[3.11] Witch Build List

I don't have the time to keep this list up to date anymore. Let me know if you're interested in keeping this forum updated

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If you have any suggestions for our list, let me know! All feedback is very welcome.
Lastly I just want to thank hamoo for the amazing job he has done with the Templar & Witch build lists.
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NOTICE: If you wish to have your build guide represented here, post the link and a short description as a reply. It must be updated to the current major version, and be an actual build guide. Links to your skill tree and gear is not a build guide. Where possible, I will be filtering submissions very moderately to only keep actual builds listed. Obvious troll builds that would have difficulty clearing mud flats likely won't appear here.

In addition, naming of builds submitted is up to the creator's discretion. I will however modify and prune elements of naming as I see fit to keep the listing legible, free of subjective opinion, or numerical values that are subject to change. These include but are not limited to:
• Path of Building DPS
• Estimated HitPoints
• Cost per league to construct
• 'Best', 'Only', '#1' subjective naming.

Concrete numbers that pertain to the build are permitted, such as 'three-curses' etc.

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[OCC][3.10] THE SHARD STORM, Cold Snap / Ice Spear Occultist Build
[OCC][HC][SSF][3.10] ShakCentral's Vortex For Dummies
[ELE][3.10] Winter Orb League Starter Buildg

[OCC][3.10] Emperor's Decay Brand Occultist
[ELE][3.10] Dragon's Breath Elementalist - Incinerate

[ELE][3.11] Enki's Arc Witch
-----Ball Lightning
[ELE][3.10] SHOCK NOVA Elementalist Build

[OCC][3.10] Death's Oath CI Occultist
[OCC][3.10] Blubbey's Convenient Death Aura
[OCC][3.10] LIfe based Essence Drain/Bane Occultist
[OCC][3.11] Queen of Chaos Lahkesis "Essence Drain/Bane/Contag"
[NEC][3.11] Gryph's Volatile Dead Necromancer
[NEC][3.11] LL VD+DD Spellslinger |10k ES | 75%Block/74% Spell Block | AL8 Sirus, 100% Delirious

[NEC][3.10] Herald of Purity Summoner | 36/40 | Deathless Sirus lvl 8
[NEC][3.10] Speaker for the Dead | 74 minion Summoner
[OCC][3.11] Zombies/SRS Occultist - HC SSF focused guide
[NEC][3.10] Broodmother Cosplay | Summon Spiders Necro | Deathless Uber
[NEC][3.10] Katmos’ Holy Zombie build
[NEC][3.11] Odif's League Starter Electric Skeletons-Spectres Necro
[NEC][3.10] Koyk152's Pure Raise Spectre | League Starter - To Meta Game | All Content Viable | 3.10 rdy
[OCC][HC][SSF][3.10] Zombies/SRS Occultist - HC SSF focused guide
[ELE][3.10] CI Golems (All Content Viable)
[ELE][3.10] Stone Golem Golemancer Build -DELIRIUM-BALANCED- ALL CONTENT -Everything Dies-Huge Damage
[ELE][3.10] Ice Golem Golemancer Build
[ELE][3.10] Flame Golem 101

[NEC][3.8] Stag's Tanky Soulwrest Summoner

[OCC][3.9] Tri-Curse Caustic Arrow Occultist - CA be Popping
[ELE][3.8] Scourge Arrow Ignite prolif Elementalist


[NEC][3.9] Chain Gun Necromancer: Sirus/Uber Elder/Shaper/Elder down

[OCC][3.8] The Renaissance Witch. Do-it-all Occultist Support -- 9 auras, 4 curses
[OCC][3.9] VOC's 7 Curse BANE BLOOM Occultist
[NEC][3.10] CI Aura Bot Guide [90 Res/Max Aura Effect/Max Power/Aspect/Smite]

Legacy Build Lists
2.4 - 2.6
1.0 - 2.4 Builds
Kwitch's Old Build List


[ELE][3.9] Omni-golem Primordial Chain Elementalist

[NEC][3.9] My new best Friend | CarryOn Golemancer [SC/HC] | Uber Elder
[NEC][3.9] Herald of Agony (Melee!) Necro
[occ][3.9] HBah's Chaos Herald of Agony Occultist
[OCC][3.9] Dual Void Battery Cold Snap, 10 power charges Low Life
[OCC][3.9] WINDS OF WINTER: Low Life Freezing Pulse Occultist
[ELE][3.9] Bah's Ignite Fireball Elementalist (Sirus/UE/Endgame)
[ELE][3.9] A Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils CwC Arc
[NEC][3.9] Null's Inclination Aurabot Summoner
[NEC][3.9] NecrooKeeper - Tanky & Cheap Spectre/Skellies/Zombies LeagueStarter + Endgame Farmer
[NEC][3.9] Discomancer - Skeleton Mages | SSF HC viable | All Content | Budget
[NEC][3.9] Lily's Elemental Undead - Summon Skeleton Mages - Boss Killer - Good Map Clear - All Content!
[NEC][3.8] Cast When Using Flask Automatic Death March a.k.a FLASKMANCER
[NEC][3.8] Cyclone Zombiemancer ✦ Automated Necro ✦ Fluid melee combat
[NEC][3.8] Agony`s Gentle Touch Summoner
[ELE][3.8] Elementalist Carrion Herald Summoner
[OCC][3.8] A CI/LL Tri-Curse Herald of Agony Occultist
[ELE][3.8] Ice Golem glass cannon
[NEC][3.6] Zombiemancer - High Survivability
[NEC][3.8] Popcorn SRS Necro- the OmniBuild
[NEC][3.8] The Skeleton Queen (16 skeletons / 60 seconds / over 350% minion damage)
[NEC][3.8] Necro Synergy Build | Commander of Undeath
[NEC][3.9] Slow Mo Zombies! Anyone Can Play! Any Gear Works!
[NEC][3.8] Fun with Nuclear Purity
[NEC][3.8] 🐺Arakali's Wolfmancer🐺| Beginner Friendly | Uber Elder and Mapping
[NEC][3.8] Explosion Ma'am|CWDT-Eye of Innocence|Volitile Dead
[NEC][3.8] Cast on Crit Volatile Dead Necromancer
[OCC][3.8] Death’s Oath Occultist - Death Whisperer(CI)
[OCC][3.8] Skeleton crit Dark Pact BOSSKILLER
[NEC][3.8] FACETANK EVERYTHING - Blood Magic Dark Pact
[OCC][3.9] Bane + Soulrend - LL- Occultist - Boss Killer
[ELE][3.8] Flameblast Ignite DPS! Ignite your way to Uber Elder!
[ELE][3.8] "StormFire" A non-ignite Flameblast Elementalist
[OCC][3.7] Easy Cursebot (6 Curses + 6 Auras + Spider Aspect)
[OCC][3.7] CwC Cyclone Necromancer | For those who can't decide between cyclone and minions
[OCC][3.7] Bella's Dancing Duo Occultist
[ELE][3.7] Primordial Chain Ice Golems - Snowybois
[NEC][3.7] Simple Spectre Summoner - From League Start to Uber Elder
[NEC][3.7] Skelly Mage Summoner ~ The Necrolazyak - 2 Curse, 6k eHP
[OCC][3.7] Konsta's 4-curse Bane + ED CI Occultist
[ELE][3.7] Ball Lightning Elementalist
[ELE][3.7] Self Ignite | Armageddon Brand | Elementalist
[OCC][3.5] Scold Snap - Scold's Bridle Cold Snap Occultist
[ELE][3.5] Coldpoet's Queen of Ice
[OCC][3.5] Crit Ice Spears Occultist: Build Guide
[OCC][3.5] Occultist Vortex/Cold Snap ES/CI
[ELE][SSF][3.5] Winter Orb elementalist league starter
[ELE][3.5] (Vaal) Flameblast Inpulsa
[ELE][3.5] "StormFire" A non-ignite Flameblast Elementalist
[OCC][3.5] Doedre's Cosplay - Octa-curse CI Incinerate Occultist
[NEC][3.5] Ghoulish Overkill! Zombie+Skeleton Baron build
[NEC][3.5] Rasgeroth's Soulblast:Soulwrest Necromancer. (Detonate Dead/Spectres)
[NEC][3.5] The Crimson Queen: Phantasm Occultist Summoner
[NEC][3.5] Kitava's Spiriteater - Necro | Kitava's Thirst&Soulwrest
[ELE][3.5] FunRoom's Ignite Elemental Hit
[ELE][3.5] Blade Flurry Elementalist. One tap the entire screen [Inpulsa+3Dragons]
[OCC][3.5] A True faceroller - The Massive Mjolner AoE Cyclone Arc/Ball
[OCC][3.5] CoCcultist BURST - barrage CoC
[ELE][3.5] Ailmentalist - Shock & Spider Support
[NEC][3.5] [Clarity_Bot's] 15+2 Victario's Influence Aurabot
[OCC][SSF][3.6] The Frost Queen Occultist Frostbolt/Vortex|CI
[OCC][3.6] Kenshin's Ice Nova Occultist | LL/CI
[ELE][3.6] THE SPHERE OF SPEARS - Winter Orb CwC Ice Spear
[ELE][3.6] "The KnightKing" Budget League Starter
[ELE][3.6] Rasgeroth's Puff Dragon
[ELE][3.6] ELECTRIC SUN. Orb of Storms + Spark. Hybrid
[ELE][3.6] Storm Brand Elementalist (Crit Based)
[OCC][3.6] Emperor's Decay Brand Occultist
[ELE][3.6] Xagroth's Storm Brand Elementalist
[OCC][3.6] CI Bane/Blight
[OCC][3.6] Immune and Tanky: CI Soulrend/Bane Occultist
[OCC][3.6] The "Death's Fang" Occultist | Death Aura + Raise Spiders
[NEC][3.6] Slow Mo Zombies! Anyone Can Play! Any Gear Works!
[NEC][3.7] Stupidsmile Ultimate SRS Minion Instability
[NEC][3.6] Katmos’s bosskiller necromantic agoniser
[NEC][3.6] Agony Caster | Winter Orb + Herald of Agony Necro
[OCC][3.6] The "Voodoo Witch" CI 12-13Curse/3Aura

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New thread, sweet! Thanks for keeping upto date!
[3.6] Big DPS Summoner | 5mil+ shaper DPS | All Bosses | 600+Delve | League Starter + Leveling Guide
🔰🌀✨ Video guides on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/KayGaming ✨🌀🔰
🔶🔷🔶 Kay's Summoner build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3179145 🔶🔷🔶
Thanks to all the build guide creators and players I've had the pleasure of being in contact with over my time running the Witch Builds List! It's been a lot of fun but now it is time to hand it over to someone with fresh ideas to make it even better. Thanks to StormHavoc for taking over, I'll leave you in his capable hands!
Still needs some work, but I'm working on it every day, basically :D

[3.6] The "Death's Fang" Occultist | Death Aura + Raise Spiders | CI | Tri-Curse + 2 Aura
Death's Oath + Arakaali's Fang build

id like to have my first build posted here


its a chaos Dot focused with 3 curses and CI
bane and blight cast while channeling soulrend. its a pretty nice and low cost build wich should be able to carry through all content, and could work as a great league starter with solid end game potential
pretty tanky with 2 defensive curses and a high pool of ES

it is a work in progress at the moment. the build works , i need mostly to add videos and item links(atm they are only in POB), more infos on how the dots and curses interact with eachother, and maybe an in depth leveling guide . while it's not beginner friendly yet, any semi-experienced player should be ok
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Tri Curse Low Life Occultist using Blight, Cast While Channeling, and Soulrend combined with Bane. High ES leech and ES Regen.

League starter and *can* be CI on a budget but gets expensive for Low Life setup with optimal crafted Staff, which is what this build is designed around.

Full explanation of build mechanics, multiple setups for curses, multiple item setups + gem links, leveling guide.

Will likely add a full Video guide, but Currently has a few videos showcasing Shaper and some mapping.

1M Shaper DPS with level 3 Empower and no flasks.
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Hi, could you add my build?

[3.6] Konsta's 4-curse Bane + ED CI Occultist



A simple but good budget league starter and SSF friendly Storm Brand build guide that aims to explain everything and hopefully make the game easier for new players to understand and play. I try to improve it everyday in every possible way I can.

A more in-depth leveling guide is WIP
add my build please!! its a support curse bot.

[3.6] The "Voodoo Witch" CI 12CURSE/3AURA CWC Blight-Soulrend OCC


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