[3.8] Popcorn SRS Necro- the OmniBuild

Do you feel like your build just needs more builds? More mechanics? Behold.
We got Chaos Inoculation, block and spell block, AR/ES, Aegis Aurora, Incandescent Heart, zombies, spectres, Carrion golem, exploding skeletons, exploding skulls.
(This is my first build guide btw, let me know if I'm missing any important info)



We summon exploding skulls. The main focus is minion damage and minion life, as well as using storm brand to proc Elemental Equilibium and apply Flammability.
We also have zombies and spectres to deal with trash mobs in most areas, and to tank for us.


There are a lot of defense mechanics for this build. We have a high energy shield (ES) pool, a decent amount of armour (AR), good block chance, Aegis Aurora procs, some spell block, and Wicked Ward keystone passive. Also Chaos Inoculation for chaos immunity, and incandescent heart means we take 0 chaos damage and very little elemental damage.


I have spent a total of about 50c on buying things for this build in total (as of writing this guide)
30c: Incandescent Heart, 5 linked
10c: Aegis Aurora
5c: Tavukai
1c: Advancing Fortress

The rest of the gear I use in this build I either found or crafted myself, without using any exalts.



A very fun build in my opinion. You run around and summon exploding skulls that chase down your enemies like homing missiles. Except they're skulls.

This build can clear all map mods with no problem. No mana regen is slightly annoying but we have mana flasks.

So far, I have completed red Elder comfortably on a 4 link. No video cuz I'm a scrub

  • Einhar: EZ
  • Alva: Incursions are tricky sometimes as they are timed, and our main damage takes a couple seconds to come online fully. Vaal summon skeletons helps a lot.
  • Jun: Only Research encounters are tricky, same reason as incursions
  • Zana: Same as mapping
  • Niko: Being a CI build, its not great for delving due to the nature of energy shield not recharging while taking damage. A mediocre delving build

This has its own subheading only because the skulls are kinda dumb when it comes to legion encounters, making it difficult to pop open the mobs/chests that you want. Deathmark might help, otherwise just get real close to whatever you want to pop. Vaal skeletons is also useful here sometimes.


Required Uniques
Ok, they're not technically required, but they are what I based this guide off of. They also work very well and have pretty good stats.

Incandescent Heart

Really nice chestplate. High AR/ES, and the passive gives us "25% of elemental damage taken as chaos damage". This means that we essentially take 25% LESS elemental damage, AFTER our elemental resistances are applied. The rest of the stats are whatever, just get a high AR/ES roll


This amulet can single handedly boost your dps by about 40%. It gives our exploding Raging Spirits increased damage and life, which stack to massively increase the explosion damage. It also makes our spirits explode faster, which is convenient in most cases. The chaos res roll doesn't matter much, but the damage and life rolls can vary quite a bit.

Aegis Aurora

This is a somewhat optional unique. I use it because it has really high stats, and the ES restore on block is really nice, especially when combined with Advancing Fortress. The max cold res is also a sweet bonus.

Advancing Fortress

Additional block chance and ES. No damage, but a very nice defensive choice. Unfortunately, the only vaal implicit worth rolling is the "Frenzy charge on kill" as that will increase cast speed.
NOTE: If you get the fire damage implicit, you've bricked the item because storm brand will no longer work with Elemental Equilibrium as intended with this build.

Other Gear


The best helmet is probably a high level Elder base, with the Minion Damage and Minion Life prefixes, and +3 to level of Socketed Minion gems. This would be ideal for your Summon Raging Spirit Gem, and act as a 6 link without needing a 6 link, and give your main gems +3 levels!

If you are poor like me however, just use a high AR/ES base with good elemental resistances. Bone Helmet is a nice base but again, I am poor.


Just get rares with good stats. Main stats to get:
  • AR/ES
  • ES
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Str/Int
  • Mana


Granite: Extra AR greatly increases survivability. Gives a big boost to phys damage reduction, as well as increasing the amount of ES we restore on block.

Mana: Necessary unless you somehow have enough mana regen (about 90 mana/sec).

Quartz: Useful for phasing. Also dodge adds some survivability with lots of enemies

Silver: Onslaught gives a decent cast speed increase, allowing for more dps


Across your flasks, you should have at least one that does each of the following:
  • Bleed immunity
  • Ignite immunity
  • Curse immunity
  • Freeze immunity

Other useful mods include:
  • Increased Armour
  • Shock immunity
  • Increased movement speed


Any jewels with relevant stats are good jewels. Extra ES, minion damage, minion life, attributes, resistances, etc.
Note: My jewels are a very bad example of good jewels. These are just the best ones I got from drops/crafts.


Summon Raging Spirit

Importance: Left to right
Summon Raging Spirit == Infernal Legion == Unleash == Minion Damage == Minion Life

You only really need a 4 link. I personally run a 5 link with Summon Skeletons instead of Minion Life, and it was enough dps to comfortably clear red Elder.

If you want a 6th damage gem, you can play around with Deathmark and Concentrated Effect supports.

NOTE: Quality on infernal legion will cause the minions to take less fire damage, and delay the spirits explosions. This means you will need to wait longer for damage to be dealt. It is up to you of course if you want that or not, but usually a small delay is better since its means more reliable damage.

Unleash quality is irrelevant, Infernal Legion quality is bad. 20% the rest.

Summon Zombie/Spectre/Carrion Golem

Importance: Depends on preference
Raise Zombie == Raise Spectre == Carrion Golem == Minion Life

These are our meatshields and trash clear. Minion life means they are tanky enough to survive said trash. Not much else to say. They help, and they explode sometimes too for big damage.

20% all.

Storm Brand + Flammability

Importance: All
Storm Brand == Curse On Hit == Flammability

We cast this on tankier enemies to shred their elemental resists through flammability and EE. Storm brand is a nice spell for this because it stays on the enemy for a while, so we don't need to re-cast it as often.

NOTE: Make sure you don't have added fire damage to spells anywhere, otherwise the EE proc will work against you.

Storm Brand quality is kinda irrelevant. 20% the rest.

Molten Shell + Tempest Shield

Importance: Left 3 (Increased duration kinda optional, vaal can be replaced with normal molten shell)
(Vaal) Molten Shell == Tempest Shield == Cast when Damage Taken == Increased Duration

This is our CWDT setup. It gives us a big shield if we take damage, especially when we are using our granite flask. Tempest shield is also nice for procing EE and giving us a bit of extra block chance.

NOTE: If you are using CWDT at level 1, make sure the other skills are still supportable- That means Molten Shell lvl 10 and Tempest Shield lvl 7

Only Increased Duration is relevant, get it to 20%. Molten shell might be OK with the increased duration. Up to you.

Flesh/Bone Offering

Importance: Left to right
Flesh Offering == Increased Duration == Faster Casting

Flesh Offering makes our minions go faster. With the final ascendancy node Mistress of Sacrifice, it also makes us go faster! Once you have Mistress of Sacrifice, it might be worth considering replacing it with Bone Offering for bosses since it gives us a lot of extra block.
Increased duration means we don't need to re-cast it as often, faster casting just makes it safer to cast.

20% all.

Other useful gems

Desecrate is useful to create corpses to summon zombies, spectres, and cast your Offering skill. Spell cascade means we only need one cast to make enough corpses for all of that.
You can also get Desecrate to 20% quality to increase cast speed.

Discipline and Determination are not exactly necessary, but very useful. They increase our defenses massively. Determination also means we get more value from our Aegis Aurora blocks.
Their quality is not very relevant, unless you want your minions to be affected by them more often.

Flame dash is a nice mobility skill, can go up cliffs and is instant.
Quality increases cooldown recovery speed, definitely worth 20%.



Ascendancy + Bandits + Pantheon + Anointment

Ascendancy: Mindless Aggression -> Unnatural Strength -> Bone Barrier -> Mistress of Sacrifice

  • Mindless Aggression: It's meh, pure stats and lets us reach the next one
  • Unnatural Strength: The levels really pump the health of our spirits, increasing their dmg big time (About 20-30% at lvl 20 gem)
  • Bone Barrier: Big health for our minions, plus additional defenses are pretty useful. Try to maintain at least 10 minions at all times after getting this node
  • Mistress of Sacrifice: Cast speed with flesh sacrifice + mvmt speed is a nice clear speed boost. If you find you are lacking survivablity, you can also opt to use bone sacrifice instead, giving you about 25% additional attack/spell block (Especially useful for bosses)

Bandits: Kill all (+2 skill points) - None of their bonuses are worth the 2 skill points.

Pantheon: Brine King + Abberath
  • Brine King: Stuns are annoying (if you have some other anti-stun, or don't mind it, you can swap out of Brine King)
  • Abberath: Fire ground (as with most DoT agaisnt a CI build) is pretty lethal as it can prevent our energy shield from recharging forever.

Anointment: Up to preference. Some good ones are:
  • Gravepact
  • Deflection
  • Diamond Skin
  • Soul of Steel
  • Arcane Guarding

PoB link


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