Dual Cospri's CoC is VIABLE*MoM Tank* - [3.2] Shaper/Elder Viable Assassin - NOT DISCHARGE-

Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on how to smash an entire map effortlessly. ---DISCLAIMED--- This build CAN be a little pricey but I will write a budget version too. DO YOU LOVE FREEZING PULSE AND FROSTBOLT?! This build will be for you if so.
I'm going to get STRAIGHT into the pro's and con's of this build. Lets goOOoOOoO.


+Cold damage
+Freeze's all mobs
+Gains every charge in the game
+Elemental reflect who?
+Survivability accounted for
+ NOT a meta build
+ Vaal pact


- If you run outta mana you better run till you regen boi
- Cannot run REFLECT MAPS, but reflect bosses are fine
- NOT a meta build ( OH WAIT THAT'S A PRO TOO??)
- Can be a little clunky without the right level gems for your area

So if you're still reading this, you're interested and want to play the build right???

Let's begin with.. Bandits.
Kill all - The points are SO BLOODY NEEDED we're point hungry!

Assassin, Focusing on Unstable infusion - Deadly Infusion - Ambush - Assassinate It's important you do it in this order FOR LEVELLING


Enter this on Path of Building


We have two of these, for maximum spell casting potential ITS INSANE
6L is perfect, we MUST have this for survivability purposes. 5L is fine too(Much cheaper), just drop Ice Bite *DISCLAIMED* THIS HURTS YOUR BOSS KILLING CAPABILITY.
In my opinion, these boots are better than skyforths, even so they're the twin brother of Satan himself, they're INSANE.
(Other cospri's)
This amulet gives us survivability due to it's blinding capability. It's amazing. MUST HAVE. (I used a crit amulet before buying and could scrape onto t15's)
The wise oak is oh so wise for it's fact tHAT PENETRATION IS A KEY ELEMENT IN ANY ELEMENTAL BUILD!!! MUST HAVE

Both Rings are best with Diamond rings, Elemental resistance, Life, accuracy(T1), *mana Examples =

Belt is Heavy belt or headhunter, it's up to you, but you MUST have strength on it and highest health option (resistances are optional if you've already capped it's fine)Example =


1x Frozen Trail (1c)
1x First Snow (1c)
3x Rare jewel with x7 Life, Global Crit multi/chance and Attack speed!

The items for this build are actually incredibly cheap right now unless you min/max the swords/body/amulet.

*****Amulet cannot be corrupted, you NEED dexterity.*****

4L - Blasphemy, Frost Bite(Assassins mark viable too), Warlords Mark,Frost bomb *self cast*
4L - Cast when damage taken, Increased duration, Immortal Call, Blade Vortex.
6L/5L Cyclone, Cast on Critical Strike, Frost bolt, Freezing Pulse, Increased Critical Strikes/ (*6L*Ice Bite)
Cospri's 1 - Freezing Pulse, Frost Bolt, Cold penetration
Cospri's 2 - Freezing Pulse, Frost Bolt, Hypothermia
4L - Summon Ice Golem, Fortify, Whirling blades, Faster attacks.


Showcase Video! (Whipping through a T13 like a warm knife through butter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78-VBPL-vfE
More coming soon-



Please ask any questions at the bottom if you need any help with this build. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME in-game, it's likely I'll reply here whenever I get the chance.

In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
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consider using frostbomb insteadd of ice bite vs bosses
I cast frost bomb myself, as the gem line-up states :*
In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
I mean better cast bloodrage to get frenzy charges, and link frost bomb on coc withlife leech on cospri ?
isgz wrote:
I mean better cast bloodrage to get frenzy charges, and link frost bomb on coc withlife leech on cospri ?

I've just tested the bloodrage theory and it won't work with this layout of build, the degen with MoM means you lose mana, therefore you cannot cast your cyclone/spells.
In a house of mirrors, who perceives who to be real?
Please post a full PoB link that would be super helpful! thanks
what about cospris cooldown some people say its i possible to reach the aps with cyclone to get the maximum procs idk if this is true
So I decided to make a full switch to this build on a whim. And I absolutely love it. I still need to min/max my gear but I'm just speedfarming 14's and 15's ATM. It's crazy fun.
I can't find those swords in trade market are they only for pc??
how about frostbreath and cospri as weapons. frostbreath bcuz of double dmg vs chilled enemies

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