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Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
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If you could add my Saboteur Magma orb miner with sire of shards and MoM that would be great!
IGN: vieira
Serleth wrote:

I accept your demand and understand you complainment. I'll add the builds tomorrow.
Right now its a bit tricky with time management. This will change in late October when I'm home from London. :)

I should make a statement in the first post that updates are delayed.
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Sorry for the tone, though. That was uncalled for =(
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
Just added some videos to my guide so why not have it added to the list :)

Life/EB/MOM GC Miner:
Serleth wrote:
Sorry for the tone, though. That was uncalled for =(

From my side, all is good. I really do understand the demand. :)
You steped up und provided some help.
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here a list provides from u/empire_ (Reddit)
I will merge this over the next days into the list. I need to check every guide here to see if it fits the criterias.

Scorching Ray + Righteous Fire MoM Boss farmer 1.8mil DPS (Trickster) - ComradeSerge
MoM Essence Drain & Contagion [HC/SC/Uber Izaro/Uber Atziri/Shaper] (Trickster) - Ghazzy
[SC] Crit Dark Pact | ALL CONTENT VIABLE | (Assassin) - oniminion
SC/HC Essence Drain Progression - MoM to LL (Trickster) - Nedieth
CI Essence Drain Level100 Harbinger#1 (Trickster) - Koshiniki
HC/SC Nowlech's ED (LifeMoM/CI/LL) ~Shaper and Uber Atziri! Videos! (Trickster) - Nowlech
[Budget] Yet Another Blight Trickster[MoM Life/ES Hybrid] (Trickster) - Ravenstrider
Octavian's Blight Build - Cheap, tanky, effective, and scalable endgame. (Trickster) - Octavian0
Crit EK with MAX 3,9 mil DPS!, 5k HP+3k ES (Sharper kill video) (Assassin) - Plantator
[HC-SC]Tankster BV MoM Poison [crit/non crit] [270-468k damage] (Trickster) - Carrasco_Santo
Tri-Curse MoM ED/Contagion (HC) - Inya's Epiphany (Trickster) - JamesMMA
[Shaper Video][SC] Rune's Dark Pact - The Flagellant. (Trickster) - noescape80
Essence Drain (Trickster) - grymtolf
Blight & ED degen MoM tank - 750K on shaper (Trickster) - Marxone

CAST WHEN (crit/kill/channel/hit)
Cast on Melee Kill Dark Pact?! 2c Starter Budget?! 5 Million DPS Single Target?! (Assassin) - Yagamai
Cospri's Discharge | 1M Shaper damage PER CAST | 5M Shaper DPS (Assassin) - kaevix
The Snowblind Cospri CoC - Projectile based CoC || (Shaper & Guardians video) (Assassin) - Crovaxx
COCSMAN DISCHARGE - Uber atziri/Shaper/guardians easy - 2 mill+ dps vs shaper (Assassin) - ffoD
Demi's Cospri's Malice Discharge CI Build Guide (Assassin) - DeMiGodking102
Kitava's Spirit - Budget Multicast [Uber Farm capable] (Trickster) - Darekblitz9
Martyr of Kitava - Flame Surge Cast on Cast - Life/MoM/Crit (Trickster) - Sarodh1
Dual Cospri's CoC*MoM Tank*Shaper Viable NOT DISCHARGE (Assassin) - Insomniacsdream
Hb's CoC build guide (Assassin) - smileyhb
Charged Dash CWC Magma Orb - It's better than you think (Assassin) - squidyj
Cospri's & Inya's Discharge 3.0 (Assassin) - Cutterr

EK Trapper | Shaper down | good Clearspeed (Saboteur) - itsJumpy
Fire Nova Mine - Perfect League Starter - Low Budget - FAST - HC Viable (Saboteur) - KikosLive
The Shadow Clone Ninjutsu [SC/HC] (Saboteur) - Morphyne123
Kinetic Blast Mines MoM (Viable for 100 in HC) (Saboteur) - Details
Windz's GC Miner (HC/SC, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Guardian & Uber lab) (Saboteur) - windz
"Chin Sol Trapnel Shot" - 10c Budget, farm Atziri/Uber Lab/Early Red Maps (Saboteur) - Baldersh
Vieira's MoM Magma Orb Miner (Insane clear/ Guardians, Shaper and Uber viable) (Saboteur) - gvieira
Tremor Queen GC miner [HC/SC][Everything viable][Affordable] (Saboteur) - Scully
CI / low-life glacial cascade mines (Saboteur) - cha_siu_bao
Tri-Element Crit Trapper! [Fire/Ice/Shock Nova Trap build][Shaper Video] (Saboteur) - MrMoho
Burning Fire Trap - Set It and Forget It - 10c Starting Budget - SC/HC (Saboteur) - wmcwmc
GC Miner - Life / MoM / EB + The Covenant (Saboteur) - Jshanahan
Mirrow arrow/blink arrow trapper (Saboteur) - Ywinel
Life MoM Frost Cascade Miner (Viable for Everything) (Saboteur) - Tobias1501
Lightning Trap Indra's Chakra + MOM Speed clearer Updated (Saboteur) - Shodman
Skeleton Trap Dark Pact Miner (Saboteur) - Reizen
[STARTER]FROSTBolt KING - ATZ/uLAB /Guardians/Vaal Temple #CI/LIFE-MOM# (Saboteur) - Damiano_POL
FrostBolt Miner - Life/EB/MoM (Saboteur) - Donkeydk

Viper Strike crit poison over 1.1 million DPS on 5l (Assassin) - SmoczyArchaniol
The Azure Knight (Blade Flurry/Frost Blades/Life/Crit/Conversion) (Assassin) - Bristoling
Say_Ten's Melee Shadow - Murder Everything Cheaply (Assassin) - Say_Ten
The 1 True Flicker (Trickster) - silent1killer
SC CI Lightning Strike using HOWA under 2ex (Trickster) - Sadlight11
Plaje's growing agony viper strike (Trickster) - Legatus1982
[HC, Videos in Comments] Fidelitas's Cyclone--Uber Iz down (Trickster) - Orion72
AsStarforge 2H Crit Lacerate 3.0 (Assassin) - Beastoeast
CI, 9k+ ES/49%Evade Hybrid Flicker Strike 2mill+ DPS (Trickster) - Toma_Hawk
CI HOWA Lightning Strike/Blade Flurry (Trickster) - Mmhumm
Second Stage 3M+ POISON DPS Viper Strike theory (Assassin) - kenhoyt
How to Flicker. Terminus Est (Trickster/Assassin) - Quadraxis1

Frosty's Spectral Throw [Video] (Assassin) - WayTooFrosty
[SC] Caustic Arrow CI Ninja T16+ (Trickster) - Zybeline2
Sidefx Cthulhu Arrow (CA) T15+ UberLab (Shaper & Uber Atziri down) (Trickster) - Sidefx06
Poison/Bleed Tornado Shot (budget friendly) (Assassin) - gamboy
Barrage Tempest ,Fast Clear Speed 854K Dps [Poor Man's Doomflech Prism] (Assassin) - canjp
[SC-HC] Trickstal Explosive Arrow [MoM + Life Leech to HC][High DPS] (Trickster) - Carrasco_Santo

Siege Ballista 2M+ DPS /Shaper viable/ +Budget gear options (Assassin) - iBrokenWings

Herald Bomber Cascade | Fast Clear Speed (Assassin) - solencen
Abberath's Herald Of Destruction - Autobombing Wraeclast (Assassin) - shukolade
Hybrid Righteous Fire (5000+ ES/sec sustained regeneration) (Trickster) - i3igpete
MoM RF - 106K DoT dps (Trickster) - eraserhead_
LL RF in depth overview [HC/SC/Uber farmer/t16] (Trickster) - djfang
HC/SC Mind Over Matter Righteous Fire (Trickster) - Demental
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All Updates are delayed for the next two weeks. I'm in preperation of my vacation and next week not at home.

I try to get most of the mentioned builds included.
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