[3.8] Ice Golem glass cannon - stupidly fast clear (REVAMPED)

- insanely fast clear
- murders end-game bosses like it's A1 Hillock
- almost fully automated
- quite tanky
- very safe to play

- low EHP
- relatively expensive


The build focuses on stacking as much damage and attack speed for your Ice Golems as possible. It's in its very sense a pure glass cannon; you sacrifice your defenses to feed your golems. You may be able to get up to 6k effective HP (life and ES combined) tops. It may seem low, however you will be able to take quite some damage!

Unlike other builds where you get up to 9 golems total, mixing in all elemental golems to stack your Elementalist perks, this one is all about melee golems - to make life easier; to have no stragglers trying to target your Flame Golem.

In the end you will be running 10 golems:
- 7x Ice Golems (1,4mil Shaper DPS with 100% accuracy per golem, 4,3k life regen/sec)
- 1x Stone Golem
- 1x Lightning Golem
- 1x Chaos Golem

DPS-wise this is more effective than having 6 Ice Golems and an additional Flame Golem.

With the above setup you will still get huge benefits from the Elementalist perks and Primordial Harmony jewels.

This build also focuses on providing as many aura bonuses as possible, hence why we are running:
- Hatred w/ Generosity
- War Banner w/ Generosity
- Vaal Haste
- Aspect of the Spider
- Flesh and Stone

Aspect of the Spider is a nice offensive/defensive aura that does not reserve a ton of mana. Very useful and no longer that expensive to craft. Highly recommended. Sand stance of Flesh and Stone provides you with additional damage reduction. Those two come quite handy with your low lifepool.

The tree focuses on getting as many jewel sockets as possible and minion bonuses. The rest of the passives focus on auras, mana reservation and your survivability (life/ES).

Despite low effective HP, you are quite tanky: stacking golem buffs with Elementalist provide you with a lot of physical damage reduction and base life regeneration. Together with potions, you can stack a ton of armour. And if you do get hit, you can shake it off. As an example, I was able to tank 2 Uber Elder icicles one after another and still surviving.

WARNING: This build is NOT cheap. Ever since 3.5 prices for Primordial jewels and other high-end build-enabling items have been going up. For exaple, back in 3.6 I was able to buy near-perfect Primordial Harmony jewels for ~50c. Now they're up to 2ex+. However, it can easily be ran with Skin of the Loyal, which is now extremely cheap (sub 1ex down from 12ex+ when Golems started to become popular).

One more thing worth mentioning. Read the memo in PoB section.

Turn off one of your auras in order to have enough mana to start casting your golems. Having a mana flask on you in your hideout speeds up the process. Unfortunately golems still didn't get the QoL update in form of persisting after you log off.

When doing in-game content, all you do is pot-up to boost your defensive stats and mobility, use convocation when necessary, and just spam that Orb of Storms to apply EE. Having Phasing further boosts your clear speed and survivability, despite having extremely low health pool. The Queen's Hunger will cast offering for you automatically; it saves time in the long run.

During boss fights, cast your Desecrate twice, drop your Orb and your body armour/golems will do the rest. If there are no corpses for your chest piece to cast offerings - desecrate when necessary.

Use your The Sorrow of the Divine to fill up your ES when necessary. You have incredibly high life regen that can be converted into ES regen on demand.

And that's it! Your golems have insane life pool (+ES), life regen and some resistances - they are unlikely to die at all. In fact, they can tank Uber Elder's death nova without a scratch.

6L body armour: Summon Ice Golem, Empower, Ruthless Support, Minion Damage Support, Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage
3L weapon: Vaal Haste, Phase Run, Increased Duration Support
Shield: Summon Chaos Golem, Summon Lightning Golem, Orb of Storms
4L helmet: Flesh Offering, Flame Dash, Faster Casting Support, Desecrate
4L gloves: Hatred, War Banner, Generosity Support, Enlighten
4L boots: Flesh and Stone, your tipical CWDT setup with Enfeeble
Ring: Summon Stone Golem


These are items that I currently use; some of them, like uniques, are necessary:

You could also run a Convoking Wand instead of the +1 golem mace. Damage output will be very similar or higher if you managed to roll it well. You'd then drop the Lightning Golem as it provides your character with no benefits, and its aura does not benefit other minions.


Don't forget about having 1x The Anima Stone, 1x Primordial Eminence and 1x Primordial Might. Other jewels are Primordial Harmony.

Make sure that you are resistance-capped!

Some of the items required for this build to work are extremely cheap. However, all your necessary jewels, amulet, max level empower and a nice set of rare gear to cap out your resistances will be expensive. Remember that your golems benefit a lot from pure levels. A single level up to your golem gem will increase your DPS by about 100k/golem. That's why lvl 21 golem + max level empower are essentially necessary. This is not your typical "uber under 5ex budget" build.

The Queen's Hunger is a cheap armour; it has fallen out of meta already and can be obtained for almost nothing. However, getting the right colors (crafting bench method) and then 6-linking it may prove expensive if you're just unlucky as I was. I shall not talk about how much currency i poured into it. I shall NOT! The Offering spam, that also work on you, is worth it, though.

A very cheap alternative is a correctly rolled Skin of the Loyal. You are sacrificing utility and quite a bit effective HP, but your golems get a massive damage boost because of it. It is very much viable and can be obtained for under an ex (on standard). I have seen them go for as low as 1 divine.

Aspect of the Spider variant: https://pastebin.com/rC3rcaS9
*1,16mil SDPS per Ice Golem - cheaper version running Skin of the Loyal

Grave Intentions / Grave Pact / more life variant: https://pastebin.com/8YqJ92FW
*1,12mil SDPS per Ice Golem - cheaper version running Skin of the Loyal

Please note that PoB does not calculate all stats correctly, as it still can't correctly predict double damage, it does not add Unholy Might for golems, nor does it include Elementalist golem passives.

*If you will run 10 golems with Unholy Might from the notable, add the following stats to any item in PoB to correctly calculate your DPS:

Minions deal 200% increased damage
Minions gain 30% of physical damage as extra chaos damage
500% increased effect of buffs granted by your golems

The above has been added to the finalized build under the Body Armour stats. It's excluded from the Skin of the Loyal builds, though.

MAIN BUILD: https://pastebin.com/YZxzGEZv - 1,4mil SDPS per Ice Golem

Uber Elder (under 2 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbm3MPNwEzQ
T15 Dark Forest clear incl. boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbGdLDfhik8 - using Skin of the Loyal
T16 Minotaur clear incl. Syndicate: https://youtu.be/0POuCKap42M - using Skin of the Loyal
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Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

Thanks for the guide, seems like a fun and nice way of getting into summoner builds with.

One question though, why do you take Elemental Equilibrium? Your pets are doing pretty much all the work?

Also, why Ice golem over some of the others? And why no flame golem?

Im not new to the game, but to pets/summons im as green as they come

Thank you for this Guide

Currently lvl 80 with your main POB build and loving the endgame with the automated golems.

For you guide i would recommend that under Cons, to avoid Maps with Reflect Melee damage and i would add a Pantheon selections also.

Otherwise this is a very easy to follow build and i look forward to seeing your other submissions
Would like to know which Pantheons you took for maps and which for Uber Elder ?
So I got a question, but it seems like you're not following the build. Maybe too busy..

ANYWAY, when I check my build in PoB it doesnt calculate the power and frenzy charges from the shield into the calculation, so my golens dps is 639k pr golem. And NOT your 1,4 mil dps

Can you tell me how I get the calculator to actually show the frenzy charges?

Never mind, im dumb... lol
Last edited by ExiledMemphis on Oct 24, 2019, 2:53:21 AM

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