[3.7] CI UltraBot (14 Auras + 2 curse + 30s fort + smite)

Backstory: I've been an aurabot / rf main every single league I've ever played and felt that there weren't many scionbot guides that were up to date floating around until now, but this is my take on it anyways. This is my second Aurabot thread as my original is still a witch: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2073337

My third bot is now out: Cursebot

So why CI you might ask. Well this is my 13th aurabot, and I'm tired of the scariest thing in the game for non shavs aurabots, chaos damage. So this conversion really suited my half asleep gameplay style

This guide will cover my current version of aurabotting with scion, CI. The build uses 13 auras but including the new weapon, giving 26% inc damage as an unlisted aura, I consider that close enough.

-NEW: CI Scion Guardian + Necro damage meta

Chestpiece socketted auras now cost 0% mana

A work in progress (not all gems are maxxed)

(BUILD BUDGET RANGE: 5c - Mirrors)
All game content is quite easily done with the borderline investment of about 30c. Ive assisted DPS's in dealing with everything in the game including 3.4 (auls a little spooky but we managed 3 challenges in one run)

3.6 Notes: Certainly adding "Mask of the tribunal" to my next version of this build for even more damage and buffing ability

Betrayal League gear setup so far (14 auras 2 curses + spider aspect + smite)

Skill tree / Ascendancy choices
Gear Selection

Easily the most important part of the build is this new meta changing item. (Pay attention to the aura mod, "auras from your skills grant 2% increased damage per aura"). This can be crafted on a sword using just bounds at an average of about 70 tries (also getting the no movement cost, if you dont need that then itll be like 3)
Current upgrades I could make are things such as: higher es shield, higher es amulet,
Added new belt to try out up to 260k effective armour
CI Scionbot requires a lot more investment. It uses 10 jewels with -1% reduced mana reserved on them so that all the auras can be stacked on mana rather than life.


Heres the costly part bois, what you can do instead is grab placeholder jewels so that you can upgrade as you play. Ultimately you would want a 18% mana as extra es with discipline watcher's eye with -1% reserve.

You will need 10-11 of these, if you dont want to use enlightens


If you take Iron Reflexes, swap out the onslaught for either a rumis or a armour flask

Gem Setup

Weapon: (Pick either smite or vigilant, the other will go into your ring)

Helmet: (you want +23% quality on the curses)

Gloves:(you want +21 level purities)

Boots: (CWDT setup)


Chestpiece: (You ideally want a 6 link with an empower)

If you would like to have determination effecting you, put it in your shield and switch it with vitality. Then put the purity of elements in your boots and replace that slot with an enlighten (lvl3+). This gave me 6 unreserved mana, exactly what I needed to continue casting fortify and smite. Using an evasion flask, (and Iron Reflexes) I now have 84k armour, with a second flask I reach 130k armour. It will replace your movement speed so decide whether you want speed or defense for certain situations.

Pantheon Choices
Soul of Lunaris for mapping
Soul of Solaris for bossing (Shaper, atziri)
Soul of Aberath or Soul of Ralakesh (I take Aberath)

Bandit Choice
Kill all, for the 2 skill points

Animate Guardian
If you would like to run an animate guardian, replace the golem and bone offering in the CWDT setup.

Gear you'll want it to equip:

+ Either southbound or gloves with res

Curses can be any you like, as this will only affect preference and experience.

You can message me @AurasAreHere in game if you need further information as this guide will be changing as my build upgrades.

Hopefully this build guide has been fleshed out enough and I am looking forward to reviews!


1. Vitality does not effect me, thats not a build mishap that is so that in my current setup I can activate all auras as it replaces determination in my chest piece which is a 50% aura rather than a 35% aura. (Lets me balance my auras). Ultimately doesnt matter where the vitality is, as long as it works for your circumstance (to balance auras).
2. Please be sure to read the build before commenting if you're going to call it a bad build
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edit: This is a bad build.

Vitality with SKYFORTHS? You do realize that ZO is nullified with those boots, right?

Ascendancy: Int/Int+Str, Passive + Witch Ascendancy (Occultist is FORCED, as you do not have enough passive points for Unwavering Stance!), passive + Path of the Witch, passive + Templar Ascendancy (Guardian)

Recommended gems (ALL Gems excluding Flame Dash (20/23) & Shield Charge (ANY/ANY) should be 21/20):

Weapon (without shaper weap, e.g. Ephemeral Edge): Shield Charge/Faster Attacks | Flame Dash (level 1) || WITH: Same gems, max Flame Dash. Quality is your friend.

Chest (non-negotiable): Empower/Vitality/Anger/Wrath/Haste/Hatred

Shield (also non-negotiable): Purity of Elements/Grace/Determination

Helmet: ALL other purities + Discipline

Boots: Three curses of your choice.

Gloves: Vaal Haste/Vaal Grace/Vaal Discipline/Increased Duration

Left Ring Slot: Portal


Boots: Skyforths. REQUIRED.

Amulet: Rare, with #% Reduced Mana Reserved. Required if you want tri-curse.

Armour: Victario's Influence. Required (6l!) - Empower adds no extra reserve.

Weapon: Ephemeral Edge (ES) or a weapon like this:

Neither are required.

Helmet: Alpha's Howl. Enchanted with 15% reduced Grace or Determination mana reservation. Both this helm AND the enchant are Required.

Belt: Darkness Enthroned. Required as you don't have enough passive points otherwise.

Jewels: 11 required, mandatory ones: Energy from Within, Conquerer's Potency & Efficiency, Healthy Mind, The Vigil. Watcher's Eye does NOT need to have this implicit.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/GvQLhGNv

Do not expect me to update that PoB again.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.

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bvanharjr wrote:
edit: This is a bad build.

Vitality with SKYFORTHS? You do realize that ZO is nullified with those boots, right?

Vitality is for others, its a 35% aura.... meaning that I can properly balance my auras. I dont think you understood whats going on. Theres not even ZO in the tree like what even. Are you just angry so you try to take builds that are different to yours down?

I think you entirely missed the point of the build. Its to boost damage not what you have done, your build would give like 30% less because of the dumb shit like taking an entire ascendancy for stun immunity.

Your non negotiables and "required" things are all malleable and if you dont think that, then youre a special breed man.

Half of your "required" things are garbage, like the reservations on a helmet. Rather than having +4 on an alphas howl. Like what are you insane, theres different ways to play an aurabot you know, some like to be more effective.

Your build really seems more like a low powered cursebot than an aurabot

I also genuinely believe you didnt even read the build, I even said the upgrades that were required for my current setup to make it actually proper its like you ignored it all.

My bot isnt to protect myself, if I wanted that I would run mana guardian. Its to make others far stronger. Your build doesnt even reach the ES I'm currently at and my gear is cheap like what, youre using ephemeral edge and it doesnt even reach my ES yikes. (before determination change)
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Updated gear selection with
In the Passive Tree you have used a point for Conduit, however you get this via Guardian. Its a waste of a point
Cobbo wrote:
In the Passive Tree you have used a point for Conduit, however you get this via Guardian. Its a waste of a point

Yeah true, was looking at it wondering if conduit and the guardian conduit could stack. From what I can tell it can't. Ill update it.
far from perfect but on delve is good enough :P gj mate
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2519298
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
far from perfect but on delve is good enough :P gj mate

Ty, yeah was looking for a more relaxed delve experience. I'll be updating and refining the build as time goes on.
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far from perfect but on delve is good enough :P gj mate

Ty, yeah was looking for a more relaxed delve experience. I'll be updating and refining the build as time goes on.

if u can . try with this also :P
if u have any trouble with build aurabot / feel free to mess me ingame ^^
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2519298
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
i like this aura build so far but i have no clue how you would get 2 or 3 curses im sitting at 32 mana and have no more room for a second curse what am i doing wrong ? i miss like 1% RM on my amulett but that cant be the only thing :D

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