Lightning Trap Indra's Chakra 3.0 + MOM Speed clearer Updated


Hey guys, this is my first time ever guide on path of exile thread 3.0 after playing the game for many years i thought this is the first time i would like to share some of the builds I've been playing. I would like to introduce you my to Lightning Trap Indra's Chakra build. Build with high clear speed, Mind over matter and Eldritch battery. You guys like fast farming and leveling gems within a day then this is your build.

Note I am Not the one who invented the idea of this build but i am the one who tried different items, tree and got some shockingly fast clearing build for 3.0.

Gameplay Random videos

T10 shaped dunes

T10 shaped dunes updated gear and jewels


+ Can run pretty much any Map mod
+ Most of the gear such as unique are cheap
+ Fast screen and offscreen -clearing
+ Fast gem leveling build
+ Really fast and fun to play
+ Who doesn't like the sound of shatter :)
+ Hardcore viable for sure

+ Health pool is little low with a decent gear around 4k+-
+ Doesn't use a curse on reserve
+ Single target ( Boss ) pretty shit.
+ Cant kill bosses such as (Atziri,Shaper or Guardians)
+ closed areas ( annoying asf )

Final tree POEplanner

Main Uniques used


Main unique used for this build to work efficiently is Thinkerskin. Last tree i covered many nods that i thought were useless, such as trigger radius that were lacking me many tool tip damage. So instead i kept all the same with my throw speed and recovery on traps and instead of trigger radius i got more trap damage. Since the tree covers many nods of your trap recovery and throw speed Thinkerskin will be one of the best chest for you to use since not only it gives you high hp,frenzy charges and also has the phasing effect which makes you go through mobs and be slightly invisible to your enemies.

Gloves with good damage that will compensate the damage you missing on your gear and tree. Since we mainly focus on throw speed, cooldown recovery speed and most of the life on the tree this gloves will give us significant damage boost and Knickback.

Note This is totally up to you!!!

Ring that makes you enjoy the shattering noise :) One of my favorite rings in game. If i'm playing any lightning builds since shattering helps you against detonate corps and destroys the body of mobs.
Obviously main purpose of this ring is not the sound of shattering but reflect matter for some self cast builds.

Those boots are actually pretty insane for this build you can remove pierce gem and put it trap and mine dmg on 5 link

Currently equipped Rares and Uniques


Items and links


As i said this is totally upto you what type of rings you want to use.

Using Essence of wrath on your rings is a must!

My suggestions : use Highest Essence or just
in chance of getting more HP or
Opal rings for more damage.

My current rings give me resists and strength that i need to level my purity of fire :)

Body Armor

5 link thinker (Lightning trap + Lightning Pen + Cluster Trap + Pierce + Critical strikes)

6 link thinker (Lightning trap + Lightning Pen + Cluster Trap + Pierce + Critical strikes + Control Destruction/Critical Multiplier/Trap and mine damage)

Note the last 3 gems is depending on the style play. For me it would be trap cool-down so i never run out of my skill which also adds little damage since you throw many traps that trigger at once because of the trap additional time and ascendancy that makes traps close to each other trigger same time.

Gloves Immortal call set up

4 link Winds of change (CWDT + Increase duration + Immortal call + Enfeeble)

Note basic combination of your immortal call set up (defensive)


3 link dagger(movement slots) (Shield charge + Faster attack + fortify.

The only reason i'm using this dagger and not some other high dps wand like this
is because i cant shield charge with a wand.


Note I dont really use many 4 link set ups so im just gonna advise you to get some dps gems such as shock nova/arc or even Ice trap.

coloring the boots will be little costly but you can follow the guide of pohx coloring boots using jeweler orbs.

Since i use cool down on traps i dont use different spells but Lightning trap.

Helm enchant

Lightning damage 40% increase would be awesome but yeah :) its not a meta so it will be hard to find it in the market with a good base and stats, so i dont really bother with it.

but this is what you looking for

For your Golems choose Lightning golem(attack speed for your shield charge) or fire for more damage.

Note Please use purity of elements if you lacking resistances of any kind but make sure that your lightning resistance is higher than any other since this build is using wise oak flask

Finally your pantheon system depends on your play style, map and what you fear the most.

Soul of Solaris and Soul of Ralakesh is my pick.

Leveling Guide

You can also level as trapper but act 5 is gonna be really hard for you due to high density of the mobs so i advise you level with Frost bolt (crit) tree is 90% similar so you will not have to respec much out of it

Levels 1-25
Levels 20-40
Levels 40-65

Note The sockets for jewels are

Your best in slot wands

Play passive get boosted at the bosses dont need to risk or show friends u can kill them because if u die to some weird mechanics u will have to relevel (worst part of the game).

hi fags

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Awesome build, video guide or gameplay will be good addition. Keep it up mate!
Why you take Inspiration?

LoL lvl 92 in HC with 4.2k HP? What map tier you are able to do?
Last edited by pijanapanda on Aug 26, 2017, 3:59:23 AM
Why you take Inspiration?

LoL lvl 92 in HC with 4.2k HP? What map tier you are able to do?

i can run open maps, t13 and yes 4.2k hp and im lvl 93 almost so its about how you position yourself vs mobs
This was my first build in harbringer league, but i was kinda wondering it's strong enough to put in build list.
Then again, for killing mobs so much faster feel like Tornado Shot build, but.....killing bosses need some work on it cos Point blank perks didn't work on this skill sadly
does hoi work with lightning trap i was making a traper at the very start of this season to my understanding it does but that was with ice trap not lightning
healzr wrote:
does hoi work with lightning trap i was making a traper at the very start of this season to my understanding it does but that was with ice trap not lightning
hey bro once u get the ring brotherhood ull have almost half of your msg cold so yeah good dmg boost from hoi
Check out my version utilizing also Arc Traps and auto-casting triple curses with a staff!
If you saboteur why not rare belt instead sunblast?
AncorTm wrote:
If you saboteur why not rare belt instead sunblast?

because of trap duration 12/12 traps will trigger with this belt in 1.8 seconds if i recall it correctly !
but other than that its up to you what u really want i would suggest sunblast

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