[3.7] Easy Cursebot (6 Curses + 6 Auras + Spider Aspect) | Tank the WORLD | NO TOTEM REQUIRED!

What this build covers:
-6 Passive curses which are entirely interchangeable
-6 Auras for defensive capabilities
-Aspect of the Spider for increased deeps and slows
-Energy shield on hit for ultimate defense
-No use of Doedre's Skin, avoiding having to spam a totem

-Low end: 30-100c (Depending on Shav price + 6 socket)
-Mid range: 1ex-10ex
-High end: Multiple mirrors

Delve 220 Tank Example (until crashing)

T12 Death and Taxes Avatar of Apocalypse (last boss) Tank Example

GIF was made at delve 344 while I was level 82 with the most notable mods as 12% ele pen

I made mine, a 6 curse, 5 aura + spider aspect with 8.3k ES for about 4 exalts. Got a long way to go.

3.7 Update
Wicked ward is moving to a node on the tree https://pastebin.com/SagLrxxW

Current Stats (3.4)

Skill Tree / Ascendancy
PoB + PoE Tree + Ascendancy
Path of Building
https://pastebin.com/SagLrxxW (Has level stages in PoB)
Path of Exile tree Ascendancy
Profane Bloom + Malediction + Void Beacon + Vile Bastion

We do not take zealots oath as instead, it is used to cast our skills (phase run or shield charge, vigilant strike and ball lightning)


None of this is currently optimized the character was started a day ago, you can add something like
instead if you have enough reservation and are fine with running 5 auras (or 6 just most likely a 35% aura rather than 50% for the final, least important aura (in this build I used haste as an example)).
-5% reduced mana reserved roll on amulet
-Grants level 20 aspect of the spider roll on belt

With 3.7 changing how cursebots and aurabots work in their core, shavronnes wrapping will not be needed and should be switched out with (Using the gems from the gem setup as these items come straight from standard to quickly display the type of item you would need in league)

Using this very special mod, "Energy shield gained for each enemy hit while affected by discipline" we are able to use a skill such as

combined with
to hit so many targets that you feel like you have old vaal pact thanks to ball lightning hitting so many times.

Gem Setup
Helmet (20/23 gems would be best in slot)
Chest Piece (Enlighten can be level 1 if you have enough reduced already via jewels. Curses should be 20/23 and Auras should be 21/20)
Gloves (CWDT Setup)
Shield (Should be 21/20 except for the discipline which should be 20/20 with vaal discipline, unless you want to socket another just for the vaal aspect)
Weapon (Depending on your reservation you could add more auras or instead add an animate guardian)
You want a ball lightning CWDT + a self cast ball lightning so that you can control how you heal and have a backup just in case.

Having jewels with reservation corruption on them allows you to also socket a haste or any other 50% aura you would like raising this build to 6 auras.

Big boi jewels
Regular boi jewels
+ any of the above jewels just without the corruption
Corruptions are not required to reach 6 curses + 5 auras + Spider

What you are looking for in jewels after the watcher's eye, is more reservation (conquerers efficiency), curse effect (conquerers potency) and energy shield, maybe chaos resistance too. The vigil without the corruption is still needed for 35 second fortify.


Pantheon Choices
Soul of Lunaris for mapping/delving
Soul of Solaris for bossing
I use either Soul of Abberath or Soul of Shakari

Bandit Choices
2 points


League start:
-Explosive trap level two accompanied by zombies, multiple traps linked to explosive traps if possible
-Arc traps, supported by trap support and multiple traps (3 link)
-Zombies supported by minion damage, melee physical damage support and summon phantasm on kill
-Skeletons linked with minion damage, melee physical damage support and multistrike
-Storm brand levelling, very fast and easy as long as you know how to do it or can follow a guide

Best way to level a cursebot is to get through the acts as quickly as possible in a group.

Not league start:
Option 1:
-Poets pen volatile dead - Two poets pens with volatile dead, concentrated effect and increased critical strikes in the first pen and body swap unearth and greater multiple projectiles in the other
Option 2:
-Abberath's hooves leveling, just run through the acts

EXPENSIVE BOI - 13142 ES (7 Curse + 6 Aura + Spider)

This build will be updating as I get the time to continue playing

Ways you can go nuts:
-Pick up a 5% reduced mana + additional curse corrupted amulet.
-Get a reservation corrupted watchers eye with energy shield on hit
-Get an actual good belt with higher es

Other builds (Necro Aurabot, CI Scionbot)
Necro CI Scionbot (14 aura + 2 curse + fort + smite)
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Gear update:
-6.3k ES raised to 8.6k
-81% max res up to 88%+
-Rings updated
-Flasks improved
-Added videos
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You can use intuitive leap With reduce man corpuption to save two points.
I'm usually online at 18 gmt +1
Update 2:

-Upgraded ES to 9.3k
-Added new videos
-Updated current stats image
Hey, could you give a look at my character and tell me if there's a way I could get another 50% reserved gem instead of clarity/optimizations I could do? Character name is IncoZap

Currently leveling gems and playing the build and love it.

IncoKola wrote:
Hey, could you give a look at my character and tell me if there's a way I could get another 50% reserved gem instead of clarity/optimizations I could do? Character name is IncoZap

Currently leveling gems and playing the build and love it.


I would say to put it in the shield, then enlighten what ever comes out of your shield, also any more reservation corruptions you can get on jewels, a heretics veil with reduced mana for a specific 50% aura could also do the job
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Looks familiar IGF :) Are you the curse bot tat i ran with every so often :) ThatsAlotOfCurse?

Edit: Okay it's you just checked. Guys i ran delve depth 400+ with this guy. Having him with me, i just breeze through most delve. The main issue with most curse/aura bot they're just not tanky enough some just die off when u need em the most but not this one.
I wore a queen of the forest and a HH so you know i'm the zoom zoom race but boi this curser catch to me like he's wearing a QOF too. 10/10 recomended.
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How would you approach this as a league starter if you had a friend who will be on a dps build for launch? More or less what do you think the priority item(s) would be to get immediately to help boost my effectiveness.

I would think just follow most of the tree but grab some life nodes when you can, level with any spell (arc, spark, firestorm etc). Then once you have some of the gear for ES/extra reservation reduction, do a swap over and pick up blood magic cluster etc. Or do you think leveling as an actual caster so I can have good damage/life/defenses and do a very large respec?

We are actually testing it out before 3.5 launches to kill some time and to learn a bit since I've never played a setup like this. Right now we are in the low 50s, I basically stayed exactly on the actual build's path and used arc for damage. With Whispers of Doom grabbed I have Arc+COH+AM+WLM for my dual curses so I can run Wrath and purity of elements. It's actually working out pretty well so far. There was a bit of a hump at Act6 with all the fire damage but I was definitely not paying attention to my gear/resists etc.

My other thought is on leech/survivability before getting a Watcher's Eye. That is where you get a lot of survivability but obviously that won't quite be available super quick. In the mean time while working towards obtaining one, any thoughts on survivability without it? Mostly rely on dodging/not being dumb and getting 1shot I suppose? hah

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks for the build writeup and info so far, seems like it will be fun to play and be able to swap out curses/auras depending on what my friends are playing :)

Also my char I'm testing with is sluttywitchmang (I blame the beer)
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The skillthree is off, you can send the good link please? :)

Im interested in trying youre build next league but i need some advice. My friend that i will play with will be doing aura bot summoner so i can take out/swap some aura gems from this build but i cant think of any other gems to put in there so here are my questions. Thanks in advance for replying.

1 Would RF totem regen ES or selfcast RF would not kill me and have a good ES regen ?
2 Would Smite gem work with this build?
3 Other forms of defence gems like arctic armor or chaos golem would work instead of some auras?(as a league started character it can be hard to get hand on elight gem early)
4 Any lab enhancements worth farming for ?
5 its bearable to solo grind(for example 10+ tier maps) or its too slow and better to party up?

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