[3.11] CI Aura Bot Guide [90 Res/Max Aura Effect/Max Power/Aspect/Smite]

Table of Content
  • Introcution
  • FAQ
  • Starting Gear
  • Midrange Gear
  • Endgame Gear and Upgrades
  • Auras and Gem Setups
  • Passive Trees
  • Pantheon and Ascendancy
  • Cluster Jewels
  • Alternate Quality Gems (Heist League)
  • Anoint
  • Timeless Jewel
  • My Current Setup and Reasoning
  • Crafing Gear
  • Pics/Vids/Miscs

Useful Tools

- Reservation Calculator https://hepnuk.github.io/AuraCalc/
(I will try to keep this tool updated every patch)

- Path of Building Community Fork https://pathofbuilding.community/

Abbreviation I will use

[RMR] Reduced Mana Reserved(Reservation)
[CI] Chaos Inoculation (Keystone on Passive Tree)
[Victario's] Victario's Influence (and not any other Victario's item)
[WE] Watcher's Eye
[AG] Animated Guardian
[Aura Mod] will reffer to the delve mod "Auras from your Skills grant 2% increased Damage to you and Allies"

Necro vs Guardian vs Scion
Which Ascendancy?

Each has its own benefits and you can play this build with any of the 3.

- Insane Attack and Cast speed through Commander of darkness's Auras from skill Grant 3% increased attack and cast speed
- Offerings affect you (50% Effectiveness) Helps you reach high block Chance
- Damage increases and multipliers
- Good ES and Mana Regen per nearby Corpse
- Enemeies Near coprses deal 10% reduced Damage
- Most offensive Ascendancy (especially for builds scaling with Attack/Cast Speed)
- Has base 5% aura effect

- High investment needed to reach higher Energy Shield values
- No built in Physical Mitigation
- Less Passive Points than Scion


- Most Defensive Ascendancy
- Damage increases and Multipliers
- Provides good Regen (party and self)
- Provides good physical damage Mitigation (party and self)
- Unnerve/Intimidate
- Easier time getting good ES pool thanks to Radiant Faith
- Has base 10% aura effect
- Least investment needed for descent ES pool

- Has the least passive points avaiable of the 3 if you want arcane focus
- No significant attack or cast speed provided
- Lowest min maxing ceiling


- Great Attack and cast speed from Necro Ascendancy (wrose than Necro's)
- Physical Mitigation from Guardian Ascendancy (same as Guardian's)
- Has the most passives points avaiable (+5 base and +2 easier pathing)
- No stat problem

- Jack of All, master of non-Ascendancy
- Lack any form of Damage increases and Multipliers
- worse defenses than guardian
- worse offenses than necro (often even gaurdian)
- Difficult to get good es (tho more passives helps a bit)

What do I know?

I have played and min maxed many diffrent varyiants of aura such as:
- Curse+Aura Bot hybrid Occultist in Synthesis
- Aura bot Scion in Legion
- Aura bot Scion in Blight
- Aura bot Necro in Metamoroph
- Aura bot Necro in Delirium
- Aura bot Necro in Harvest
- Aura bot Necro Currently in Heist

I've helped build and min max friend's builds such as:
- Necro Aura bot on Legacy league
- Mana gurdian and Scion Aura bot in Beastiary league
- Guadian Aura bot in Legion, Blight, Metamoroph, Delirium.
- Stalwart Bot in Harvest
- Mana Guardian in Heist

I've tried and built many diffrent aura and support builds across the years and have went through many diffrent varriations, buffs, changes, nerfs, pre timless, pre cluster jewels, etc.
Thise guide is all my knowledge that i've accumulated across the years in one big post.

Hoep this helps you enjoy aurabot as much as I do!


  • I've read that it's not possible to run almost every Aura and not be squishy, is that true?

No, your squishiness and amount of auras you can run solely depends on your gear level. What makes you squishy is sacrificing too much defenses and ES to run more auras.
It is very possible to run everything and be very tanky as well as have absured levels of aura effect.

  • What content have you done with this build/setup?

I have done every content possible out side of delving (past dept 1600, since thise requires more specialed setups/gear) Some examples include but are not limited to:
Tier 19s, 100% Delerious T19s, 100% Delerious 6man parties, 100% Delerious 180% pack size 4ivories 4sextant double beyond.
I've done some of the hardest content in the game possible without much trouble. Do keep in mind you wont do that sort of content on a 2ex budget just like any other build.

  • How to deal with Stun without Eye of Chayula?

If Skyforth is used, that is the stun immunity. However at higher levels of gear skyforth is often droped in favour of having Good Regen. In those cases high block chance, Evasion, Resistances and Pantheon prevent us from ever being stun locked.
What usually kills are not stuns themselve but stun locks, which are not a probleme. (Also in reality, carry should be kiling stuff)

  • Vitality and Skyforth???

If you have skyforth you might wonder why run Vitality, its simple, its not just for you. Also, it grants other bonuses such as Attack/Cast speed, Dmg, etc from sources such as Ascendancy and Aura mod on weapon. (Or even Regen/Phys mitigtion from guardian)

  • CI + Aura bot? How do you fit so many auras on mana?

Incursion Introduced the ability to corrupt "1% Redcued mana Reserved" (or RMR) on Jewels (Basic, Cluster, Abyss)
With RMR from sources such as Helmet, Amulet, Corrupted jewels and with the help of Victario's influence and Shaper Shield mod "15% RMR of socketed Gems" we can make many of the most expsensive auras cost next to nothing and fit every aura!
Now with Cluster Jewels from Delirium we even have the option of Notables that Reduce the Resrvation of some auras by 30%!! effectively helping us run more auras on a lower budget!

  • You are not pathing through witch ES nodes?

Yes, the ES nodes from witch are REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD and are NEVER worth taking.
Save your selves points and path by the intelligence, you'll need those points elsewhere.

  • How much does it cost?

Depends on the meta and market, lots of things can influence prices of items. Good Jewels with corruption can get expensive very quickly as well.
It all depends on the amount of auras you want to run.

  • Pride, why not run it?

Pure physical builds are the only real builds that benefit from Pride, and they do not scale well with aurabot.
on top of that pride is a debuf to enemies around you and not a aura buff.
This means that it does not give any of the other bonuses granted by our auas. Making a very expsensive for no zero benefits.

  • Cluster Jewels?

Cluster Jewels changed the game, they allow you to set up jewels in a way to fit your play style and needs. They are amazing and I love them.
They also allowed us to hit 90% max resistances <3

  • Why CI and not LL

LL is just inferior in every single way.
You lose RMR from amulet slot. You have to worry about chaos resistance. You Lose massive Socketed RMR of Victario's and Its generosity, you Lost ES from Shield.
The only benefit to LL (not really LL but bassically Not CI) is runnining Prism Guardian early league to off set some auras on life while still using victario's I dont recommend this in HC as it can be very rippy.

  • Why Not Life?

Its much harder to stack life than ES, simple as that. Discpline and your aura effect already provide good amounts of ES to begin with. you also dont have to worry about chaos resistance as CI.

  • How good is Wicked Ward?

If you're CI, and are running skyforth, I would greatly recommend you take Wicked Ward since you lack regen. as well as stacking some faster es start where you can.

  • Regen vs Wicked Ward?

Regen is better hands down, its more point effcient, its more consitent, it scales better and so on.
The only downside of Regen is losing Skyforths (6% RMR) which can be expensive to get elsewhere.

  • I don't have friends to play with how do I find groups?

You can post in Global 820 that you are a Aura Bot LF Work, just please make sure that you split loot. You are not a slave. Aura bots do NOT work for Free.

For Gear There are a few required Uniques and Then some upgrade paths down the line.
Cheap/Starting Gear

  • Chest

Victario's Influence is your Core Chest Piece, it boost the hell out of the socketed Auras and Reduces the mana resevation for 30% which is huge.

This is where we will be socketing our 6 Damage Auras (or 5 + an Empower) Such as Anger/Hatred/Wrath/Zealotry/Haste/Malevolence

Try to get a chest piece with 15% increased effect of non-curse auras find one with as much ES as you can afford, the AoE Roll does not matter at all, our radius will be so big that the impact is negligible.

  • Helmet

Alpha's Howl is the go to Aura Helm, its cheap, it gives global 8% Reduced Mana Reserved, +2 to Aura Gems for level 23 Purity Setup

  • Shield

You should be using a Shaper's or Hunter's Shield itemLevel 80+ (Prefferable an iLvl 84 Titanium Shield) rolled with Socketed Gems Have 15% Reduced Mana Reservation
They are not too hard to roll, you can spam Alteration untill you hit the mod (make sure its 15% not 10%) regal and craft Flat Energy Shield (or %increassed if theres already a flat roll)

Feel Free yo use Prism Guardian Early league before getting your shield and swapping to CI.

This is where we will socket the remaining most expensive non-purity auras, that we still want to be affected by.

  • Amulet

A Shaped or Redeemer's Amulet wit 5% Reduced Mana Reseved mod is REQUIRED, we need as much Reduced Mana Reserved (or RMR) as possible and as youll see later 5% is a lot.
The mod can only roll on Shaped Amulets with itemLevel 82+ or Redeemer's Amulet itemLevel 75+, I Recomend an Onyx Amulet Base.

Annoint: Will always be Champion of the cause if you are very early league Utmost Intellect is a cheap One that grants good es in the mean time.
Champion of the Cause : Gold + Crimson + Teal
Utmost Intellect : Amber + Violet + Crimson

Fertile Catalyst to 20% Life and Mana Quality to make the 5% RMR into 6%

Early League The Jinxed Juju is a great started amulet until you can get your RMR one.

  • Weapon

Tried and True Empheral Edge, 50% Energy shield is a lot escpially from a weapon slot will help you with your ES Pool,
Alternatively you can use Heartbreaker for A little less ES but Faster Start of ES Recharge Rate.

  • Belt

You can use a Bathed Breath for starters but you will want to eventually upgrade to an Darkness Entromed or a Stigian Vise Abyss Jewels with 1% Redcued Mana Resreved Corruption

  • Gloves

Shaper's Touch Gloves with +2 AoE or +2 Aura Corruption
With the nerf to Shaper's touch they now offer less ES than a good Rare glove.

  • Boots

For Starters you will want Sintreks, They provide a lot of ES, Movement Speed and help with dex requirments.
If you chose to go the regen route these will be youre end game boots and I recommend you get them +2 AoE/Aura Corruption.

Skyforth, will be a big jump of RMR, and make it so you need less RMR corrupted Jewels if you plan to go more budget friendly for the rest of the gear.

  • Rings

I recommend searching for Unset or Moonstone rings on poe.trade with a High ES if you can affort, Nice stats to have are Str, Int, Dex too sicne you might be lacking those.
Vinvinsect is a great Ring to socket Discpline in for +5 Aura Gems if you can afford the increased mana cost for it.

  • Jewels

There are a few required Jewels: Conqeror's Efficency, Conqueror's Potency and Might of the Meek
(Ideally you want them to also have the 1% RMR Corruption but they can be a little expsensive so youll need to either corrupt your own or save up money for them)

As well as any Jewel (can be any as long as it has corruption, such as threshold jew) with 1% Reduced Mana Corruption, you can use cheap jewels until you can afford/corrupt your own, To slowly corrupt your own i recommend rolling for flat ES on abyss jewels regaling and corrupting should be much cheaper on than buying them out right.

For might of the meek make sure it is socketed in Scion Right Jewel Socket See bellow, this will make the 4% RMR node into 6% (notables in AoE grant nothing keep that in mind)
Might of the Meek
First lets get this out of the way, I've had a lot of people come to me and ask for help and one think I have noticed way to often is the use of Life Flasks While CI.
Life Flask DO NOT WORK for ES, they do nothing for a CI build.

  • Affixes on Flasks:

There are 3 things we absolutely must solve: Bleed Immunity (of Staunching), Ignite Immunity (of Dousing), Cure Immunity (of Warding)

If you are not Using a Alpha's Howl and are using a Rare Crafted Helmet like

You will not have the Freeze Immunity from Alpha's Howl which you will need to get (of Heat)
Another good affix to have on flask is shock immunity (of Grounding)

For Prefixes Both Chemist's and Experimenter's are great it just depends on what you personally prefer.

  • Now for Flasks to run

There are a lot of different options but there is 2 flask that in my opinion Everyone should run those Jade Flask and Quick Silver. Jade is a Massive Armour boost thanks to Iron Reflex + the good amount of %Evasion we have from Int (thanks to Shaper's Touch. Quicksilver is just a must to be able to keep up with any fast carry so you do now fall behind.

  • Other flask options:

If you want more Physical Damage Mitigation (Really good for Legion)

Any or All Elemental Flasks you think you might need.

Silver Flask: If you want more speed!

Wise oak: If you have all your resits balanced and another way to get Freeze or Ignite Immunity (like a watchers eye)

Endgame Gear

This section is for gear upgrades and endgame gear goals
  • Chest

Ideally at this point you want a 6L Victario's to use an Empower (but if anything you can always use a 5L)
This however is not a huge priority to run empower as there are a number of diffrent upgrades that yield better results.

  • Helmet

Rare Hubris with Enchant

Rare Hubris's (iLvl84) with enchants are generally very cheap only a few chaos up to 1 exalt and will cost you much much less to craft than an Alpha's Howl with Enchant all while giving you over 1.5k more ES than an alpha's howl.
Here are some reduced mana resevation enchants that you can chose from in the end they will all act the same and in rare circumstances only a 1% difference:
15% RMR enchant of Haste,Grace,Determination or any 50% aura you are not ging to run in Victario's.
20% RMR enchant of any other 35% Aura Mana.

Make sure that you are aware of the Cluster Jewel Notables you are using to not over cap an aura in RMR.

You can craft base Using Redeemer orb to add Redeemer influence and Fossil Craft it with Bound+Dense+Lucent.
Or you can use a deafening loathing essence. Generally it is much easier to get good es with fossils but more expensive.

  • Weapon

For an end game weapon what you want is a Rare Redemeer's weapon usually a scetper with "Auras from your Skills grand 2% increased Damage".
Bonus mods you would want to roll: +1 Level of all Cold/Lighting/Spell Gems, Hatred Aura effect, Cold Exposure on hit.

  • Gloves

No changes here, High ES Glove is Best in slot if you have a +2 corruption on Boots such as sintrek or skyforths
If not +2 Shaper's touch is the easiest way to get a +2.

  • Boots

At this point you should be running skyforth if you're not regen base and +2 Sintrek's if you are.

  • Amulet

12% Amulets are possible in standard, they are legacy and very expensive. But a hufe upgrade since they free up so many possiblities.

in Heist theres a new base Called Simplex Amulet, it has -1 Max Pref and Suffix on it but all modifiers on the amulet have 25% increased effect
This 25% + 15% from Life/Mana Fertile Catalyst is 40%. Pair that up with 5% and it becomes 7% see bellow.

  • Belt

The only way to get more Reduced Rservation is through Abyss Jewels in Styigian Vise/ Darkness Entromed
At some point you will have to drop your bathed breath for these if you want to run more Auras.

  • Jewels

If you already have all your Jewels Corruption on all your Jewels (Belt/Tree/Uniques) you should focus on upgrading them to ones with ES where ever possible.
For Clusters Jewels you should see that section in detail.

As your slowly getting more and more Jewel Sockets and more and more RMR Jewels, you will be able to slowly run more and more auras.

Link's and Setups depend vastly on the amount of total Reduced mana Reserved you have, your gear and clusters.

You should always run your Offensives Auras in your Chest which ever one it is you are running.
You should Run any another High Mana Reservation Auras Left on your Shield such Grace/Determination.
You should NEVER Use an Enlighten in your Chest and Shield. it is ALWAYS Better to move an aura there instead.
You should ALWAYS run your 3 Purities in a +2 Level Item (Alpha's Howl or +2 corruption)
Always Try to fit in at least a Level 1 Precision, Vitality and Clairty, they have small flat costs.

Enlighten Lv 2 or 3: Can be used for 3 purities, (i never recommend investing in level 4 enlighten as they generally only save 3 to 6% mana and they become uselss with better gear.)
REMEMBER your survivability is more important than MAX OMEGA DMG but cant stay alive, if you're dead, you're not giving anything and you'll be forced to do the walk of shame (Turn on all auras one by one)
use this link to plan ahead https://auracalc.netlify.app/

Passive Tree and PoB

Bandits: KILL ALL

PoB with 3 different trees depending on investment (updated version coming soon)

3.11 PoB: https://pastebin.com/r111udT1

Key Stones

  • Chaos Inoculation

- We're going CI cause we will be reserving all our Auras on our Mana, this will also allow us to never have to worry about chaos damage and map mods such as desecrated ground. And since we're running Victario's we will not have to run Coruscating Elixir with CI.

  • Wicked Ward

The Addition of Wicked Ward is amazing for this build, Paired with Faster Start of Energy Shield Recharge Rate from tree and craft on rings, it is an amazing defensive tool making you almost unkillable once your recharge starts. The Down side doesn't affect us at all since we will be running skyforth and will not have any Regen.

  • Elemental Equilibrium

If your carry is doing Fire or Cold Damage (AND YOU HAVE NO SOURCES OF FLAT DAMAGE) you can spend 1 point into EE and proc it with Smite which will only deal lightning damage. It is a great damage boost! If however your carry is Lightning Damage please take Avatar of Fire as well.

  • Zealot's Oath

This Key stone does NOT work when you start running with a skyforth. So if you take it prior to help with survival respect it once you equipe a skyforth.


  • Order

Normal: Commander of Darkness
Cruel: Essence Glutton or Mistress of Sacrifice
Merc: Essence Glutton or Mistress of Sacrifice (Which ever you didnt take)
Uber: Plaguebringer

Note: Essence Glutton can be replaced with Corpse Pact should you want to shock/chill.


Brine King until you get a skyforth.
Lunaris Maxed out for Mapping
Solaris Maxed our for Bossing

Garukhan Maxed for Mapping
Abberath for Mapping if Burning Ground Annoys you and for Atziri
Yugul Maxed out for Shaper/Elder

With the introduction of Cluster Jewels with Delirium 3.0 A lot has change in terms of pathing the tree, and what we can achieve.

Here's the list of notables and their effect that are good to use for aura bot depending on what you want to do.

The Reduced Reservation Ones : Generally we one of each.
- Pure Aptiude : Found on Small Lighting Resistance Clusters.

- Pure Guile : Found on Small Cold Resistance Clusters.

- Pure Might : Found on Small Fire Resistance AND Medium Aura effect Clusters

The Specific Aura Effect ones : All Found on the Aura Effect Medium Cluster Jewels.

The Generic Aura Effect ones : All Found on the Aura Effect Medium Cluster Jewels.

You will be socketing Clusters in the Jewel Socket near CI and Near Avatar of Fire, if you have points for a third Cluster, you will be be using the Templar Outer socket.

Your primary goal should be to reach, 200% Aura Effect for Purities using a combination of the 6% minors, First Among Equals/replenshing presence and Pure Commanders.


If you have more currency to spend here are some neat ways to upgrade you cluster jewel setups.

Using Large Jewel sockets (8 passives) with 2 Jewel Socket

or you can use Voices unique Jewel tho, it is expensive in terms of both points and currency.

Mandatory Things:
- 1 Jewel Socket on EACH Medium Jewel Used
- 1 Pure Might on one Medium Jewel
- 1 of EACH small Jewel (with 2 passives), one with Pure Guile one with Pure Aptitude
- If you lack aura effect, PURE COMMANDERS to hit 200% on purities is more important than damage
- ADAPT ADAPT ADAPT to your play style/build/items and carry

So what notables should you prioritize?

Ideally you wand to prioritize getting 200% for your purities (which will allow them to cap your max res at 90%)
After that you would want to get Either Vengful Commander/Starlard Commanders or one of the Genric Aura Effect Notables to boost the dps your dmg auras provide or defensive auras.

Keep in mind that the 3% Attack and Cast speed per aura mod from necro scales with each individuals aura effect, meaning that if you have 400% effect of wrath and 200% for other auras, wrath will be giving 3% (+400%) and other auras will be giving 3% (+200%).

I will be writing this slowly, as i wanted to get this guide out sooner rather than later.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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there will also be a gear crafting explanation should people chose to craft their own gear.

-Gear and Explanations for gear choices

Nothing to explain here 6L Victario's with +1 with Empower + my 5 Damage Auras

Pretty much the Best in slot weapon you can have +1 All Spell gems and +1 Specific Element spell Gems with Hatred Aura effect and Auras grant dmg mod

"Trigger Socketed Spells when you use a skill" is amazing and i welcome everyone to always try and get, the reason Desecrate is not in here is because we want to be able to cast it ourselves for the 10% more damage near corpses and Chill/shock if we have that Ascendancy.

I chose cold because i love min maxing Hatred but the +1 can be any of the 3 elements you wish. This also allows one of your purities to be 23 Regardless of where you put it (This will come in handy later)

Shield is pretty much as good as it can get Its T1Flat T2% T1Hybrid i settled on this because my sanity couldn't take rolling for double T1 anymore. 10% aura effect if very nice, and ES on block is amazing when you have Glancing blows now imagine how broken it is when you dont and are block capped.

Since i am not running Determination and am running Sublime-Form notable (30% grace reservation) the only auras i was able to put in shield we're Vitality, Haste, Flesh and stone or a Purity.
the best option was therefor Haste, Vitality, Flesh and Stone until i got my +2 Weapon. Once that happened i was able to put purity of ice in it making it more efficient (35% reservation aura vs 25%)

I am thinking removing Hybrid/Life Prefix and going for +1 Lightning, its not a huge es loss (~200 total) to give +1 to wrath/purity of lighting/smite.

The rest of my good auras are in a +2Aura 5%Reservation hubris with haste enchant.

Very simple helm +2 Fractured mod is from Essence of Delirium, you can check in next section on how to craft it.

Auras here are just Whatever purities need +2 still and the rest of good auras i want to have +2.

Gloves are Synthesized for 10% Mana reservation. This can be any aura so long as its not an aura you have a Reservation notable for. High ES High int for max ES gains.

Best to get are Vitality/Discipline/any Purity you dont have a Rervation notable/Determination if you are using it.

Links are there because Second wind also gives another charge to Enruding Cry, and makes phase run's cooldown a but lower.

Another Synthesized item with reservation, this time different than the one on gloves, crafted for as much es and as much MS as possible.

Smite + Awakened Geno because smite is op and we want to scale that.
Didn't link awakened geno to War banner because theres not much benifits from doing that. but since we wont be affected by it we will no longer have 100% chance to hit. so i chose not to.
Desecrate is there because it needs to be somewhere.

Rings are pretty basic Grace in +2/ES Ring (probably one the worst items i have but im lazy to get a better one for now. Could get +3 with more ES and stats but i have other projects at the moment.

2nd Ring: Discipline in vivinsect standard stuff here.

Amulet is Synthesized again (Starting to see a pattern here.. I MISS SYNTHESIS..)
Tho amulet can be anything Technically speaking 6%RMR + +1Cold + +1Int Gems is much much better, however In std i have a 12% amu, and i didnt want to over spend crafting an amu for the league so i settled with synthesis since the base was cheap (somehow) and is fairly easy to craft them with good es.

Belt just a Stygian vise with Strength and ES nothing special with an RMR Jewel

I am working however on a new belt at the moment its missing

Its missing T1 flat and t1% es (extremly hard to get) but this is my project at the moment.
%attribute is great help with requirements if need be as well as ES.
CDR is for QoL on Trigger Scepter, Enduring Cry and Phase Run.
Flask chance not to consume is also QoL but Redcued Dmg from crits is good hear too from shaper.

For Clusters I am running 3 Large (no voices) clusters.
The reason is the following :
-You cannot run 3 Voices on Necro there's simply not enough points for that.
This means you'll only have 2 voices and this 6 Mediums total.
This nets you 12 Notables.

however if you run 3 Large clusters with each vengeful commander you then have still 6 Medium Clusters, but you also get +3 Vengeful commanders. (+3 Widespread destruction potentially).

This allows us to potentially get 9 Vengeful commanders for a massive 270% aura effect of Wrath Hatred Anger. much better than 2 voices. also a lot cheaper than 5~3 passive voices.

It also allowed us to potentially get 1% mana reserved on the large clusters should we so chose to corrupt them while voices you cant.

Cluster 1 :

Large 3 Notable 8 PASSIVE (1 being Vengeful) it's important to have 3 notables for vengeful to be on the way
Notables on mediums are simple Stacking First among + Vengeful
I am running 1 pure aptitude and its here. Rest of Jewels are just any 1% RMR

Cluster 2 :

Large 3 Notables this time its 9passive simply because its corurpted for 1% otherwise id be using an 8 passive.
not worthy things to mention here : all Vengeful + First among stacking
with a small cluster giving us Sublime Form (Very important) this is the BEST reservation notable we can get.

Cluster 3:

Another 8 pas vengeful large + Mediums Stacking Firt among + Vengeful.
with my Conqueror's 1% corrupted.

Rest of Jewels:

I would get 1% inspired learning but i dont need so i saved cost here. Rest is pretty self exploratory.

Rumi's is a must to cap out our attack block.
Basalt for some much needed phys mitigation.
Stibinit and Jade for massive evasion during hard content
you can replace Stibnite with onslaught for when you need to go fast
Quicksilver go zoom zoom yes.

-How to Craft
crafting gears


1. Buy or Drop a Victario's

2. 6L it if not already.

3. Make sure Aura effect is 15%

4. Throw to corruption room or vaal orb.

5. Repeat from step 1 still +1Gems, +2 Aura or 2 AoE


1. Acquire any iLvl 82 (Precisely i82 to reduced mod pool of unwanted crafts) Scepter base you want.


I chose Karui Scepter because it has the fastess attack speed we can get at this ilvl reasonably. And damage is irrelevant, you can also pick any scepter you like the skin of.

2. 28-30 Quality you can also Hillock Transportation 28 Quality later if you so chose (28vs30 makes no difference)

3. [2 Options] A: Fast and more expensive (Recommended) B: Slow Cheaper (NOT recommended

OPTION A: Fossil Method Split Method:
3.1. this is the recommended method because you click a million times less.
Use [4s] Method : Aetheric + Corroded + Metallic + Shuddering
Use [3s] Method : Correded + Metallic + Shuddering
4s has 4 Avrg Tries while 3s has 11 Avrg tries either is fine. 3s is cheaper on Avrg.

3.2. Use harvest target removes to remove down to 2 Affixes +1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems and a random one.

3.3. Use Beast "Fenumal Plagued Arachnid": Split an Item in 2 each with half the mods. this will Give you 2 Magic Items one of witch will only be +1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems

OPTION B: Alteration Spamming Method
3.1 Spam Alts until you hit +1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems. Average cost 1844 Alts.

3.2 Make sure it has no suffix mods.

4. Imprint item using Craicic Chimeral Beast.

5. Regal Item Make sure its a removable Affix
(If Prefix make sure its removable (EXCEPT CASTER))
(If Suffix make sure its removable (EXCEPT CASTER))

5.1 IF -> Suffix is not target removable
You can Gamble to save item in 4 ways.
-Yolo Anul, (50:50)
-Remove non-caster add Caster. (Pray for a elemental/chaos Caster mod) (Best odds)
-If suffix Add Suffix, Remove Prefix Beast (Worst option)
-If Prefix Reforge Item keeping Suffixes Harvest Craft
(If this fails restore imprint and go back to Step 4)

6. Make sure all Prefixes are blocked using harvest Augments
Use: Lightning, Fire, Chaos, Attack. NOT Caster, Cold.

7. Craft "Cannot Roll Caster mods"

8. Slam Redeemer's Orb. We are looking for Specifically T1 Hatred Aura effect.
(If you are okay with settling for T2 Hatred Aura effect, you are looking for T1, T2 Hatred aura effect OR Auras from Skills grant 2% damage.)
(If this fails restore imprint and go back to Step 4)

9. Once you have Have Hatred aura effect T1 :
Augment Influence modifier. We are looking for Auras from Skills grant 2% inc dmg

10. All mods are removable Except Hatred and the Aura so we will target remove them as we slam them
% chance to inflict Cold Exposure on Hit -> Remove Cold
% increased Movement Speed if you've Hit an Enemy Recently -> Remove Speed

(Repeat from Step 9 until you hit Aura's from skills grant 2%)

11. Remove Cannot Roll Caster mods. and Craft Cannot Roll Attack Mods.

12. Target Remove the 2 random prefixes.

13. Augment X Element (X can be any element of your choice Cold/Fire/Lightning) Personally i recommend Cold or Lightning (Lightning being easier to hit) I will be using X to denote whatever element you chose.

14. If it didn't hit +1 of all X spell skill Gems Augment X Mod Again.

15. If it still didnt hit Spam "Remove Random X Mod and Add Random X mod" Harvest until you hit +1 of all X spell skill Gems

16. Remove Cannot roll attack mods and craft Trigger Socketed spells when you use a skill.

17. Add Quality does not inc Physical Damage // Grants 1% inc AoE Per 4% Quality

AND DONE you have yourself a BIS scepter
Estimated Costs:
-Fossils [~300c]
-Split Beast [200c]
-Imprint+Redeemer's Exalted Orb
[~8tries for T1 Hatred] [1200c]
-Imprint+Redeemer's Exalted Orb
[~3tries for T2+Hatred/Auramod] [600c]

-Augment Influence+Remove [~6Tries] [9ex]
-Cannot Roll attack mods [1ex]
-Getting +1 Cold [~62 Tires] [16ex]
-Getting +1 Lightning [~42 Tries] [11ex]

Estimated Cost: 50~55ex


1. Acquire No influence i84+ Hubris Circlet with Enchant.

2. 30 Quality Using Fossils.

3. Make Hubris magic and make imprint using Craicic Chimeral Beast

4. Scoure and use Essence of Delirium for +2 of Socketed Aura Gems

5. Fill out rest of suffixes using bench and harvest.

6. Use Harvest "Fracture a random Suffix" (Item must have 3 suffixes)

7. If Fracture misses Restore Imprint and go back to Step 3.

8. Once +2 Aura is Fractured. Use Deafening Essence of Loathing for 5% RMR.

9. Spam Essence until item has either good ES or Good Suffix such as T1~T2 Intelligence.

10. Use harvest crafting to Augement/Remove/ex Defence for as much ES as you're willing to pay.

(For Double T1 ES do the following)
1. Make sure there are no Prefixes or Just 1 Defence Prefix.

2. Use Remove Random/Add Random Defence until you have a T1 Flat or T1 %ES roll.

3. Craft %ES/Life Hybrid to block hybrid life/es and hybrid mana/es

4. Augment Defense and pray.

5. If ES roll is not T1, Remove craft and Do "Remove Random Defense"

6. If Removed T1 ES Go back to Step 2.

7. If Removed Bad ES Mod go back to Step 3.

8. Once you have Double T1 ES. "Augment Random Life"

9. Remove Random Life Add Random Life until T1 Life/ES Hybrid.

10. Divine Intelligence.

11. Randomize Defenses till Both T1ES Rolls are perfect

12. Randomize Life till Hybrid Life/ES is perfect.

Note: You can yolo Aug Defence for last mod. But Hybrid life is only marginally worse than hybrid es while also being "easy" to hit T1


1. Acquire i86 Redeemer Influence Titanium Spirit Shield.

2. 30 Quality it.

3. Alt spam till you hit T1 increased effect of non-curse auras as your only redeemer mod.

4. Buy any donner shaper shield with "Socketed Gems have 15% Reduced mana reservation" as its only shaper mod.

5. Use Awakener orb (First on Shaper Shield (Donner item) then on Redeemer titanium spirit shield.

6. If you hit a Non-targetable 3rd suffix Empty Prefixes using Harvest Targeted Anuls or Suffixes cannot be change + Scoure
Then Use harvest "Remove Non-Influence mod and add a random influence mod"

This will remove the 3rd suffix and hopefully add a removable affix. If this hits a non-removable suffix influence mod you will have to Yolo Anul.

7. Once Shield is just Redeemer Aura effect + Shaper 15% RMR Use harvest to block out finale suffix with a resistance.

8. Augment Defence.

9. Remove Random / Add Random Defence until you hit T1%es or T1 Flat ES

10. block hybrid life/es by crafting.

11. Augment Defence and pray.

12. if not another t1 mod Remove craft and 50:50 Remove Random Defense.

13. if it fails restart from step 9.

14. if successful restart from step 10.
(Note: If you hit T1Flat + T2% it is not bad to settle here.)

15. Once double T1 (or T1+T2) is achieved Remove resistance suffix via harvest remove.

16. You now have 2 option.
Option 1: Craft a prefix to block all prefixes and YOLO slam defense on the last suffix this has a 76% chance to hit ES on block and a 24% chance to hit chance to evade if blocked recently.

We're looking for ES on block which is an amazing mod. but it's a lil risky coming this far since only way to fix is is to yolo "remove defense again" if it fails.

Option 2: Craft 18% quality with stat of your choice.

17. Here too we have 2 options.
Option 1 : Augment Lightning and Remove/Add Lightning till +1 All Lightning(or Cold) Spell Skill gems

Option 2 : Augment Life and Remove/Add Life till T1 ES/Life Hubrid.

18. Randomize Defences for Perfect ES on T1 mods.

19. Randomize Life for perfect Hybrid ES Roll.

20. Use Harvest "Reroll Suffixes with Lucky Values" this is bassically a Lucky suffix only Divine. till Perfect rolls.
(Recraft quality if it wasnt perfect)


1.Purchase a Synthesized Sorcerer glove preferably i84+

2. Spam Reforge including Defense mod, Defense mods are more common.

3. Stop at satisfying es values.

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Powerful aura robot
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carlosswing wrote:
Thanks for idea
Very good thinking.

want to copy one~
What to rely on to kill? -.- when i import Pob can't see it
and some question
Victario's Influence need 6 Link? and i see you gems all is AURA

This is a Pure support build, it is meant to support a carrym you are not meant to do damage or kill things.

For PoB as mentioned in the thread you need to update to LocalIdentity's Path of Building Fork

_Nuk wrote:
carlosswing wrote:
Thanks for idea
Very good thinking.

want to copy one~
What to rely on to kill? -.- when i import Pob can't see it
and some question
Victario's Influence need 6 Link? and i see you gems all is AURA

This is a Pure support build, it is meant to support a carrym you are not meant to do damage or kill things.

For PoB as mentioned in the thread you need to update to LocalIdentity's Path of Building Fork


Thank you.

Can use 3L-zombies(if have sockets)

Help clean up the monsters
Last edited by carlosswing on Apr 3, 2020, 10:41:41 PM
How do you search for the mana reserved corruption? can you send me a link to POE trade?
I have low phys.reduction, how to improve it!
no cull, try again. AG cull (Kingmaker) does not count, as it has too low of a range.
Hey there, I notice you are using Sin Trek's with multiple replenishing pressence/zealots oath. I'm attempting to make a similar build but I have skyforths therefor I have low es regen and my survivablity is pretty awful. Is there a trick to surviving with these or would it be better to just scrap them and go for sin treks? I'm assuming that's why you are running with sins. First time doing an aura bot and also first time running CI so I'm genuinely confused about what to do.


I'm noticing a huge difference in survivability.
Swapped my Jordan's with some Treks, copied your tree, added more clusters. I switched up some stalwarts inplace of vengeful for more Es/Eva/Arm. Figure this is my first aurabot and I want some wiggle room for mistakes rather than doing the walk of shame. I'm running 15 aura's at the moment I need to get a few more rmr gems to be where I would actually like to be, but its coming along well nicely! Thanks for the guide!
OP Will Surely Deliver
Last edited by insaneslapchop on Apr 5, 2020, 3:13:38 AM
Hello thank you for the guide what would u improve and which which gems should i use more i am not sure

can you look over my cluster jewels are they ok i just follow the pob rich guide
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