{3.4} Speaker for the Dead | 4.7 million Shaper DPS (no BS) | 74 minion Summoner | Fast & Versatile

Hail, oh wandering soul. Since the time of the ancient people of Be'Ta, I have been a purveyor of the perverse art of Necromancy. Shall I sate that dark curiosity of yours? You want power, do you not? You must have an army, squirming with the wretched and the damned. You will wash the Atlas in your color, fell the most arrogant of abominations, and penetrate the deepest black pits of Nightmare. I will show you how, for but a pittance. A mere piece of your soul. You won't miss it. Now, now, don't tarry, what's there to think about? You want it, I have it. Take it. Heh heh heh, yes... TAKE IT!

I accept

Art by CD Projekt

I impart you with these most efferous of companions:

Nurture the Spectres of icy regret, so that none will move against you.

Embrace the Phantasms of spreading vengeance, for they will reap their due from the wheat of life that stands before you.

Feed the foul Crawler of Agony, a glutton never full, consuming all.

Stitch the remains into a family of Zombie flesh, so they might see their loved ones a final time.

Sing the secret of the Skeleton bones, and return legends to the past.

Let the Charge of Lightning flow through you, out of you.

Surge forward to what calls you.

Strike with Curses,

Poison their minds,

Bleed their bodies,

Strip their protections, their pride,

Taunt, Blind, and Hinder them,

Take their Life with every Hit,

Revel in the trumpets of your Holy Relic,

Offer their Spirits,

And raze their lands so completely,

Not even the crows can scour a grain between them.


We have but one mission: To twist the rules of mortal skill socketing, and leverage multiple 5- and 6-link horrors to our retinue. Seven kind kill their kin for your glory. Up to 74 march in your name.

Whether supplication or annihilation, is there a difference how one bows down to death?

The only requirement for this build is one source of flat chaos or physical damage for spells, such as on an abyssal jewel, Elder affix on helm, Lesser Poison support, Herald of Purity, or Envy aura from Aul's Uprising. This is important for allowing Ball Lightning to Poison.

Avoid any source of Fire or Cold damage on attacks/spells, since we use Elemental Equilibrium.

None of the other items are required for the build to function. They only make it stronger.


Video: T15 Basilica, Delve 300, Red Elder
More video
Video from Yloss (character: Chirdina, 19/0 gems) (Link)
Shaper Guardian: T16 Phoenix
Elder Guardians: T13 Eradicator, T13 Enslaver, T14 Constrictor

I welcome user contributions! To record gameplay, I use the free, open-sourced Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Art by youngji lim

This Summoner build freezes, poisons, bleeds, blinds, maims, hinders, taunts, generates frenzy charges for allies, curses, lowers enemy resists, gains LoH from attacks and spells, knocks back, and teleports, all as one action; and is assisted by two Frost Sentinels, a Solar Guard, an Agony Crawler, eleven Phantasms, eight Zombies, a Holy Relic, ten Skeletons, and fourty Vaal Skeletons. It is:

  • 1. Fast - You are able to be constantly on the move, even when you aren't, leaving a trail of death behind you. The only thing slowing you down is how quickly you can pick up items.

  • 2. Versatile - All content (mapping, bosses, delving) and all map mods (enjoy unID maps). The different minions are each specialized so together they can overcome any problem. You deal all damage types with all sources (melee, attack projectiles, spell projectiles), so no single monster defense cripples you (e.g. Proximity Shields).

  • 3. Cheap - Only needs vendor gems to start. Grows with steady investment. Maximum cost depends on gear availability, but should not exceed more than a handful of Exalted orbs. I funded this build through the Chaos vendor recipe, several natural Exalted drops, and a few sales in the range of 1-3 Exalted orbs.

  • 4. Powerful - Many builds cannot focus on more than one skill without interfering with their main ability. We bring to bear all our skills simultaneously. 4.7 million is a real, constant DPS that is independent of temporary buffs like flasks or Vaal auras.

  • 5. Safe - Moderately high ~7k health, fast recovery, strong avoidance, some mitigation, proliferated freezes, 32-72 minion decoys, and constant mobility. Very few things pose a problem. Just don't get cocky, you're not a tank. Watch out for one-shots like Enhanced Vaal Fallen dashes in Vaal Outposts or the cloaking Cavestalkers in Abyssal Cities post-300 depth in delves.

Art by Seb McKinnon

Speaker for the Dead DPS
(target: Shaper)

4,726,230 = Total DPS
(all minions at peak)

3,722,537 = Boss DPS
(no phantasms, zombies nuked, relic out of range, too lazy to gem swap spectres)

3,117,802 = Clear DPS
(no skeletons, target not boss)

If Spirit Offering isn't up, divide the above numbers by 1.10.

If you swap the Flesh Binder ascendency to either Commander of Darkness or Puppet Master, you'll gain around ~8-12% more damage. Right now I'm testing how I like the Physical Damage Reduction.

Concept Overview

Art by Pablo Fernandez Angulo

The goals of this build are to field as many minions with as many supports as possible, push summoner DPS to new heights while remaining tanky, be adaptable, and play fast, smoothly, and with minimal fuss.

Our large roster of minions include:
(#L = number of links, indicating the relative power of a skill)

1. 5L Frost Sentinel Spectres for Freeze proliferation, Hinder, and spawning Phantasms.
2. 5L Solar Guard Spectre for Ignite proliferation, Special Beam Cannon into rooms, Hinder, and spawning Phantasms.
3. 5L Phantasms for general map clearing, Hinder, and more Freeze proliferation with cold damage from Hatred aura.
4. 5L Agony Crawler for hardened targets, Maim, and Blind.
5. 5L Zombies for protective meatshields, Taunt, Maim, Blind, and counter to Proximity Shields.
6. 6L Skeletons for boss slaying.
7. 6L Vaal Skeletons for defensive events.
8. 1L Holy Relic for minion regeneration and minor trash clearing.

We are able to grant so many minions more supports than normal through Shaper and Elder items.

We further aid these minions with an 8L Charged Dash that casts Ball Lightning while channeling and applies numerous effects to enemies on hit:

1. -50% Cold and Fire Resistances (Elemental Equilibrium keystone)
2. 54% increased projectile damage taken (Projectile Weakness curse)
3. Projectiles pierce target (Projectile Weakness curse)
4. 25% chance to Knock Back (Projectile Weakness curse)
5. Poison for Virulence stacks (Herald of Agony)
6. Bleed to enable Bloodlust support (Skeletons)

We also gain ~245 Life on Hit per second per target and rapidly self-generate Frenzy Charges for nearby allies (Victario's Charity shield) with how frequently we are able to hit a target (19-22 hits per second).

The build has one active skill (Charged Dash), one dodge skill (Shield Charge), and six prep skills (aura, herald, three persistent minions, and two long-duration minions used only for bosses and events). Everything else is automated. It doesn't rely on flasks, so it can be played primarily mouse-only. Aiming, positioning, and incoming damage have far less pressure than other builds. There are no timers or cooldowns you really need to be concerned about.

Playstyle can be adapted to your preferences, dynamically adjusted from passive to very active at your whim:

Defensive style - Hang back behind your minions and let waves of Ball Lightnings wash over monster packs for a relaxed and safer experience. You can also employ tactics like summoning Skeletons into a room before entering to draw attention away from the doorway. On easy content, you can simply use just Shield Charge, as Phantasms, Zombies, and Spectres will carry you and leave nothing but treasure in your wake.

Aggressive style - Dash immediately after releasing a volley of Ball Lightning, rocketing forward into the face of your enemy. Your minions will often teleport onto you in a staggered fashion, causing them to immediately engage the closest threats. You aim for optimal teleport positioning and zip around the battlefield so no monster can get a bead on you. This puts you at greater risk for the sake of speed and fun.

DPS Breakdown

Art by Mario Wibisono

(glvl = gem level, mlvl = monster level)

Skeletons x10 (glvl.24, mlvl.78)
2,762,414 shaper DPS; 3,151,160 trash DPS
(not including Vaal Skeletons)

Agony Crawler x1 (glvl.26, mlvl.82)
789,681 shaper DPS; 1,362,828 trash DPS
(not including Mortar, which is 6x hits every ~7.5sec)

Zombies x8 (glvl.26, mlvl.82)
338,312 shaper DPS; 400,296 trash DPS
(not including Slam attack, which is 45% more damage every 2.5sec and cannot miss)

Phantasms x11 (glvl.21, mlvl.72)
623,282 shaper DPS; 980,837 trash DPS

Frost Sentinel Spectres x2 + Solar Guard x1 (glvl.20, mlvl.84)
170,446 shaper DPS; 325,768 trash DPS
(not including Unending Hunger, which is roughly 1% more DPS per 3 nearby deaths within the last 30sec --> Spectres don't have to be the one to get the kill)
(Frost vs. Solar = 55,806 vs 58,834 shaper DPS = 106,669 vs 112,429 trash DPS. Although Frost Sentinels have lower damage, their Ice Spear gains 50% more damage in its second stage.)

Holy Relic x1 (glvl.21, mlvl.72)
42,099 shaper DPS; 48,073 trash DPS


Art by Maksim Kuznetsov

Over 7k life possible
2.2 life flask multiplier x 1.7 rate for rapid recovery
Over 500 life regen
40-50 life on hit (= 140 per sec per target)
15 life on spell hit (= 105 per sec per target vs. radius 4 enemy)

40% Attack Dodge (50% w/ flask)
30% Spell Dodge (40% w/ flask)
17% Attack Block
Fortify on Shield Charge

Knockback (25% chance on hit x 36 sources of hits)
Automated Corpse Destruction (CWDT+Spirit Offering)
Option to swap Projectile Weakness for Enfeeble or Temporal Chains on demand
Option to use Storm Barrier (13% less physical & lightning damage taken while channeling)

w/ Minions:
Freeze/Chill proliferation (20% chance x 14 minions)
Maim (30% chance x 9 attack minions)
Distraction and body blocking (33+ minions impede many projectiles and melee monsters)

w/ Ghastly Eye Jewels:
Taunt (T1 = 6-8% chance x 18 attack minions)
Blind (T1 = 5-6% chance x 19 attack minions)
Hinder (T1 = 6-8% chance x 15 spell minions)

Note: Maim and Hinder stack for a 60% movement slow


Art by Travis Lacey

1. Use Charged Dash to launch a volley of GMP Ball Lightning at monsters. This is your workhorse skill, and it accomplishes eight things simultaneously:

  • a. Poisons - Summons the Agony Crawler and strengthens Skeletons (via Vile Toxins support).

  • b. Curses - Paired with the Mark of Submission ring, Projectile Weakness grants Pierce to your Frost Sentinels and Agony Crawler. You also gain Knockback to keep away melee monsters and cluster them up for AOE damage.

  • c. Applies Elemental Equilibrium - Significantly boosts Fire and Cold damage for stronger freezes, benefiting Spectres, Hatred, and Added Fire. So all your minions, basically.

  • d. Gains Life on Hit - With a Shaper ring, Ball Lightning will give you fantastic recovery. With a flat LoH claw, Charged Dash gives additional recovery.

  • e. Bleeds - Against bosses, hit them with Charged Dash a few times, giving your Skeletons a massive 59% damage multiplier with Bloodlust support.

  • f. Triggers Holy Relic's AOE spell - This kills off weaker mobs that get close to you, and grants 110 life regen to you and 320 to your minions. This helps keep your Spectres, Skeletons, and Zombies alive. It's equivalent to 1.5% minion regen for Zombies and 5.6% regen for Skeletons.

  • g. Generates Frenzy Charges for minions - 5% chance on hit, and Ball Lightning hits an awful lot of times. You will easily cap your minions on Frenzy Charges, even against bosses. No need to waste 6+ passive points and lose your shield for Necromantic Aegis. Three Frenzy Charges grant minions 45% increased attack and cast speed, 15% increased movement speed, and 12% more damage.

  • h. Teleports - On release of the channel, you teleport to your illusion. It's like you never lost travel time from stopping to cast, and it'll get you across gaps and over cliffs. There is a bit of a learning curve in getting used to navigating your illusion optimally. Stick with it, it's worth it. If you absolutely cannot stand it, though, sub in Blade Flurry.

2. Shield Charge to dodge as needed and travel long distances. Use Charged Dash to bypass obstacles. One of the best defenses is simply staying mobile.

3. Your minions will do everything else for you. Frost Sentinels and Phantasms provide general clear and proliferate freezes, helping to keep you safe and destroy pesky corpses. The Agony Crawler will demolish any tanky rares. Zombies take down Proximity Shield monsters.

4. The one lone Solar Guard is there to proliferate Ignite. Any kills with Damage Over Time count as your own, which in turn will trigger Victario's Charity's 10% chance to grant a Power Charge to nearby Allies on Kill. A single Power Charge grants your minions 200% increased critical strike chance. Minions have a base 5% critical strike chance and 30% critical strike multiplier. Three Power Charges amount to 35% chance to crit, but this is very unlikely to occur due to how quickly other minions steal kills from the Ignites.

5. Only against bosses will you bother to summon Skeletons. After four quick casts, you'll have all ten out. Then hit the boss with Charged Dash and Ball Lightning to poison and bleed the boss, enabling the Vile Toxins and Bloodlust supports to more than double Skeleton DPS.

6. Use Vaal Skeletons whenever you want to throw a surprise party for bosses, Breaches, Abysses, and other defensive situations.

Art by Chris Rallis

Gem Links and Gear

Art by Laura Sava

Elder Helm (w/ +3 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems)
Vaal Summon Skeletons (21+3/20)
+ Melee Physical Damage (20/20)
+ Vile Toxins (21/-)
+ Bloodlust (20/20)
+ Minion Damage (from Elder helm)

+ Optional: Immolate (from Elder helm) adds ~5% more damage
+ Optional: Minion Life (from Elder helm) raises Skeleton life to ~7.5k

If you go for the Optional links, keep in mind it will increase the mana cost, which will potentially slow down getting all 10 Skeletons out.

You want a level 21 Vile Toxin for the extra 5% more damage. Quality on this does not matter, so it's far cheaper to buy uncorrupted 20's and try your luck to get your own 21 instead of buying one.

Shaper Claw (w/ +1 to Level of Socketed Gems)
Herald of Agony (21+1+4/20)
Raise Zombie (21+1+4/20)
+ Empower (4+1/-)
+ Maim (from Shaper Claw)

+ Optional: Added Fire (from Shaper claw)

There are other optional links, such as Faster Attacks, Elemental Damage with Attacks, and Increased Critical Strike Chance, but they aren't worthwhile for the mana reservation. Your call, though.

If you can find one, the suffix "Enemies have 20% reduced Evasion if you have Hit them Recently" would really help both the Agony Crawler and Zombies.

The most important bit here is the interaction of Empower with +1 to gems, giving a total of +5 levels to the Agony Crawler and Zombies. We stack levels on the Crawler because not only does it scale up its flat damage and increased damage, but it gains accuracy as well. Zombies, meanwhile, are able to reach 20,000 life from the level increase.

Elder Gloves
Charged Dash (20/20)
+ Cast While Channeling (20/20)
+ Ball Lightning (1/0)
+ Optional: Greater Multiple Projectiles (20/20)
+ Poison (from Elder gloves)
+ Optional: Chance to Bleed (from Elder gloves)
+ Optional: Additional Accuracy (from Elder gloves)

GMP is for comfort and coverage. You can swap it out if you want something else, such as Storm Barrier for more defense. If you can't get Elder gloves or want to use a different base, such as a Grip of the Council, you can swap GMP with Poison.

If you can't or don't use Chance to Bleed, replace Bloodlust in the helm with a level 4 Empower or Multistrike.

I keep Ball Lightning at level 1 so I don't have to worry about reflect damage. It's up to you if you want to try squeezing some damage out of a fully leveled Ball Lightning.

Fossil-crafted Boots (w/ +1 to maximum number of Spectres)
Hatred (20/20)
+ Generosity (20/20)
Spirit Offering (8/20)
+ Cast When Damage Taken (1/-)

You can use any rare boots with 30-35% movement speed. Do not use Bones of Ullr. The sacrifice of mobility, life, and resists is not worth +1 Spectres. Unlike many Spectre builds, we don't rely on them for damage. They exist to generate Phantasms and freeze monsters. Use 2 Frost Sentinels over a Solar Guard.

Spirit Offering is our substitute for Immortal Call. If you destroy a corpse that an effect originates from, such as porcupines, the effect is also destroyed.

Chest Armor
Raise Spectre (20/20)
+ Summon Phantasm on Kill (21/-)
+ Greater Multiple Projectiles (20/20)
+ Elemental Proliferation (21/20)
+ Faster Projectiles (20/20)
+ Minion Damage (20/20)

Any 6-link with high life and/or defense will do. 10c Tabula, 40c rare, go with what you can afford and work your way up.

You want level 21 gems of SPoK for the extra Phantasm and higher monster level, and of EP for the increased proliferation radius.

Victario's Charity
Shield Charge (16/-)
+ Fortify (-/20)
+ Faster Attacks (20/20)

Strength is strapped in this build, so you won't be able to fully level Shield Charge unless you get some Strength on gear. It's not worth going out of your way for, though.

Quality on Fortify increases its duration. Gem level doesn't matter.

Mark of Submission
Projectile Weakness (20/20)

On Hexproof maps, swap to another ring of your choice. I use a second Shaper ring with Life on Spell Hit and high life.

In very dangerous areas, like Delve's Vaal Outposts and Abyssal Cities, you can swap in a second Mark of Submission socketed with Enfeeble. No need to recolor equipment.

Unset Shaper Ring (w/ +15 Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Spells)
Holy Relic (21/20)

Optional: Rare w/ Life & Resistances
Optional: Bloodgrip
Optional: Perquil's Toe
Optional: Hinekora's Sight
Optional: Aul's Uprising

Life and resists are all that matter here. A Stygian Vise would be best, but I've had no luck in crafting, and buying one that matches my current self-found belt is outside of my price range for now.

Jewels (Ghastly Eyes)
1. Life > Added Chaos Damage to Spells
2. Life > Taunt / Blind / Hinder
3. Life > 10% Minion Elemental Resists
4. Life > Minion Attack/Cast Speed > Minion Attack/Cast Speed if Killed Recently

Flat life on all your jewels is a must. When you have 2000 base life and 200% increased life, 50 flat life = 7.5% increased life.

You need one source of flat added Physical or Chaos damage to Spells. Mine is a prefix on my helm, but this isn't ideal since I lose a life prefix. This is what will allow Ball Lightning to Poison. If you cannot find or afford a jewel like this, use Lesser Poison with Ball Lightning until then. Envy on an Aul's Uprising amulet can also work.

Get one source of each of the three defensive mods, Taunt/Blind/Hinder.

Frost Sentinels and Solar Guards are capped by default on their resistance to their respective element, so that helps them against reflect damage. The other two elemental resists, however, are under cap by 30. One or two sources of 10% minion resist on your jewels will help shore them up together with Spirit Offering.

20% increased minion damage and 8% increased minion attack/cast speed are about equal (4% more damage), so I prefer minion speed to help with my own Shield Charge.

Flasks can be whatever you like. Just cover Bleed, Freeze, and Curse Immunities as a bare minimum. Keep a mana flask to the side in your inventory for when an unID map turns out to be No Regen.

I swap Desecrate in when I need to make Zombies at login. I put it into my Cast While Channeling to get them out fast.

Weapon Swap
Your weapon swap is up to you! I use a couple 6% Haku weapons as incubators for any Empowers, Enhances, or Enlightens I find. You'll want to keep your Desecrate here if it's still leveling up.

Art by Bogdan Marica
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Liber Mortuorum: Grimoire of the Undead (under construction, ~15% complete)

Art by Stefan Koidl

This section will detail specifics on each minion, its AI, stats, and nuances such as how to raise Spectres properly.

Minions 101

Spectres 101
The default hotkey for "Target Corpse" is "A". This only functions while a corpse-targeting spell is on your hotbar, such as Raise Zombie or Raise Spectre. Hold down this hotkey to target the corpse you want for your Spectres.

The monster level of Spectres does not automatically increase with gem level like other minions. It stays whatever monster level the corpse was that you raised them from, further restricted if your gem levels were low at the time. So if you raise Frost Sentinels from Lunaris Concourse, even with a level 20 Raise Spectre, those Frost Sentinels will always be level 58. Raise Spectre also has its own cap, so if you use a level 1 Raise Spectre in Lunaris Concourse, even though the corpse is level 58, your Spectre will only be level 32 because of the gem's cap.

Once you have any level of Frost Sentinel as a Spectre, the Desecrate skill can create that monster's corpse in a higher level zone. This is how you get up to level 84 Frost Sentinels without having to find them naturally. However, again, there's a cap tied to Desecrate's gem level. So if Desecrate is too low level, just like if Raise Spectre is too low level, you will end up creating very low level Spectres (a wand on weapon swap with "+1 to socketed Chaos skills" can help Desecrate). At gem level 20, both Desecrate can create up to level 100 corpses and Raise Spectre can raise up to level 100 Spectres. However, there is no level 100 zone. Desecrate only creates corpses up to the lowest between its level cap and the monster level of the zone. Since the highest zone is 84, we're limited to level 84 Spectres. The only current exception to this is Unearth, which can create corpses of a higher level than the zone. So you can, in fact, get up to level 100 Spectres, but only very slow-walking Skeleton Archers that the Unearth gem creates corpses of.

It's a bit confusing at first. You have to check the zone level, Desecrate level, and Raise Spectre level to determine what level your Spectre will be when raised, and then you must memorize that since there's no way to check it later. The unique map, Oba's Cursed Trove, in the last room of the map with all the strongboxes, has a monster level of 84, and is the most reliable way to get level 84 Spectres.

Ice Sentinel Spectres
Frost Sentinels deal ~63% of Solar Guard damage, but their Ice Spears gain 50% more damage in their second form, putting them at a nearly identical 94% damage. Their range is the same as a Solar Guard's special beam cannon. They are like snipers, able to attack ahead of you from the other end of the screen instead of trying to catch up to you. With their extra projectiles and casting from further back, they cover far more of the screen than Solar Guards who have -50% range on their fireball spell.

Solar Guard Spectre
Solar Guards have potentially several times more damage if their fireball explosions overlap. These explosions do not happen if the projectiles Pierce, so monsters must be close to walls for this to matter.

Individually they may not seem like much, but all together they deal significant damage. But most importantly they increase your area of effect.

When a Spectre kills things at max range and spawns Phantasms, those Phantasms can turn outward and attack things even further out. With so many, they are more likely to be able to attack in directions your Spectres aren't facing. A few monster kills in a room puts Phantasms in that room to clear everything else in it. They have built-in pierce, making them reliable against packs you haven't or can't curse with Projectile Weakness.

They are also 11 more chances to land a proliferated freeze, thanks to Hatred giving them cold damage.

Uptime shouldn't be a problem while clearing, and they're not intended for bosses.

Agony Crawler


Holy Relic


Vaal Skeletons

Leveling Guide (under construction, ~70% complete)

Art by Michael Komarck

New to the Hack-n-Slash ARPG genre? New to Path of Exile? New to the summoner playstyle? Just curious? Well, allow me to put your apprehensions to rest: You have made a good choice on all accounts! Prepare to be carried all the way to endgame!

The good news: You can't go wrong leveling a summoner. Just keep your gems leveled up, your elemental resistances as close as possible to the cap of 75%, and keep moving to avoid monster attacks. You can booty-blast all Act bosses with Zombies and Skeletons with no special gear. The rest of the campaign is just a speedrun, so lots of movement speed is good to have.

The bad news: Because it's so effective, you likely won't experience how dangerous some monsters really are. Sorry! It's the affluenza of having your own personal army at the frontline doing all your dirty work for you. As a result, you might learn the hard way by waltzing straight into a tiger's mouth. But that's okay! Just raise that tiger as a Spectre and feed it to a dragon as its just desserts! Mwaha! As they say, revenge and corpses are best served cold!

Compared to other archetypes: Attack builds scale exponentially with good items, but because of that, in the beginning, they need strong twink gear or risk hitting a wall in progression. Spell builds scale with gem level like we do, so they'll always have appropriate base damage, but must manage their mana and stand still to cast, putting a big ol' bullseye on their forehead for monster attacks. Totems share our biggest advantage, mobility, except summoners double-up on it with persistent minions. We also have the unique defensive layer of diluting monster aggression across many disposable decoys. In the unlikely event that things go very south, we can always hide in a corner and wave off our Skeletons as they march to war.

For our downsides, we have limited ways to scale up our damage and have a slightly longer delay and ramp up to dealing full damage. This makes us great against long encounters, like bosses, but a bit behind other archetypes when it comes to one-click-booming the screen. So while leveling, don't get caught up killing every insignificant fodder mob. Take advantage of your mobility and run. Zip past those clowns and let your Zombies pick off stragglers, supplying free XP while you make progress toward the next area. You just have to smack a few heads every once in a while to get the Holy Relic to heal up the attrition damage your Zombies accrue.

(Note: The most efficient source of XP is blue-hued Magic monster packs, so gobble those up.)

  • Leveling Plan (GoogleDoc) - A quick overview on when and how our skill links change over the course of the campaign.
  • Gem Vendor List (GoogleDoc) - Can't find a gem? See how to get it here! (Note: Slightly outdated, does not include new gems from 3.4)
  • Vendor recipes - Hate trading? Playing Solo-Self Found? You'll need to learn how to be self-sufficient here!
  • New Player Resources - Links to many helpful video guides and information sources from the community, compiled by GGG themselves.

ACT 1 - 14pt passive tree
Our first major goal for the passive tree is to reach "Spiritual Command", so minion attack speed affects us and our Shield Charge, followed by "Sacrifice" for minion regeneration, so we aren't entirely dependent on the Holy Relic. This will take us until the end of Act 2. In the meantime, we grab "Practical Application" so we can meet the strength requirements of our red gems.

Zone Info
  • 1. The Twilight Strand - Monster level: 1
    Monsters: 5-11 damage, 11-16 life, 18-20 xp
    Mini-Boss: Hillock, 14 damage, 163 life, 181 xp
    Quest: Enemy at the Gate (kill Hillock); Reward: Skill gem

  • 2. The Coast - Monster level: 2
    Monsters: 6-13 damage, 13-22 life, 18-24 xp
    Mini-Boss: Fire Fury, 21 damage, 131 life, 145 xp, uses Firestorm, Flame Whip, and Exploding Skeletons
    Quest: None

  • 2b. Side area: The Tidal Island - Monster level: 3
    Monsters: 8-13 damage, 17-25 life, 23-30 xp
    Mini-Boss: Hailrake, 27 damage, 274 life, 326 xp, deals extra Cold damage, uses Glacial Cascade and Arctic Armour
    Quest: Mercy Mission (kill Hailrake, return Medicine Chest), Reward: Quicksilver Flask (iLvl 4), New gems available: Summon Phantasm on Kill, Elemental Proliferation

  • 3. The Mud Flats - Monster level: 4
    Monsters: 11-15 damage, 18-28 life, 34-53 xp
    Mini-Boss: Oozeback Bloom, 24 damage, 254 life, 386 xp, aura deals 4% of life as Chaos damage per second, uses Shield Charge
    Quest: Breaking Some Eggs (gather 3 glyphs from Rhoa nests, enter Submerged Passage), Reward: Skill gem, New gem available: Summon Holy Relic

  • 3b. Side area: The Fetid Pool - Monster level: 5
    Monsters: 6-16 damage, 16-32 life, 28-71 xp
    Mini-Boss: Kadavrus the Defiler, 18 damage, 391 life, 518 xp, uses Revive Skeleton
    Quest: A Dirty Job (clear the Fetid Pool), Reward: Book of Regret

  • 4. The Submerged Passage - Monster level: 5
    Monsters: 6-15 damage, 16-31 life, 28-61 xp
    Mini-Boss: Blood Princess, 18 damage, 214 life, 444 xp, 20% Cold resistance, uses Wave, Screech, Summon Spawn
    Quest: None

  • 4b. Side area: The Flooded Depths - Monster level: 6
    Monsters: 7-17 damage, 18-36 life, 37-80 xp
    Mini-Boss: The Dweller of the Deep, 31 damage, 359 life, 729 xp, 25% Lightning resistance, has a second form, uses Barrage and Summon Sand Spitters
    Quest: The Dweller of the Deap (kill the Dweller of the Deep), Reward: Book of Skill

  • 5. The Ledge - Monster level: 6
    Monsters: 10-19 damage, 32-43 life, 67-80 xp
    Mini-Boss: Kuduku, the False God, 21 damage, 335 life, 486 xp, uses Shock Nova and Spark
    Quest: None

  • 6. The Climb - Monster level: 7
    Monsters: 11-24 damage, 36-57 life, 88-132 xp
    Mini-Boss 1: Ironpoint the Forsaken, 18 damage, 397 life, 766 xp, 25% Lightning resistance, uses Split Arrow and Rain of Arrows
    Mini-Boss 2: The Faun, 24 damage, 397 life, 766 xp, uses Molten Strike and Leap Slam
    Quest: None

Let me know if you find this section useful, and I'll work on extending it!
Nessa in Lioneye's Watch
Level 1 - The Twilight Strand (Enemy at the Gate: Kill Hillock)

Level 4 - The Mud Flats (Breaking Some Eggs: Open Submerged Passage)

Level 8 - The Prison (The Caged Brute: Kill Brutus)

Level 10 - Prisoner's Gate (The Caged Brute: Kill Brutus)

Level 12 - Merveil's Caverns (The Siren's Cadence: Enter the Cavern of Wrath)

ACT 2 - 27pt passive tree
At this point we swap "Practical Application" out for the two notables "Might" and "Agility", giving us an additional 10 strength and dexterity. Once we start going to the right side of the tree we'll get plenty of dexterity naturally, but that won't be until Acts 9/10. We really want "Sacrifice", but we resist the urge and take "Retribution" for more strength. If you need even more, equip a Citrine amulet. Dexterity is going to fall short in Act 3.

If you have any really good jewels, take that jewel socket between "Quick Recovery" and "Elemental Equilibrium" earlier.

Yeena in The Forest Encampment
Level 16 - Chamber of Sins (Intruders in Black: Rescue Helena)

Level 18 - The Weaver's Chambers (Sharp and Cruel: Kill the Weaver)

ACT 3 - 39pt passive tree
We finally get "Retribution" and fill in more life. You want your percent of increased life to be roughly equal to twice your level.

The two notables, "Quick Recovery" and "Heart and Soul", give us mana and mana regeneration to cope with reserving 75% for Hatred and Herald of Agony.

Halfway into Act 3 we'll be able to get Spectres! So we take "Death Attunement" for another Spectre. We won't have access to the Wraithlord helmet until Act 4, or Frost Sentinels and Solar Guards until Act 8, but we can still make use of Flame Sentinels from Act 3's Solaris Temple! So they don't fall too far behind in level as you progress, raise new ones using Desecrate every couple of zones. Watch your dexterity so you can keep leveling Desecrate.

Clarissa in The Sarn Encampment
Level 24 - The City of Sarn (Lost in Love: Rescue Clarissa)

Level 28 - The Ebony Barracks (Sever the Right Hand: Kill General Gravicius)

Level 31 - The Library (A Fixture of Fate: Find the four golden pages)

ACT 4 - 48pt passive tree
With Spectres and Hatred, it is time to take "Elemental Equilibrium". Just make absolutely sure none of your gear adds fire or cold damage, or EE won't be worth taking until you replace those items.

We officially have one jewel socket! Hurrah! Wait, what do you mean you don't have anything to put into it? Go buy an "Unending Hunger" or "Violent Dead" jewel yesterday!

Finally, we curve over to "Purity of Flesh" for more strength and in anticipation of the giant leftmost minion cluster.

"Discipline and Training" is a huge life boost, so we'll be getting that in a jiffy!

Petarus and Vanja in Highgate
Level 34 - The Dried Lake (Breaking the Seal: Open the Mines)

Level 38 - The Harvest (The Eternal Nightmare: Kill Malachai)

ACTS 5 - 10
Nothing specific to say here. You can use all gems by this point. If you are lacking any and cannot trade for them, you can buy all but Empower from Lily in Act 6 after you complete her quest. Before that point, Siosa from The Library in Act 3 sells all level 28 and lower gems. As for Empower, it's a rare drop, so it'll take a while unless you buy it.

EPILOGUE - 92pt passive tree
Devotion is particularly nice because of its 20 strength. We go to Constitution for the same reason, we need more strength!

Once the left half of the tree looks like this, with all minion clusters checked, we can begin the long trek of dexterity to Acrobatics. Feel free to start a bit earlier if you are hurting for dex. The minions will understand.

Shopping List (under construction, ~1% complete)

Art by Sergiy Abramov

This section will provide a list of quick links to PoE's trade site for each item used by this build, to help you get equipped that much faster.



Starter Pack

Budget Version

Complete Edition

Limited Edition - Money is No Object

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Frequently Beseech'd Entreaties

Art by Mathias Kollros

Leveling guide?
Soon™. Added a quick version here.

How fast does Virulence stack to 40?
~2 seconds against a single small boss (calculations). Larger bosses are even faster.

Hardest content you've done?
Not as much as I would have liked before boasting about how awesome the build is. Frankly, it should perform well at any content if you have a solid skill level and an understanding of the boss mechanics. People have beaten the hardest fights with less health, damage, and mitigation.

However, this build cannot face-tank one-shots. Its eHP just isn't high enough (10k+ needed). The only way to get close to that on this build is MoM, but that means dropping Hatred and Herald of Agony (Aul's Uprising amulet can salvage Hatred, but it's super expensive). Or you could drop the right side of the tree, get more life nodes on the left, and prioritize the highest life rolls on gear (and solve dex somehow).

Guardians died very quickly. I have not run Shaper, but there shouldn't be a problem. You just have to dodge his telegraphed mechanics. Uber Elder will be sketchy if you have trouble anticipating the multiple boss attacks coming your way. The build's high damage should help keep both these fights relatively brief, though.

For very deep and dangerous Delves, I would suggest getting a second pair of gloves so you can replace GMP (green) with Knockback (red). Combined with Projectile Weakness's knockback chance and Ball Lightning's constant hits, this will hilariously bulldoze monsters and keep you safe. You can also swap your green Mark of Submission ring for a second blue-colored one socketed with Enfeeble for more protection. With an Extra Curse amulet corruption and gloves corrupted with a Temporal Chains implicit, you can double-up on the defensive curses:

I don't yet have Vorici 8 to make use of this combo, unfortunately.

I also considered this as a possibility, to get 100% movement slow. Hinder (Blight slows by 80%) and Maim (30% slow from Zombies and Agony Crawler) stack additively.

Against Delve bosses, I have yet to find one, so I cannot comment.

Change Log
After any major change to the build, a link to the last comment will be provided, so you can hop to the most relevant discussion.

  • 14 November 2018 - Red Elder video added! (Link)

  • 10 November 2018 - All artwork has been properly credited to their respective authors. (Link)

  • 09 November 2018 - New section added: More Video. (Link)

  • 07 November 2018 - Patch 3.4.4 updated the way the camera moves for Charged Dash. The skill feels much smoother now. (Link)

  • 05 November 2018 - New section added: Concept Overview. (Link)

  • 30 October 2018 - First two videos added! (Link)

  • 26 October 2018 - DPS calculations updated after Path of Building added new minion data. (Link)

  • 26 October 2018 - First Release. Pastebin added. No video yet. Minimal formatting.

Art by Thanh Tuấn
Last edited by Hercanic on Nov 14, 2018, 11:11:33 AM
Minion scaling was finally made public by Mark_GGG, allowing the creator of Path of Building to add many of the missing minions and Spectre monsters. The program update just went live a few hours ago, so I'll be fixing up my earlier estimations.

What changed?

Art by JeongSeok Lee

All in all, the Agony Crawler had better accuracy than I predicted (94% rather than 83%), but worse attack speed (0.77 vs 1.0) and base attack damage (1455 vs 2000). The net result is a loss of ~200k.

Meanwhile, Phantasms doubled in damage. Holy crap! So a gain of 300k.

Spectres and Holy Relic are also a little stronger than my initial calculations, but it was pretty close.

Zombies and Skeletons stayed the same.

Original, outdated calculations
Speaker for the Dead DPS
(target: Shaper)

4,572,069 = Total DPS
(all minions at peak)

3,892,012 = Boss DPS
(no phantasms, zombies dead, relic out of range, too lazy to gem swap spectres)

3,454,795 = Clear DPS
(no skeletons)

If Spirit Offering isn't up, divide the above numbers by 1.10.

If you swap the Flesh Binder ascendency to either Commander of Darkness or Puppet Master, you'll gain around ~8-12% more damage. Right now I'm testing how I like the Physical Damage Reduction.

Note on Clear: Without refactoring the numbers for trash mobs, Clear DPS is 1,809,655. However, Projectile Weakness and Elemental Equilibrium would go from a 21% more multiplier to 131% more on average. If we divide this Clear DPS by 1.21 and then multiply by 2.31, we get the above 3.4 mil. This is not entirely accurate, since not all damage is elemental or projectile. This is just a quick and dirty adjustment until I properly do the math.

DPS Breakdown
2,762,414 = Skeletons x10 lvl24 (78)
(not including Vaal Skeletons)

974,200 = Agony Crawler x1 lvl26 (82)
(not including Mortar, which is 6x hits every ~5sec)

338,312 = Zombies x8 lvl26 (82)
(not including Slam attack, which is 45% more damage and cannot miss)

306,023 = Phantasms x11 lvl21 (72)

155,398 = Frost Sentinel Spectres x2 + Solar Guard x1 lvl20 (84)
(not including Unending Hunger, which is roughly 1% more DPS per 3 nearby deaths within the last 30sec --> Spectres don't have to be the one to get the kill)
If Pierce/Controlled Destruction is used instead of Faster Projectiles/Phantasms: 250,051

35,722 = Holy Relic x1 lvl21 (72)

Note: Some of these numbers are expected to be slightly inaccurate, as assumptions had to be made when data was unavailable (e.g. Agony Crawler attack speed). I tended to use the weakest value within an expected range.

Holy Relic and Agony Crawler math

Holy Relic DPS
2124 base flat physical spell damage
0.5 cooldown

x 4.34 minion damage
x 1.73 added damage (Hatred + Spirit Offering)
x 1.12 frenzy charges (x3)
= 8.4 multiplier

= 17,861 average hit
= 35,722 DPS


Agony Crawler DPS
2000 estimated base physical attack damage (150% @ monster level 82)
5020 bonus physical damage (40 virulence)
= 7020 flat damage

880% increased damage (40 virulence)
334% minion damage
= 1214% increased damage

13.14 minion damage
1.28 maim support
1.12 frenzy charges (x3)
1.10 projectile weakness
= 20.72 multiplier

= 145,463 base average physical damage

60/40 physical/chaos conversion
14% increased physical damage taken (Maim)

44% = 40% Added Fire support x 1.10 (EE negative resistance)
56.1% = 51% Hatred aura w/ Generosity x 1.10 (EE negative resistance)
17.25% = 23% Spirit Offering x 0.75 (chaos resistance)

99,496 physical = 87,277 phys x 1.14 (maim)
64,003 fire
81,604 cold
68,730 chaos = 25,092 spirit offering + 43,638 conversion (30% = 40% x 0.75 chaos resistance)

= 313,833 average hit

1.00 base attack speed (assumed)
160% increased attack speed (40 virulence)
114% increased minion speed
= 3.74 attacks per second

= 1,173,735 DPS

0.83 estimated chance to hit

= 974,200 final DPS
Last edited by Hercanic on Nov 10, 2018, 5:00:12 AM
The most perfect guide and build I have ever seen... well at least equal first. Not a link out of place or unnecessary. Basically complete in every way. As a long time Summoner I am ashamed at my own poultry efforts.

Pity it is so close to the end of the league (3.4) or I would start acquiring the pieces needed. Depending on the state of the next league this may be a go to for many people.

Well done Sir. This is a master class of ideas realized.
Last edited by Chucacobra on Oct 26, 2018, 9:27:21 PM
Such high praise! I thank you; you are much too kind. Ah, but do not expect flattery to get you a refund. All sales are final.

It is certainly a pity I was so late releasing the build this league. I had wanted to put it through all the paces first, but my playtime is limited so progress was slow.

As for the idea, I have been playing lesser versions of this build for many leagues now, but this is the league where everything came together. I've used Phantasms with Spectres since Phantasms first release. They were completely overlooked by most of the community until Soulwrest released because everyone was hung up on the "On Kill" requirement. But the only time that's an issue is against bosses. If I devoted my Spectres to clear, who also scale infinitely with kills from the Unending Hunger jewel, and use something like Skeletons for single target, like Bow users use Barrage, made viable by Shaper/Elder items, then Phantasms should work just fine.

During Incursion league, though, I felt a lack of damage when racing against the clock and contending with corners (I hated not always getting 100% clears in T15+). To compensate, I started incorporating Projectile Weakness on Blasphemy (my poor MoM eHP). This worked fine with max block and Shield Charging into monsters' faces, but I wished I could push it further somehow.

Now, with the introduction of Mark of Submission freeing up Blasphemy, I had reason to abandon Mind Over Matter for Herald of Agony and Hatred. These two gave the damage boost I needed, while the necessity of poisoning monsters for the Crawler created an opportunity to push Skeleton DPS further than ever before and self-generate Victario's Frenzy Charges. The new Holy Relic regen buff made Zombies seem more feasible. Finally, Delve justified taking damage as far as possible while also emphasizing the value of freezes. I was happy to have a reason to switch to Ice Sentinels, who are just such cool sniping Spectres. Their range is as long as a Solar Guard's special beam, and their extra projectiles combined with casting from further back gives them massive screen coverage. They don't deal splash damage or have AOE overlap potential, but that's okay because I have other minions for pure damage.

In the end, I have 6L Skeletons on four sockets, ~5L Agony Crawler and ~5L Zombies on three sockets, 5L Spectres and 5L Phantasms on six sockets, and an 8L Charged Dash on four sockets and a ring. Hatred, Victario's Frenzy Charges, Elemental Equilibrium, and Projectile Weakness are like adding four more links to everything.

With damage numbers for monsters and minions suddenly appearing on poeDB, I felt compelled to start working out my actual DPS. The result surprised me enough to finally share this build, and the update to PoB shortly after confirmed my calculations.

And now here we are. Again, thank you for giving my build a read. I wish you the best!
Last edited by Hercanic on Oct 28, 2018, 12:01:52 AM
Completed 18 ChallengesChucacobra wrote:
The most perfect guide and build I have ever seen... well at least equal first.

I might have missed it, but whose guide did you say was equally good? There are well-written guides for meh builds and meh guides for meta builds, but I have never seen such a beautiful guide on such a powerful off-meta build.

Completed 21 ChallengesHercanic wrote:
3,722,537 = Boss DPS
(no phantasms, zombies nuked, relic out of range, too lazy to gem swap spectres)

But that said, OP, where did you derive this majestic boss DPS value from? If your phantasms and zombies are dead, surely you are left with just Frost Sentinels, the Agony Crawler and Skeletons for DPS. Out of the three, Skeletons (squishy) and the Crawler (virulence stacks above 15 deplete fast) require impossibly intense upkeep to maintain peak DPS. So how do you efficiently sustain both Skeleton resummons and virulence stacks against bosses, on top of hopping around to evade their telegraphed attacks?
So.. no videos? The guide is virtually worthless without proper video proof, why go through all the effort but miss the most important part :/
Completed 14 ChallengesStarbuckz42 wrote:
So.. no videos? The guide is virtually worthless without proper video proof, why go through all the effort but miss the most important part :/

Not yet. I have never recorded a game session before, so for me there's a first-time learning curve and software setup hurdle. I'm looking into OBS, Share X, and DaVinci Resolve as recommendations from a guild mate (thanks again, Matt).

Sorry about the letdown. I understand, videos are the first thing I look at, too. But you see, I didn't actually set out to make a guide at first. I was just calculating my DPS with newly released monster data and ended up going with the flow. Suddenly I had a guide, because why not, it was fun to write.

Thank you for your passion in replying, though; I'm glad to know you're interested. Until I prepare video, the only proof I can offer is the PoB pastebin.

In the meantime, do you have any maps or content you'd like to see this build perform on?

Completed 14 ChallengesTerenceCSZ wrote:
But that said, OP, where did you derive this majestic boss DPS value from? If your phantasms and zombies are dead, surely you are left with just Frost Sentinels, the Agony Crawler and Skeletons for DPS. Out of the three, Skeletons (squishy) and the Crawler (virulence stacks above 15 deplete fast) require impossibly intense upkeep to maintain peak DPS. So how do you efficiently sustain both Skeleton resummons and virulence stacks against bosses, on top of hopping around to evade their telegraphed attacks?

You can think of it like this: For most builds, DPS drops off the moment they have to move; for summoners, DPS drops off when their minions die.

As for how to prioritize, that depends on the boss and situation. Hydra cried in a corner for a few seconds before dying. Minotaur with +70% AOE, +crit, 25% more damage, and +100% damage as lightning dropped to ~20% HP in the first few seconds, but then made himself a bonemeal sandwich with a pestle and mortar of falling rock. So I cried in a corner while spamming Ball Lightning from safety while my Agony Crawler made beef stew.

Between the two minions, one cast of Skeletons has roughly the same DPS as a fully-charged Agony Crawler; or conversely, the Agony Crawler is worth three Skeletons. Either way you're at ~1 million DPS.

In general, I would put priority on Skeletons. Try to summon Skeletons behind and around the boss to limit how many are hit by AOE. In situations of intense AOE that wipe Skeletons out too fast to get even a single hit in, rely on the Agony Crawler instead. This is the versatility of the build at play.

As a sidenote, the Skeletons have 5,771 life, 20% attack block, apply blind (50% attack miss), taunt (10% reduced damage to everyone but the taunter), and are resistance undercapped at 65% but become overcapped with Spirit Offering. I would need another 10% minion resist jewel to cap naturally.

As for dodging, remember that Charged Dash has mobility built into it, while GMP eases the burden of aiming Ball Lightning. You can also immediately use Shield Charge after releasing Charged Dash for a double-whammy of distance. In general, if you don't have a safe spot, use this rotation while circle-strafing the boss and don't stay stationary any longer than you have to:

1. Shield Charge, ideally triggering Fortify
2. Cast Skeletons if under max, Charged Dash otherwise
3. Shield Charge (or release Dash)
4. Charged Dash for x Ball Lightnings
5. Release and cast Skeletons if safe and under max, Shield Charge if not.
6. Repeat

Maintaining Virulence stacks is fairly easy. Remember, the build is attacking AND casting at the same time. Charged Dash has a 4.71 attack rate, 81% accuracy, and 80% chance to poison. That equates to a 64.8% chance to land a poison, or 3 Virulence per second.

Using this Ball Lightning DPS spreadsheet we can calculate the number of hits one cast will achieve against an enemy of a certain size. The player character has a radius of 2. Most bosses are much larger than this, but since their exact value is unknown to me, I will use 2 as a launching point.

2 radius = 6 hits
4 radius = 7 hits
8 radius = 8 hits
12 radius = 9 hits
14 radius = 10 hits
18 radius = 11 hits
22 radius = 12 hits

Cast While Channeling gives a cast rate of 2.86, and I have an 80% chance to poison. So we get:

2 radius = 17 hits / 14 Virulence per sec.
4 radius = 20 hits / 16
8 radius = 23 hits / 18
12 radius = 26 hits / 21
14 radius = 29 hits / 23
18 radius = 31 hits / 25
22 radius = 34 hits / 27

Unit Distance

Going by the above image, I would estimate bosses usually have a radius of 5-10. That would give me 16-18 (+3 from Charged Dash) Virulence per second. So ~2 seconds to reach cap vs a smaller boss, without factoring degen.

If I need to continuously dodge, then here's what to expect from the Agony Crawler:

Agony Crawler DPS at Differing Virulence
789,681 (40 Virulence)
618,559 (35 Virulence)
473,438 (30 Virulence)
352,254 (25 Virulence)
252,966 (20 Virulence)
173,511 (15 Virulence)
111,838 (10 Virulence)
65,896 (5 Virulence)

Also: Life on Hit ends up calculating to 140 from Charged Dash (92% damage effectiveness) and 105 from Ball Lightning (35% damage effectiveness), per target per second, vs. a radius 4 target.
Last edited by Hercanic on Oct 28, 2018, 11:23:43 PM
Creative build idea but very hard to make it work.

Play style break down.

1. Summon Skeleton to attack - Every 3 sec

2. melee attack to activate agony - whenever not summoning minion. agony stack will fall when not attacking. vs boss / single target, what is the poison/successful hit per sec ?

3. spam spirit offering every 4 sec / no desecrate mean need kill to get crops.

4. Charge dash to activate ball lightning to apply EE. Shield charge to move, but why 2 movement skill ?

5. Some flask management... YOU HAVE 5 FLASK TO MANAGE

6. resummon dead zombi / zombi will die from time to time / no desecrate mean need kill to get crops, no crops = no zombi.


How are you going to manage all this in T16 boss, shaper, uber elder fight, Uber atziri. These BOSS skill will one shot all your minion, no convocation mean you have no control over your minion. so minion = kamikaze warrior.

Biggest Con of all

Raise Spectral
+ Summon Phantasm on Kill (21/-) - BAD FOR BOSS
+ Elemental Proliferation (21/20) - BAD FOR BOSS
+ Greater Multiple Projectiles (20/20) - BAD FOR BOSS
+ Faster Projectiles (20/20) - BAD FOR BOSS
+ Minion Damage (20/20) - GOOD


From my EXP as a summoner, Raise Spectral is GOD of all Minion, Raise Spectral alone can clear 90% of mapping monster. Removing GMP and swap with slow proj/pierce/frostbite (DMG MULTIPLIER) Can drop Boss HP in sec. Why need so many minion ? they only make the fight more complected. You cant see ground effect + cant see boss skill effect + cant see enemy monster around you.

Last edited by The_Faint_Smile on Oct 28, 2018, 7:05:22 AM

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