[3.10] LIfe based Essence Drain/Bane Occultist - PewAndRun {Budget and LL}

Greetings Exile! I'm LieAndSMile, here is my ED Occultist!
What's new in 3.10 for us?

- Curse effect Cluster Jewels which allows us to stuck Curse affect up to 100% increase!
- Free Culling strike from clusters.
- Maximum action and speed reduction for enemies.
- This build also contains a Low Life version. I do life each time as a starter build and did all content with it, but if you like ES LL then check the Low Life.

The main idea of this ED build is using a Temporal Chains and Aspect of the spider Curse auras for slowing enemies as...

3.5 Video


Eradicator fight

Last Elder phase was bugged, died 2 times, but looks fun =D:

Red Elder fight

3.6 Video

3.7 Video

3.9 Video

3.10 Video

- Pro's
- Best league starter skill
- Budget
- Good clean speed
- Cleans any map modifers
- Easy mechanics, is a good build for new player ( i think )
- Good AOE for fast delve

The Sirus was killed by me on LVL 6 Awakening, unfortunately, the video was lagging to hard and I'm waiting for another fight to record it.
!!!Look any guide on how to move his storms because it's the only problem during the fight with him, also don't forget to dodge his skills C;
Recommendation to swap 1 green gem for culling strike at the last stage.


- Not a face tank build, you have to dodge the stuff, more info in Leveling section
- Skip "Monsters can't be slowed bellow the base speed" mode on maps or delve, more info in Leveling section
- Bad DPS for party play
- Can be laggy on Legions

Some stats:


21 LVL gem 5l with LVL 7 Arcana surge.

21 LVL gem 6l + LVL 3 Empower and LVL 10 Arcana surge.

Curse Effectiveness, This can be increased by 20-30% by Labyrint.


Currently, on Metamorph league 3.9 I swapped from 5k life and 2k ES to 5800 life with 40% dodge and 30% spell dodge, 85 Chaos resistance(Timeless jewel). This optionally can be swapped for more life and dodge/spell dodge but requires more currency for +1 Shield and +1 Wand.

My 3.10 League start gear

Cane staff is the best option since we need DMG, Currently, I have 200k damage over time with 21 LVL essence drain in 5l chest, with 6l Empower LVL 3 is supposed to have 300k+ damage over time pn skill bar to get any hight end content boss almost as fast as at previous leagues.

+ 1 to socketed supported gems chest gives you huge DPS boost, also +1lvl to Empower which means you can easyly have 4LVL empower without corrupt. You need a 80+ Elder or Redeemer Base


Since the Metamorphs hurt too much I had to get the Rumi's flask for defense.

My 3.10 Low Life gear


Cluster Jewels

Keep in mind that you'll have to aim for a Dex/Strenght/Increase effect on small nodes. Any mage is suffered from the dex :S.

Large CLuster must have 2 Jewel sockets and 8 small passives if you going to craft them by yourself keep in mind that it should be 75+ item level As for big passives I would recommend WIcked Pall and Unholly grace.

Medium clusters are always cursed effectiveness and some Damage over time, search for +1 jewel and 4 small passives
As for big passives, I would suggest x3Forbidden words, WIsh of Death, Brush with Deaths Exposure therapy, Master of Fear, Dark Discourse

Small cluster Jewels is our ES Or Life setup,for ES i suggest +100 enrgy shield whilefor life 10% life and +20 maximum life

Items for Swap or Different play style

I would say that's a hipster item for ed/bane build, also for getting the right colors, it's required about 200-300 chromes and some rng. But then it gives you enough chaos damage to ignore white packs at T15 or higher, with 75% chaos resists you won't feel it's chaos damage.

Previously most desire stick for ED, but currently just a good looking Sceptre, I suggest to find a Shaped Wand/Dagger with a 20%+ Non-Element Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier.

Prefer gloves with Aspect of the Spider mode over other items, but you may choose your desired.

Good for farming legion atm, huge aoe and good stats

Another pretty Cheap (not at league start) but decent Unique which gives -20% res every time we use a spell. That's pretty much.

This boy gives the biggest(cheap) deeps according to POB,
1mill dps with lvl 3 empower. If you want to kill Shaper/Elder/Uber Atziri/Sirus really fast and you know how to dodge their Mechanics I suggest take this Staff your core item. Also, you may try to craft a rare staff, or even Bow for ES build but it will take more time and currency investments .

This is probably a fun item, which gives us a skill "Petrification Statue", it's some sort of Medusa Gargona skill which can freeze stuff for a while, It has duration 4 seconds but can be affected by increased duration support and raised almost to 8 seconds.

Any Helmet with 30% increase Temporal Chains curses effect gives you almost 100% additional curse effect effectiveness.

Also, don't forget about Helmet Enchantment increased temporal chains curse effect 30%, catch it on my Ebe's Unification helmet is a dream =D

Skills and gems

Essence/deaths aura drain setup, Empower should be added as 6 link only on LVL 3, before LVL 3 I would suggetst to use and Energy Shield leech support gem.(Awakened gem version is a non-budget option for late game)

Bane + Enfeeble and Despair

Contagion for big AOE and Arcana surge proc

My movemant skill is Flame dash, can be changed for Shield charge

Aura setup

is must have.

Temporal Chains curse Aura setup

Aspect of the Spider can be crafted on any item, I'm using ring:

For best defense - Temporal CHans + Aspect of the Spider + Enhance Support + lvl 4 (Is really cheap in market)

Defensive setup
I porefer to use max level Steelskin with Chaos golem.

POB And Character

https://pastebin.com/P6vvkJH9 Life Version

https://pastebin.com/0KBCYd5z Life respec to Cluster Jewels

https://pastebin.com/rjr6xpBp Low Life + Cluster jewels Version


For ascendancy, we go Void Beacon-Withering presence-Profane bloom-Malediction

Pantheon - Soul of the Solaris and Soul of Tukohama


Pick up the Blight gem after the killing Hillcock on the beach and use it until you finish The Siren's Cadence quest ACT 1. Finishing this quest gives you Essence drain gem as a reward, from now you start using it + Contagion. Possible to use blight for bosses until you get Bane in act 3 for Lost In Love Quest. Rushing Hex Master node gives you a huge aoe for Bane.
Kill all bandits in act 2 for 2 passive points.
24 points tree

Use Bane for trash and ED+Bane for bosses or big amount of monsters.
44 points

From this lvl you should already be able to use a Despair in bane+ Temporal chains as Curse Aura
79 Points

This is an end game tree, here you got reduced mana reserve for 3 auras - Malevolence/ Temporal Chains/Aspect of the spider. This 3 will work only with lvl 3 Enlighten gem, or for example Helmet with 5+ Mana reduce for auras. About 100-130 mana is left unreserved which is enough for the cast.
114 points


I never look at map modes(it's the coolest part of chaos builds), but you should remember some most deadly where you have to play safety to avoid being one-shot:
- Monsters' Action Speed cannot be modified to below the base value
After a bulk of maps where everything around you is slowed as hell, you have to switch your reaction time and this makes you feel uncomfortable.
- Monsters have increased Critical Strike Chance, just don't face range packs, try to avoid projectiles
- Double ele damage, also should be not faced, we play safety.
- <<Legion Red Wall>> I may survive Shaper's clap but not this thing, also Legion archers which can drop half of your HP each...
- No mana regen, we just drop 1 aura, usually, I do drop Offensive aura to stay with a def, it's still enough to clear any map.
As for Hardcore I would suggest avoiding all of those modes at all, also spend more in life on gear, life can be raised up to 6.5k if we pick up more nodes near Scion but drop some damage.

Bossing looks like using your Bane/Ed and run around

Delve is just made for ED.

One day I'll up 100 fallowers on my Twitch, LieAndSmile C;
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How to invest in your build?
For more life:

Glorious Vanity timelesss jewell:

Divine Flesh Keystone
All Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield 50% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage +10% to maximum Chaos Resistance. Rise Chaos res up to 90%. Good if you go full life.

Corrupted Soul Keystone 50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield
Gain 20% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield. Rusi ES up to 5-6k

Lab enchantment for 20-30% increased temporal chains curse effect.

For more damage

Craft or buy +5 Chaos gems staff with + 50% Chaos damage over time multiplier

Vaal your chest piece on Alvas altar for + to gems.
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Why not use Alleopathy gloves for a 5 link Blight instead?
Hi, Vaal blight helps a lot with boss fights, some dps boost and slow looks pretty solid. You can see at my vid how boss almost stand still. Also that essence is cheap right now.
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First shaper build done with my build!

Shaper kill
Since one of my two mains is an ED/contagion occultist as well, I'd like to point out that any crafted weapon with Decay out-DPSes breath of the council.


Confirmed with actual damage/clear speed and PoB stats.
Sitting in HO spamming alts for 4 hours straight is peak PoE gameplay. Thanks, Chris.
Ydoum wrote:
Since one of my two mains is an ED/contagion occultist as well, I'd like to point out that any crafted weapon with Decay out-DPSes breath of the council.


Confirmed with actual damage/clear speed and PoB stats.

That's a nice crafted wand, with such hight spell dmg it's much better then breath of the concil.
Will this be updated for synthesis?
:: Man in black fled across the desert, and the gun slinger followed"
I'm taking personal interest in this type of build.. Especially with the upcoming Soul rend spell, which seems a lot like Essence drain without the need to cast Contagion to spread (projectiles pierce all targets, and make small aoe)

So I'm building it into CI Occultist.. ES should be +10k with small investment, and dps will skyrocket after getting a crafted wand.

We still don't have gem details released before next league, but I have something like this in mind:

it gives you raw idea, and it shows +320k shaper dps for essence drain. I'm betting it would be even more for Soul Rend, but we gotta see!
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Have you had a chance to compare this build to the new patch notes?

From what I've seen there doesn't seem to be any loss in power rather it looks like this build will only be stronger.

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