[3.0] Essence Drain Trickster

Hello this is my take on ED in 3.0

i use this for T13-14 maps and for my boss killer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2005041

So i dont know what makes this special or whats the diffrence between other builds.
I just know what i want to play and make a build of i in path of building.

Well this isnt super speed farmer or the tankiest build out there. But it can do all map mods and have a solid clear speed.

I choosed trickster since i love having charges and i wanted to try out the changed trickster.

Skill Tree (Level 88):

Kill all


I went for a skin of the loyal for +1 gems = more dot dps

Best amulet out there for mapping! =)

Atziri boots for more dodge and evasion. +1 frenzy charge isnt required but a nice extra damage.

Random rare helmet with essence drain damage

Weapons. Council mace + decay weapon. Nothing much to say just dps =)

And for the rest random rare items i had to cap resistence and get some more life.

Only flask worth mention in this build.
I use 6 jewels in this build. Damage over time, Spell damage while dual wielding and Max Hp.
Theese jewels are cheap. i havent payed more than 15c for each.

Gem links:

6L:Essence drain+ controlled dextruction+ void mani+ swift affliction+ efficacy+ empower
On my char i have level 21 ED and level 4 Emp. Not by far needed but i like damage =)
3L: Contagion, Inc Aoe, Arcane surge level 8
Costs 41 mana to cast and arcane surge proccs at 41 mana. perfect!
3L: Wither+ Spell totem+ faster casting
Boss setup just for that extra sweet damage.
I allso running Grace and arctic armour nothing else. No fancy dual curse.

Path of builing:

I went alittle heavy on damage on this char.
Damage with no charges, no flask and white level 83 mob:
113240 dot dps

Damage with charges, no flask and white level 83 mob:
163032 dot dps

Damage with charges, flask and white level 83 mob:
220256 dot dps

Against shaper with flask and charges:
133333 dot dps

Against shaper with no charges:
92879 dot dps.
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