[3.0] Viper Strike crit poison Assasin over 1.1 million DPS on 5l

Whats the deal with charged dash on cast on damage taken? and does shock increase dot damage from viper and if so could u go vaal lighting trap
Charged dash for going through the obstacles.
Yes, shock will increase the damage by 15% but i'm just to lazy to use it :P
when should i swap out lesser poison?
Can you please look at my build followed skill tree and equip but DPS is showing really low. Character name is EzekeAsakura to pull up the characters type ZekeAsakura. I know I don't have flasks enabled and gems but damage shouldn't be so drastically different.
get a better Bino, change tree a bit and get later get some jewels.
also keep immortal call on low lvl, use wither totem on bosses and ice golem all the time, maybe in high lvl cwdt.
also get more accuracy.
Still missing some crit on that tree but it's ok now I hope
Hi there,

Im really noobish, this is the first character im leveling. Now I'm level 53 and am strugglin really hard against Bosses, since most of them resist chaos. Do you have any advice, what skill set i should use against them? Most of them one hit me - i was aswell looking for items with great chaos resist, which i could use for boss fights, but didnt find any.

Thanks for your build and answer in advance :)
If they one-shot you get more life and if they hit you more than once a second then you don't have enough evasion.
Then again, if you are completely new to PoE, better try some easier builds first.
Maybe summoner or spark?
id rather go with a ruff build then start with a new one. as a beginner you just copy paste the guides title's to youtube and decide for those which look fun to you. id loose my motivation if i'd stop with this build & character.

as for the problem of boss fights:
i got myself
Geofri's Crest,
The Elmbalmer &
Lori's Lantern -

those items give me enough resi to sustain the bosses, i still die few times, but aslong as im able to get them its ok. i try to boost my dmg during boss fights with ancestral warchief and linked my double-strike with life leech, multistrike & increased cirtical strike.

it surely is not a perfect solution but it helps for the moment - if anyone else got good tips, feel free to share them x)
I have a hard time helping new players xD
you should always cap your resistances as soon as possible and if you still get one-shoted get more life, around 5k is enough for endgame, but for something like t15/guardians/shaper you want 6k.
This build is a bit hard to play as learning because you need to get close to the target to be able to hit them but if you hit them they will soon die :)
Can you put a ss of "Offence" from Char screen?

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