This build isn't for starters, you need some investment on it, but I can guarantee it's fun to play(if you have a good pc) and you could do every map(I think), as the title says Cospri's Malice is the only unique you need to make this build work, but you can invest more in other uniques like Voll's Devotion and Vessel of Vinktar's

For leveling I didn't use the most efficient form, I died a lot because I didn't pick up some HP nodes, in the tree breakdown I have put this nodes, because of that you need some investment in regrets, after level 68 everything should be fine.

I haven't finished leveling my char yet, I've been using Elemental Overload because I can't pickup the multiplier I needed to make the best of this build, so I'll be updating it.

Sorry for any grammatical error, English isn't my first language.


No need to explain here, cost: 2.5ex;
I got lucky to get this gloves, get some resistances here as well spell damage if possible, cost 10c;
No secrets here, resistances, strength e energy shield, cost 5c;
Isn't necessary but I like this item, a helm with high ES should do, Enlighten is needed to if dualcursing, cost 2.2ex;
Move speed 30% is a must, for the rest get some resistances here and for the last ES, cost 10c;
I still use a 5L for the lack of money, get 500+ ES here, don't worry about resistances, if you can get is a BiS, don't forget about the colors, cost 40c;
Well since I use EO, my critical chance isn't high enough yet so I thought it was a good idea to use for now, cost 1c;
Look for the highest critical chance here, aside Accuracy, ES and Dexterity to use Cospri's, cost 10c;
You don't really need but for single target this will give you a huge boost, if not buying try looking for multiplier, spell damage and accuracy, cost 4.2ex;
A shield with 300+ ES is what you want here, this one cost me around 40c but a 300 ES should be 15c or less, try to get the remaining resistances here to cap it.


Not much to talk here, I use Topaz since I don't have a Vinktar yet, get a Ruby if you going to use it or until that, use a Silver Flask for some extra procs.

Leveling Uniques

Since I have some extra money I got a Tabula, Wanderlust and Goldrim, a Spell damage with Spell Crit Chance dagger should do too, any one around 1c should be enough.


The last things you want to buy is the jewels, get multiplier and attack speed here.


Shield: Faster Attacks - Fortify - Whirling Blade or Shield Charge

CospriMalice: Discharge - Elemental Focus, AoE or Controlled Destruction - Life Leech

Helm: Discipline - //Depends on what you like, Enfeeble for more tanky, Warlord is necessary if you don't use Vinktar yet to leech in reflect maps and you can use Assassins Mark here to replace Warlord's.

Armor: Cyclone - IncCrit - CoC - BladeV - PCoC - Accuracy

Gloves/Boots: IncDuration - IceGolem - Vaal Discipline - Vaal Haste

Gloves/Boots: CWDTlvl1 - Vortex - IncDuration - Immortal Call //Don't forget about gems levels because cdwt, we want it level 1 for vortex chill effect, so we can get 60% increased critical chance from Cospri's

Skill Tree



I got Trickster here because of the movement skills use no mana, besides the 250 ES, this will boost your ES pool by almost 2k if you have a decent equipment here.


Passive - Passive - Endurance Charge

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You deal no damage for your gear, cospri+romira doesn't seem to be a good idea.
tsyt wrote:
You deal no damage for your gear, cospri+romira doesn't seem to be a good idea.

What do you mean?
I'm using Romira because I have low crit chance in the level I'm, I'll be swapping after I change.

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