[3.9] [MSC] Tri-Curse Caustic Arrow Occultist - CA be Popping

I wanted to share my CA OCC as I felt it's been a solid build, fairly cheap to start with, and has lot more potential. I've been able to clear most of the content in the game and is also a decent mapper due to the chaos pops which are very satisfying. I took down Watchstone 7 Sirius with one death.


I self-cast (yes self-cast) the triple curses using the vixen entrapment gloves which then allows the damage from our CA to pop the entire pack of enemies. It feels smooth with the curse nodes, gloves, and faster casting on Bane.

Cast Bane - Shoot CA

Totems for bosses

Vaal Skills for Metamorphs and "Oh-Shit Moments"



I've only turned on "Is Enemy a Boss?" in the config and 15 whither stacks.
You can also do this as hybrid which is how I started then switched. The reason I wanted to go full CI is because I wanted to remove Chaos damage all together as there is a lot this league.It might be better in the long run but I felt this was easier to gear and has more long term potential. There are a ton of different ways to do the tree for this, I felt the route I went was the best for how I wanted to play this character.

Gems & Links:

Main Skill
Caustic Arrow + Damage on Full Life + Swift Affliction + Vicious Projectiles + Conc Effect + Void Manipulation (Can switch the last two for an Empower if you have money)

Secondary Skill
Bane + Faster Casting + Increased Area

Wither + Faster Casting + Multi-Totems + Spell Totem

Curses:(These are socketed in the vixen entrapment gloves)

Temp Chains + Enfeeble + Despair

Flame Dash
Vaal Blight
Vaal Discipline

Item wants and Prices:

Going to hit the big "wants" that you'll want for nice t16 map clear. Prices are when I bought them

6 link Thicket Bow +3 with Chaos-Multi 3ex:
Thicket has the lowest DEX requirement and high attack speed for when I shoot.

ES Chest 3ex:
I spent 3ex for my 700 ES chest that was NOT 6 linked. You do not need to 6 link this. I just did for my future CI characters this league.

Vixen Entrapment 1c:
This allows me to self-cast 3 curses that are socketed when I cast bane.

Soul-Strike 1c:
Want to start recharging ES as fast as possible

Voidwalker 1c:
There's lots of ways to get pierce but these are the cheapest

%ES + Chaos-Multi 5-10C:
These can get expensive but the first two mods are what I look for and then fill in whatever I need.

Ascent From Flesh 1c:
Really nice for mapping

Nice to haves:
+1 Chaos Skill Ammy with Chaos Multi. 3-5ex
40% increased CA Damage. 1-2ex on ES helm
-9 Chaos Resist Helm with 150+ ES. (Craftable 1c per Aberrant Fossil)
Energy From within: 80c
Watcher's Eye: 15ex (Probably will never get this)
Empower 8ex (Probably will never get this)
Flat and %INT on more piece of gear to boost ES

Current Gear:

Ascendancy, Bandits, & Anoint:
CI: Void Beacon. Profane Bloom. Vile Bastion. Malediction
Hybrid: Void Beacon. Profane Bloom. Withering Presence. Vile Bastion

Bandit: Kill All

Cheap: Aspect of the Eagle or Avatar of the Hunt

If there is a lot of interest I can record

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it would be good to see a video, (reserved)
How did you craft this amulet or where did he dropped?
yeah a video qould be great !
This was like my dream build man, Chaos, DOT, many curses, Soul strike, and WITCHES. Damn, keep up the good work, I'd love to conquer every league with it.

What's your take on the Pantheon btw? Just like to hear your opinon

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