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Welcome to the most optimized Raise Spectre build available out there.
This variation of Raise Spectre is one of the fastest the tankiest and the most
damage output a raise Spectre build can be.

But why Raise Spectre? And why Slave Drivers?
Because of CLEAR SPEED.

Slave Drivers, unlike skeletons or zombies are an absolute little Tasmanian devil's when come to both clear speed and boss fights.

They cast Lightning Surge which is a whip attack that does damage in a straight line.

That along with the insane player's fast movement speed utilizing Shield Charge + Flesh Offering give this build an absolute blast when come to clear maps. Slave Drivers are unarguably the strongest Spectre out there but by using this guide we take them to the next level.


By utilizing Diadem along with any amu that got wrath or zealotry has % reduced mana reservation suff allowed us to get Wrath + Zealotry + Aspect of choice, which correspond to more than 50% more damage.
Pretty nice for a pure Spectre Build!

There are some basic numbers that speak for themselves in this basic intro:

Utility = Up to 270% movement speed
Defense = Perma blind / 85% chaos res / 700 Life regen
Damage = Up to 12M Shaper DPS.

Check also BONUS content to see how to do all kind of maps.

T-16 Promenade map = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rItaf3eL1VM
Twich = https://www.twitch.tv/oyk152
Uber Elder = https://youtu.be/_mPL3cpRjm0
Guardians + Shaper kill = https://youtu.be/q_fLI2gUflg


But wait... is it Christmas time?

Cool stuff
We've added over 350 new monster as of 3.10. ho ho ho
Blade Blast skill gem (Unnerve is a debuff that causes affected targets to take 10% increased spell damage). ho ho ho
Cluster Jewel's. ho ho ho

Not so cool stuff
• Raised Spectres are now level 31 at gem level 1, up to level 76 at gem level 20 (previously level 80 at gem level 20). oh no no no
• Feeding Frenzy Support. No longer causes minions from supported skills to deal more damage while you have Feeding Frenzy. oh no no no

As of 3.9 Slave Drivers is the most OP Spectre but with the upcoming 3.10 patch a whole new options is about to arise. We just have to wait and see what the next best big thing....is

Without ANY further change this build is already viable for 3.10 using ANY Spectre just by changing Wrath/Conductivity with the appropriate Aura/Curse. Goes like this:

Fire Spectre = Anger / Flammability
Cold Spectre = Hatred / Frostbite
Physical Spectre = Pride / Vulnerability

(Also make sure to change the corresponding support skill gem appropriate depend on selected Spectre like physical instead of focus etc.).

In this case make sure amu got only Zealotry has %reduced mana reservation.



This build is revolved around these three items:

A Diadem helm along with an amu that got either Wrath or Zealotry %reduced mana
reservation allowed us to utilize Wrath + Zealotry + Aspect of the spider or any 35% reserved skill of our choice, like skitterbots or aspect of the Avian.

This combo alone, is the most of our damage multiplier source, since we get up to 50% MORE damage out of two auras + any bonus we get out of either skitterbots or aspect's auras.

The Vanity Jewel on the other hand, give us the Divine Flesh keystone
which by capping our chaos res to
85% means that HALF of elemental damage is taken as chaos, and since we got around 700 life regen per sec, we do mitigate an enormous amount of damage.

This is where the Feast of Flesh node from Diadem kicks in by doing a great synergy with the Divine Flesh.

As of damage output in map we got up to around 4,5M per Spectre!
That is a 22,5M in map which is more than enough. On boss fight that damage is half, around 12M Shaper DPS.

On defense side, in map fight all flask up phys damage reduction % along with evasion % provided by blinded enemies and 85% of chaos res make this build a LOT tank.

Movement speed (138%) is also getting double that number when using shield charge, plus an extra bonus is that we also using flame dash as an extra utility, so mobility is beyond great.

This build is really fast.

Now the reason that clear speed is so amazing, is because of the radius of Lightning Surge.
Below is a visualization of the skill using increased area of effect.

This is the gear i end up in Awakening league. It is a brief example of what an endgame gear should look like.

Wand = In order of importance a wand should have those stats.
+1 To All Spell or Minion > Trigger > Increased Cast Speed > Minion damage

Helm = Diadem. This helm along with the amu is mandatory in order to reserve 3 auras and get around 50% more damage.

Amulet = A rare with suffix %reduced wrath/zealotry mana reserved. Must be a Crusader or Hunter influenced and preferably dex base

Armour = Preferably an Astral Plate with +1 to maximum number of Spectres. Along with the chest a lvl 21 Spectre gem is also mandatory in order to get our 5th Spectre.

Gloves = Gloves should have socketed gems are supported by level % blind suff in order to blind our enemies.

Shield = For shield we use Victarios mainly as a source of getting frenzy charges to Spectres. Frenzy is a HUGE boost of damage in Spectres. They are responsible for as much as 30% MORE damage. So is a must for this build.

Belt = Stygian Vise. Try to get chaos res out of it, it helps to cap chaos res.

Boots = Any two tone boots with +1 to all level of raise Spectre gems suff. Try to get chaos res out of it, it helps to cap chaos res.

Rings = One should be Unset type, looking for capping chaos and elemental res out of them. Also one should have adds x to x elemental damage to attacks, so we can proc elemental equilibrium via frenzy. If not, it can be crafted on either wand or amu.
The easiest / less expensive part of gear.

WAND = Desecrate (lvl 1) + Flesh Offering (or Bone Offering for extra toughness if we want to make sure we don't lose xp while leveling up) + Vaal Summon Skeletons.

HELM = Generosity Support + Wrath + Zealotry + Flame Dash. This setup is when using Aspect of choice.
(If we don't want to use Aspect then Flame dash can be swap for Skitterbots.

ARMOUR = Raise Spectre > Minion Damage > Spell Echo > Controlled Destruction > Concentrated Effect (boss fight) or Increased Area (mapping) > Elemental Focus.

GLOVES = GPM (lvl 1) + Frenzy (lvl 1) + Conductivity + Curse On Hit.
This is our way of generating frenzy charges so we can share them with Spectres using the Victarios Shield. We also apply curse on mobs and blind them, so hitting with frenzy is an essential aspect of gameplay style.

SHIELD = Animate Guardian + Minion Life + Meat Shield.

BOOTS = Shield Charge + Raise Zombie + Feeding Frenzy + Elemental Army.
This setup provide Spectre with the Feeding Frenzy buff along with the elemental exposure (-10 lightning res).

UNSET RING = Convocation.


Unending Hunger = Is like a mini HH for Slave drivers!

Glorious Vanity = Make sure is the Xibaqua version otherwise it will not give the Divine Flesh Keystone.
Also make sure to get Iron Grip on tree, otherwise Divine Flesh won't activate.

Any Ghastly eye with Life and Taunt on hit. Very important for Zombies to taunt since Zombies HIT. Hinder is not required when using Aspect of the Spider since we hinder everything, but if we use Skitterbots then it is.

Increased Cast Speed is also required for damage since Spectes scale with cast and not by attack. Last but most important is to try to get all res to minions.

This is very important as we do want to get our Slave Drivers to get as much res if not caped so that they almost not die at all. Unfortunately the only way to check Spectre Res is through Path of Building.

As for placement position, just check my Pob level tree. https://pastebin.com/wgFqCQ5L

So pls take care of your Spectre's as they take care of you!


Pretty straight forward stuff. An instant life flask, Rumi's, Basalt, Quicksilver and Jade is all you need.

Our main goal is to get as fast as many Spectres as we can.

The maximum number of spawned Spectes using this guide is 5 and can be sustain using a combination of Spectre skill gem level and various items.

3 Spectres = out of 25 lvl Raise Spectre skill gem
1 Spectre = Death Attunement tree node
1 Armour prefix = +1 to maximum number of Spectres

This can be done optimal in the following order while leveling up.

First goal is to get to Act 5 mainly using any summoner skill available, where Slave Drivers can be first found at "The Control Blocks".

Equip Bones of Ullr unique boots to get another +1 to level of all Raise Spectre Gems

We get Unnatural Strength Notable Passive Skill from Ascendancy skill tree to get another +2 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems.

At lvl 72 we get a convoking wand with +1 to level of all minion or spell skill gems.

Up to now we have reach lvl 24 on Spectre skill gem.
It is time to get to lvl 25.

The easiest way in first days of league is to get a Tabula with +1 to level of socketed gems corruption or get a 21 lvl gem which i do not recommend cause of high price in early league.

Now we got 4 Spectre which are enough to get us up to red T-16 maps
After we get some currency, is time to switch to lvl 21 gem in combination with an armour that got +1 to maximum number of Spectres in order to get our 5th Spectre.

And that is ALL.


Tree = https://pastebin.com/ERLpBcA3
Make sure you got the LocalIdentity's Path of Building add on your POB.

Pantheon = Magor God Lunaris Minor God Gruthkul.

Ascendancy =

Bandits = 2 points.

Animate guardian is a huge part of any summoner build.

In late game he provide us with many useful buffs among others, like permanent Fortify (20% less damage taken from hits), Culling strike (kill enemies left with 10% of maximum life or less) and extra defensive curse of choice such as Enfeeble or Temporal chains.

There are main 2 different ways to equip the Guardian the early/cheap and the late game/more expensive.

Early game set up:

Helmet = Leer Cast Festival Mask (minions within the aura have 15% increased damage).

Armour = Ambu's Charge (regenerate 2% of Life per second if you have been Hit Recently).

Weapon = Dying Breath (Nearby Enemies have 18% increased Effect of Curses on them. Nearby allies gain 18% increased Damage
18% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skill).

Gloves = Southbound (12-16%) increased maximum Life).

Boots = Victario's Flight (10% increased Movement Speed for you and nearby Allies).

End game setup:

Helmet = Any rare with the Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Lightning Damage Suffix.

Armour = Gruthkul's Pelt (Regenerate 5% of Life per second).

Weapon = Kingmaker (Nearby Allies have 30% increased Item Rarity
Nearby Allies have Culling Strike
Nearby Allies have Fortify).

Gloves = Vixen's Entrapment with curse on hit corruption (You can apply an additional Curse).
Chose between Enfeeble or Temporal Chains

Boots = Victario's Flight (10% increased Movement Speed for you and nearby Allies).

Please make sure DO NOT enter Hall of Grandmasters with the animate guardian spawned.
He will die and you will lose all your equipment.




This setup is only for completing Hall of Grandmaster (or doing any elemental reflect map). It is very slow but achievable.

The main purpose is to change Spectre with skeletons and use Minion Instability from tree so we turn our skele to living bombs since in grand masters nothing survives.
Pay EXTRA attention to REMOVE Animate Guardian, he is going to one shot die.

Having said this we just swap raise to skele, change support skill gems and use Hatred instead of Wrath. Balefire (scorching ray) is used on stubborn grandmasters that just refused to die.

We want to make sure to use an amu with the %reduced hatred suff otherwise we won't be able to utilize all 3 auras.



Is this build HC viable? = No.

I do not get same amount of dmg on Pob as on this guide = this is the optimal version of this build means awakened gems 20/20 and optimal gear. Just basic gear though is more than enough to get to endgame np.

Should i invest currency on this build? = if you like so do, but it is not necessary in order to work.
I use this build as a mule on Awakening league, earn about 100ext plus 2500c in return just by mapping (and a house of mirrors drop!).

Is gear expensive? = no, but the more you invest the best the returns.

What are the pros and cons of this build? = Only con is that it can't do elemental reflect map (there is a way to complete, but is rather slow).
Other than that i don't find any other con.
pros are clear speed / mapping / bossing / end game everything.

Any other question please in this thread, i'll be happy to answer.
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the guide says GLOVES = GPM (lvl 1) what is GPM?
It's a typo, it should be Greater Multiple Projectiles, I hovered over all the gems that were socketed in the gear that was posted, at least that's the only gem that made sense with those three letters.
I tried running feeding frenzy in my spectre 6link instead of conc/inc aoe, it works great they move around and atk fast. What are your thought on this? i think i get more dps out of them than not running it. Because they lose the aggresive buff without the gem.
IGN: madssvin
Anyone figured out a better spectre then slave drivers yet? Thought some of the ones that spawn on hunter maps would have been cool but they blow. The crusader ones are great at killing me but blow when I try and use them as spectres.
Damn boiii, didnt know i can put 2x Elemental Focus in armor! This is great! :D

P.s. for the ones that actually put 2x Elemental Focus in armor, Don't!
It propably was meant to be Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus.
PM ME on forums if i win ;)
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what would be a viable gear setup.. the gear you post is crazy expensive end game gear...
msedek wrote:
the guide says GLOVES = GPM (lvl 1) what is GPM?
Greater Multiple Projectiles.
mileysaurus wrote:
I tried running feeding frenzy in my spectre 6link instead of conc/inc aoe, it works great they move around and atk fast. What are your thought on this? i think i get more dps out of them than not running it. Because they lose the aggresive buff without the gem.

You get the buff of frenzy by linking to zombies.
So zombies aplly frenzy and this buff affect's all our minions including spectre. So we got space for a better multiplier (instead of frenzy witch doesnt actually increase spectre's damage).

Remember our spectre are the main damage output for this buid, all around them is to support you and your specre!

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