[3.2 Viable] Sidefx Cthulhu Arrow (CA) Destroy Shaper and Elder Maps!

Thank you :) I found a helmet with Blasphemy lvl 22 on socketed curse, any idea about what could replace blasphemy since I don't need the gem anymore ?
hi, i'm a new player, i'm at leveling and i have a question, i put pierce with my CA setup but arrow dont looks to pierce, is pierce works on CA? thanks a lot:)
Sidefx06 wrote:
For those who have been wondering I have been taking a break from PoE for now, (not done) other things going on with life, I hope the community we have created on the forums will be able to answer anyone's questions.

Would be fair to put that in your topic start instead of the small update lines like:
3.1 compatible.

I've played your build in 3.0 and by then it was already severely lacking in updates. Saying this is updated for 3.1 is just false advertising...
Hey all!!

I will be playing 3.2 on launch all day @ https://www.Twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde, if anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer but I have been away from poe for a little now, but will do my best. See you all Friday! Hope you all have been well!!

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