[3.8]Explosion Ma'am|CWDT-Eye of Innocence|Volitile Dead |7k life+ES, MOM, Overleech. Uber Elder OK

This is my first time writing a build. I've had a lot of fun playing this character, and hope that you will too. You can get the build up and running for under 60c. It is much less finicky than CwDT builds with scold's bridle or heartbound loop as it is impossible to kill yourself from the self-damage.


This build uses Eye of Innocence (2c) to trigger Cast when Damage Taken (CwDT). CwDT casts ball lightning and firestorm to ignite enemies and damage yourself to continue the chain. CwDT also summons and consume corpses. The consumed corpses give 200%-300% increased cast speed through Corpse Pact on the necromancer ascendancy. Life on hit, Energy shield on hit, Mana gained from damage taken, spirit offering, and overleech are used for absolutely absurd sustain

Skill Tree and Path of Building


Skill Tree lvl 90

+ Fast clear
+ Super Tanky - Face tank T15 Elder and Shaper guardians
+ More powerful the more enemies on the screen (Great for Delve and Blight)
+ Works with any skill that does fire damage
+ Impossible to accidentally suicide from self damage
- Excessive spell effects can make it difficult to see or dodge attacks.
- Not great for Uber-Elder and Shaper because it is hard to get a ton of ignite triggrs.
- Need's 3 ascendancy nodes before it really starts working
- Blight encounters can generate enough effects to drop frame-rate to 0.
- No room for any extra Auras or Gem Sockets
- No multiple curse maps with elemental weakness, flammability, or lowered maximum resists.

Defences and Sustain - The bread and butter of the build

Self Damage from the Eye of Innocence is mitigated in several ways:

1) Health Regen

NGahamu's Sign (1c) is a cheap way to gain 30 life on ignite.
This can be combined with a watcher's eye mod with life gained on hit while affected by Vitality (1 ex). We take 25 damage from an ignite, and gain 30 health back from the ring or watchers eye.

2) Energy Shield Regen
Energy shield regen is gained in several ways. Spirit offering gives us around 1000 ES as much as every 0.25s when we trigger CwDT. Surprisingly, with the number of ignite triggers, this is insufficient to maintain a full energy shield. We really need ES on hit to make it work.

There are only 2 methods of getting energy shield on hit in the game. First is a very expensive watcher's eye mod with discipline (3ex), or the surprisingly cheap Fenumus' Spinnerets (5c). Fenumus' Spinnerets give upto 20 energy shield on hit when you are using aspect of the spider. Aspect of the spider can be bought relatively cheaply on a rare glove (1c) or beast crafted onto a better rare item for around 20c.

At capped resists, we are taking 25 damage from each ignite, but only gaining back 20 ES through the spinnerets. That is until we take into account Mind over Matter (MoM). MoM eats 30% of the damage taken. This means we are only taking 25*(0.70) = 17.5 damage from each ignite, while gaining 20 ES back.

Wait, but how do we sustain the insane amount of self damage to Man from MoM?

3) Mana Regen
The only thing that can sustain the mana loss from the thousands of mana damage taken from MoM are mod's that say X% of damage taken gained as mana. In this build we use Battle Rouse on the passive tree, and a Watcher's eye with the "(15-20)% of Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds when Hit while affected by Clarity" (40c). 15% seems to be enough to sustain.

A cheaper method would be to use rallying cry and the spirited response jewel, instead of the watcher's eye, but it only gives 10% of damage taken gained as mana and might not be sufficient to sustain.

4) Overleech

Mokou's Embrace (1c) give's us self ignite, which turns on the life leech from fire damage with the Eye of innocence.

Soul Tether (3c) gives us around 1.2k overleech, which also feed's into energy shield. Importantly, it does not prevent the energy shield gain from spirit offering or the gain on hit from fenemus's spinnerets

5) Other smaller effects
Energy Leech. Energy leech support gives us 400 ES/s. The 5% energy shield loss per second from Soul Tether insures that we get the maximum bonus from the Energy Leech support.

The Vitality aura and life regen on the passive tree gives around 300 life/s

Shaper gloves with "Socketed gems are supported by level X blind" also give a global chance to blind on hit, which affects spells. With the number of hits per second everything is always blind, which gives 50% evasion.

A single jewel with knock-back on hit means that no enemies can get into melee. As a nice bonus, knock-back also works on monsters from blight encounters, making them much easier.

The temple mod "of Puhuarte" gives us a bit of physical mitigation. It can be combined with the Jun crafting mod of X% of physical damage taken is taken as fire damage.

Martyr of innocence gives us 34% block chance.


Gear Explanation:

Amululet and rings:
Eye of Inocence, Nghamu's Sign, and Mokuo's embrace are required to set up the cast on damage taken loop and self ignite.

Fenemus's Spinneret's and a rare item with Aspect of the Spider is a cheap way to get energy shield on hit.

Soul Tether gives overleech. This can easily be replaced with a rare belt with life and resists.

Martyr of Innocence gives a huge amount of spell damage to the spells linked to CwDT. With it, you can do T16 maps without having to use your main skill until the boss. Make sure to get one with the highest "adds fire damage to spell mod" followed by block chance.

Armour, Helm, and Gloves: Aim for high life and resists. Because the build has so many unique items, you really need high resists on these items. Life is more important than ES because Spirit Offering and Soul Tether key off of you maximum life total.

Flasks: Standard utility and defensive flasks save for one: Doedre's Elixir

Activating Doedre's elixir does enough damage to start the CwDT chain. It activates faster than casting desecrate or firestorm. The life and energy shield loss is regenerated nearly instantly. As a nice bonus Doedre's elixir gives us max frenzy, endurance, and power charges while mapping and during blight events. It makes mapping so much smoother.

Unlike most builds that run Eye of Innocence, we are not using gangs momentum. Because of this, our chance to ignite is a bit low. Fix this with Jewels.

Aim for jewels with 5% chance to ignite, and high life.

Watcher's Eye:
The mods you should look for are
1) (15-20)% of Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds when Hit while affected by Clarity
2) +(20-30) Life gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Vitality
3)+(20-30) Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline

You will not have the mana to reserve both vitality and discipline, so only pick one.

Gem Links

The most important thing is getting the CwDT set up properly
Volatile Dead as the main skill

CwDT-Desecrate-Firestorm-Spell Echo
(creates 10 corpses, and casts 3 firestorms in a large area)

CwDT-Greater Multiple Projectile-Unearth-Ball Lightning-Combustion
(creates 5 corpses and fires 5 ball lightnings for tons of ignite triggers)

CwDT-Spirit Offering-Flammability-Wave of Conviction
(More Energy Shield and more damage)

Volatile Dead-Spell Echo-Energy Leech-Concentrated Effect-Inspiration-Controlled Destruction. Immolate is also a good option depending on your socket colors.

Flame Dash-Arcane Surge-Firestorm or Desecrate
(Flame dash for utility movemnt. Firestorm or Desecrate in case you need to start the CwDT chain and there are no corpses around).

Vitality, Clarity - Anywhere there is space. These are used for the watcher's eye effects.

Any other fire spell as the main skill

CwDT-Desecrate-Volatile Dead-Spell Echo
(creates 10 corpses, and consumes 6-9 with volatile dead)

CwDT-Greater Multiple Projectile-Unearth-Ball Lightning
(creates 5 corpses and fires 5 ball lightnings for tons of ignite triggers)

CwDT-Spirit Offering-Flammability-Wave of Conviction
(More Energy Shield and more damage)

Firestorm-Spell Echo-Energy Leech-Concentrated Effect-Inspiration-Controlled Destruction.
-Really just swap your fire spell of choice with Volatile Dead.
With firestorm you cap out at around 6.5 casts per second against a single target, and 10.5 casts per second during blight events.
-Warning: Firestorm will make your computer crawl to about 2 fps during blight encounters

Flame Dash-Arcane Surge-Firestorm or Desecrate
(Flame dash for utility movement. Firestorm or Desecrate in case you need to start the CwDT chain and there are no corpses around).

Vitality, Clarity - Anywhere there is space. These are used for the watcher's eye effects.

Plauge Bringer --> Corpse Pact --> Mistress of Sacrifice --> Essence Glutton
Bandits: Kill all
Pantheons: Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Gruthkul for the physical damage reduction.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.
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