[3.2] Trickster, The 1 True Flicker

Let me first start out by saying this is my first build guide ever so I am obviously open to any sort of constructive criticism about the guide or build it self. I am not a seasoned veteran like most of these build makers are so I am well aware that there is room for improvement. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way let's get to it.

If you look at my profile you will see I have played 5 different flicker builds this league alone and have found this is by far my favorite. The main point being you are a trickster which means not only +1 to Frenzy and Power charges AND extra generation of the 2 BUT most importantly.. NO COST FOR FLICKER!! This also provides another added bonus of your choice of buffs for reserving 100% of your mana. I'm sure you are sick of reading as I am the same way so here is the build.

-Great single target as well
-Easy to level and play
-Most fun you will ever have

-Physical reflect is a no go
-No leech mods are a no go
-Can induce headaches (so i've heard)
-Parties hate you

3.2 UPDATE 3/19/18
I have started this build again and let me say it feels stronger than ever. INSANELY fast! Here is what I am running at lvl 73:

4500 Life, been running around t6 maps to level and still yet to die (since maps). Damage is insane just clearing everything in sight. Can perma flicker on bosses, just need uber lab to get stun immune but still not a huge issue.

UPDATE 9/12/17
I have switched out a few items for a much tankier option but loose a bit of damage. I have switched out Abyssus for Starkonjas for extra crit chance which helps with perma frenzy on bosses as well as nice life. Also switched out Kaom's Roots for a nice pair of rare boots with high res, life, and movement speed (makes your flicker faster kinda like atk speed). This CAN also allow you to get a pure dps ring assuming your resists are capped on everything else. With the new boots comes 4 more sockets which I used for a CWDT setup with immortal call and vaal haste (since we arent restricted from mana leech, atk speed is a huge bonus for us). Also moved some gems around so I could link Leap Slam with faster attacks which feels much better.


The tree also needed minor changes due losing Kaom's Roots. Now instead of grabbing the big life wheel by scion we stop at the Jewel socket and go down to grab Unwavering Stance and the Bloodless Life wheel below it.

Hope this helps and again, I am usually available on my stream or in game for any questions.

Update 9/16/17
I have updated the passive tree because everyone kept asking about changes that were already done XD sorry about that. Also, I GOT A HEADHUNTER!! This build is stupid fast now, HIGHLY recommend it if you can afford it obviously. Thanks for all the support and glad you all enjoy the build.

The gear is pretty much preference to be honest minus 1, The Terminus Est. As we are a crit build this is non negotiable.
Here is my current Gear and will explain below.

Great option if you can handle the loss of stats

Helm: I chose Abyssus because of the insane damage increase but the downside being we take more physical damage. You can also use
for the tankier option or even switch to this for bosses if you are having issues. A nice rare helm is also an option to help with more life and/or help cap resists.

Chest: It's hard not to use Kaoms but is not required. Can use a nice rolled Rare or
to help mitigate the extra physical damage taken from Abyssus or can use Belly of the Beast for obvious reasons. If you do go that route you can also put your Ancestral Warchief gems in for huge damage boost.

Gloves: You have a few options such as
or obviously Atziri's Acuity (I tried these on my flicker Slayer but was not impressed as it felt like the heals were not being recorded properly with the crits.. or that's me just being picky) but I find Rare gloves to be best.

Boots: As you can see I like Kaom's Roots for 3 reasons. 1- +1 Frenzy on them is cheap due to Divination card. 2- Really high life, which is nice since if you use bisco's like me you lose life there as well as no life on Abyssus. 3- Free unwavering stance. All seem pretty nice to me but you can use a nice pair of Rare boots to help with resists as well as more gem sockets for say a CWDT setup.

Weapon.. Yup Terminus and the crit chance is MOST IMPORTANT.

Amulet and Rings: I recently got talked into using Bisco's as I mainly use this character for mapping but can use a rare amulet. The stats you are looking for are Life, Resists, Phys damage, and crit chance if possible. Crit multi on the amulet is really important, and if you can afford a nice 1 with +1 frenzy charges.. I hate you.

Belt: Pretty straight forward, life and resists and if it can helped a Rustic Sash. The obvious argument could be to use Headhunter but as I am broke and can not afford one nor could i spare the resists, I do not use one. If you can make it work then power to you and you no longer need my help.

Flasks: Also pretty straight forward with a few exceptions.
Highly suggest because those bleeds HUUUUURT and its like a panic button.
This as well because we need the crit and freeze immunity. Other 3 is just more damage and can swap out accordingly.

Jewels: By order of importance - % Max Life or Crit multi, Phys damage, attack speed, crit chance.
Take resists and attributes as needed.

Gem Setup
In the terminus I use Flicker Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Melee Splash + Multistrike + Increased Critical Strikes + and for your 6 link you can use fortify or Ruthless.

For the helm I have my buffs and leap slam together which I will explain later. Herald of Ash + Hatred + Herald of ice (lot of fun) or switch out for Arctic Armour + is Leap Slam.

For the gloves I have Ice Golem (more crit) + Blood Rage + Ancestral Warchief, and all linked with Blood Magic BECAUSE we are reserving 100% mana so all 3 of these have to be used with blood magic which is also why Leap slam can't be used with fortify or faster attacks because we simply don't have enough sockets. With that being said it is not a problem at all.

Leveling (sorry it took so long)
As I mentioned, leveling with this character is extremely easy. Grab your standard leveling gear to begin and switch things out as needed for life and resists. Your weapons are most important because they are what makes everything simple.
At level 22 you grab Edge of Madness and the game becomes a piece of cake.
At 28 you should do your normal lab or ask someone to run you through it if you can't. Grab the walk the ether node and then grab cyclone and enjoy. And remember, since our movement skills (cyclone, flicker, leap slam) cost no mana we can reserve 100% of our mana! So make sure you take advantage of it with some buffs. I use Hatred, Herald of Ashe and Herald of Ice for those gg shatter explosions.
At level 40 you grab this beast of a weapon, The Cauteriser.
Then at 51 you grab the whole point of this build, Terminus Est.
Now, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is the crit chance on your terminus.
Always get 75%, if you can afford it. If you want to flicker at this point then you can but will be difficult depending on your gear to sustain frenzy charges. If you notice your character stop flickering and it goes on cooldown that is because you have run out of frenzy charges and you do not have enough chance to generate them, whether it be from on kill or on crit. You can either stack more crit on items or use Blasphemy with Poachers Mark. From there you just follow my gear choices or use as an example and find better options. Be sure to check update section for changes or can always view my profile to see what I am currently using.

Here is my Path of Building link https://pastebin.com/ZmDVV89h And for those of you who don't have it, my dps is showing as over 1M against shaper/guardians.

Sorry if I am missing key points and I realize there is not a lot of information here. I WILL BE ADDING VIDEOS AS SOON AS I CAN. Please leave any questions comments or concerns in the comments below. I can also be reached in game, just look at my character name on my profile or feel free to come check out my stream https://www.twitch.tv/sinners_tv

Please be nice XD
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Hi, nice guide so far.

I have played quite a bit in this league and am now searching for "something else".
However i'm playing hc exclusively and in the past flicker wasn't really something one would describe as safe. So my question is: are you dying and if yes, do you think you could prevent yourself from dying by sacrificing offence for defence?
I would use Enfeeble Blasphemy as an example.

And do you think Walk the Aether is enough of a reason to skip the *ss whooping that is slayer?
Let's start with the slayer part. If you have looked at my profile you can see I have played the slayer version and even with Atziri's Acuity and STILL did not like it as much as this one. The "OP" slayer leech is not all it's hyped up to be and I could imagine definitely so for HC. Now yes you do get free splash and cull but those do not out shine not only free flicker and leap slam which in turn means being able to reserve 100% of your mana BUT you also get +1 frenzy AND power charges which is a lot more damage and crit chance to help sustain on bosses. Not to mention that same ascendency node gives more chance to generate those charges. I've noticed i can sustain both charges at max after first pack even with taking off blood rage (after first pack of course).

Now as for HC.. I am not a HC player AT ALL, mainly because some things in this game are out of my control such as lag or crashing or game errors. With that being said, I think it CAN be done.. Not saying it should be but i am saying it can. You need to find a fix for reflect mobs which i think you can do with Pantheon points and that ring that gives reflect reduction. Also you would need to replace abyssus with a rare helm or Starkonjas. Maybe switch out some damage nodes for more life nodes.. I don't know, as I said I am not a HC player so I am not the best equipped to answer this question. Hope this helps
Hi i returned to PoE after a long time and i'm currently leveling a toon so i can try this build.

my question is what did you do with the bandits?
Leveling is something I liked most about this build and sorry I did not put it in there. Bandits I grabbed Alira for the crit multi and resists. Also, to level, use Edge of Madness at 22 and The Cauteriser at 40. Then switch to Terminus when you can.

Level with cyclone until you have enough crit to sustain frenzy and get normal lab done ASAP so you can free cyclone and/or flicker
Cool build. Was looking to throw the rest of my currency this league at a flicker build and came across this one. I had planned on going Slayer but I think you've convinced me to go Trickster.

Seeing as you are running Kaom's Roots, you may as well pick up Iron Reflexes for a point and gain around 8% physical damage reduction.

Also, I'm kind of curious on how you deal with the random reflect mob in a map. Does it not one shot you?

Lastly, for 2 points in the shadow area (or 3 in ranger) you can drop in an inspired learning jewel for some fun.
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Well thank you for the support first of all and you are right about Iron reflexes, i will have to try it out. As for reflect, I do die to reflect but ONLY if the reflect boss is not surrounded by mobs, otherwise with your splash and vaal pact you do not get 1 shot but it is scary to watch lol.
I currently run this build, after checking out all the streaming (build poster streams all his current builds for any interested in seeing it live action) of it that my guild mate has done. I lvl'd up through the acts with only 1 death using this build. Currently running content 8 levels above my own level with ease. This is by far the fastest and most fun to play, ROFL, build I've ever played in PoE to date. One of the greatest things about this build: full map clears with max debuffs in under 3-4 minutes. Cheers
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I am having issues crit-ing reliably on single monsters at 0 charges... i just attack 3 times and afk and die in 1 second. dont know how this is viable in the long run
The first pack is the hardest but once you get your 5 power charges its easy. What I do is just pop full flasks on first pack and they all blow up giving frenzy and power charges. OR you can grab
and generate your charges before going in to the pack. Running this setup on weapon swap you no longer need to run blood rage either since it was just to help with generation. Hope this helps but I am not having these issues so could also be gear.

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