[3.5] Storm Brand Elementalist (Crit Based) Good League Starter! Content Capable.

Shaper Down and Uber Elder is next!

Welcome to my guide for a STORM BRAND ELEMENTALIST.

Hello! Long time player here, that has played this game on and off for a few years. I decided to make this build guide because I saw plenty of build guides either using Heirophant or going Elemental Overload so I decided to throw my hat into the ring with a Critical Based Elementalist build.

This build starts off a bit slower then its EO counterpart, but scales quite well.

If you are interested in trying out Storm Brand, and you are a lover of the critical hits look no further!

I will continue to update this build as I figure out new things, and I plan to add some gameplay videos as well. Stay tuned!

Pros and Cons

Very cheap to start up: Storm Brand in general is a great league starter as it has a very low entrance cost to start clearing maps.

Scales Decently: That said, putting money in your gear will result in decent scaling. Its not amazing, but it can certainly pack a punch.

Amazing Pack Clear: Storm Brand in general just rips through packs with very little effort

Great Kiting: You are able to do quite a bit of content undergeared due to how Storm Brand works. You can spend a lot of time dodging mechanics while your brands do the work!

Minimally Tanky: This build will reach where you need it to be with EHP, but dont expect to be tanking massive hits.

Low Single Target Until Geared: Until you have some gear, Storm Brand can be on the lower side of single target DPS

Requires you to dip into melee range: Due to how Brand Recall works you will be dipping into melee range a lot for maximum damage.

Critical Reliant: Like most crit builds this can be a bit subpar until you get some crit in your items.

Skill Tree

Path of Building:
Will keep this updated as I learn more about the build, figure out new things, and get good feedback.
Note: It is based off my current build.


Raw Tree Path of Building:


Important Nodes:

Rune Binder: Your absolute biggest single target DPS increase. Rush this node if possible.
Runesmith: Brand deals 30% more damage to who its attached to- once again a good single target increase for us.

Skill Gems & Links

6 Link (Storm Brand- Main Skill)

Main damage source, wonderful AoE and decent single target. Easy to use, it kind of runs the line between traps and totems. Set it and forget it.

Note: You must be very careful in fights with a reflect [IE: Atziri Mirror] because they will easily jump to the mirror and RIP you

Storm Brand - Added Lightning Damage - Lightning Penetration - Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Increased Critical Strikes

3 Link (Brand Recall)

This will ideally go in an Invictus Solaris for the extra levels as Brand Recall caps out at 6. We also run it with an Empower for that Reason. Remember to leave Arcane Surge at level 1.

Brand Recall - Empower - Arcane Surge

4 Link (Defensive Immortal Call Setup)

Your very basic immortal call setup. Nothing special. Gives some sustain with Warlords Mark.

Warlords Mark - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Cast When Damage Taken

4 Link (Power Orb Generation)

Currently using Storm Orb for this because of how easy it is to set it and forget it. The Golem is for the stat boost, not really needed for pack clear. Summon for bosses.

You could also run Chaos Golem for the resists.

Storm Orb - Increased Critical Strikes Support - Power Charge on Critical Support - Summon Lightning Golem

4 Link (Movement Skill + Herald)

Flame Dash for Movement, Herald of Thunder with Curse on Hit + Elemental Weakness. Gives us a good source of passive curse for that sweet resistance reduction.

Flame Dash - Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness

3 Link (Vaal Rightous Fire)

The main ability in this three link will be the Vaal version of Rightous Fire, we will only be using the Vaal version of this ability and NOT using the actual Rightous Fire. We support it with Increased Duration and add in a Molten Shell for a bit of defensiveness. I may switch out the Molten Shell at a later date.

Vall Rightous Fire - Increased Duration - Molten Shell


Slot this in the ring, only when you have Essence Worm as it reserves way too much mana and we are running Mind over Matter. That said when you do get them it is quite a big DPS increase with how much lightning damage we do.


As we run a crit build Alira is very good, and the extra resists come in handy when you start running Essence Worm. That said, you could also kill them all for the +2.


Soul of Lunaris
Physical Damage Reduction, Movement Speed, Avoidance. What is not to love.

Soul of the Brine King

Gives you some freeze resistance and prevents chill. Very good if you are not snappy on the heat flasks.

This is pretty much personal preference but I like to run: Soul of Shakari for the Chaos resistance and poison immune.

Items and Gearing

We run an Essence Worm so make sure to overload yourself on Resistances on other pieces to allow you to run it. Ideally you want to be overcapped enough that you can run "- Elemental Resistances" or "Elemental Weakness" on maps. ~105% is a good estimate.

Stats to make a priority:

Secondary Stats:
+Spell Damage
+Lightning Damage %
+Strength (It can be a secondary way to get more HP on a budget)
+Added Damage to Spells
+Critical Strike/Critical Damage

Remember: We run Mind over Matter so mana is like a secondary life pool to us!


We run the Invictus Solaris for that very nice +2 to Brand Recall, with that and a basic Empower support we have the cooldown all the way down to 1.5 seconds.

The Essence worm is to allow us to slot in Wrath, and since we are an elementalist our Herald of Thunder cost is halved. With this ring and running Herald + Clarity + Wrath we end up reserving about 50% of our pool.

When you have a bit more currency to spend I would suggest also grabbing:

The Choir of the Storm Amulet is an obvious inclusion. We crit a lot, it does lightning damage and it gives us more mana.

The Carcass Jack is a good all around chest piece, making us a biy tankier as well as proving us with a good AoE increase

Daggers are king in crit builds and so we look for a dagger.

Stats to look out for:
+Lightning Damage to Spells
+Increased Spell Damage
+Increased Global Critical Chance
+Increased Global Critical Damage

You should be able to get a nice weapon that has decent stats for a few chaos.


Storm Brand is a great skill for leveling. Clears packs fast and easy, going through the ACTs is a breeze and you only ever run into a hitch if you try to start doing mid-tier maps without bumping up your equipment.

Due to how Storm Brand works, it can be ideal for a newer player due to the ability to 'Set it and Forget it'. Basically you can cast your Brand (Two once you get Runebinder) and then focus on dodging mechanics. Very nice for learning new fights!






100 Tree

Mind Over Matter and You
So I find some people are confused about exactly what this node does. Basically the first 30% of damage you take from a hit is subtracted from mana.

For example if you were to take 100 flat damage, 30 of it would be deducted from mana and the other 70 from your HP.

That said it can be a bit funky doing the math on the fly when trying to gear: Thankfully for us someone made a calculator to help us with that!

Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/49yos2/mind_over_matter_ehp_calculator/

Spreadsheet Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bE0mOtgYsmDx-v2G-6iq-bOsiLp7I_yGMFHYHS__dxw/edit#gid=690621205

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Hey! trying to follow your guide. 42 lvl going ez. thx a lot) What ascendancy did u go? soz for q if i missed this in guide.
got lv 100 angelatado name character work me on t16 and shaper didnt try uber elder recommended enchant boots dmg leeched as life and mana and i playing using jade flask(1 life flask )
Btw setup warlord´s mark cwdt 3 --warlord´s mark 7--immortal call 5
Last edited by ANGELATADO on Jan 4, 2019, 1:05:58 PM
Why use Controlled Destruction on a Crit based character? why not use crit multi support gem.. sorry i'm not adept in using PoB..
How expensive would it be to get into your build with this? (kDReduction)
Tons_of_Balls wrote:
Hey! trying to follow your guide. 42 lvl going ez. thx a lot) What ascendancy did u go? soz for q if i missed this in guide.
hey mate, got 2 Question for you cause im not a pro and playing this game for 2 months now.

first, im a Little bit confused too, why usuing controlled destruction on a crit build ?

second, why you skill totem / minion dmg in skill tree without using a totem?

would be nice when u can give me a Little answer to this <3

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