[3.11] Witch Build List

add my build please. it's a necromancer orb of storms + spark build

[3.6] ELECTRIC SUN. Orb of Storms + Spark. Hybrid. Auto-Selfheal. 2M shaper DPS.
Please add
[3.6] Kenshin's Ice Nova Occultist | LL/CI | Void Gaze | Cold/Chaos Conversion
Hi, can you add my build ?
[3.6] "StormFire" A non-ignite Flameblast Elementalist | League Starter

It mainly uses 2 skills:
First Orb of Storms to increase damage and chill, shock and ignite enemies, then Flameblast to kill.
Killed Shaper with it, will eventually try Uber Elder.
I believe my Vortex Occultist build guide would be a good fit for this list. It's been live for 30 hours and is over 7k views to this point with very positive feedback.


It's very detailed, with improvements planned and listed in the guide. It has an extremely detailed and color-coded leveling system, 14 trees in Path of Building to guide you through the process, lots of new player tutorials on things like crafting and efficiency, and gearing examples. I have a changelog that shows daily guide improvement and I plan maintaining the guide indefinitely.
Cold DoT For Everyone: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661120

So, about time we got more Orb of Storms action, right?!


Orb of Storms Witch in all it's glory!
[3.22] 💀The Grim Reaper💀 - Hexblast Poison Mines Assassin

[3.22] ❄️⚡CantripN's Hadoken! - Lightning Conduit / Crackling Lance / Arc Permafreeze⚡❄️
[3.6] The Renaissance Witch -- Do-it-all Occultist Support. 9 auras, 4 curses, life-based


(I accidentally posted the build guide under the general "Witch" category instead of under "Occultist" -- is it possible to move it?)
[3.6] YTC PurePhys Skelemancer | super budget 150c-> 4,8M shaper DPS | 5ex 5M+ DPS & Tankier

Death to all enemy of the horde
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[3.6] Immune and Tanky: Self-casting CI Unleash+Soulrend/Bane Occultist

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i love the spectre build most. currently with high iir and iiq i reach like 20chaos per hr?
I updated my omni-golem elementalist build for 3.6 finally.


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