[3.0][3.1][3.2] Death's Oath CI Occultist 96,9k chaos dps plus blight, shaper kill video

It seams that I'm addicted to creating new builds in PoE.
That combined with the fact that I had a month free from work resulted in 8 characters this league.
It's my pleasure to share them with you.
Also a disclaimer, I'm not saying that these builds are only done by me, only that I have created them by myself and are my take on the skill presented.
As always I enjoy improving my builds, so if you have any suggestions or questions please write them down bellow.

This build is Occultist named Void_Herald focusing on unique chest piece

and the damaging aura that comes with it.
All other skills are mainly supporting this aura.
That include Blight with more chaos damage while hindered, Void Gaze from the helmet and usual Occultist ascendancy
I've killed most bosses with it, excluding vaal temple, shaper and guardians, might try them in the future.
At the same time it's the laziest build I have done so far.
Also, it was my 8th build this league.

Skill tree

First easiest way, link for Path of building, it's an amazing tool and I encourage you to download and use it :)

And the simple skill tree


First go for Void Beacon, then Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion, lastly Profane Bloom

Fully upgraded Brime King and Soul of Ralakesh for less bleeding

Current Equipment

For the jewels you want to use energy from within between witch and shadow area and two high chaos dmg spreading rot in the other sockets.





It's important that inc AoE and inc duration are put in the helmet so that void gaze would benefit from them.


Our aura originally only benefit from void manipulation, inc. AoE and concentrated effect.
If you have 3B2G1R you can exchange inc. AoE for arcane surge gem and that gives the skill "duration" tag, so it can now be supported with Efficacy, swift affliction and less duration.
So the gems should be:

Easy way to do 5 off-colors if by vorici's crafting bench, see in spoiler.
First do 1G2B for 100chroms on 3 or more socketed chest.
Then go to vorici's Artisan's Bench and add additional socket for 10 jewels (4 sockets).
If it isn't green or blue but 3 sockets for 3 jewels.
When you get 4 off-colors, do the same for 5 sockets.
So back and forward with 70 and 10 jewels.
Last one should be 6 socket for 350 jews, and it's almost certainly red since our chest have 180 str required.
I made my chest that way for about 70c worth of currency + 1c for the chest itself.





DPS form Path of Building


My builds

[2.5] Shotgun Crit Arctic Breath Life Regen Inquisitor

[3.0] Death's Oath CI Occultist

[3.0] Alleopathy Blight Occultist

[3.0] Non-crit non-Vaal Dark Pact Berserker 9.5k hp Shaper down

[3.0] Doryani's Fist Touch pure lightning non-crit Hierophant

[3.0] Cyclone Hyaron's Fury

[3.0] Viper Strike crit poison Assasin over 1.1 million DPS on 5l

[3.0] Glacial Hammer Staff Champion 650k dps

[3.0] Scion Self-cast Crit 15 proj. Spark Beachhead farmer

[3.0] Cold snap build idea
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Can video please?
Just tried few recording programs...
One crashed mid map,
second coudn't save the file (error), convert format or upload,
third made the game unplayable...
Any good ones maybe???
OBS can record videos on top of being used for streaming
IGN shdowe
thx for advice :)
for now recorded a map but when I looked at it... every few seconds it got problems with lags so strong that the screen got unreadable.

edit: don't know why but after encoding it fixed somehow if preview doesn't lie.
13 minutes encoding and on to youtube then

edit2: now the encoding program crashed at 100% -.- it will take a moment...
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This looks great!
Thanks for sharing this one.
Can you also give some guidance on how to level with this (like which keystones in the tree we can go first for) and what we can use for levelling until level 60+?
Thanks :)
T9 map for showcase

For lvling go for the first 2 nodes with spell damage on the left side of the witch.
Then right side with energy shield, and mana/mana regen, grab aoe nodes and go for every damage node on the right side of the tree.
Level with Blight then Essence drain + Contagion.
I switched to CI around 40/50's

EDIT: [IMPORTANT] THX TO POHX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZybB-GE9HA

from wiki:
"Additionally, Arcane Surge Support can be used in a socket to support the Death Aura. While this gem does not provide any direct damage increase (since the Aura is not a casted spell), the hidden "duration" tag that it adds will enable use of the following support gems:

Swift Affliction Support
Less Duration Support
Efficacy Support"

and my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhKypW9JCf0&feature=youtu.be
Just a rare strand. Testing after getting a 6s with arcane surge. Used only about 70c for crafting that chest with 3B 2G 1R :)
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Do you happen to trigger Arcane Surge thou? 96k dps from death's aura counts it.
will try. yesterday take this:

Manchmal, wenn es schon Dunkel ist
bringt er sich Arbeit mit nach Haus
Einen Fuß, einen Kopf, etwas Haut -
Und dann arbeitet er, bis der Morgen graut...
HashBR wrote:
Do you happen to trigger Arcane Surge thou? 96k dps from death's aura counts it.

why would it count more spell damage since spell damage from the tree doesn't do anything for it?
also when you try to level up this gem you will see that it has no effect on death aura skill :)

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