[2.6] TankyTwirl - PhysSpell CoC Cyclone

This build is a Energy Shield based Cast on Crit Cyclone that uses Physical Spells.
Using ES enables a much higher eHP Pool than comparable Lifebuilds.

It starts as Hybrid build using ES and Life and can later spec into CI or Low Life Versions.

It uses the Trickster Ascendancy for a no Manacost Cyclone.

Updated for 2.6 - Everything is the same - no major changes to 2.5 at all.

You might want to check out the Bladeflurry Assassin Version i posted here

Build Overview Video

2.4 Build Update Video
Guardian of the Chimera
Guardian of the Minotaur (blind)
New 2.4 Post Nerf Uber Kill

CI Version
T13-15 Mapboss Kills (2.3)
"Uber Argus" 2 Player HP (2.3)
"Uber Itzaro" - Endgame Lab (2.3)
Uber Atziri Deathless Full Run(2.2)
Atziri Run - on a 5L @ Lvl 77 (2.3)

Low Life Version (more info in the FAQ Section)
Uber Atziri - updated 2.3 Trickster Version
Uber Atziri - with reworked Tree (2.2 Assassin)

Budget Version - Video is from 2.1 Patch but everything about it just got buffed. Back then i did not have Trickster Ascendancy so now it would have more ES and the free Cyclone.

Blade Furry First Look Video

You can find more Videos of all Versions on my Youtube Channel!


-High clear speed
-Amazing Damage
-Can do Atziri, Uber Atziri and Twinned Bosses
-Physical Spells don´t care about enemy resistance
-Does not need any unique to work

-Needs at least a 5 Link
-not suited for leveling in HC - would need to respec into it later
-Gets pretty expensive if you aim for perfect Gear

If you are new to the game please read the leveling part in the FAQ!

Here are the 2.6 Trees:

Hybrid - LvL 68 Trickster Leveling Tree

The Hybrid Tree is what you start with, later you will spec into the CI or LowLife Tree provided below. Its not that much different at all, if you are new to Energy Shield based builds read the FAQ at the bottom for more tips on leveling.

Lvl 70 CI Starting Tree

CI - LvL 95 Trickster (lvl 2/3 Enlighten)
Auras: Hatred - Disciplin - HoI

LowLife - LvL 95 Trickster

If you want to know more about Gear and Auras for the LL Version check the FAQ at the bottom!

Trickster CI Tree
Use Energy from within in the Socket under the Melding Cluster!

Trickster Hybrid Tree
Getting Chaos Res on Jewels will help a lot!


Normal: Skillpoint
Cruel: Skillpoint or Phys Damage - both options are decent
Merciless: Powercharge

For example Gearsets see FAQ at the bottom of this post!

Mainhand Weapon

We use a Dagger with the Vagan Signature Mod "Hits can't be evaded"

To start off a Dagger with just this Mod and crafted Crit Chance is good enough.

Try to get the best possible crit craft from Vagan, the base Crit chance on the dagger is really important as it is the base for all the %bonus you get from the tree.

You don´t need to Multi Mod it right away, the build works even in T14-T15 maps with a non Multi Mod Dagger.

Good bases are Poignard,Royal Skean, Skean, Slaughter Knife. (The high attack speed bases)

You can also use a slower base like a Kris, for leveling it might be even better because of the higher base critical strike chance.
Later you won´t need the higher base crit and faster attacks will help more, but slow bases do still work its just min-maxing.


If you need an Elreon Mod or any other Mastercraft in Prophecy SC you can ask my Guildmate "Lablekk" it would be nice if you vouche in his Thread.

He can help you with all things related to crafting and i vouch 100% for him!

For modding a Vagan Dagger you need to know a little bit about how items work in PoE.

There are Prefix and Suffix Mods, each rare item can have 3 of each.

Or ideal Dream Dagger would have the following 6 Mods:

-Spell Damage %
-x to x Fire/Cold/Lightning added to Spells or Spelldamage % and Mana (Hybrid Mod)
- Hits can´t be evaded

-Crit Chance
-Attack speed
-Crit Multi or Spellcrit

There are mirrored Vagan daggers that have all these mods but playing in Temp Leagues its pretty much impossible to get anything like that so we will multi mod one with Elreons Multi Mod.

The Multi Mod is a Suffix so we have to skip one of our ideal suffixes.

To start the Multi mod we need a Dagger with the Vagan Mod and a good Prefix OR a good local Crit chance or attack speed. (good = higher or equal than the Master can craft)

We can then put on the Multi Mod with Elreon and add Crit Chance, Attack speed, Spelldamage and Flat Elemental Damage to Spells.

As i said, this is NOT needed for anything i killed Atziri and reached level 90 multiple times with a Vagan dagger with just crafted crit chance. Its just min maxing because thats what this game is about.

If you have more questions about Multimodding feel free to ask me ingame or on stream if you catch me online. (IGN = Nefermore / https://www.twitch.tv/iamsalvation_poe


We use a Energy Shield or Energy Shield + Evasion Base.

The most important part is the ES, as the shield is one of the best Slots to get a healthy ES base.

Spelldamage is also nice but not that important.

Good Suffixes are Spell Critical Strike Chance, Block Chance and Resists.

Chaos Resistance is really good if you are playing the Hybrid version.

It really depends on the Rest of your Gear how much ES you need here.

If you allready have a high ES Chest you can get away with a high Spelldamage shield with lower ES. If your Chest isn´t that good better look for high ES on your Shield.


The Chest needs to be at least a 5-Link and a 6-Link really boosts the build a lot.

Apart from that we want high Energy Shield and resistance on it.

Chaos Resistance is really good if you are Hybrid.

Keep in mind that we need 4 Green + 1 Red Socket so its pretty much impossible to roll on a pure ES Chest. I recomend using a ES/EV Hybrid armour to roll the colours.


Again we mostly want high Energy Shield and Resists another spot to get some nice Chaos Res.

A good unique option is The Vertex as it provides good Chaos Resistance and a good chunk of ES + EV.

As a budget option for leveling you can try The Broken Crown for lots of Chaos res which helps alot while leveling as Hybrid.

For early Endgame a Martyr´s Crown can provide a good ammount of ES for cheap. (Fated Version of Crown of Thorns)


As we play as Trickster we don´t care about Manacosts of our Skills. That makes Voidbringers a amazing pair of Gloves. We get really high ES, ES on kill and a big chunk of Spellcrit.

Maligaro's Virtuositys are really nice in this slot.
Another option are Shadow and Dust, Rampage is great fun for mapping.

If you want the most damage use Facebreakers, the Crit Multi on them is great and its the option with the most damage and the cheapest.

Rares also work well, try to get high ES, resistance as you need them and Attackspeed.

If you use Maligaros, Facebreakers or Shadows this is the best spot to get green sockets for your movement skills!
(See Gems+Links)


I am using Rare Boots with Resistance, high ES and Movespeed.

Skyforth would be a nice option and could save some points in the Tree, but with the current price for those boots i´d say that rares are a lot more reasonable.

Get 30% Movespeed! It lets us move faster as Cyclone which is nice to evade and DPS.


Amulets can provide Crit Chance, Crit Multi and Spelldamage and can also make up for the lack of Dex and Str in the passive tree. We can also get Flat ES and %ES on it.

Mods we want on a Amulet are:

-Crit Multiplier
-Crit Chance
-Spell Damage

-Flat ES
-Some Resists if needed


Diamond rings are the best Base but we get enough crit chance to not really need them.

Rings should have Energy Shield and resistance as you need them.

A Mings Heart is a really good Option for lots of additional damage and Chaos Res if you play as Hybrid or LowLife.

As Hybrid its near BiS imho because it provides such a huge chunk of Chaos Res.
As CI i don´t feel like its worth it as you only get the damage and no other benefit.


The best base is a Rustic Sash. It's implicit Mod is global so it will boost the damage of our Spells.

Get high Resists on your belt. You can´t get much else in this slot so it should not be to hard to find a Belt with 90%+ total Res.

Of course its nice if the belt has some ES in addition to the Res, the max roll for flat ES on a Belt is 51.

A Chainbelt or Crystal Belts are also a good Base to provide additional ES.

You can also use a Phys Version of Doryanis Invitation as Unique option. It does not have ES but good Res and the 30 STR on it can save a passive point or need for statrolls on other gear.


There are alot of good Mods to get on Jewels:

-Attack Speed (one Hand Melee, Dagger,while holding a shield, general )
-Critical Strike Chance (Global,Dagger,one hand Melee, Melee Crit Chance)
-Critical Strike Multi (Global, for Spells, NOT Dagger or Melee)
-Spell Damage (general, while holding shield)
-Damage (just the simple inc. Damage stat works for everything)
-Energy Shield %
-Physical Damage

When you try to roll Jewels keep in mind that the Spelldamage and Spelldamage while holding a Shield can only roll on Cobalt Jewels.

A perfect 3 Stat Jewel would be:

-Spell Damage/Phys Damage
-Spell damage while holding a Shield / Crit Multi (global or for Spells)

Unique Jewels:

As CI or Low Life you can make use of the Energy from Within Jewel for a amazing ES Boost.
Put in in the Jewel Socket under the Melding Cluster to convert all the Life to additional ES!


You can also use the Inspired learning Jewel aka poormans headhunter.
It fits in the top jewel socket in the witch area next to the powercharge.

It does nothing in Bossfights but provides lots of fun for mapping. Just try it, its fun.

The new Ethereal Knifes Jewel that makes EK shoot in a Aura seems to be very good for more AoE, definitely try that and let me know how it feels if you get your Hands on one!


The Flasks are a very important part of this build, don´t get lazy with rolling them.

You need a "of Staunching" and "of Bleeding" Flask, the base does not matter all that much as long as its a Duration Flask. (e.g. no Life or Mana Flask)

I like to have them on Topaz and Ruby Flasks, as they have 2 uses stored and are usefull to have up most of the time for the max. Res they provide.

You have these two Flasks on your 1 and 2 and try to get used to press them whenever you engage a larger pack.

A Stibnite Flask is great for this build, it boosts our Evasion to amazing levels and has 3 uses stored. Its a good Flask to use for Bleed or Freeze removal.

You will also need a Curse immune Flask. This is mainly because of Silence. This curse is pretty rare but if you encounter it without a Curse Flask it will just kill you. (Mainly Tormented Seditionist Ghost that gives all Mobs Silence on hit)
You can also get a corrupted Jewel that has immune to Silence.

As Prefix you want Experimenter´s, Chemist´s, Ample, Perpetual or Surgeons´s on all your Flasks.

I prefer to have at least 2x Surgeon´s Flask with Bleed and Freeze immunity.

If you plan to kill Atziri or Uber Atziri a "of Dousing" Flask comes in handy to remove the burn damage from Flameblasts.

Unique Flasks

Patch 2.5 brought in the Sin´s Rebirth Unique Flask. It is a Stibnite Base so it has 3 uses stored and has a pretty long duration. It grants immunity to ignite and Unholy Might. This buff grants 30% of Physical damage as extra Chaos Damage, thats amazing especialy on such a good base flask!

A Taste of Hate is really good in this build, it provides alot of Damage and Physical mitigation.

Atziris Promise is a cheap alternative that also gives lots of damage and some additional Leech.

A Vessel of Vinktar can also be used, you need one that converts Physical to Lightning.

It gives lots of damage with the Shock and amazing ammounts of Leech.

You need a Shock removal Flask if you want to use a Vinktar.

Cyclone - Cast on Crit - Inc. Crit Strikes - LifeLeech - EK - Bladefall

If you are using a 5-Link try if it feels better to skip EK or Crit Strikes. I recommend using inc. Crit Strikes and Bladefall on a 5L.

Whirling Blades - Flickerstrike - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Whirling Blades and Flickerstrike make moving around from Pack to Pack really smooth and fast. Flickerstrike also works really well to refresh your Fortify Buff during Bossfights.

Flamedash is unlinked somewhere in your Gear just to jump up and down ledges if there are no enemies to flicker to.

Cast when Damage taken lvl 1 - Bladevortex - Power Charge on Critical - inc. Duration/inc. Crit Strikes

Thats how we build and keep the Powercharges. The higher you level the more reliable it works. If you feel like it does not work well while at lower levels you might want to selfcast it first until monsters deal high enough damage. If you selfcast it, linking inc. Duration helps alot.

Hatred - Herald of Ice - Disciplin - (Enlighten)

Disciplin for a higher ES Pool.

Hatred gives damage to our spells and enables us to freeze and shatter enemies.

HoI is better for the Clearspeed and it´s quality scales the cold damage we get from Hatred.

If you like more Tooltip damage you can also use Herald of Ash but i highly recommend trying HoI first.

Other Links:

The first is the classic Immortal Call + CwdT to protect against physical burst damage. I add a Warlords Mark to get additional Life Leech.

Then i run a Vengeance + Cast on Crit + Ice golem. With this Setup we can use a high level Ice Golem without recasting it.

Other usefull Cast when Damage taken setups are:

Ball Lightning + Blind
Arctic Breath + GMP/inc. Duration

The Gem Slots could also be used for Vaal Skills like Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace + inc. Duration.

I allways die during Splitphase! What am i doing wrong?

Use a EK without Quality.

Make sure you attack the Clone direct opposite of the Mirror Clone. It needs some practise to spot the Mirror fast.

If you have Problems identifying the mirror watch this Video

I also made a Picture to help you out:

I can´t run all the auras!? / Why do i need Enlighten, i can run all the auras without it!?

To run Hatred, Disciplin and Herald of ice you need the mana reservation nodes in the Tree.

Once you get your hands on a Vertex + lvl 2 Enlighten you can spec out of 3 Auranodes to save points in the Tree.

It also works with a lvl 3 enlighten without a Vertex.

If you have a lvl 3 Enlighten + Vertex or a lvl 4 Enlighten you can drop the last 4% Mana reserved node.

How does this build deal with Reflect?

It does not run Reflect maps.

Reflect rares are only a Problem when you are in a Party and its a Monster with a really high HP base like Necromancers or Devourers.
I suggest letting other players kill them if you are in a 3+ Party. If you are alone it should never be a Problem.

Hitting them once isn´t a Problem, immortal call covers you after the first wave of Bladefalls hit.

If you somehow feel the need to run a Phys Reflect map switch the ICS Gem for a Phys to Lightning Gem.

If you then meet a Ele Reflect Rare in that Phys Reflect map i don´t know what to do, sorry.

Another Word on Reflect: I honestly don´t know why everyone makes such a big deal of this mechanic. If you play Solo its near nonexistant in the current state of the game. I leveled this build once to 95 and once to 94 and died to a reflect twice when i was in a party.

Even in a Party its almost never a Problem and for SC players is a total non-issue.

Really, please stop hyping this near extinct mechanic its irritating how much players care about it.

Hows the leveling going in Prophecy?

You can check out my leveling Blog Post I update that post every few days to keep everyone uptodate if anyone is interested.

Can u gimme some numbers for ES, Crit, Damage?

CI Version Numbers with lvl 21 Gems: (Perandus League Gear)

11356 Energy Shield
67.45% Cyclon Crit without Charges
95.% Cyclon Crit with Charges
65.07/69.76% Crit on Bladefall/EK without Charges
85.77/93.46 Crit on Bladefall/EK with Charges
16309 Bladefall Damage with Charges
19825 EK Damage with Charges

I feel like i don´t deal enough damage! Why?

Have a look at the level of your Spells. In PoE Spells gain alot of damage per level, if you feel like the damage is lacking most of the time you outleveld your Spells.

Try buying gems that are appropriate to your level.

How do i level this?

Leveling Trees updated for 2.3

As we get a lot of Physical damage right from the start its easy to level with selfcast EK, Bladevortex and later Bladefall.

Just use a Manapot until you can equip a Warlords Mark on CwdT or Blasphemy to manage the Mana.

Leveling Trees:
31 Points
Take the Physical Damage start and grab some life first. Go grab the Jewel socket because you will need the dex you got on the way there and can use the jewel to fix stats or resists you need on the go while leveling.

50 Points
Grab AoE from Witch, the last Life, Vaal Pact, Auranodes and Vaal Pact.

You should have your first 2 Ascendancy Points and can grab Walk the Aether to get a free Cyclone.

For Auras you should run a Blasphemy Warlords Mark and Hatred. Warlords Mark will sustain you on Life and Mana so you don´t have to worry about a 5L for leveling to get LL and don´t need a Manapot.

Use selfcast Bladevortex or Bladefall, you still need to grab the Dagger Crit Nodes to start CoCing.

75 Points

Grab the Dagger Crit Nodes and also Spec into the Critnodes infront of Adders touch. This will help you to get your Crit Chance up. You can later spec out of those nodes as you see fit, in the final version you won´t need them anymore. You can also put Quality on your Cast on Crit gem and inc. Crit Strikes Gem to boost your crit chance.

Just try to use Cast on Crit at this point, if it does not work reliable stick to selfcast some more levels.

90 Points

Fill out ES and Spellcrit nodes now and grab the last 4% reduced mana reservation to run Disciplin, Hatred + HoI.

If you like you can switch to the CI tree. Just put the Energy from within Jewel in the Socket under Melding, grab CI & Nodes behind it, drop the Life at Shadow start and switch your Life + Chaos Res Flasks for others.

Same procedure for specing into the LL Tree!

Do i need a Physical Dagger? Does the Cyclone deal damage?
Cast on Crit builds in general don´t deal damage with the attacks. The attack is only used to cast the linked spell and the spell is dealing the damage.
However, with all the Physical damage and crit chance we get your cyclone will deal a little damage but nothing major.

Whats your Gear? Like the Full Set, can u show?



I accidentally deleted this part and don´t know the exact gear or don´t own it anymore so isadly cant fix that :-(


You can also Check out my Profile Page to see the Gear on the Characters.

Can i do this Low Life?

Yes you totaly can! If you have a 4 or 5 offcolour Shavs and allways wanted to use it just try it.

We get 30% more Spelldamage, a Blasphemy Aura, a Purity and a 2nd Herald from going LL. We also skip some of the pure Phys Damage nodes to get more Aura Effect.

Be aware that this setup is very expensive!

You can find a Uber Kill with this Version in the Video Section right at the start of this Guide.

Aura Setup

Skilltree LvL 100 LL Trickster

If you want to check the Tree + Gear on my Character go to my Profile, "IaS_Let_The_Blade_Fall" is the LL Version.

If there are any Questions left feel free to ask them here or try to catch me on my Stream at Twitch

You can also check all my Characters and latest builds in this Thread!

Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
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Updated with Videos
Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
pls Updated the build items,lv gem etc etc ty
What did you do Bandit wise?
Updated Bandits + Gear.

You can see the Links i am using in the linked Gear.

I will update the Guide once i get to level 90.

If you have any Questions feel free to ask me on Stream at http://www.twitch.tv/iamsalvation_poe
Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
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Full Guide done - Hope i got everything covered!
Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
Tnx a lot nice guide!
If I play a lot with a buddy and he is doing most of the pack clearing, would blade vortex be a suitable replacement for EK? wouldn't you think its higher dps for single target
Happy to hear you like the guide! :)

You can use Bladevortex but i really don´t think its better even on single targets.
I mean it won´t hurt the build, Bladefall is doing most of the work, so even no second spell can clear maps pretty fast.

Updated the tree a little to include Flask nodes in the Witch Area.

Also linked the new Chest! Pretty happy about that! :)

Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
Last edited by ZweihundertMorder on Dec 27, 2015, 6:34:27 PM
Happy to hear you like the guide! :)

You can use Bladevortex but i really don´t think its better even on single targets.
I mean it won´t hurt the build, Bladefall is doing most of the work, so even no second spell can clear maps pretty fast.

Updated the tree a little to include Flask nodes in the Witch Area.

Also linked the new Chest! Pretty happy about that! :)

so do you think for boss killing, a conc effect bladefall would be higher dps?

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