As we mentioned in our news post yesterday, the launch of Path of Exile: Legion was a huge success! We wanted to post an update about many of the small issues that we have either just fixed or are fixing today.

These are the issues that we intend to fix as soon as possible:
  • Bug where you can be kicked for performing too many actions while the Shaper has frozen an area.
  • Common client crash that can occur while changing areas.
  • Client crash occurring in the Greust, and Drek, Apex Hunter (Fields Map Boss) fights.
  • Client crash that can happen while using Dancing Dervish.
  • Client crash that can happen during Legion encounters.
  • Bug where you can get stuck using a channelling skill.
  • Bug with highlighting objects after using some skills.
  • Bug where Alva does not offer new Incursions after opening the Temple of Atzoatl.
  • Re-enabling the explosions from Asenath's Gentle Touch, after fixing a bug where they unintentionally damage players.
  • Control+Enter not opening chat to reply to the latest whisper.
  • Some players unable to activate maps, as they have a Divine Vessel stuck in their map device.

For ongoing updates, keep an eye on the Known Issue List. If you find any errors, please report them in the bug report forum where they can be processed by our QA team. They're not able to reply to every thread but rest assured that they do see and process also reports that come in.

We've seen a few players request that we increase the visibility of Legion icons over monsters, generals and chests as well as adding them to the minimap. One of our earlier iterations of the Legion league included symbols for monsters, chests and generals on the minimap. During playtesting, we found that it felt really bad, as people would spend most of their time looking at the minimap rather than focusing on the combat in front of them.

Due to this, we entirely disabled minimap icons for anything that had a Legion reward. This lead to issues where players would release some monsters with rewards and then end up forgetting where they were which resulted in sometimes missing rewards. This also didn't feel great.

Our next iteration involved adding minimap icons but only after Legion enemies had been activated. This is where we're currently at with minimap icons and is the best of the three scenarios we tried.

We have seen the feedback that the in-game (non-minimap) icons could stand out more, and we can confirm that the art team are working on this.

Thank you again to everyone who joined us for the launch of Path of Exile: Legion! We are so thrilled to see how happy the community is with the league and melee rework. We will continue to work vigilantly to improve the remaining issues. Thank you so much for your continued feedback!
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omg so happy!

trolled Fox News in an interview... wound up famous. thx for the virility humans!
"...I'm one of the heroes." lol
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keep up the great work, thanks <3
liked it! gj!
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Shield charge doesn't activate fortify with my wand
Thank you.
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mannymota2 wrote:
Shield charge doesn't activate fortify with my wand

The team is aware of this and working toward a fix.

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