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This has been my favorite build for the 3.0 patch its my Goo-Gasm Cwc Dark Pact build it was alot of fun to make and even more fun for me to play the guide includes pretty much everything i could think of and i also have included a video on my YouTube channel further detailing the build as well as showing how it all works in game at various map levels.
Man, this list looks a tad empty. here a build to add to the pile to beef it up a lil. :)
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Hey guys, I'm back, but still really busy. I try the best to get some time to keep the build lists clear.

Some new things:

NEW ADDITION: Naming restrictions (Sort of)

To keep things clear and easy, I won't add "clickbaity" parts to the list. Such as:

• Path of Building DPS
• Estimated HitPoints
• Cost per league to construct
• 'Best', 'Only', '#1' subjective naming.

I will however keep milestones and benchmarks, which could be "Shape Down" or Tri-Curse setup etc.

Note: Every build creator can name it guide as he wants. I just won't add those things anymore to the list or at least alter it accordingly!

If you have any questions about this, pleae ask.

Thank you.

@djfang & NuieG I try to add your builds today
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Cast while Channeling - Blight: [3.0] Goo-Gasm CwC Blight Dark Pact Build.
Righteous Fire: [3.0] LL Righteous Fire (still works) in depth overview

Lightning Strike: [3.0]SC CI Trickster Lightning Strike using HOWA under 2ex


Lightning Strike: [3.0]SC CI Trickster Lightning Strike using HOWA

This changes is due to the new restrictions.
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my build if its good enough for list. simple and effective.
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my build if its good enough for list. simple and effective.

It is!


Blade Flurry: [3.0] Blade Flurry Trickster-End Game Viable(Guardians,Shaper,Aziri)

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Due to a lack of time, all updates are delayed until 3.1 hits us early december.

I'm actually really busy with my job. I'm sorry.
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The Assassin Spectral throw build should be removed. The creator posted in the thread that it's a garbage build and doesn't work at 80+

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