[2.6] [ASS] CI/LL Arc crit miner

Hey there!

The following guide contains stuff, feel free to disagree. There are other ways to play a build, the content below is taken more as suggestions rather than strictly followed points.

Things this build can do (in SC):

- Anything

- Any mapmod
- Red maps (you can probably roll anything and be fine)
- Über lab (entirely depends on your manual dodging, but with the amount of rares your build lets you equip as ES it should be no problem)
- Über Atziri (you will one shot clone phase with dual VB, trio is ehh)
- T16s(All 4 guardians doable, phoenix<hydra<chim/mino depending on mapmods, not HC safe imho)
- Shaper (Video below)
- PvP (build kills most über tanks out there, and with a lucky arc damage can one shot anyone, people that outrange you like EA will do that and you will not have a fun time, worm builds, srs and any melee build will just die when they try to approach you)
- HoGM (entirely depends on your skills, not HC viable at all, can be done in SC deathless 80% of the time)

Things this build won't do:

- Level you super fast (aka t2 clearspeed ~36kk at lvl 96 in t15 ug rivers)
- Outclearspeed others (mines are not really slower than other builds, but your damage is lagged behind 1 second, most people I play with can just get in an attack before I can and therefore one shot a screen) this is not really a party build unless you are the sole carry, however with a support or curse bot you will one shot most anything or just simply freezelock a palace dominus w extra hp, which is always fun to watch.
- Let you play blindfolded, your character has no leech or pot or regen, you will have to pay attention to what you are doing and spam vaal discipline accordingly

For HC players:

You can play this build, I did play a life based version and killed Atziri on area level a few times, then died when I thought that CI is easy.

Before you read the pointless and boring guide check the gameplay to decide if the build interests you at all!


Waterways kinda inexperienced run (also youtube eat half the video quality)

Shaper kill BSc

Now that we got that out of the way, let's move onto my gear and passive tree.

Pass tree:


Bandits:: Kill|kill|Alira

BSc (uses heart of oak + scorn gloves + leo craft helm to get stun immunity instead of chayula, play the standard version instead pls, this was a failed test, if the amulet spot becomes relevant and you can't use chayula this one can be good)

Standard (CI)

LL version (I'd say the best out of the 3)

Ascendancy nodes:

Pick the relevant nodes of assassin


High-end, you can gear constantly with this build, works with mid-low gear just as fine. I played through the content on SSF, and if you can find a way to deal with stuns, you can go CI as soon as you want else I'd stay life based and run content you manage to until you can find a way to deal with stuns (kaom boots was my plan in ssf as it can be farmed in sewers).





The dual void batteries are the neat SC gear you will want eventually, they get you to crit cap or at least very close to it and overcap eventually, at that time you will want to use controlled dest on your main link. The build can clear t14s (tested) empty handed provided you have a 6L, so for HC feel free to use a shield.

Kind of important pieces of gear:


Alternatively and probably better after the new change to uniques

These things help you do damage (a lot), they are kind of important, you probably want at least 2 crit multipliers on them. The shield and storm prison offhand is purely for charge generation before encounters.

Other gear I use:


I use this for those pesky porcupines, provided the monsters in map are not ailment immune. With the dual void battery setup, you will often freeze the bosses in red maps, but take note that these rings actually lower your dps as the lightning pen part will only affect half your dps feel free to use them for general mapping if you like shattering stuff though.


For LL your HoI will shatter even magic porcupines with good enough gear.


Silver/quicksilver/doedre/mana/free (you kind of need a 2nd mana flask for longer t16 fights though)

The only must I'd say is the mana flask, you will have some pool, but for mines, your pool is never enough. Doedre is lovely to have for charge refresh, but your offhand does that anyway.

Gem setup:

Main 6L:

Arc - minefield - remote mine - light pen - (controlled destruction) - (trap and mine damage, you can replace with empower 4 for almost same damage and a bit more mine place speed if you really want)


faster cast - vaal discx2 - inc dura

this setup functions as your potions if you do es based

4L for Chimera dodging:

LW - Reduced duration - rapid decay - faster casting


BM 19 - HoI - enl3 - discipline

Auras and other skills:

Discipline/HoI is what I use for safe levelling, the damage scaled from HoI lets you shatter most mobs including porcus and necrovigils.

Discipline/HoI on life, wrath or grace on mana, after a time, you will no longer need wrath as you will do more than enough damage to one shot bosses without it

I don't use curses, so I can't tell if blasphemied enfeeb or TC would be better defense wise, sorry :(

Light warp (for Chimera, or gaps)

Offhand in jaws of agony:

cluster trap - multi trap - freeze trap/fire trap

Purely for charge generation (or you can throw these to kill the pesky allies cannot dies totems)

Rest of the gems are whatever, I level enlightens empowers in them. (Had 15 gems levelling while clearing reds on CI version)



Fire Nova Mine till arc chains 4 times then arc-remote mine-minefield

I genereally start as a life char, just picking up the closest life nodes (had around 8 total on SSF when I switched) extremely glassily walking through content. Aim for the clever construction before anything else, as it is a must for any miner. Here is how I generally progress, this can practically only be done on SC and if you have enough experience with the game, expect to die a bunch anyway.

Tree progression, pick your defenses according to how you feel and your league of choice.

After you have the backbone of the build (aka charges) you can pick up the small nodes that give the rest of your core stats.


Premine, walk ahead if mob comes into arc mine range, press D. Watch arc chain 1.5 screens away and kill everything.

Allies cannot die stuff requires some management, you will prolly vaal disc LW in and mine it or just have the LW kill it.

Playstyle for bosses:

Use vaal disc, use ailment immunity potions, lay mines and kill boss before you run out of pots and vaal disc. If you are out of vaal disc and pots, run around I guess and place mines, you will be manual dodging a lot in t16s at least, this pretty much can only happen in phase based fights (daresso, mala) or t16s and shaper.


Build in kind of a constant progress, leave a PM for stuff you would like in the post, for videos I think I can record anything.
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i decided to give this build a try on EHC as a CI version. any lvling tips? and whats up with bandits? i even considered taking resists on normal xD
I can say how I levelled back in PHC.

Bandits were all, all, alira

I levelled life based, downed atziri a few times at lvl 70-73 swapped over to CI after I had enough gear to play CI (you need quite a bunch of gear, I'd say 8k at least as you have no leech or regen, you might even want to consider staying life based just so you can pot).

When I swapped CI I instantly died, I have had 0 experience as a CI char (I alloced arcane vision, had no clue what flasks I want etc.), I was levelling in softcore since to learn and understand how the character works.

Lvling tips, be patient and have a mana flask I guess, I don't think I had any real problems while levelling, but then again, I got to merciless act 1 levelling a support build with a 3L firestorm as main attack, and only aura nodes and life 5 life nodes.
Hey KillerB,

It's nice to see a non-meta build do shaper. I just have a quick question, why are we going assassin ascendency class and not others or even another class altogether? Is it for that crit multi + cull?
Assasin lets us cap our crit with controlled destruction (92% on my bsc char), technically you could use other classes (possibly occultist for the es regen as a miner is super nice), but assasin is such a great boost for arc (from 5% to 9.5% base crit chance), that it is hard to pass up. For other classes you'd possibly have to replace controlled dest with inc crit strikes resulting in a 49% dps loss, on the other hand you'd get the boons related to that class, if you feel that it'd make up for the lost dps, feel free to go for it, but nothing especially great comes to mind besides said occultist.
hi can you tell bantids ?
Bloodrose666 wrote:
hi can you tell bantids ?

Kill / Kill / Alira
skillpoint - skillpoint - power charge
Really great stuff, Mate!

I tried this exact build, with the same ascendancy last league but to me it felt like it wouldn't have even guardian potential, so I didn't go very far into gear investment. Nice to see with the right gear it can rek the game. Thanks for proving me wrong!
It looks great! I just started playing PoE and my first build was an arc miner... I was wondering if do you have in mind another weapon?(void battery is kinda expensive) I was using Tremor Rod, but idk if i will achieve enough damage with it.

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