[3.4] Ailmentalist - Shock & Spider Support | Enemies take 85% inc dmg

I made this build with inspiration of Empyrian's Delving Character. I am unsure of what his original tree was before the immunity memes but I tried my best to recreate what it might've been, and I also added in curses.

What is this build?
This is a support build, we shock & chill monsters for the group, allowing them to deal 'More' Damage. Next to shocking enemies we also run 'Aspect of the Spider' to hinder enemies and give the group even more damage and survivability.

Is this better then a usual ascendant/guardian Aura bot?
No. We don't give enough damage or survivability to call this build a better support, in a group setting you should always prioritise a 'usual' aura bot. We give alternative defences/buffs then normal Aura bots, this build will still be useful in the group but it won't be giving the most damage out of all other supports.

Meaty build, 7k+ es easily obtainable and with other supports in the group easily 8k-16k, more then enough for generic mapping.
We make use of the 'Chaos Inoculation' Keystone.
We are dual curse, we run temp chains and enfeeble on blasphemy. We get less curse effect then a occultist curse support but it's still enough to help the team.

Elementalists Proliferation is super laggy for party play.
Without brine king we don't have stun immunity, there are ways to resolve this issue such as 'Valyrium' and 'Kiara's Determination' but they have downsides of their own.
Our curses are useless against hexproof enemies.

Some Numbers
With my current tree and jewels I get a total of 120% shock effectiveness, with unbound ailments that makes our shock effectiveness 150%, since we're playing a Elementalist and pick up 'Beacon of Ruin' 150% shock effectiveness is enough to reach the current shock cap. (enemies take 50% increased damage)
Aspect of the spider, along with the 'Fenumus' Spinnerets' Boots allows us to put four stacks of 'Spider's Web' de-buff on nearby enemies, making them take 5% increased damage per stack.
Yoke of Suffering, we run this amulet for the line 'Enemies take 5% increased Damage for each type of Ailment you have inflicted on them' since we're elementalist we gain 'Chilling Shocking and Igniting confluxes' Rotating every four seconds we can almost always get the full Enemies take 15% increased damage stack going.
In total we make any monster we hit take '75%-85% increased damage'
Ascendancy Pantheon Bandits
Ascendancy order should be:
Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin > Paragon of Calamity > Liege of the Primordial

Brine King for major and minor Soul of Gruthkul.

Kill all.
mandatory uniques for this build to function:
Fenumus' Shroud, makes nearby enemies deal 10% reduced damage and gives the group 10% all penetration.
Fenumus' Spinnerets, Gives us the ability to stack an additional Spiders Web, effectively 5% more damage for the group, also gives us up to 20 energy shield on hit which is nice paired with a few skills.
The Yoke of Suffering, this amulet is huge for the party, making enemies take up to an additional 15% damage. Just more damage ontop of more damage.
Other uniques you could use:
Corona Solaris, this wand gives us a blinding aura making enemies have less of a chance to hit us.
Fenumus' Toxins, this helmet halves the time it takes for enemies to get spider stacks, I recommend going for a rare helmet with high energy shield, resistances or attributes if needed and a Curse effectiveness enchant for Temporal Chains or Enfeeble.
Aspect of the Spider:
You only really have two options on where you can get it, Theres Fenumus' Weave or a rare ring.
Fenumus' Weave the Spider Gloves give you aspect of the spider but other then that they dont give any benifit to the party, they're also over priced and make you lose out on one of your better gear pieces for Energy Shield and resistances.
Aspect of the Spider on a ring, This is currently the more affordable option, You get enough gear slots to fill resistances the only thing you'd want to look for are attributes (dex, str) and Aspect of the Spider it's not perfect but along with crafted Energy Shield its more then enough.
My Spider Ring:

The rest of your gear:
It's all rares, if you think there's a unique that would fit better in these gear slots feel free to change them out, for example you could run a Alpha's Howl or The Vertex instead of a rare helmet.
1) Energy Shield.
2) 75/75/75 Resistances at least.
3) Attributes.
If you can't afford/fit attributes on your rare gear you could potentially get them on your jewewls.

Unique Jewels:
Conqueror's Efficiency
Combat Focus; Cannot choose Fire & Cannot choose Lightning
(wip cant get online to link jewels right now)
Abyssal Jewel Stat Priority:
1) Energy shield
2) Shock Effectiveness
3) Resistances/Attributes if needed
Jewels can also be corrupted to have affixes you might want, currently as is jewels with 40+ energy shield and 8-10% shock effectiveness are inexpensive. If you're determined enough you could buy these jewels and try corrupting them for -1% mana reservation or 5-7% increased affect of non-damaging ailments, There are other implicits that would be nice to have but those two are especially interesting for this build, if you get enough shock effectiveness on jewels you could potentially spec out of shock nodes on tree, same goes for mana reservation.

All defensive flasks baby, heres what I run:

I personally havent sorted out my other two flasks, for now Im running a ruby and mana flask but I want to look into changing them out for Dying Sun and Taste of Hate.
Passives & Pob
Level 95 Elementalist: here
My pob: https://pastebin.com/Uy4wmTeW
Elemental Hit setup(and main 6 link):
Ele hit-GMP-Faster Attacks-Hypothermia-Unbound Ailments-Elemental Proliferation
If you're limited to a 5 link drop Hypothermia.
4 Link 1:
Enlighten-Blasphemy-Enfeeble-Temporal Chains
4 Link 2:
Cast when damage taken-Arc-Ball Lightning or Shock Nova-Unbound Ailments
(ball lightning can be extremely laggy for the party)
4 Link 3:
Phase Run-Vaal Haste or Enhance-Efficacy-Increased Duration
3 Link 1:
Cast when damage taken-Immortal Call-Increased Duration
For your other 3-5 spair sockets it's up to you on what you want to do, if you're the only support you might want to run a discipline, you can also run your golem of choice but I personally recommend Chaos Golem or Stone Golem or both.
That's all folks, I will put clips up soon to show off how slow the enemies get and hopefully some particularly rippy maps while I'm supporting one of my friends, if you want to see the build live in action I sometimes stream at https://www.twitch.tv/dawes743 you can also message me ingame @dawes if you have any questions you want answered quickly. Have fun!
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Where in the world are you putting your "cannot chose lightning" Combat Focus? AFAIK, the only spot you can put that is right below Sion, yet you don't have any points there.

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