[2.6] SR CWC Icestorm Crit CI ASS / 9K+ ES / Fire Conv / 7 Power Ch. / 650%+ Crit Mult. / CC Immune

Hey, welcome to my SR CWC Icestorm build, you will find everything you need below. This is a SC intended build.


Who am I ?

Just a random guy on the Internet.

How does this build works ?

Ok, so what's important to know is that Icestorm damage scales up with our Intelligence, so the more we have, the more we deal damage and the more the skill last. Intelligence also gives us increased energy shield so we don't need to take a lot of ES nodes to get a high ES. We take Chaos Inoculation to be immune to Chaos damage, and Ghost Reaver to get some Leech for our ES. Vaal Pact grants us instant Leech while Avatar of Fire, in association with the gem Cold to Fire convert Icestorm damage to Fire, to get even more Damage. We also rely on a lot of power charges to get crit capped, in addition with a lot of critical multiplier to deal monstrous damage.

If you want more details, you can look the Calculating DPS section. (This is the best calculations I came up with, don't hesitate to tell me if I misunderstood something).

Is this build cheap or expensive ?

Well, let's say it. The build can work on a budget up till T10, but if you want to be able to do more content you will have to spend quite some amount. It's not the most expensive of builds too and you can have a lot of fun even while leveling.

Current cost (15/04/2017) (NOT BUDGET) :

- Weapon : 15c for 6s, 1 alc for others, I crafted 4 myself in less than 50 jewellers, lost 2 to corruption, sold 2. Always seek for 18% increased intelligence. Don't care for cast speed.
- Helmet: 8c for high Int.
- Rings : Around 30c both for high Int.
- Gloves : 1c for Voidbringer and 25c for high Int gloves.
- Boots : 1c (Kaom is really cheap and you dont even need a good life roll).
- Belt : 20c for a high int Crystal Belt.
- Amulet : 60c for Atramentis.
- Chest : 65c for high Int Vaal Regalia.
- Jewel : around 3c-10c each, for a total of 35c.
- Enlighten : 26c for a lvl3 (Not really necessary, more for QoL).

So far right now the total cost is 252c.


Spot a pack of mobs. Cast Orb of Storm to apply curses + generate power charges. Use Scorching Ray and aim where the pack of mobs is. Icestorm will fall on your mouse cursor.



- Hell of a fun.
- Nuke foes.
- Culling Strike.
- Stun / Chaos / Freeze and Chill / Temporal Chains Immunity.
- Can work as a budget...


- ... But need expensive stuff to be able to do endgame content.
- Mobility does suck a bit, but you can still take some Quicksilvers to do the trick.
- Elemental reflection is annoying, but manageable when on a few mobs only. Can run no leech maps but with some risks.
- Have to predict where moving mobs will go.
- Can still take some slow from Tar.


The build is operative at lvl 38, functionnal at lvl 68 (switch to CI/ Kaom's), and over at lvl 90.

Feel free to take some crit chance node while leveling to get capped, you can also start this build as life and respec later as ES, just take a few life nodes.

Rush to Vaal Pact the long way, then take a few Crit Nodes near the Witch before getting the last Power Charge on the Templar side. Finish by getting the last Witch nodes then grab the remaining Jewel Sockets.

Ascendancy :
Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion -> Amubush -> Assassinate

Poe planner

Current Tree


Kraityn > Skill Point > Alira


Level 89


Hideout with Auras lvl 19 + Golem

With Flasks


Hideout with Auras lvl 19 + Golem

Combat (+7 Power Charges)

Level 86


Hideout with Auras lvl 18 + Golem

With Flasks


Hideout with Auras lvl 18 + Golem

Combat (+7 Power Charges)

Gems + Current / Advised Gear

Note that most on the resist on my gear sucks. That's because if you want Intelligence roll, it's a suffix and it takes the same spot as Resistances. So to solve the problem, either use Purity of Elements, or get some Elemental Resistances on your jewels


Whispering Ice of course, with 4B2R


High Int and ES, try to get some resist if you can


High Int and ES, try to get some resist if you can. Warlord's mark is a good curse to use at all level as it doubles the amount of leech + gives a bit of physical mitigation. You can use also enfeeble, temporal chain, and other curses you like, there is no mandatory for this build. Right now I use Flammability + Warlord's mark but you can replace the last one by Elemental Weakness to obliterate mobs. Its a bit more risky though cause you lose some leech. If you have a 6s you can also use Decoy Totem, can be useful on Boss like Atziri.



Or High Int and ES if you are crit capped without Voidbringer, also try to get some resist if you can

You can also use Fortify + Faster Attacks + maybe a Fortify instead if you feel like it.


High Int and ES, try to get some resist if you can

Or if you are on a budget to start


High Int and resist


Astramentis is necessary at high level.

You can use some crit multi + Int amulet with resists too if you don't have enough currency or while leveling


Now is the fun part. Why use Kaom's Roots ? Well simply because thanks to that, you are immune to Stuns, Freeze and Chill, and Temporal Chains. It does reduce a bit your mobility and remove some sockets, but allow you to always be able to cast.

or while leveling

If you feel confident about your stun reduction, you can grab High ES and Int Boots too. I did not try it so I don't have any more advice for this case scenario.


Take whatever suits you

Maybe ? We get by default 18% block (If you don't go for the +1 power charge on the Staff) so this can provide us up to 38% block as secondary defense. Not a lot, but can do the job in critical situations.

You can also use The Wise Oak if you manage to make it work with your resistances, I don't have one so just click here for more info.

Other possible Gem setup

If you want to use Leap slam and Fortify with this setup, it's still possible. You will have just have to remove Enlighten. Put in the helmet 2 auras + CWDT + Immortal call (Of course you need to have the right colors) and in the gloves Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Ice Golem. This should do the trick.


1 x Fertile Mind + 5 jewel with crit Multiplier for cold / elemental / spell / resists / Int
Put Fertile Mind on the left of Vaal Pact. Gives you around 80+ Int.



Some gems, like Firestorm and Life Leech / Life gain on hit can't be obtained directly by the Shadow. You will have to buy them either form other players, or from Siosa in Act 3 on another character. If you wanna change the level of a gem, the vendor recipes are :
- Gem lvl x + Orb of Scouring = Gem lvl x-1
- Gem with any lvl + Orb of Regret = Gem lvl 1

You can use Purity of Elements instead of Anger if you are to low on resist.

On a Budget / Currency

If you want do this build on a budget, don't forget to start pick up rare gear as soon as you enter merciless, you can use it for chaos recipe to get high end gear quicker.

Another effect of being able to get any gem at Act 3 with Siosa made high level gems really expensive. You can level a few in the secondary weapon slot while leveling and sell some for up to 10-20c.


If you don't meet the requirements for the gems and can't afford to have an Astramentis at lvl 20, feel free to use Atziri's Foible at lvl 16, which can also help you a lot with mana regen. You can also get some +30 node while leveling if necessary.


In this build, we take Chaos Innoculation, which allow us to be Immune to Chaos Damage. The secondary effect of this is that you get only 1 hp left. Be sure to have a safe amount of shield before switching to CI (something like 4-5k). You can have more ES than life in game, but this build doesn't provide a lot of physical mitigation; you survive mostly by leech. I advise you to take some damage reduction / armour flask for safety.


Atziri: you have curse reflection with her, but you dont care for these 2 curses, thanks to Kaom's Roots: Warlord's Mark + Temporal Chains. The leech that the boss may obtain with Warlord's Mark doesn't need to be taken into account. You can also use Decoy Totem for the 4 clones phase to distract them for a moment allowing you to pass this in less than 5 sec if you have the right focus.

Uber Izaro: Just facetank him, works most of the time if the lab setup is not dirty.
I did not do any other endgame boss yet, so I don't have any advice for Shaper and Friends.

Detailled Leveling Guide

You have two ways of leveling up. Either going Life by grabbing a few life nodes along the way and respec once you get CI, or directly going ES (as I did). Be warned that if you level up with ES, you are still vulnerable to Chaos Damage, but you can bypass that by grabbing a few Life flasks with poison immunity. Be careful in merc, you get -60% to chaos res and it can really hurt if only have 800hp. Keep also in mind that if you level up as ES, you will be vulnerable to stuns until 68 (especially in late merc) but it's not an issue if you party (lake).

After Hillock, grab Fire Trap and Freezing Pulse. Useful starting Gear: Tabula Rasa, Wanderlust, Lochtonial Caress, Goldrim or Crown of Thorns by preference and dual Lifesprig.

- Lvl 4: Get Orb of storm and lvl it on the side.

- Lvl 8: Grab Added cold and /or Ligthing. Take 2x Increased Critical Strikes + Life Gain on Hit and level it on the side. You can use Asenath's Mark if you want.

- Lvl 10: Flame Dash. Clarity if you feel low on mana regen. Drop Lifeprig for Axiom Perpetuum.

- Lvl 12: Firestorm. Drop Fire Trap and Freezing Pulse. Take also Scorching ray but don't lvl it up, it will reduce the mana cost later and we don't need to increase it's damage anyway.

- Lvl 18: Link leveling with Firestorm : Faster casting / Concentrated Effect / Life Gain on Hit / Increased Critical Strikes / Increased Critical Damage. Link Faster Casting with Flame Dash too. Take Cold to Fire and lvl it on the side. You can start using Orb of Storm + Increased Critical Strikes + Power Charge On Critical to get power charges.

- Lvl 20. Astramentis. Help with all gems requirement + Huge damage boost when you switch to Icestorm.

- Lvl 24. Get Discipline, Warlord's Mark, and another curse of your choice + Anger that you will lvl on the side.

- Lvl 31. You can use Blasphemy with Warlord's Mark. Get Life Leech (doesn't need to be lvled up).

- Lvl 33. If you get Windscream, you can start using the other curse. Get Whispering ice but don't use it yet.

- Lvl 34. Get Immortal Call. Don't lvl it. Get Ice Golem.

- Lvl 37. You can get Zahndethus' Cassock if you want to go for leveling with ES. but drop it at start in merc to get a rare ES chest with Int.

- Lvl 38. Now we can start using Whispering Ice. Full setup for now:

Damage Setup - (Weapon - 6S): We need 4B2R in Whispering Ice with 2B linked together. The other sockets don't need to be linked. In the 2B linked, put Scorching ray + Cast while Channelling. In the other, Life Leech + Cold to Fire + Increased Critical Damage + Increased Critcal Strikes.

Boost Setup - (Chest - 5l or 4l), Link in order: Orb of storm + Curse on Hit + Warlord's Mark + Power charge on critical + other curse (If you have dual curse now). If you don't have a 5L in the chest but have dual curses, you can remove the other curse and put it in the following defensive setup.

Defensive setup (Gloves - 4L): Cast when damage taken (lvl 1) + Immortal call (lvl 3) + Increased duration + other curse.

Aura setup (Helmet - 4l): Enlighten + Discipline + Aura of choice (Elemental Resists or Anger) + Ice golem. Enlighten is not really necessary, it's more for QoL.

Movement / Other (Boots) : Flame dash + Faster casting / Leap slam + Fortify + Faster attack.

Keep Concentrated Effect somewhere.

Gear : Get a Pyre until you get Avatar of Fire. You can drop it afterwards.
You can now start leveling with Icestorm, just cast Scorching Ray over the enemy to make magic appear.

- Lvl 55. Get Voidbringer. If you did Cruel lab, drop Increased Critcal Strikes from whispering ice and replace it with Concentrated Effect if you are capped crit. The mana cost of you skill should increase, but you don't really care as most of the skill you cast are covered mostly by your mana regen. You can still use a mana flask if you feel uncomfortable in certain situations, but know that the cost of lvl 1 Scorching Ray doesn't go above 8 mana per use, which is ridiculously low, so in any situations you will always be able to deal damage.

- Lvl 68. You can start using the wonderful Kaom's Roots (you should have grabbed the dual curse node by then and I assume you already have a 5L chest. You should also switch to CI around this level). Take the curse from Cast when Damage Taken and put it in your chest. The link in you gloves should now be: Cast when damage taken + Immortal Call + (Flame Dash + Faster Casting. Variant : You can also use Faster Attacks + Leap Slam + Fortify instead if you want more movement.

You can start mapping now. Good luck !

Note: Another Gem setup is available in the "Gems + Current / Advised Gear" section, if you prefer Leap Slam + Fortify over Flame Dash.


You can do almost all maps mods, I usually avoid the no leech mods and elemental reflect.

Calculating DPS

Here I'm going to try to explain the best I can how the damage is calculated on Icestorm from what I understood.

As you can see here, you have a few values that matters :
- The Average Damage, which indicate how much damage one bolt of ice deals (13.1k),
- One Impact every 0.1 sec, which makes 10 impacts per second per storm,
- The duration of the storm, which is 3.15 sec.
- And the Cast While Channelling speed, which is one spell every 0.35 sec at lvl 20 no matter the cast speed of Scorching Ray.

That allow us to summon: 3.15/0.35 = 9 icestorms at the same time if you are constantly channelling.

Now, we have for each of these icestorm 10 impacts per second, which makes 90 impacts over one second.

We take the avg damage per impact now with this number of impacts which give us roughly 1.18kk dps. (Without any more damage from curses and at 0 mob fire resistance)

Now, what you must know is that is not your real dps. This is the best case scenario dps, in case every bolt hits the target. Your real dps is gonna depend on one thing: the chance of a bolt to hit your target. Usually not a problem in maps when hitting packs as your damage is already really high, it pose more of a problem when dealing with bosses. Two things are going to impact your dps:
- If the mob is annoying and moves all the time, then he can dodge way more bolt and get hit way less which result is some dps loss. He can also run in your storm and die quicker so it works in both ways.
- The boss size. Really. Why ? Because Icestorm works the same way as Firestorm : It's an AOE that use bolts to deal AOE. So the more the mob is large, the more he has a chance of getting hit by a bolt, therefore increasing your dps on him. At the opposite, smaller mobs have way less chance of getting hit, therefore you lose dps.

An example: Vaal twins in The Apex. These are rather large bosses, and tend to get hit a lot. Usually melt after 3-4 sec of cast on it at max power charges. Another Example: Thornrunner in corrupted area. This one runs really fast and has proximity shield. This is an example of bad combo for this build because you have to enter his shield and have Icestorm cast on him while trying to have him not run away.

I tend to think of a 20% minimum chance to hit on boss which gives us at least 220k dps. (Without other source of damage like fire pen curses or ele weakness). But it can be more or less, depending on what I just explained.

Take all these parameters into account for choosing your curses. In think the optimal one damagewise and for leech is to take Warlord's Mark and Flammability, because the first one double your leech while the second one deepens the damage while also granting you more damage to leech from. You can also use stuff like Enfeeble or Temporal Chains if you feel more confortable with it.

One last thing you have to take into account is that your dps is maximized when you have 7 power charges, which goes rather quickly to have, but also after you casted Scorching Ray for more than 3 sec, as a new storm pops up every 0.35 sec and last for 3.15 sec.


More like gifs cause I'm too lazy to upload to Youtube.

T12 Corrupted Ivory Temple


T13 Scriptorium


T14 Corrupted Shrine


T14 Twinned Mineral Pools


Also 40% Ele resist. With help of Catarina's friend.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

T14 Breach with dual Onslaught on me


T15 Daresso


Forgot about blades AOE at start, almost died

Part 1

Part 2

T15 Kaom


The Apex





Part 1

I remove the adds phase because the server crashed at that moment + it takes time on the video.

Part 2

As you can see I start with a lower damage with no power charge, but it goes up quickly once Orb of Storms generate some.

More coming / Tip for rich people

So now what i'm trying to do with the build is to get a +1 power charge modifier on Whispering Ice, to be able to drop Voidbringer and replace int with high Int gloves, but still be capped crit. I will probably have to get a few more nodes on the tree or replace some gems I already have but I will post the results if I manage to do it (mostly if I keep playing with this build).

Also I don't think that this will increase drastically the dps. I guess in a range from 500-1000 Avg Damage per hit. I'll give it a try once I reach 15 Staffs to corrupt and pray RNG.

Corruption status : 7/15

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Update 9 - Added Apex Videos (Atziri). I rerolled so I'll update less often. I still check the forum, so if some points in the build are unclear, you can ask.

Update 8 - Added Apex Videos (Duo + Trio).

Update 7 - Added another possible Gem setup in Gems + Current / Advised Gear for people who prefer Leap Slam + Fortify over Flame Dash.

Update 6 - Added T15 Daresso and Kaom in Videos.

Update 5 - Uploaded level 89 stats, not much will change except if I manage to get the corruption RNG right.

Old updates

Update 4 - Added Decoy Totem in the chest, useful on some bosses. Added also some Tips for Atziri linked to this, and some more Tips about Budget / CI. Also added two Unique flasks in a potential setup.

Update 3 - Corrected the typos I saw, added some content. Added Twinned Mineral Pools and arranged videos.

Update 2 - Added Calculating DPS section. As i said in the intro, this is the calculations I came with while trying to understand the skill, feel free to tell me if you notice an error in it.

Update 1 - Added some videos gifs + some important missing sections. Everything should be in there now.

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Reached level 89, and saw the thread got some views. Don't hesitate to tell me if some stuff is unclear, or also if you have ways to improve the build.

I think it's pretty complete by now, and I also like the way it turned out.

Good luck !

Might be on the expensive side but this is a very nice belt that functions well for the build. Slightly better than Bated Breath. You can also use Shock Nova as a Curse on hit spell instead of Orb of Storms if you're looking to get some more damage in (a LOT more damage compared to Orb)

even though I'm not using this exact build I am running a similar setup with a
and Cold to Fire conversion.

How's Avatar of Fire feel for the clear speed? IS it awesome?
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Hey ! Thanks for your contribution, I saw Auxium, but I'm already using Kaom's Roots for Freeze and Chill immunity. Also I don't know if the leech for mana apply with Icestorm as it is a spell. Still it has a nice ES. I prefer to use a high Int belt on this build to get more damage on Icestorm as it stacks up with Int. I guess Auxium is still a nice item to have if wish to play without Kaom's.

For Orb of Storms, I don't use it for damage, mostly for having something to refresh my curses and generate power charges easily. The spread it has is also pretty nice.

Avatar of Fire + cold to fire feels really nice, especially whan you are capped crit, the white packs mobs mostly die of one hit + burning. I guess you could also play wihout fire conversion if you look more for a true Icestorm build.
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u can do shaper and guardians on this?

I switched to another character so I did not really do any Shaper and Friends stuff. I did at least all T15 deathless so leechwise, I think it's possible (you can facetank easily at full charges, except maybe for Shaper). Maybe some like Chimera can pose problem like in the foggy phase because you are pretty slow and if you don't find him quick you can die, but if you are used to these fight, I don't think it will be an issue. The only thing that can kill you on these bosses is no leech (and Shaper retarded OS blow).

Edit : If I manage to get my hand on a T16, I'll give it a try. For now i'm more focused on my reroll.

Edit 2 : If you want to use boots with 30% move speed, you can still try to lower the CC on other pieces of your stuff.
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