[2.6] [WIP] SAB - The Unethical Ice Trapper - Ice Trap with chaos conversion

This is a work in progress update of my 2.2 Chaos Ice Trapper, so it isn't a finished build and for the major part it's only theorycrafted (i'm currently level 74).
I will indicate the parts of the build that i haven't tested yet in 2.6 with a golden question mark (?)

hello everyone!
this is my take on the Ice Trap Chaos build, hope you found the guide helpful.

Quick Overview:

+ it's a trap build so you are immune to reflect
+ run ANY map mod ? (after 2.2 i played very casual, so i don't know if ggg introduced some hard counter to this build)
+ 5k+ life
+ atziri/uber atziri viable even for a noobish player like me ? (see above)
+ 5 jewel socket on the tree
+ scale with a lot of jewel mods
+ it costs 5c to start the build in legacy league (2x2c for double Consuming Dark + 1c for Pyre)

- it's a trap build so no leech
- you need a mana flask (just for very sketchy situation, but still) ? (i'm currently running MoM and it's pretty great)

Back in 2.2/perandus this was the best build i had ever (and still to this day) done, but after that league i've played much less and very casually because work and other irl things.
Because in this period i have a little more free time i've decided to try to make the build again and improve it.
Also, i decided to make this guide because in 2.2 the more damage focused version of the build (the obojetnecotujest one) was pretty popular.

If you have no idea of what this build is about it simply revolve around converting the cold damage into chaos in order to abuse of the poison mechanic.
Since from 2.2 a lot of things changed, i've added a section to explain what changed in the build from 2.2 and how to enable it in 2.6


First of all, the major changes from 2.2 are the nerf of Consuming Dark's fire to chaos conversion percentage and the nerf of Pyre's cold to fire conversion...
We could equip an Infernal Mantle to achieve 75% of fire to chaos, but the "100% increased Spell Damage taken when on Low Mana" it's nasty, so we'll ignore that.

On the other hand we have two ways to fix the cold to fire conversion:
1) equip a second Pyre
2) use a Cold to Fire gem in the Ice Trap setup

I went for option number 2 because i needed the second ring slot to equip my favourite unique item: Doedre's Damning (this enable us to use a second curse).

Nerfs aside, i focused on the on the weak points that the 2.2 build had and tried to improve it.
We no longer take acro/phase acro. 40/46 dodge was good, but we didn't have enough life to prevent oneshots when the dodges failed.

Our main defenses now are an hybrid life/es pool and MoM (which also helps with our mana).
Keep in mind that is a dramatic change and i cannot tell if it will be better on the long run.

Also, as i'm writing this, i've noticed that back in 2.2 i didn't use Wither... i don't remember if it's simply wasn't in the game yet or if i didn't think about it, but it will give a nice boost to our damage.


Main Skill: Ice Trap
Reason: I like it so i made a build around it.
our main skill. What makes Ice Trap very good is the fact that if it's used in conjunction with Cluster Trap, the 4 aoes can overlap pouring out a lot of damage.
given that this mechanic is what this build revolves around, we can start to create our character

Class: Shadow
Reason: Good starting nodes, nice access to trap nodes, but mostly the sab ascendancy

Ascendancy: Saboteour
Reason: Chain Reaction will make all of our traps explode at the same time. without chain reaction clearing packs could still be fine, but we would suck a lot against single targets.

Ehp pool: Life/Energy Shield/MoM ? (seems nice, but for now i've run just lower tier maps)
Reason: This should be better against oneshots. time will tell us.

Mana Sustain: MoM
Reason: We also use a low level clarity and we take a fair amount of mana regen on the tree. Should be fine.

Damage type: Chaos
Reason: Poison abuse.

Crit vs Ele Overload: Ele Overload
Reason: EO cost us one skill point. To gain the same damage level with a crit version we should invest too much. Also, we really are not interested in scaling the damage of the initial hit, but the dot portion.

Ele Overload Trigger: Orb of Storm
Reason: like Macs it just works.

Movement Skill: Whirling Blades
Reason: since we use daggers we can use the king of movement skills. link it with Fortify to add another layer of defences.

Other Skill that benefit the build:
Clarity: for the mana regen
Blasphemy + Temporal Chains OR Enfeeble: for defence (Temporal Chains is better because it also become an offensive curse since we deal the majority of our damage in the form of dot)
Vaal Lightning Trap: for some boss melting action
Herald of Ice: ? (i use it only in Arid Lake because i need the a bigger mana buffer in maps)
Vaal Grace: nice dodge boost ? (actually there is no room on the gear for it right now)

Normal Bandit: Help Oak
Reason: the first rule of poe is "if you are life based you help oak in normal". period.

Cruel Bandit: Kill All
Reason: we don't attack, don't cast and don't deal phys damage, so there isn't anything good for us in cruel.

Merciless Bandit: Help Kaythrin
Reason: +1 Frenzy Charge because we can easily generate them.



Your first 4 ascendancy points are used to get to Chain Reaction.
This is mandatory, the build simply doesn't work without it.

Next up you should aim for Blinding Assault and Born in the Shadows, because they offer both defensive and offensive bonuses.
We should blind enemies reliably with Orb of Storm ? (need to test it)


Mandatory Gear
You need at least these three items to start the build:

Only using a Pyre, two Consuming Dark and a Cold to Fire gem you can achieve a reasonable cold to chaos conversion, so these items slots are locked.

the rest of the gear is pretty much just life and res rare gear.
We however need a fair amount of strenght on gear to use some of the our gems.
we got 44 str from the tree, i'll list below the red gems of the build with their requirement
lvl 20 red gems requirement

  • Cold to Fire | 70 str | 26 str on gear | very important and easily achievable
  • Spell Totem | 70 str | 26 str on gear | to be honest, we don't care about lvl because it gives damage
  • Flame Golem and Stone Golem | 98 str | 54 str on gear | nice buff
  • Fortify | 111 str | 76 str on gear | we don't care at all about lvl because it gives melee damage. q on the other hand gives fortify duration, so a 1/20 gem is what we need
  • Increased duration | 111 str | 76 str on gear | both lvl and q gives increased duration, but 76 str on gear are a lot. don't go overboard just to max out this single gem

Uniques that goes very well with the build:

Body Armour

life, res, and a lot of qol with the added area of effect.
not only it helps with our damage, but also increases our Blasphemy and Orb of Storm.
i think that this is the bis chest for the build.

My gear as an example:


rare jewel can have a lot of mods which are beneficial to the build.
remember to prioritize damage mods that double dips (trap damage, area damage, chaos damage).

this is a link to a poetrade search result page that i use when i shop jewels for my character.

my jewels

going to link it when i start to use them


Main Skill (6L) (in order of priority):
Ice Trap + Cold to Fire + Cluster Trap + Trap and Mine damage + Void Manipulation + Elemental Focus

Ele Overload Trigger + Golem (3L+1S):
Orb of Storm (lvl 1) + Increased Critical Strikes + Inc AoE | Flame Golem ?(didn't know where else put the golem)

Cast when Damage Taken setup + Vaal Lightning Trap (4L):
CwDT (lvl 1) + Immortal Call (lvl 3) + Inc Duration + Vaal Lightning Trap

Auras + Blasphemy (1S+1S+2L):
Clarity | Discipline | Blasphemy + Temporal Chains

Movement Skill (3L):
Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Wither Setup (3L):
Wither (lvl 1) + Faster Casting + Spell Totem


below there's an old trapper leveling guide.
i'm going to wirte an Essence Drain levelling guide as soon is i'm able to do it, because ED gives a smoother levelling experience.


start as a shadow. you can level as an ele trapper.
pick fire trap and link it with multiple trap as soon as you enter prison in act1.
do the prison trial.
after you enter cavern buy a lightning trap from nessa.
you can start spamming fire and lightning trap in rotation (trash clearing should be fine).

now, there's a thing i do with all of my trapper and that is to skip the crab and fairgraves missions in normal and cruel.
it's not a pro strat thing or anything like that, it's just my personal "fail-safe". bear with me, you'll see in merciless why i do this.

in act 2 remember to do the trial in chambers, you can skip the church one for now because is a little out of the way.
after chambers take herald of ice.
after the spider boss take trap and mine damage and like your trap with it.

help oak.

in the meantime rush for clever costruction.
your tree should look like this by the end of act2/start of act 3


after the first quest buy temporal chain or enfeeble

in crema do the lab trial.

when you arrive in market do the trial.

kill gravi and take ice trap.
you can start to use it in a 4l like this: ice trap, trap damage, controlled destruction, multi trap.

after piety do the pages quest, take blashpemy and link it with the curse you've taken before, and then buy cold pen in town.
from now on you can swap multi for cold pen against bosses.

skip maze trial because it waste time now (or do it, i'm not your boss)

in the tree go north and take all the trap nodes nearby

if you took the trap nodes, at some point in act 4 your tree would be like this


from now on we start to path towards the witch area

do the quest, get xp, not much to say.
take cluster trap for the kaom/daresso reward. you can swap multi trap out for cluster or not dependings on your likes.

finish the act and start cruel

skip crab
do prison trial
skip fairgraves

do chamber trial
kill al the fuckers for the point

by the end of act 2 you should be in your middle 40s.
after taking the witch aoe nodes fill the life nodes we leaved behind


do the "nearby" trials
not much to say just do the act

by the end of the act you'll be in your middle/late 50s

at lvl53 equip your two consuming dark. from now on put void manipulation instead of cold pen when facing bosses.

if you don't have them yet continue the build as an ele trapper.

in the tree we path for herbalism and acro/spell acro


a little side note on labs and the "fail-safe" that we setted up.
if you have seen the previuos tree you've also seen that we are 6 point away from master sapper.
the "problem" is that master sapper isn't very useful for us now, but will be vital when we spec in sab chain reaction.
so. when to take master sapper?
that's the purpose of the fail-safe.
as soon as you do cruel lab and spec into chain reaction you'll do the act1 easy quest and you'll get the six point to allocate master sapper.
in the meantime you can continue to level and path in other areas of the tree.
i don't know if it makes sense to you, but for me it works :D

anyway, back to levelling.
in merci to the same things you did for cruel except for bandits because +1 frenzy is nice (or kill them if you want the skill point)

all of your skill point now should be spent to get to the templar area.
don't forget to start to use orb of storm with increased crit strikes as soon as you allocate ele overload.


after you get the templar aoe nodes you can start to spec into the damage nodes in the area between shadow and witch (plus fangs of the viper).
by this time you should also have done the cruel lab.


from now on you can start to spec the jewel socket and the last life nodes.

if you want you can also spec out the initial ele point for the chaos ones (because poison will then double dip).
i'm not so sure of this anymore, but for now i'll leave this here for consistency with the final passive tree i've linked in the passives section of this guide.
this could change.



coming soon


Apex of Sacrifice 2man party
a couple of fuck ups. done in party to make the challanges for the friend that was with me.

t14 Twinned Palace
i don't remember if i ever did palace. anyway it was the first twinned one.
i fucked up the start cause my trap triggered on the adds.
also, i didn't use the atziri flask until the second transformed dominus.
it however put a lights on the difference in damage between using it vs not using it

t11 Twinned Crema boss
-9% max res

Alluring Abyss run
that's was my first ever attempt at uber.
death to trio because i'm stupid and i stood still in the middle of them...
thrash clearing was slow cause i was scared of snakes :D
can definitely be deathless

Ele Route vs Chaos Route

Morzius wrote:
at beginning why use chaos / physical node? use elemental node and drop coordination


the damage is the same just for the initial it, but the chaos damage nodes double dips for poison.

Orb of Storm: a reliable Ele Overload trigger?


  • started the 2.6 guide

to do:
  • revamp equipment section
  • add the list of the good uniques for the build
  • write ed leveling guide
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Last time I used this build you had the dodge skills selected (passiv skills), why havn´t you picked it this time?

I need to have more defense i feel like in HC

Regard Cainsy
sorry for the delay...
i wanted to try an hybrid life/es mom variant this time around, but to be honest i'm not happy with it.

how is the build going for you?

Quite well, only lvl 70 but i need more life. I would like to know what kind of uniqs there are to improve this build
2.6 build with 40% Pyre ring. Are you for real?
Inferius90 wrote:
2.6 build with 40% Pyre ring. Are you for real?

and cold to fire
zj0ckez wrote:
Quite well, only lvl 70 but i need more life. I would like to know what kind of uniqs there are to improve this build

you can try atziri boots for spell dodge.

i was trying out voll's vision for the regen, it was nice

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