[3.2 Viable] Sidefx Cthulhu Arrow (CA) Destroy Shaper and Elder Maps!

Question, isnt it better to play with a +2bow gems as a cheap option? Or is Delirium so much better?

Questen 2 Where the heck do i put the jewel "Intuitive Leap". And what do i skill then with it?

Im so confused
I think the +1 curse is for the flask
Could this be used as a starting off weapon? and would it last me a while until I make a "gg" bow?
I fail to see how this build would work in hardcore and I already regret leveling to 68 and investing currency in the character.

When you link the items you say "Basic rare helmet" but there's basically not a single helmet that good on hardcore league right now and I can't even imagine how expensive it would be. Going for weaker ones would make hitting the resistance cap almost impossible with those uniques. I would need some 2ex rings I guess. And also you fail to take so many stats that are required for the bow and gems. Very disappinted that this wont work on a budget contrary to your false advertising.
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Sorry if u already answered this question, but what are the skills u use by name?(I'm a begginer sorry)
In your PoB link you have exactly 37 Strength on your gear, while the gems you have on you require 155. Where do you get 118 Strength from? Out of your ass? Please stop making troll builds that are literally science fiction. Could you please shed some light into this?

Thank you.

LATER EDIT: I have browsed through almost all the pages on this thread. You literally refuse to answer any build question and you sometimes tell them to tune on your steam to ask the question, so obviously you just care about getting viewers and not helping the community.
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Hi I'm following this build, lvl 83, so far so good, thanks for this. But I really don't understand why we can't put blink arrow on an unset ring (elem resist + chaos damages as suffixes). Then, about essence drain on a 6s 6l body armor you can : add empower, replace swift by efficacy (I tested that on PoBuilding you get 20/25% more damages on hit and keep same DoT damages), and maybe even switch pierce to swift before facing a boss/PVP (+40% damages on the DoT). And it's pretty easy to stay at 75/75/76% elem res + 220ish DEX this way. (I'm a complete beginner on PoE (started last week, first character) so maybe what I'm saying is pure shit xD)
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not bad for a beginner! youre totally right, you could put blink arrow on an unset ring if you can get one that is good enough. There are plenty of gems to add to the Essence drain setup, empower, efficacy like you said even lesser multiple proj would add quality of life, which you can do if you find that good unset ring you mentioned.
For those who have been wondering I have been taking a break from PoE for now, (not done) other things going on with life, I hope the community we have created on the forums will be able to answer anyone's questions.
Destreaga wrote:
Would you recommend the occultist for HC version no matter what or do you think that the trickster version is just so much better?

this ?
and life base tree ?

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