[3.11] Witch Build List

Hi, i just finished updating my build guide : "StormFire" A non-ignite Flameblast Elementalist

can you update it with the [3.7] tag on the list ?

Winter Orb
League starter, beginner friendly
Hey, i made a build guide:

[3.7] Simple Spectre Summoner - From League Start to Uber Elder on a Low Budget Necromancer

Could you check it out, and if it's good enough, add it to the build list?

My Skeleton Queen build has been updated to 3.7. Will add any other modifications as soon as possible.

Just finished my post for my 3.7 guide, currently able to clear T16 fairly easily, havn't gone to uber elder/shaper yet, budget of about 2 ex


[3.7] CwC Cyclone Necromancer | For those who can't decide between cyclone and minions
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I wrote a witch summoner guide, that uses both zombies and holy relics.



Please add it to the witch build list
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[3.7] Skelly Mage Summoner ~ The Necrolazyak - 2 Curse, 6k eHP

My main Legion Build. Tweaking / finalizing and making more videos for it.

Diablo 2 inspired Skeleton Mage necro using Legion Jewel & new weapon setup, as well as ditching To Dust.

Is the Occultist CI Whispering Ice still available with 3.7 ?
hello, i wan to share my build

ice golem with highest dps - 1m3/golem with 10 golem maximum - 4k5 hp-3kES

3.7 https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2615681
my build :

[3.8] ice golem 7m+ UE dps - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2615681/page/1#p22292507

[3.8] ZOMBIE AND THE BOIS https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2628455/page/1#p22347490
i would like to showcase one of my fav necromancer build

[3.7] Stupidsmile Ultimate SRS Minion Instability ~~ 14M damage on the Shaper [ALL CONTENT] [PVE]

as for the link
For minion helmet mirror service

Stupidsmile Ultimate SRS Minion Instability Build

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