Arakaali's fang & Bino's Cycloner +/- 20K dps at level 65 withouth ascendancy

Hello guys, i found out that dualwielding Arakaali's fang & Bino's for a cyclone build is very effective and by this reason i wanted to share this i dont have build video's yet but i will try and do my best show casing this build

What is the idea behind the build?
Hello, fellows the idea of this build is to make a budget build that will do a lot of cyclone damage withouth using too expensive gear that people will most likely not get in temporary leagues, but yet showcase an awesome build especially for the budget (even when im playing this in standard league)

Pro's (+) & Cons (-)

+ Very friendly & helpfull build guide maker
+ Cheap league starter
+ for the ones who want to upgrade it i post expensiver items/tell what to upgrade if required
+ Fun build
+ Realistic expectations (Done with unqualified gems under level 20 at the 30K screenshot)
+ I will update this weekly if not more
+ No lies about dps or unrealistic expectations
+ Ascendancy class not required to deal good damage
+ Should be HC viable :)
- Not witch or templar friendly
- Cant be done with all classes only 3 classes are supported of which 5 ascendancy classes
- Atziri or endgame bosses or maps above tier 6 are not tested yet so i cant promise that its atziri viable

Answering questions that might become very common

Why do you use Fortify?

I use fortify because when you use cyclone you usually run in to a lot of enemies and that is why you will most likely get a lot of damage Fortify will give us 20% reduced damage taken from hits for 4 seconds (All damage except for damage over time (Bleeding/Poison/ignites/Ect) so that is why i like to use fortify you could also get a life leech gem instead (Tested)

My Area Of Effect is not good enough
Simply swap weapon elemental damage or increased critical strikes out to put it in if that is how you feel or even get the daresso's amulet
(This might make the build significantly expensiver when done with daresso's salute citrine amulet)

I dont want to use poison to get life from bino's or i chose vaal pact
No problem, just swap in life leech support and you should be fine

Passive skill tree

Level 20> Or
Level 65-70> Or is done as a shadow i have not yet picked my ascendancy class if wished as slayer/champion/gladiator/raider please follow the skill tree from another start therefore see the skill tree as recommanded below see the finished skill tree as the ascendancy class you want)
Finished skill tree as a raider> Or
Finished sill tree as a Assassin> Or
Finished skill tree as a Slayer> Or
Finished skill tree as a champion> Or
Finished skill tree as a Gladiator> Or
The first link goes to the PoE url website for easily editing the skill tree the second will go to the skill tree from the PathOfExile official website (if not please tell me below and i will switch it around or check it)

Advise for gear
For gear you should try to get res capped (75% to see this click c ingame when the chatbox is closed to reopen the chatbox click in enter or to close it ofcourse the left side has to say 75% for maps 175% in your hideout is recommanded Try to get Attributes/life/crit/weapon elemental damage Aka elemental damage with weapons on your amulet )
*Attributes means Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence (get the amount you need purely from amulet or maybe some on helmet/gloves/boots/rings/chest for leveling i recommand using rings/amulet/gloves/belt/boots as rare items at all times try joining a guild to ask people if your item has high enough resistance Ect my current gear will be posted down below because i dont want to mess up my build guide by accident

Leveling advise
For leveling you should get some uniques giving
A: Resistance
B: Life/any sort of damage
C: rare items too they can easily help you out with the res requirements at 75% always it is also recommanded to first get the skill points that do damage for faster leveling, i also recommand joining people in party's to level faster because i myselve do not enjoy leveling
(Sorry game but i have to be honest)
For leveling its adviced to get unique's that are mostly cheap and effective and have a good amount of resistance, when you get to merciless you need to have atleast 135% total resistance because its merciless you have -60 so that is why i recommand 135% in normal town or in your hideout for maps youll need 175% to be elemental weakness capped
(a curse that can be rolled on maps if capped you wont notice it)
(fire lightning and cold nobody goes for chaos resistance because its simply not necessary)


Normal: Kill all 3
Cruel: Kill all 3
Merciless: Help Kraitlyn for the frenzy charge (You can also help alira for the power charge or get the endurance charge if you will use enduring cry or go gladiator for outmatch and outlast or have any other source of getting endurance charges
(This will make the build significantly tankyer if you like to be tanky)

A special thanks to:
- guildmembers of the 50SAFE guild & Streamer: Hegemony for telling me that my idea isnt terrible and stuff (even when it was a small question)
- Poeurl website for making the urls shorter so people can easily copy it
- The game for making the necessary items for the build

PS: For my current gear please see my char DefensivityPoisonBuild if you go to And dont forget to share my build if you enjoy it! I try to keep it updated, if wanted you can remind me to update it ingame by pming me by any of the usernames you see on my Path of exile profile :)
* I cant record my build yet i will post videos in the future when fully leveled myselve
* For my setup please see my charachter DefensivityPoisonBuild and thanks for visiting my first build of which im really proud myselve For chests i would recommand any rare with high res/life/armour/es armour or es should both do fine
DPS Level 69 and higher

(Level 69) Shadow
(Level 75) Assassin (only done normal lab to get Noxious strike)
* If you can not see the picture please right click on it then copy image url open a tabblad hold ctrl and click v and then enter to see the picture i dont know how to make it bigger
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Note open if wished additional build guide Info/Tips & Current gear
this is my first build guide so please be friendly and advise will be appreciated a lot and always will be taken in consideration
Used before (Far from perfect but in the guide there is gear advising)

* There is only a 4 link needed to make the build work you can remove the increased AoE and poison gems at any time i honestly dont know if those 2 will work a lot, only increased AoE seems to be awesome the poison is required for the healing from bino's

Gem setups

Cyclone (In the chest)
4L: Poison>Added fire damage>Fortify >Cyclone
5L: Poison>Added fire damage>Fortify>Weapon elemental damage>Cyclone
6L: Poison>Added fire damage Fortify Weapon elemental damage>Increased crit strike support
Aura setups:
Herald of ice + curse on hit + Assassins mark (in bino's) for power charges (more crit)
Herald of ash + Hatred + Enlighten (level 2/3/4 should all work pretty well) might aswell use the empty place for whirling blades
Bloodrage+Increased duration+vaal haste+ Empower (Or enhance both great level 2/3/4 should work)
Arakaali's fang setup (For the spiders)
Added chaos damage+Culling strike+Multistrike
You can use fire/ice/stone golem depending on if u want tankyness pure damage or crit+accuracy
Golem+Poison+Greater multiple projectiles+Multistrike
(Poison stacks and killing poisoned enemies grant 200 life regen from bino's)
* if you can not get the third curse in because you have mana problems just stick to herald of ash and herald of ice or herald of ice plus ash or ice and ash or ice ash and artic armour depending on what you want to use
*6 linking can be quit hard or expensive and isnt required for the build but is recommanded as an end goal to deal even more damage
(Those setups are the setups im going for in act 4 merciless which i passed with my charachter already.)

* The skill points that are not used in the guide can be invested in Damage with daggers Or jewel sockets (Jewels will increase the cost of the build for jewels i recomand getting atleast
10% Global crit + 7% Increased maximum life
And ofcourse any roll with increased physical damage/attackspeed/area damage (also with the words with daggers or while dualwielding attached to it ( if not sure ask friends or members of the guild you are in if it would be good to use if you are dualwielding (having 2 1h melee weapons in this case dualwielding daggers jewel)
sockets can often be used for when you need more damage and life you could also replace the dagger skill points at the shadow side of the tree for jewel sockets if known for sure what jewels to use and you have the budget)
*And i wish all of you a happy 2017 and good holidays!

*Before i used gems that werent necessary to level them for a bit, for now i took the unnecessary gems out and will update my gem setup when i get the necessary gear, as seen in current gear you could see some bad gear that i should update and i will update it asap
* Vaal pact is optional, if you rather have the regen from bino's and the 1% from master of the arena then take those instead you will probably have enough leech anyway
Current gear (I try to update this a lot if needed)

You thought there was a message here? you just got scammed...
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not relevant anymore.
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not relevant anymore.

Why? Could you explain as it looks quite good!
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eviL_Bison wrote:

not relevant anymore.

Why? Could you explain as it looks quite good!

Thanks, he means the past message that he wrote there.
You thought there was a message here? you just got scammed...

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