[3.2 Viable] Sidefx Cthulhu Arrow (CA) Destroy Shaper and Elder Maps!

Hello, I'm Sidefxmayinclde
I wanted to play a DoT build but also wanted to be a special snowflake and not play ED/Contagion so I started to look at Caustic Arrow. While trying to figure out how to best scale the skill I also wanted something very safe to play as well. I really hope you guys enjoy!
This guide will be updated overtime with more information as I progress into the league.
UPDATE:1 - Everything here is good to go in 3.0 (uber atziri and shaper videos coming)
UPDATE:2 - Everything is good for 3.1 nothing has changed much. Will update the amazing shaper/elder items found for the build during the league!

PoB Trickster CA

Occultist version
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1886332 Gem links will be updated in 3.0 as we play further into it. Currently all links are still very strong.

This build focuses on damage over time mechanics in the game while also having AMAZING ES regen start time/speed
If you enjoy being able to rush into massive packs and kill them all without trying and not ever coming close to death then this is the build for you. This build farms Uber lab and all map tiers, no doubt in my mind that it would also farm shaper. So im going to say now this build can clear all content but not without a decent wallet. There is also a budget version below as well.

This build is Softcore and Hardcore Viable

Any questions please feel free to ask on my stream! Www.twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde or Click this image! please dont forget to FOLLOW to know when i go live!


Not that expensive to get going
Super relaxed play style
High content with low gear


Boring without MTX
Slower playstyle
To min max will cost you a lot of currency
Crafting the god bow is tons of RNG

Bandits :

+2 Skill points

Required Uniques/current rares:
(You will have to have non relic in 3.0) Relic Version has 70% FASTER start of energy shield recharge meaning less time needed before it starts refilling

So you don't get stunned
50% increased energy shield recharge rate meaning it fill up faster also to counter the 40% less speed from quiver making it 10% faster!
Intuitive Leap Jewel

My current rares

Basic Es helm Aim for the enchant 40% increased caustic arrow damage (cheap as the skill is not popular) Es/Res priority

Basic Es chest Es/Res priority 5l is perfect 6l doesn't offer more damage

Basic Es gloves Es/Res priority ( might have to get stats you are missing here Dex ect.)

Basic Es boots Es/Res/Movespeed priority

These could be tricky you want Res/Es and stats dex ect.
while also using a to roll %chaos damage
Jewel examples:

How to craft the perfect bow (NOT CHEAP)

HUGE shout out to my boy https://www.twitch.tv/xxtremetv for holding my hand while doing this go follow him as well!
Step 1: buy a white or yellow non corrupted 6l bow best base for CA is Steelwood or harbinger (about 20c)
Step 2: Slap a essence of delirium on it (pray that it rolls with only 2 Suffix (the 750 dot and 1 other best would be resistance) If it did not roll with only 2 suffix re delirium it (cannot have more then 2 suffix including the 750 dot)
Step 3: Take your bow to a Tora 8 and use the 2 ex craft SUFFIX Cannot be changed
Step 4: Scour the bow it will be left with only the suffixes
Step 5: Take your bow to Cata 8 and use the 1 ex craft Cannot roll attack mods
Step 6: Slam you will 100% get +1 to bow socket gems since that is the only non attack prefix when all 3 suffixes are now blocked Res or w.e you/the 750 delirium and now the Craft
Step 7: Remove the craft
Step 8: Take your bow to Leo 3 (pvp guy) and Craft 30% in creased damage over time (prefix)
Step 9: You should now have 1 open prefix and 1 suffix
Step 10 Optional: You could now double slam and PRAY for a +2 socketed bow skill gems (prefix) and another res in the open slots (if you get those both You just got a mirror worthy bow...)

END RESULT should look sexy like this:
This is with a double slam i got Acc and the +1 to bow :)

Budget version
For quiver buy the regular unique version of Soul Strike (80% faster start)
For Bow buy 6 "the porcupine divination cards" This gives you a ilv50 6l white short bow and you can use a delirium and take w.e you get example:
or buy a Darkscorn bow a very good league starter choice.

Stat Priority/Flask

Stat Priority: ES - Elemental Resistances - Dex

Flasks :

Gem links
6l Setup: Bow
NOTE: Rapid Decay got renamed to Swift Demise in 3.0

Doesn't need to be linked

4Link Setups :

Trickster: Patient Reaper - Swift Killer - Ghost Dance - Shade Form

How to level
Level 1-12
To level from 1 to 12 use Freezing Pulse or if you have 2 Lifesprigs you can use Blight too. When you hit Level 12 get Essence Drain as Quest Reward from Nessa.

Level 13-38
We now have access to the most of the gems we need.
Chest: Essence Drain - Void Manipulation - Rapid Decay - Controlled Destruction
If you have a Tabula and at least one Elreon Jewelry you can add Slower Projectiles
Wither Totem: Wither - Spell Totem - Faster Casting
Contagion: Contagion - Faster Casting - Void Manipulation
at 38 equip "The Gull" amazing helm that gives huge boost to ES and fun!


65 point starter tree:
65 point life start - http://poeurl.com/bpLP

115 point tree:
Trickster Endgame:http://poeurl.com/bD2H

My other builds if you are intrested

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I would really like to try out a life version of this to try out the new trickster and CA improvements... can you help me with a tree and what gear to use?
GamerBeast wrote:
I would really like to try out a life version of this to try out the new trickster and CA improvements... can you help me with a tree and what gear to use?

If im awake early enough tomorrow before launch. i will try and upload a 115 life tree version gear wise you might need to think deep into ;)
This build looks great, will try it when the patch hits. Many thanks for a guide.

Unfortunately, POEURL link doesn't work.
the ascendancy nodes listed are for occultist i'm guessing you copy pasted haha Dx
IGN: @Steppy
Steppy wrote:
the ascendancy nodes listed are for occultist i'm guessing you copy pasted haha Dx

Yes i did haha sorry The tree is different tho xD will fix thanks
Hey all, we had a long 12 hour stream today. Yes i know all the tree links are broken due to PoE Planner being broken. If you go to Twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde where i have my stream replaying atm. You can type !frostblades and !caustic for all the fix trees. Thank you! see you all tomorrow.
Hi! All links are in working order, also im going to be going live in a couple min so please come on over to Twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde make your self at home and we can discuss w.e questions you have on the builds. See you there!
hey dude, first time trying ca, so i got some questions for you :D

when do you think its effective to start using ca?
when do you think its worth to swap to CI?
sup side! doin this build as starter!
now we have the life tree, but, the itens are the same? yellows and unics? ty bro!

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