[3.0] Charged Dash CWC Magma Orb - It's better than you think


Perhaps you’d like to clear things quickly but you also hate yourself and your eyes and ears? Perhaps you are wondering what build is correct to demonstrate your own self-loathing? Look no further! Charged Dash CWC Magma Orb has everything you need!


A simple demo of the playstyle in a not particularly interesting map, not meant to be a showcase of build power.



+ Magma Orbs
+ Charged Dash!
+ Clear speed is actually really nice!
+ The Boss DPS is quite acceptable as well (as much as 1m)


- Needs a weapon swap for single target (that’s 2 6ls)
- Not super tanky
- Need to get used to positioning your cursor at the correct distance for the magma orb nova.

Strategy and Playstyle

What you want to do with this build is to channel charged dash until you fire Magma Orbs then release and repeat, using charged dash to propel you through the map and leaving fiery wreckage in your wake. In breaches and against Harbingers you can simply continue channeling until everything in range is dead. A key note is that the range at which your first bounce occurs is determined by cursor distance from you when you start channeling, you want that distance to be close enough that you don't miss nearby monsters while maximizing your ultimate range with the magma orbs.



Pastebin link for Path of Building

Bandits: Alira


All we’re doing in this skill tree is picking up as much damage, crit multi and life as we can while hitting Vaal Pact and the jewel sockets we need to be able to use 2x Inevitability. There aren’t any Keystones we need to take here beyond Vaal Pact.
Note: For those wondering originally I had taken the AoE clusters but between Dying Sun and 2x Inevitability the impact of those clusters on Orb Radius proved to be less than exceptional, as such I focused on obtaining more damage and life by picking up jewel sockets and dealing with Alira instead of Eramir. JEWELS

Jewels are very simple, a life affix and 2 or more damage affixes will work out very nicely. Prioritize increased damage over crit multi as we wind up with a significant amount of crit multi from tree already. Cannot be Cursed with Silence on one jewel is vital as well.




Sire of Shards is the primary weapon for clearing, it gives us the ability to fire a nova of aoe projectiles as we charged dash through the map. Unfortunately it’s only contribution damage is a maximum 100% increased projectile damage. As such we run a Pledge of Hands in a weapon swap to be able to quickly and easily burn bosses.


The important thing in the helm is picking up the Magma Orb chains 2 additional times enchantment. This lets our Magma Orbs hit a much further distance away and can help a little bit with bosses by giving a larger zone of coverage with our orbs making it easier to multi-hit.


Queen of the Forest is required in order to attain the movement speed we want for clearing with charged dash.


A good pair of rare evasion gloves are all we really need here. We can also craft with essence of insanity and put a secondary movement skill in here to make crossing empty space faster.


Rare evasion boots with as much movement speed as we can get and the 0.6% of life and mana leech if you’ve killed recently enchantment are what we’re looking for here.


A rare Amulet with life, resists, and damage on it works well here, At the high end of gear we can use Xoph’s Blood.


We use rings to pile on more resists and life and to shore up any strength or dexterity we may be lacking.


We want a Heavy Belt. Belt of the Deceiver can help with a little damage against bosses but a rare belt provides better defences, particularly life. Ultimately a good Hysteria Heavy Belt would provide the best of both worlds.


We manage to cap crit against targets that are on full life and low life (while at max power charges) but for bosses that in-between can be a lot of life so we run a diamond flask because crits are just that much better, additionally we need the freeze removal on one of our rare flasks. Quicksilver of Adrenaline and Jade of Reflexes give us a lot of additional speed and defense and Dying Sun is required to give us our clear speed. Finally we keep one life flask that has staunching on it.


Clearing Setup
Magma Orb > Cast While Channelling > Charged Dash (level 1) > Elemental Focus > Controlled Destruction > Fire Penetration

For Clearing we just take the CWC setup and the best damage gems we have access to. It’s possible to run Lesser Multiple Projectiles but it’s a significant damage loss for a small gain in clearing once we have 2x Inevitability and Dying Sun. If you don’t have Dying Sun you should think about running LMP but 9 projectiles seems to be plenty.

Boss Setup
Magma Orb > Slower Projectiles > Elemental Focus > Fire Penetration > Arcane Surge > Controlled Destruction

This setup is what we run in Pledge of Hands, if you have a different staff you will want to put Spell Echo in before Controlled Destruction. Slower Projectiles is very important here because it allows multiple bounces of magma orb to hit the boss giving us a very respectable damage output.

CWDT Setup
Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Increased Duration > Vaal Grace

Here we have a cwdt setup and Vaal Grace benefitting from the Increased Duration. We keep CWDT and Immortal Call at very low level here.

Mobility Setup

Lightning Warp > Swift Affliction > Less Duration > Faster Casting

Even though our primary skill is a movement skill and we obtain a significant amount of movement speed it’s still not very fast and a lot of our speed relies on maintaining flasks, If we have to run through empty space it’s easier to cast a few lightning warps. This could also be a leap slam setup with fortify, particularly if you get Insanity gloves.

Aura Setup
Grace > Warlord’s Mark > Blasphemy

Grace gives evasion which assists in defense and movement speed while Warlord’s Mark provides leech in situations where we haven’t killed recently.

Flame Golem > Cast When Damage Taken > Blind > Fortify

Flame Golem is on CWDT because constant resummoning is frustrating. We support it with blind to further benefit from our evasion and fortify helps keep the golem alive.

This leaves a few links free and available for use. You can use these to level other gems like empower.


The tree is pretty straightforward. You tend to want to work your way towards the two jewel sockets near Witch start and Mind Over Matter so that you can socket 2x Inevitability and start using magma orb
I suggest leveling with a standard firestorm leveling setup until you can socket both inevitabilities at which point you can switch to self-cast Magma Orb or continue with Firestorm. If you choose to self-cast Magma Orb Lesser Multiple Projectiles can help you cover a wider area and can be swapped with slower projectiles when clearing bosses. At 49 you can equip Sire of Shards and start using CWC Charged Dash. Again you can run Lesser Multiple Projectiles and Slower Projectiles as gem swaps to improve your clear and damage while levelling.

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I'm making a character with this build - have you tried farming uber lab with yours?

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