[3.0] Viper Strike crit poison Assasin over 1.1 million DPS on 5l

It seams that I'm addicted to creating new builds in PoE.
That combined with the fact that I had a month free from work resulted in 8 characters this league.
It's my pleasure to share them with you.
Also a disclaimer, I'm not saying that these builds are only done by me, only that I have created them by myself and are my take on the skill presented.
As always I enjoy improving my builds, so if you have any suggestions or questions please write them down bellow.

This build is an Assassin named __The_Viper__ focusing on dealing massive poison damage with critical strikes via Viper Strike gem.
Main uniques are

6l on 5l also a lot of poison damage and duration

With nice dps and crit also a lot of life regen.
This build can do maps up to tier 15 fairy easily.
I did not try it on guardians and shaper but I am afraid it can be to easily one-shoted.
It's my 5th build this league.

Skill tree, bandits

First easiest way, link for Path of building, it's an amazing tool and I encourage you to download and use it :)

And the simple skill tree


Bandits are currently very weak, just kill them all.


First get unstable infusion for free power charge generation.
Next go for Noxious Strike and Toxic Delivery.
Lastly get Deadly Infusion.


Soul of Arakaali with reduced damage over time, avoid lightning damage, reduced shock and all other upgrades is the best.
For the minor i went with Soul of Ralakesh.
Because we deal only small hits, reflect doesn't affect as almost at all.

Current Equipment










DPS form Path of Building

Leveling tips

Someone asked me yesterday about some tips for leveling this character, so I decided to share them on forum.

As for the skill at the beginning, Viper strike is a single target, so just taking it from the start is a bit inefficient until you can get melee splash.
I just picked up blight, since shadow gets a lot of chaos and over time damage from the very start.
Then when you get a good dagger or claw, transit to viper strike.

A good one unique for leveling are
Al Dhih https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Al_Dhih
Mightflay https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Mightflay
and Arakaali's Fang https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Arakaali%27s_Fang
up to lvl 65 when you get your Bino's.

As for the links it would be
Viper strike - melee splash - lesser poison (100% poison) - multi strike - added chaos damage - Vile toxins
in that order of importance or all if you have tabula.

About the skill tree, first go right for the chaos and over time damage nodes, it's so strong that it will probably take you up to 40's, next go for at least most of the life nodes and some regen or get a Kikazaru ring https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Kikazaru.
It gives 1 live regen per level, so from the start 20 life regen per second.

Hope that will be helpful to you :)
Ah, and a general tip:
In act 8 after killing Doedre go right.
Do all quests for skill points, then to solaris.
Through the harbor bridge and then back to bath house to the high gardens.
That is more efficient since there are no skill point quests on the left.

My builds

[2.5] Shotgun Crit Arctic Breath Life Regen Inquisitor

[3.0] Death's Oath CI Occultist

[3.0] Alleopathy Blight Occultist

[3.0] Non-crit non-Vaal Dark Pact Berserker 9.5k hp Shaper down

[3.0] Doryani's Fist Touch pure lightning non-crit Hierophant

[3.0] Cyclone Hyaron's Fury

[3.0] Viper Strike crit poison Assasin over 1.1 million DPS on 5l

[3.0] Glacial Hammer Staff Champion 650k dps

[3.0] Scion Self-cast Crit 15 proj. Spark Beachhead farmer

[3.0] Cold snap build idea
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Seems nice! I'll probably try it. What gem should i use if i have a 6L chest? A video would be awesome to see it working.

It would be added chaos damage to get it to 1.74 million dps.
Also forgot to lvl up my gems in path of building so it would be actually over 1.186 M dps on 5l.
Changed skill tree a bit and played in path of building for a moment.
And you can definitely get it even higher with better eq.
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How much life do you have? can you put an SS of the status of your char?

Still need jewels and lvls, but yes, 4.6k
For now does fine up to T12
Nice build! Will u add some videos? Do u feel urself good without vaal pact? And will this build viable for T16+?
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As I said in introduction, don't think that with the current HP it's viable for guardians, at least without dying.
If you stack up poisons on them and dodge their attack you should kill them, even if you attack only half of the time (so 550k dps).
Still I would change it to have more life first.
About the video...
Don't have any program for recording, and I'm a little bit to lazy for that for now.
If I do any video it would probably be for spark or death's oath.
Also glad this caught someone attention :)
Thanks for the replies and still hope someone would post any suggestions how to improve those builds.

Edit: forgot, bandits are currently weak, kill them all
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HC viable??
With my internet connection, I will never even try to play HC so don't really know, if you played it, you can probably guess if this build can be made HC viable or not
Are there any unique helmets you would suggest other than the one you posted?

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