[3.10] Fun with Nuclear Purity - 3.14 WIP (Waiting for balance update)

Welcome Exiles to the newest techonological discovery, The Nuclear Sentinels.

The idea is simple, we use Herald of Purity to spawn Sentinels that dies shortly after, dealing a good amount of Damage from Minion Instability followed by a caustic ground from Siegebreaker, both scaling very well with Minion life and minion damage

I did this in Blight SC

Pro's & Con's

+ Easy to start (2 Cheap mandatory unique)
+ Can be a League starter (Easy to get started)
+ Plays very actively
+ Play differentely then similar Meta Necro

- Damage is cluncky to get use to
- On the Slow side (Might be just me)
- End-game gear is costly?

Many items in the pastebin are possible, but be warned, I haven't try to get them. I currently planning it for 3.14 so these items are very likely to be reserved for the ultimate trader/crafters in the near futur (Impossible for 90% players). I have a feeling it will still be possible, but I can't be sure.



Skill gems

Herald Of Purity - Infernal Legion - Minion Life - Predator
5-6 links
Concentrated Effect - Minion damage
Here is a fun quirk I discovered while playing.
Normally, Sentinels from the Herald don't spawn if they do the killing blow or hit monsters (Most people already know that)
BUT, the damage from Siegebreaker caustic ground is considered YOUR kill, regardless of which minion dies.
In short, As long as Caustic ground kills an ennemy, you will spawn a Sentinel, even if its their caustic ground effect that does the killing

We use Predator so we can force our minion to go at bosses and rare instead of add-ons and white monsters. It was a problem VS Uber Elder and it give the same damage bonuses as most support gems.

Animated Wpn - Infernal Legion - Predator - Unleash
Because its life didn't change and with the new Physical Tag and minion helmet, we can make it pseudo 6link and level 28(29 corrupt) gem! :D

We use Unleash to have 4 Anime Wpn with 1 cast. By alternating with Bladefall and dodging, we have full charges often and we don't sacrifice DPS

We use Predator so we can force our minion to go at bosses and rare instead of add-ons and white monsters. It was a problem VS Uber Elder and it give the same damage bonuses as most support gems.

Bladefall - Unleash - Hextouch - Flamability
Its the best multi-hitting spells we can use. Each cast cast/hit from the spell as a 20% chance to spawn a Sentinel, very improtant vs bosses.
Also, we can target stuff from afar so its safer then most physical spells.

Cause melee is still underperforming, except from some specific build/gems

We use Unleash because we want to must amount of hits, we care less about the DPS. A single full charged Bladefall vs Boss is enough to get full Sentinel, even if you are unlucky, you will get at least 1.

Frost Blink - Second Wind
I've changed from Whrilwind attack to Frost blink because the instant casting allow us to cast Blade Fall or Animated weapon and teleport during the animation.

Lots of sustain, can get over 1k life regen and mana sustain is helpfull.

Passive Tree


WIP for 3.14


Phoenix Guardian Deathless

Extra Information
This is currently back into theorycrafting
Many items are still possible, but I am unsure how available and pricy they are.
If you have better option to make it budget friendly or you are able to minmax it out to ridiculous point, feel free to share.

Atziri (Deathless)
Red Elder
Minotaur Guardian
Hydra Guardian
Chimera Guardian
Pheonix Guardian (Deathless)

I can add more information via replies. I will edit this post in due times.

EDIT: Build creation started, more link to be added.
EDIT2: Passive and details added. First quick guide completed
EDIT3: Red Elder defeated - 3/4 Rare Guardians killed - Updated Passive
EDIT4: All Guardian kill - Shaper Kill
EDIT5: Extra Information updated

EDIT_6: Preping for 3.10
EDIT_7: Updated Gem Section - Updated Passive tree with Early Game Passive - Forum Post Clean up

EDIT_8: New paste Bin added, theorycrafting so use at your own risk.
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Reserved post
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First quick guide done
Don't hesitate to ask question or request clarification on the guide

Videos and Achievements will be updated when possible.

The build is also open for optimization since I'm not an expert. Just try to make sure the improvements are tested or can be verified. I don't have much currency to redo my whole passive tree on a "Maybe it will be a bit better"

Stay sane Exiles
So I'm stuck with Uber Elder.
So I'm guessing that either the build is bad, I'm bad at the game or Uber Elder is too BS for casual Exile.

I have not tried Uber Atziri due to lack of shards (Missing 2) so I do not know.

If you try it and find a solution, let me know.

Until 3.9 Exiles
Hmmm, interesting but you could use Cyclone with CWC + Desecrate+Spirit Offering to increase your survival. The counter of this is increased the time of your minion explode. One of two soluctions is change Spirit Offering for flesh offering or put many notable with Fortress Covenant.
I really like your option to use Flame Legion with the herald. Maybe this can work with Phantasms... I use skeletons and are amazing. Nice build, I really like different ideas.
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Cyclone with CWC is a bit too meta for my kind of play style. It would fix one of the problem, but I feel it would sacrifice the "Original and Fun" aspect of it.
Phantasm Support would be nice, but I'm not 100% sure where to place it since we don't have much 4link+ to work with. This would need more investigation.
Apparently it "adds" the minion tag to any linked active gems so it could be quite powerful on the Bladefall set-up if we have an pseudo 5-link.
Hey, what do you think of the Keynote "Necromantic Aegis" for the Unique Shield? It's pretty much everything you want in the build, as far as I see that.
ThePop98 wrote:
Hey, what do you think of the Keynote "Necromantic Aegis" for the Unique Shield? It's pretty much everything you want in the build, as far as I see that.

It gives a better sustain, but we lose overall defences.
Its a good budget friendly option for sure and its good for leveling and early farming, but it lose its usefulness in red maps (Can't really get healed if you get one-shot).

Leveling section will get updated when I do it for 3.9 and maybe some rare affix will fix the problem.
Quick Bump update
I have started to Play a spectral shield thrower. Main reason was I never played a Ranger before. When I start mapping with her, I will start a SSF version of this build to make a pseudo "League Starter"
With a Full Time job, it might take some time, but don't worry, it will be done.

Feel free to add suggestions or ask questions. I'm curious to know if someone else tried it and how it went.
Perparing for 3.10

If you have any tips or warnings, its a good time to share them.

Stay sane Exile

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