[3.0] Viper Strike crit poison Assasin over 1.1 million DPS on 5l

what do you need it for? it doesn't show anything at all
I'm 75 level now but i think i'm doing something wrong. My char is too slow for farming.

Without buffs:
While standing in town I have just about 1/3 more damage from poison and that's it.
Do you always use blood rage in general and shield charge for movement?
If so, I don't know what are you doing wrong...
haha this build doesn't work
Hiya Im level 40 now and my attack speed is garbo even with multistrike, and my hits miss quite a lot even at 95% acc. Am i doing something wrong? Great build by the way, really looking forward to playing it
Sorry, this week started work again.
I will not play so much until next league so sorry for that too.
Do you still need some help? you are probably on end game by now.
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So I tried this build on 3.1 and I have the damage that is required to melt a boss, but why does the damage feel obsolete, is it because I'm too squishy so the poison doesn't stack? But I thought the poison perstack was 1 mil dps? Can you explain what the 1 mil dps on PoB represents?

My PoB currently: https://pastebin.com/KzNcuJNx
1 mil was with constantly hiting the boss.
I don't play this build anymore, so can't even remember what was wrong with it, sorry mate.

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