[3.0] Viper Strike crit poison Assasin over 1.1 million DPS on 5l

The helmet is core item for damage, if you look at it in path of building you will see that it gives 36+% of our damage. It's like another link for the skill.
On the rings Can i throw in a Void for the fricken stacks or should i not worry about it since we have the huge %s from passives for bleed and psn
I don't quite understand what you mean.
If you want Voidheart https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Voidheart, then we already have over 100% chance to poison and bleed, we don't need that much. It's always on at boss fights.
Any other helms u would recommend for hc since abysus is such a risking item
Hi, may I know why you are using The Unshattered Will? Can we use others shield?
maybe starkonja or rat nest but that is a lot less dmg
about shield sure you can, that harbinger provides additional damage mitigation, that is all.
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Why does blastphemy and vulernbilty or any curse reduce the damage from this build? i checked using path of building
There is a vulnerability in witchfire brew so maybe you somehow disabled it?
It's lvl 21.
Would u recommend going blastphermy and vulernabity if u dont have witch flask>
grace provides a lot of survi, otherwise clarity... what about mana sustain???
if you think that you can do without clarity, then sure

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