Known Issues & How to Report Bugs

High Priority Known Issues (PC)

These problems are currently being looked into and we'll be trying to get them fixed for you as soon as we can. There is no need to make new posts about them unless you have further information that may be helpful, thanks.

  • Barrage with Fork, hitting more than it should.
  • Leech/Potions not recovering Life.
  • LeapSlam/Flame Dash double-casting with high attack speed.
  • Domain of Timeless Conflict is not able to be completed in Standard
  • Skills not queuing correctly.
  • Completing an Incubator while Channelling Cyclone causes you to desync.

  • Betrayal lag still occurring for many.
  • Some Betrayal Encounters not showing up.

For Console players, there is a Known Issue List for Console
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Known Issues

  • Channelled skills can get into a state where they may not stop channelling
  • Phasing and Quartz Flasks can make your character invisible (but not to monsters!)
  • Channelled skills frequently don't deal damage

  • Sunstone Portal off-center
  • Weapon Effects that apply to both weapons aren't always removed correctly
  • Divination Card Tab misses a column in high resolutions
  • Remove-Only Map Tabs are not removed when emptied
  • Remove-Only Unique Collection Tabs are not removed when emptied
  • Aura MTX are not able to be applied to Flesh and Stone
  • Illusionist Body Armour interaction with Ghostflame Skull, Infernal Skull, Purple Skull Helmet
  • Illusionist Body Armour interaction with Lightning Eyes
  • Illusionist Body Armour interaction with Breachspawn and Breachlord cloaks
  • Missing Challenge Rewards: Please contact if this occurs
  • Raise Spectre cannot be used on your Zombies if you have the Mummy MTX
  • Automaton Herald with Herald of Ash looks different

  • Jumbled Text: Currently investigating; restarting the client should fix it in the meantime

  • Item filter audio sometimes cuts out

  • Map Stash Tab not loading
  • Unique Collection Tab not loading in the Character Viewer
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Useful Resources

Translation feedback or problems can be posted in the appropriate forums here:
Brazilian Russian Thai German Spanish French

  • Ask a Gameplay Developer your mechanics questions here!
  • Read a Gameplay Developer's mechanics answers here!
  • Check out the Common Technical Problems page here!
  • Console Bug Reports should be posted here!
  • Known Issues for PlayStation and Xbox can be found here!

Things you should know

  • Typing /help in-game brings up a list of useful commands
  • Pushing F1 toggles your telemetry. This shows your FPS and latency
  • If the game is running poorly, try lowering your Graphics settings
  • Holding Alt lets you see the built-in level of an item
  • Backing up your content.ggpk file can save you a large download if this file becomes corrupted
  • If your content.ggpk file does become corrupted, try performing a Pack Check
  • You're only able to reclaim a skill gem MTX if your current character has that skill gem equipped. We are planning on adding the reclaim functionality to the Microtransaction tab in the future
  • Certain combinations of skills and MTX can result in audio cutting out (Source)
  • Flasks don't activate while holding Alt, Shift, or Ctrl
  • Gems socketed in items in player trade will not show up
  • It is possible for monsters to damage you during an area transition
  • Leaving a bandit fight causes it to end
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How to Report Bugs

It is always a good idea to back up your content.ggpk file. It will let you restore the game to a previous patch if your client becomes corrupt.

1. Check this thread for an existing issue

2. Take a screenshot with debug info
Enter "/bug {optional info about the bug}" into chat and take a screenshot by pressing F8. The screenshot is saved to your Documents/My Games/Path of Exile Folder.

3. If it is a graphical problem, we also need your PC specs
Include Operating System (Windows version), RAM/memory, video card, and anything else relevant.

4. Post it
If you post in the forums keep your title descriptive. We may not be able to reply, but we do check every post when we have the chance. The more descriptive your title, the greater chance it will be noticed and fixed, and the easier our jobs are!

How to post an image

  • Upload the file to an image hosting website, such as Imgur
  • Mouse over the arrow beside the "Copy" button, then click "Get share links"
  • Click the "Copy" button for BBCode (Forums)
  • Paste that into your Path of Exile forum post

If you can't get a screenshot, we need as much as you can tell us about reproduction steps. The zone you were in, the skills you were using, the monsters you were fighting - anything that might point us towards the cause of the problem!

If you get a Client or Instance crash, we receive a report automatically the next time you start your client. Report it here in a thread only if you have reproduction steps that will let us find the problem.

Important! Make sure you only have one bug per report. We want to be able to resolve reports if bugs are fixed, or have others be able to respond to bugs easily.

Also, confirm that there are no other threads reporting this issue, and post your bug in there if that is the case.

More reports are always good, but only if they are in one place, rather than spread over many different threads. To search only the Bug Reports forum, navigate to Forum Search and select the Bug Reports option from the 'Forums' list.
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