not feel difficult, and I look forward to trying the build out on T15s.

I feel like the biggest thing I would add with infinite currency is a vinktars with flat lightning damage. I think the boost in dps/leech would be dramatic for boss fights and would improve late endgame performance. With Vinktars, I might consider speccing into vaal pact to really feel that extra leech, depending on what I was running, though I would spec back out anytime I wanted to run lab. At only one regret, the cost for this wouldn't be bad.

Other than that, I would swap my current 6L for one with very high base eva, as I feel that the eva is better for overall tankiness than extra ES on this build. The ES is mostly giving you the time to whirl into the group and leech, if needed. The Eva boosted and turned to armor and life pool with LGOH/Leech are what keeps you alive. With truly infinite currency I would have high life and both 42% weapon ele damage and flat lightning damage on all jewelery and 42% weapon ele on belt. This would again be a significant dps spike, but its not one I'm willing to sacrifice flat life for as an hc player.

Hope that helps--I'd love to hear how the really souped up version performs!
How does Cyclone feel without any AOE nodes?
Do you think this would work with claw for insane leech and poison/bleed?
Or even added chaos dmg/manipulation?
Re: no aoe nodes: usually take no more than 1-2 times through a pack to clear. Gull periodically buffs aoe dramatically reducing to 1. Fun for me, though not the highest of clear speeds.

Problem with claws is weapon base range of 9 vs 12 for spike. On cyclone this translate to a tiny aoe that is definitely noticeably less enjoyable. Pure lightning build won't ever poison or bleed, so not an option for this build. Shock focussed instead.
So, I died in the stupidest way possible.
Not in a fair fight--I stand by my assessment of the build.

But the night I posted the guide, I took out my jewels and put them in stash to link for the guide.

Then I went to sleep
Then I woke up, forgetting that took my jewels out including the two that combined to add a little over 40% to resses.

Then I rolled a Quay map with added cold damage and every hit ignites.


But, despite my idiocy, I still loved the build. :)
That reminds me of me removing Cyclone from 4 link for testing purposes, then forgetting about it and having really tough time leveling on Ledge don't understanding what's wrong :D.

I really enjoy the build, my skills are not for sufficient for HC, so I die here and there, but still, damage is nice, leech is nice, and with tree completed I can imagine this performing quite beastly.

Thanks for the inspiration!
Very happy to hear you are having fun with it. That kind of response is the reason I make these posts. :)
I am also about to attempt something similar to this (Just ripped). But I do have a couple questions.

- Why did you choose trickster over raider?
- Why didn't you take the frenzy nodes? Darkray vectors could be awesome for this.

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