[3.6] "The KnightKing" Budget League Starter -> 5+Mill Shaper DPS This Season

Last Season [3.5] Betrayal: I did Uber Elder and Shaper on a Lvl 90 Character that had higher and better stats for DPS and Defenses than 99% of the Level 100 Ice Spear builds on POE.NINJA even though they are using 8-link Staves which cost 50EX... My whole build cost less than one stupid (but Awesome) Unnatural Instinct Jewel.

Then GGG gave me free energy leech and free damage... P.O.G.

3.6 Pro's/Con's:

- GGG Gave us fo Free 2 Million Extra DPS and 1k EHP + ES Leech GG!
-combines Massive DPS with exceptional safety and defensive Strategies
-Cheap and Accessible Required Unique(s) other than the Shav's which will be pricy this season I think
-Webbed, Chilled and Shattering enemies everywhere
-No need for a Golem or a totem (Also no need to remember to cast them)
-Only Two Activated skills and one is frost bomb which has a duration
- no need to think about flasks… smash every flask, all the time… Great for Popsicle stick players (Or those with macros setup)
-Doesn’t run Blasphemy or self-cast curses so no need to kiss the monsters up close
-customizable curses for each map you enter
-Budget End Game Gear uniques
-NOT socket hungry so you can cut out sockets to have Abyssal Sockets
-Capable of clearing Maps and Bosses really well without any clunky mechanics or weapon swaping, snapshotting, gem swapping or well anything
-Run Every Phys reflect map you can find
-No mana issues ever… like you physically will not be able to have mana issues as long as you can channel the skill each second
-Not flask Dependent – Flasks just bump dps and give you your safe suffixes… but I’ve finished all guardians without flask charges up.
-offscreen Killing
-No full passive tree Respec Necessary & Can Level as your Final Build and Skill Set
-No Enlightened Required
-You need to understand the basic mechanics of the character, itemization and the game to play this build... e.g. the importance of resistances, what is LL, how you get to the end game in a chaos mitigation/immune situation, and how to scale damage, particularly in the time leading up to the Shavronne's wrappings.
-Low Movement Speed… and limited to Flame Dash or Charged Dash for Movement Skills
-No Life Flasks
-Ele Reflect maps kill you instantly
-Zero Leech/No Regen maps are not as fun as you might think (Both are doable)
-Looking at your offhand… Don’t do it… 6 aura’s to restart, and with no life regen… you won’t be able to without a portal… just don’t unless you travel to town first… make a trip to Oriath so you don’t have to lose them… sadly portal gem in offhand is a total no-no.
-Channeling Skill which you must stand still to cast

3.6 POB with 5.5 Million Shaper DPS: https://pastebin.com/7xasjz25

The Skill Gems for 3.6:
Notes on Skill Gems:
Frost Bomb lvl 12 if autocast
Arcane Surge lvl 10
I personally do not recommend Ice Spear Quality but this is being looked at.

Chest 6-link in order of Importance: Main Ability
Winter Orb (Max/20) -> Cast While Channeling Support (Max/20) -> Ice Spear (Max/0) -> Greater Multiple Projectiles (max/20) -> Power Charge on Critical Support (20/Max) -> Controlled Destruction (Max/20) or Energy Leech (Max/20)

Note: Controlled Destruction has better top end, but Energy Leech is much safer
Wand: Arctic Armor + 2 Open Gems Slots
Arctic Armor (Max/20)

Shield: Aura’s
Vaal Discipline (Max/0)-/- Zealotry (Max/0) -/- Hatred

Clarity (20/Max) -/- Herald of Ice (max/20) -/- Flame Dash (Max/20)-> Faster Casting (Max/Max)
***Note if you have a 4-link with Faster casting support in the affix's of your gloves you will replace Faster Casting with Enhance(max/any)
For maximum DPS socket an Arcane Surge (10/20) linked to Flame Dash, but do not link to both auras (reservation issues)

Boots: CWDT Setup
Immortal Call (3/0) -> Cast When Damage Taken (4/max) -> Increased Duration (13/Max) -> Frost Bomb (12/Max)
Note: If you have the Strength it is safer to have Higher Increased duration levels but this will relive strength presssures
4th link is completely optional… It's possible depending on the jewel that the Abyssal Socket would have to boost dps and defenses by using a jewel, not a gem and it can also fill out stats and resistances.

Helm: Bane + Curse Setup
Bane (Max/20) -> (2 Curses from List below) -> Enhance (Max/any)
Projectile Weakness (20/Max) Best Offensive Curse
Frostbite (Max/20) runner up Offensive Curse
Assassin's Mark (Max/20)
Temporal Chains (20/Max) Best defensive Curse
Enfeeble (Max/20) runner up defensive curse
Warlords Mark (Max/20) Really only for the endurance charges
**Note if you are using a 5Link chest.. you can get by without Power Charge on Critical and use Assassin’s Mark for scaling off of power charges.
***Note: Enhance is optional here, an Abyssal Socket is probably preferred on a GG Helm endgame (However Doedre's scorn is really strong)
****Note: I believe Bane will increase it's supported curse level with it's own levels... If this is the case, you will have no problem playing curses and Bane at max level in a Doedre's Scorn, If however it is truely capped at supporting req lvl 70 curses, you will need to run curses 2 levels below max.

Beastcraft Aspect of the Spider on your Helm, Ring, Amulet or Belt

How to read these Link Setups:
Gem Levels vs Quality are tough to balance in the end game so I’ve used Max vs 20 to show which ones are most important… Obviously if you can get a level 21 gem with 23 quality you should in instances where they are both listed as important. The only exception to this is Ice Spear… This is an odd case, but you do not want projectile speed as it will make your damage lower when you get close enough to cast frost bomb as we are scaling the second phase of IceSpear. Do Not Quality your Ice Spear.
**Note: If Levels are more important in the gem slot it will show level as *Max/*, if Levels don’t matter it will show *1/*, if quality is more important it will show */max* if Quality doesn’t matter, it will show */0* Linked are shown as (( -> )) unlinked or links are unimportant are shown as (( -/- ))

Streaming at: twitch.tv/Tier1_5

Build Videos
EXTENSIVE Video Guide:

[3.5] Shaper Deathless:
Low Life on a Tabula Description:
Chaos Mitigation Farming t9 and t10 maps:
Betrayal: First Ever Shaper Kill:
Video with 1st day of Synthesis walk through and PoB update:

Bandits rewards:
1) Alira for Crit Multi and Resists
2) Kill All for Passive Points Only do this if you expect to have a large endgame budget to get res on your gear and dps elsewhere

1st:: Wicked Ward
2nd: Void Beacon
3rd: Vile Bastion
4th: Forbidden Power


Early and Mid mapping Gear I'm using to Farm for Tabula:
*Note: This uses the Chaos Mitigation Method - Not Hardore viable - Watch the Farming T9 and T10 maps video to see if it's right for you. Very Very important if you do this you have the Doryani's Invitation belt, NO GHOST REAVER, and 75% Chaos Resistance

Mandatory Uniques and Wand Affixes:

NOTE: the Gearing options virtually remain Unchanged for 3.6

The Prism Guardian Shield is really the only unique I would not play the build without and only also costs about 5 chaos, has resistances, +2 to Auras, and Dexterity. It’s what allows you to easily reserve 6 active aura effects (Three on your life pool)… you need this shield to run the build in this form… sure you can swap to a 6L shaped staff with two gem links built in for an 8-Link experience… but that is expensive and not even as good as this build in most cases at level 100.
After you feel like your resistances are elsewhere corrupt or grab a +2 to duration Gems, We don’t need the “Aura mod” or the “AOE” mod because clarity isn’t really doing much for us the Duration affects Discipline and therefore more Energy Shield.

The Shavronne’s Wrappings are the next Big Tuna of the build… It’s Not required for sure but the avoiding Chaos damage (Which will one shot you otherwise basically no matter what with your 500 hp pool) is a really good idea. Six-Linked they cost about 3.5 ex and are definitely worth the investment.

You are looking for a Two Stat Wand to multimod later… You want to have Increased Damage per Power Charge, and a T1 Global Critical Strike Multiplier if you intend to craft later… make these the only suffixes and have only two prefixes… if they are godlike you’ll keep em… if not, Remove the Prefixes, Craft multi mod and make yourself a gorgeous wand that increases your dps buy 10+%

Gear from Betrayal:

Breakdown by slot and alternative options:
Choose enchant or corruption: (Or both in Synthesis) between Ice Spear Fires an additional Projectile and +1 to maximum power charges corruption

1) BIS is a Crafted HIGH Energy Shield Helmwith Res, Stats, Aspect of spider and/or Multimod on it: kind of like mine… but with more Energy Shield if you do move Warlords Mark to a Elder Ring… get an abyssal Socket on this helm as well
2) BIS DAMAGE actually goes to the Doedre’s Scorn as the 80% reduced Curse effectiveness doesn’t do a damn thing to the increased damage per curse or the elemental damage, and the buff to curses is good too! In my build I lose about 400 ES… and gain shaper DPS of like 100k. Just remember to put the Aspect of the Spider affix on other gear if you are doing this.
3) The Brine Crown is a fantastic option as a defensive Helm! Gets rid of needing an “Of Heat” affix on flasks, Has Armor while stationary (Read “While Casting”, Cold Res to help with the Wise Oak Flask, and reduces cold damage taken

Wand: See Breakdown in Required items section:

Shield: See Breakdown in Required Items Section

Chest: See Breakdown in Required Items Section


1) My Favorite are Shaped Gloves with decent Energy Shield that has Faster Casting and Blind every other thing on them is bonus
2) However Kalisa’s Gloves are almost as good… they are so good. And cheap like 1 Chaos I think… use these for early mapping and only swap out once you have gloves with an abyssal socket, or shaped gloves that are boss, or super high ES gloves.


1) BIS is Rare Boots with an Abyssal Socket, 30-35 Movement Speed, the resists you need and over 100 es… if you can get those and have a base that is over 200… A) I will blow you a kiss on stream if you let me buy them B) you’re really lucky and I hate you… unless you sell them to me… then I love you… but I hate that I don’t have your luck.
I crafted these boots using a 4 part Chaotic Resonator with the following fossils: Sanctified Fossil - Hollow Fossil – Dense Fossil – Shuddering Fossil This is not a cheap craft… and RNG will Frustrate you to all ends of the earth.


1) BIS for me is a High ES am like mine… but with Spell Damage and Crit Multi
2) Presence of Chayula is a Budget option, provides Chaos Res, Prevents you from being stunned, and bumps your ES massively (Effective HP that buffed though)
3) During early mapping and leveling when you’re starved for Damage and leech… you may not be using warlords mark… therefore you need leech elsewhere… if you switch to a Darkness enthroned especially… Amulets are a good spot for Cold Damage leeched as life.
4) Another leveling Amulet is Astramentis: just don’t forget to get stats elsewhere as you go… Str and Dex are sooo hard to get on this build


1) Look for everything in the Scaling section alongside of Resistances, Str/dex and the Crafted “Faster start of Energy Shield Recharge” for comfort – My rings are pretty bad though…
2) A good leveling ring to help with Mana and well leveling is Perandus Signet… Great ring
Unique Rings I would like to have/Incorporate:
Elder Ring with Warlords Mark on Hit – Allows you to have a Helm with an Abyssal Socket or run three curses if your rich enough to allow for the gear that can do it.
Precursor’s Emblem with the following
% chance to Generate Frenzy Charge on Kill
+1 to Maximum Power Charges
If on top of this you can get Any of these you will be a god… or the gear is POG
1% Movement Speed per Power Charge
5% Increased Damage per Power Charge
3% Increased Energy Shield per Power Charge
3% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Power Charge
5% increased Damage per Power Charge
Gain Arcane Surge on Hit with Spells while at Maximum Power Charges
You can Apply an additional Curse while at maximum Power Charges ***(Warning: All of a Sudden with this and a Elder Warlords proc on hit you’d start using Doedre’s Scorn over your Mirror Worthy Helm!)


1) My Darkness Enthroned is going to be my GG belt with Two GG Abyssal Jewels It massively scales everything you need to fill in when you are playing this build… need it to have res, stats, Flat Cold to spells or Crit Multi??? It does all of that… Right now with relatively crappy Jewels… it’s providing me with 10% of my DPS, 500+ES, 15 Str, 15 Dex, and 18% Global Crit Multi but yesterday it was providing me with 18% all res too… Yeah… It’s pretty good
2) A REALLY good belt for the Value Doriyani’s Invitation… it has 6 relevant stats to your build… arguably all 7… the only thing your missing is Energy Shield…
3) BIS is a Shaped stygian vise… but Shaped Crystal Belt is great as well… I have no link as I do not own one.

Flasks I’m running:

1) Wise oak and that sweet penetration is SOOO GOOD – Try to balance your build so that Cold and Fire (And Lightning if you are putting any Lightning damage out) Are even with one another after you slam your flasks so it buffs both (or all) your damage types
2) Diamond Flask of “Your favorite suffix here” Feel free to craft on the Crit Chance with the crafting bench… but you lose the safety net of having two free suffixes
3) Dying Sun – This flask is SO GOOD… sooo much dps, aoe does something for Winter Orb… but we are not scaling that Projectiles are amazing however as they sit neatly alongside your Less fire Damage taken.
4) Atziri’s Promise – The DPS is good… the Conversion is good, and if you have leech elsewhere the Chaos is the only thing you care about… if you don’t… well then this is your only hope of surviving lol
5) Quicksilver with Suffix of Choice – Yes you can run faster than base movement speed… I know I had doubts too… But you may actually consider these other flasks instead of this one.

6) Granite of Iron Skin is So good with Brine Crown… 60% phys Damage reduction… I run this when I’m scared of Physical danger or want to stand in one spot and face tank boss hits #DontRecommendButStillDoItSometimes
7) Sulphur Flask of “Insert Favorite Suffix Here”

Watcher Eye has some amazing affixes for your build - Look for Hatred with Flat cold damage and Clarity Maximum Mana converted to Energy Shield for the best ES you can get!
Look for Critical Strike Multiplier, Spell/elemental/Cold Damage, Non-Chaos as extra Chaos, Curse Effectiveness, Damage per Curse on enemy, Flat Cold damage to Spells, Additional Projectiles, Cold/Elemental Penetration

Leveling Guide Section:

When you're reaching for your Shav's, Temporarly get a Solaris Lorica and a shaped 5-L Staff... Roll alts until you get either Cast while Channeling or Power Charge on Crit

Gem Pickup Progression:

Act 1: Breaking eggs - Frost Bomb
Act 1: Caged Brute - Clarity
Act 1: Caged Brute - Flame Dash
Act 1: Siren's Cadence - Ice Spear
Act 2: Intruders in Black - Arctic Armor
Act 2: Intruders in Black - Herald of Ice
Act 2: Sharp and Cruel - Power Charge on Critical
Act 2: Sharp and Cruel - Faster Casting
Act 2: Sharp and Cruel - Controlled Destruction
Act 3: Lost in Love - Discipline
Act 3: Lost in Love - Hatred
Act 3: Lost in Love - Projectile Weakness
Act 3: Lost in Love - Frostbite
Act 3: Lost in Love - Warlord's Mark
Act 3: Lost in Love - Zealotry
Act 3: Lost in Love - Bane
Act 3: Sever the Right Hand - Winter Orb
Act 3: Fixture of Fate - Blood Magic
Act 3: Fixture of Fate - Increased Duration
Act 3: Fixture of Fate - Energy Shield Leech
Act 3: Petarus and Vanja - Immortal Call
Act 4: The Eternal Nightmare - Greater Multiple Projectiles
Act 4: The Eternal Nightmare -Cast While Channeling
Act 4: The Eternal Nightmare - Cast When Damage Taken
The Enhance Gems must be Dropped or purchased if you wish to use them

Video for Beginners trying this build: https://youtu.be/OFEhJYWfk2A
Passive Tree Progressions
passive Tree Early - First to Curse
Passive Tree prior to taking Ghost Reaver:
Passive tree to start Mapping - Lvl 69 (Without Pain Attunement):
Passive Tree End-Game:

Leveling Items and Tree:
Here are some of the items to look at that are good for leveling:

Here are 4 solutions (other than Shavronne's Wrappings) to consider using getting into mapping:

1)Chaos Mitigation - It is the Cheapest, and the method I am using, but you will have a few (rare) unavoidable deaths Soft-core Only. Watch the videos explaining this method including the price of the tabula this will cost around 20c.

Here is my PoB for my current character in Synthesis using this method to farm up Shav's: https://pastebin.com/YzWJYybP
I spent 7c once I reached maps to outfit this char for farming to Shavronne's Wrappings

With Gearing and more life this method could be Hardcore viable... but that life will be an expensive stat for a temporary state of your character.

2)Solaris Lorica + 5-link Shaped Staff (Must have either "Supported by Cast while channeling" or "Supported by Power charge on Critical"). Typically costs between 50 and 75c and I proved was possible and great last season. You will need to know how to go low life still and use a Blood Magic gem to get there. This was the method I used last season and there's no reason it can't work great this season.

Here's a Solaris Lorica Build from the User Vat0sBart after I helped him with a few minor changes: https://pastebin.com/dar8yUpr

Overall with the staff you will hit a ceiling, you're just missing too much damage from Zealotry, to much eHP with shav's etc... but this is a safe stepping stone if you need it.

3) Chaos Inoculation - This is probably the best and most supported topic for a beginner. There are great videos teaching you how to do it... but make sure you have a 6-link for damage... because you lose a lot by not having your aura's. Personally it just doesn't feel like the same build, so if you are able to understand mechanics, this is not my favorite option but it is probably the easiest/cheapest for a newbie.

4) Coruscating Elixir + Everflowing Chalice - This build method is for the experienced player who can manage flasks. You will have 16 full seconds of Chaos Mitigation if you do it right. But you have to manage your flasks very well to pull this off. I do not feel skilled enough to do this particularly in boss fights. However several people on my stream have had great success with this method and it is viable.

*Note: When I made the original build, it was predicated on two factors discussed below and the word budget could be used as Shav's Wrappings 6L's were at the time 3 Ex average (I paid 2Ex +100c).

As a first build in POE this would be a significant challenge for new players as even experienced players can screw this up. However I'm here to help on the forums and Especially on Twitch.tv/JN1K5

Scaling Damage:
1) Pain Attunement keynote and Low life using reserved life pool between 30 and 35%
2) Increased damage per Power Charge and Increasing maximum Power Charges
3) Look for Critical Strike Multiplier, Spell/elemental/Cold Damage, Non-Chaos as extra Chaos, Curse Effectiveness, Damage per Curse on enemy, Flat Cold damage to Spells, Additional Projectiles, Cold/Elemental Penetration
4) Watcher’s Eye Unique Stat – “(25-50)% increased Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Anger”
5) Aspect of the Spider with 3 webs (you will basically always have this)
6) Several Great options for offensive Curses to run – Projectile weakness being the strongest, pure damage is going to go to projectile weakness and Frostbite
7) Vaal Righteous Fire – A Low Life build with capacity to use Vaal RF while safely bossing is amazing… Feels sooo good! You can see me doing this safely in shaper runs vs shaper!
8) Either the “Additional Projectile to Ice Spear” enchant or “+1 to maximum Power Charges” (In synthesis you can get both of them if you corrupt after the enchant as the implicit can now exist with the Enchant… this would be insane and boost dps like 25-40%)
9) Boot and Glove Enchantments are open for your preference of offensive or defensive affixs
10) Theory-crafting says a precursors emblem giving frenzy charges and scaling damage from them to boot is a huge boost in dps.
11) Theory crafting says Cinderswallow Urn is also good.

Scaling Defenses
1) Arctic Armor – We are always stationary when casting… so this is better than just about anything else for phys reduction and fire reduction (Dying sun also combos well with this)
2) Shavronne’s Wrappings – Chaos damage doesn’t bypass ES (Consider using with Chaos Resistances as well)
3) Leeching ES, as well as Life and ES regen (In synthesis you will be able to leech life and ES simultaneously… this is going to be a strong build in Synthesis as these mechanics are optimized and Vaal RF will be able to be used much more frequently)
4) Discipline
5) Can run MoM extremely effectively… we just don’t need it however it is easy to do and very very good in this build
6) Curses – Can run 2 defensive curses easily and still clear all content. Personally, I prefer Temp Chains and Warlords Mark, but a case can be made for Enfeeble.
7) Two open Flask Suffixes of protection – Recommend Bleeding, freezing and cursing immunity (“of Staunching”, “of Heat” and “of Warding” respectively)
8) Every bit of Energy Shield you get is amazing
9) The Brine Crown and/or an Armor Scaling Flask accessible and VERY good especially with the Cannot be Frozen affix
10) Aspect of the Spider
11) Boot and Glove Enchantments are open for your preference of offensive or defensive affixes

Suggested Pantheons:
Major - Soul of Solaris
Minor – Soul of Tukohama *favorite* This will be Changing in 3.6
Could also consider Shakari, Ralakesh, Gruthkul, or Garukhan

3.5 Betrayal Stuff for Reference:

Major Changes in 3.6:
-Dropping Anger and Vaal Righteous Fire
-Expected 700k DPS increase
-Adding Hatred and Zealotry
-Adding Bane linked to Curses - Self Cast Bane in place of Frost Bomb
-Keeping Herald of Ice in spite of dropping Curse on hit setup
-No longer *need* to have over 30% of HP unreserved due to dropping Vaal RF
-Adding Shield Caster Nods and Repathing the Passive Tree
-Adding Leadership and Influence notable Passives Buffing Auras
-Maximum Mana will matter if you get the Clarity Unique Suffix on watcher's eye
-Watcher's Eye unique Anger/Crit Multi Affix to be replaced with Hatred/Flat cold Damage or one of the new Zealotry Mods
-ES leech is Free on several nodes we were already taking... TY GGG for giving us free buffs!
-Implicits can exist alongside enchants
-No longer requires a lvl 4 Enlighten!!!!

3.5 Betrayal Gem Setup (For Reference only)

3.5 - Skill Gems: (With Suggested *Not Mandatory* levels/Quality in Parenthesis respectively):
Chest 6-link in order of Importance: Main Ability
Winter Orb (Max/20) -> Cast While Channeling Support (Max/20) -> Ice Spear (Max/0) -> Greater Multiple Projectiles (max/20) -> Power Charge on Critical Support (20/Max) -> Controlled Destruction (Max/20)

Helm: Herald + Curse Setup
Herald of Ice (Max/20) -> Curse on Hit Support (20/Max) -> (2 Curses from List below)
Projectile Weakness (20/Max) Best Offensive Curse
Warlord’s Mark (20/Max) My Favorite Defensive Curse
Temporal Chains (20/Max) probably the best defensive Curse
Frostbite (Max/20)
Enfeeble (Max/20)
**Note if you are using a 5Link chest.. you can get by without Power Charge on Critical and use Assassin’s Mark for scaling off of power charges.

Gloves: Dash/VRF/FB/Angr
Vaal Righteous Fire (Max/20) -/- Flame Dash(Max/20) -/- Frost Bomb (20/20) -/- Anger (Max/0)
Additional Quality of life links (Can get shaped gloves to help) for Frost bomb, Flame Dash and Vaal Righteous Fire would be Faster Casting -> Blind -> Arcane Surge

Boots: CWDT Setup
Immortal Call (6/0) -> Cast When Damage Taken (4/max) -> Increased Duration (20/Max)
4th link is completely optional… I prefer an Abyssal Socket to boost dps and defenses… also can fill out stats and resistances.
Cold Snap (9/Max) *For the Frenzy Charge Generation* or Summon Stone Golem (6/Max) *for the Taunt and life Regen*

Shield: Aura’s
*Note if you do not have a lvl 4 enlighten… then do not reserve Arctic Armor on your life and replace Enlighten with Empower level 3… you may not be able to use Vaal Righteous Fire until you get level 4 Enlighten*
Enlighten (4/0) -> Vaal Discipline/Discipline (Max/0) -> Clarity (Max/0)

Wand: Arctic Armor
Enlighten (3/0) -> Arctic Armor (Max/20) -> Blood Magic (18/0)

Beastcraft Aspect of the Spider on your Helm, Ring, Amulet or Belt

OUTDATED - 3.5 Path of Building:

Are you sure you want to see the old one???


Finish End Game Content Comfortably before people can even view your profile on POE.NINJA... I think that means I broke the game :) Basically I'm doing everything the other builds do... but I don't have to Grind for the Days of XP to get there... Save the money on Pure Breachstones and Craft some sweet gear!

I don’t know if this is still the same Format that Bison once showed me… but Mad props to him and the Devs of the Forum who keep us able to post these guides!
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Looks like a great build. Well thought out and looks fun compared to a stand alone winter orb build. I will check it out. Thank you for putting the time to put this and the video together
This looks like a lot of fun and a really well put together guide, I think I'll give it a go,Thank you!
Nice, think I'll try it next league. Occultist and energy shield leech sounds like a good choice for synthesis.

I always wanted to try winter orb and ice spears too.

Many thanks!
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How would you start this in a new league ?
12983719837129837 Million Shaper DPS...nobody cares.

How is it gonna perform in red maps? Survival etc...
Balantakos wrote:
12983719837129837 Million Shaper DPS...nobody cares.


Try to down Shaper with 200k Dps Char. It's possible for sure, but you'll need what ... 30-35 min to do it ? Not worth at all.

So yes, Shaper Dps is important for most of people.
Great Build - Will you be updating this for 3.6 Synthesis? With all the new ES passive nodes & support gems any changes to passive tree or supports for WO/IS. Ice Spear got a buff while Winter Orb was nerfed - how will this affect damage & clear speed for the build?
Hey, build looks nice and I think I'll try it after 4 leagues of RF jugg. Got any tips for levelling ?
Hello, Nice build. Ill definitely try to follow it during synthesis.
One question regarding helmet slot...
What about the phys dmg taken as element for more tankyness? Is it possible to squeeze it in?
Or -% cold resist for nearby enemies.?

Are those mods even worth the slot on helmet?

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