[3.6] The "Voodoo Witch" CI 12-13Curse/3Aura [Bane] [CwC Blight/Soulrend] [OCC]

Hello and welcome to my very first guide!! So lets get cursing Exiles!

-Curse bots are not widely used by the community (always have a spot in a party)
-Curse hex proof enemy
-Very high survivability with constant ES leach from soul rend/ Vile bastion regain/+Curse defense
-Most things don't like having 12 curses applied to them
-You are a support with DPS (cwc blight/soulrend 6 linked into Cane of Unraveling)
-Massive scaling potential (End game killer)
-If you don't like managing all those chaos skills this might be for you!

-Very active play style
-Leveling a support is hard
-Must spam Bane+Doedre's effigy for maximum effect
-Works well solo, but works better in teams
-People don't understand how curses work and underestimate the value of curse bots
-Dumb people try to overwrite your curses
-Might lag peasant that have bad computers

The Concept
Find a way to reliably put every curse in the game on my enemy in less than 1 second or less, but also have insane DPS/SUPPORT potential. We do this with 3 items. Bane curse skill, Vixen's Entrapment, and Doedre's skin. By casting the Bane skill you trigger vixens entrapment casting all Socketed curses. Effectively you will cast 6 curses with a single bane cast, then throw down Doedre's effigy for the additional 6 curses. (Fun fact: Bane is considered a "curse" skill.)

Bringing it back D2 Style...

Back in the old days of Diablo 2, one of my favorite things to play was a curse/poison necromancer. It was such a fun build I decided to bring that play style to the true spiritual successor of D2

Path of Exile.

The Items

OK so with this build you're going to have a a total of 12 curses/3 auras and a decent 6k ES pool. The glaring issue Ive had to overcome was the mass amount of required unique items causing a massive resistance hole.

Easy Fix?
So we will utilize purity of the elements to fix this issue AND our belt/boots are dedicated to fixing our resistance hole.

But Poetank!! you said there would be curses!!
WHY YES!! With our Vixens Entrapment/Bane skill/Doedre effigies we can obtain near instant application of near every curse in the game.

Hold on a second you said 12 curses? how is that possible?
With these passives lovely items we get max curse application. +1 curse standard character /+1 Occultist / +1 witch passive tree /+2 Doedre's Damning / +1 Vixen's Entrapment and +6 from Doedre's effigy for a total of 12 curses
Fun fact: You could get a +1 curse corruption on your Star of Wraeclast amulets for 13 curses.
What curses do I recommend?

Well that's nice and dandy Poetank, but what about auras
OK first of ask yourself, "how many aura bots are there?". Now i want you to think about how many times you have seen a dedicated curse bot that actually works. Point being there are plenty of little aura bots running around, but not enough big brother curse bots.

Good news we use our passive tree to obtain 3 auras

Dicipline/malevelance/purity of elements

The flasks
Standard flask setup. Spam your Surgeon's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline to keep up with team.

The Gems
Doedre's Skin 6 socket: 6x curse gems

Vixens Entrapment 4 socket: 4x curse gems (Fun fact: Due to the 13 curses we can obtain, Vixens Entrapment gives us 2.6% energy shield leach total.

Doedre's Scorn 4 linked: +2 level of socted curse gems?? Can you say best in slot helm for curses? 2x curses linked to bane/efficacy

+Resistance Rare Boots 4 linked: Vaal Discipline/Vaal Righteous Fire(Or enlighten+3/Empower+3)/ Malavalance/Purity of Elements

Cane of Unraveling 6 linked:Best possible DPS stat stick for this build. If you want to play safer get Ephemeral Edge/Rare ES shield
Vaal Blight/Controlled Destruction/Void Manipulation/Efficacy Support/CWC/Soulrend

1x energy from within jewel on the right by the life wheel/1x spreading rot jewel on left jewel socket

TLDR my current gear

My current skill tree/ Path of Building

Skill Tree

Path of Building Pastebin

To utilize Conduit, or not to utilize conduit, that is the question.

I would recommend keeping the Condiute passive to spread frenzy/power/endurance charges to party member but that's my preference. We need strength/dexterity in this build so utilize passives to compensate

The Ascendancy/Bandits/Pantheon

in order of importance first Profane Bloom(Clear speed)/Malediction(clear speed)/Wicked Ward(survivability)/Vile Bastion last(survivability)

Kill all the bandits

Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Gruthkul

The Stats
Update soon

Thank you for visiting my guide, and please feel free to ask questions!

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I'm playing something Similar, but pure curses, being able to utilize a Ephemeral Edge and a good ES shield (Playing HC so the extra 2k helps.) But I was wondering, how do you keep up with your carry? I just don't move fast enough, not even close, even though I have 35% ms boots and can use Shield Charge.
Thanks for the reply!!

Ephemeral Edge and a good ES shield (Playing HC so the extra 2k helps.)

The Ephemeral edge/es shield combo is very potent way to get into low tier mapping and leveling! Its also a very safe choice for hardcore. I would recommend going to the 6 link Cane of Unraveling for higher end content if you solo.

how do you keep up with your carry?

I keep up with my carry by utilizing the surgeons quicksilver flask of adrenaline. If your carry is doing his job your flasks should be full all the time for easy spam speed.
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Really cool concept for a build. I love that you've managed to create a support character that can also play content solo if need be. Having to find a carry can constantly has been a real pain. I'm happy to find out that the uniques are so cheap, since I'm considering converting my vortex occultist over to a curse character soon.

Few questions though:
1) How do you feel this build stacks up against 6L winter orb curse builds?
2) What do you think of this build vs more traditional 6curse 4 aura bots
2) How did you end up leveling this build?
3) Do you feel that this is a viable league starter?

P.S.: Had fun running maps with you the other day :P
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1) How do you feel this build stacks up against 6L winter orb curse builds?

I have not seen the curse/winter orb build but I'm sure its very strong! I would say this build would be better than the winter orb build with optimum gear/enchants. I don't know the damage the winter orb skill can put out, but chaos spells are in an amazing spot right now so... and plus how many curses can the winter orb build do? 3? 4? well this one dose 13.

2) What do you think of this build vs more traditional 6curse 4 aura bots

Aura bots will never be able to do what this build can do as a "support". I like to support, but i also like to play without other people. And this build dose fine without any help, it also provides more shiny colors than your average 6curse 4 auras :P

3) How did you end up leveling this build?

I started with soul rend and once I was able to get bane I made that my primary skill for leveling. The gear is obscenely cheap and functions as a good league start. Focus on your resistances and energy shield in the beginning levels Try to get the Ephemeral Edge/Rare ES shield combo as soon as possible.

4) Do you feel that this is a viable league starter?

Yes! I do consider it a viable league starter!

P.S.: It was great playing with you too Aethereal! Hope you get many exalts this league~
I am also making something similar. I just want to know which skill is better for mapping/delving vs bossing in solo (Blight setup or Bane setup) in this build.
Greetings back Exile!

I am also making something similar. I just want to know which skill is better for mapping/delving vs bossing in solo (Blight setup or Bane setup) in this build.

I would recommend the Bane setup for mapping/delving and the Blight CwC/Soulrend for bossing.

With Bane you get massive profane bloom procs for fast clearspeed.

With Blight CwC/Soulrend you get huge single target DPS/Sustain.
Hey there,

first of all i want to say thanks for that build!

Ive just finished to build this build...

Im sorry but ive got a couple of questions :

1. Why RF ? I mean we got 1hp and if i cast it i wont even get the "Rf area". Literally just the cast animation.

2. As usable skills i got RF,Bane (Which seems to cast all that curse stuff due to it being a curse skill^^),That Doedre Totem thing,Soulrend aswell as Blight and Illusory warp. Could u please explain what skill is used for what ? Im kinda new and not fully understanding that stuff.

If it might help : https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAMBAAbnDXwOSA-rEVARlhNtFAkVUBV-Fr8YahmKGo8bJRzcHRQdqh9BIvQkiyaIJ6ko-iymLL8vbzQKN2Y3gz1fQnpGcUmxS65ObVJTUq9XyVgHW_RcQFxrXIpd8maeZ_xqG2wLbRlwu3WedoJ4L3pwfOV88H5Zf8aCx4RIh8uJ4Ix2jxqPRo_6kQeSdJMnl5WX9JhTm6GcMp48oS-kBaXEpuunCKcrp5utSrQMtNG1SLcwtzG4k7v8vorBxcM6w23G98gMytPPFdfP2RPZW9rd34rhiOkC6rrr7uwY74j22vfB99f5N_no-tL7Cf5J_rM=?accountName=Duvaul&characterName=Duvaul

I would like to see some more in depth stuff about the actual gameplay and Playstile.

Thanks for ur Time and advice ;D

Greetings Duvaul
Please record any videos from clearing 1 map. I just want to look, becouse i'm lazy don't like to click many skills for "best" performance :P
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