[3.3] For Slayer / Champion - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)


*** Guide is updated for 3.3 ***

Remember to read the FAQ. Many questions are answered in there.

If you are looking for Champion variant of the build, please refer to Elemental Overload section in post #2 below.

This is pretty much another Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone build.

I have never played a Slayer before so I decided to give a shot at it and created this build in patch 2.5 based around Slayer's impressive 2H AOE skill set.

The following information should be enough for people who want to farm Uber lab all day long.



Complete Uber Lab By Level 75
Stats to aim for when you attempt Uber Lab for the very first time

- 4300 life
- 2500 armor

If you are experienced in Uber lab, you can certainly clear it with 3300 life.

Image shows level 78 but it is completely possible to achieve it at level 75. I did it at level 78 because I didn't realise I missed out 3 optional quests that reward Book of Skills only till much later.

Can Do Uber Lab Full Key Runs
Stats to aim for comfortable Uber Lab full key runs:

- 5500 life
- 3000 armor


Apex of Sacrifice - Regular Atziri is Cakewalk
This build cruise through the Apex with ease. You simply tank through all bosses without taking much damage and they (bosses) die within seconds. EhdJHnU

T15+ Map Clears (All Guardians Down & Shaper down by @redviles)

T15 Abyss
Deathless run. Was really easy.

T15 Overgrown Ruin
Deathless run. No real risk. The warbands die pretty fast.

T16 Minotaur
2 deaths from stacked rocks. I would say clearing Minotaur is no issue with this build.

T16 Hydra
Deathless run. No real risk. Pretty much leech through.

T16 Phoenix
1 death due to a stupid mistake I made. Avoid his Firebomb attack. It pretty much 1 shot me. Otherwise you can tank through all his other attacks.

Do NOT use the following rings when you fight Phoenix:

Phoenix is immune to ignite but vulnerable to fire damage.

T16 Chimera
2 deaths when he does his hide attack, hiding in his mist and I was not able locate him in time. Otherwise tank through all attacks. When he cast the circular aura, just leap out of it and you will be fine. His minions is a little scary though. Especially those snakes.

Uber Atziri Down By @redviles
Not a deathless run by @redviles and he does not recommend to run Uber Atziri with this build. You can find out more from his post here:


Shaper By @redviles
Deathless run by @redviles. You can find his post here:

Gameplay Videos

Video by @Waeboo (Uber Lab Clear at Level 70)


Gears used for his Uber lab clear:

Videos by @Bymen (Includes Deathless Shaper Run)
Big shout out to @Bymen for uploading videos on his gameplay. You can find his comments on each fight below the video link.

Do note that almost all of the boss fights shown in the videos were attempted for the very first time.

Video on Domain of ESH
Pretty easy fight. I just played it a little too recklessly which dropped me very low at one point.

Video on Domain of Xoph
Easy fight for this build.

Video on Domain of Tul
Also pretty easy. I did not even dodge his most deadly attack properly and was still fine.

Video on Domain of Uul-Netol
Almost as easy as Xoph. Really not too much to worry about with this build. I probably didn't even have to refresh my flasks there.

Video on Domain of Chayula
This fight is pretty hard with -60% chaos resist. Even though I did manage to kill him without dying, I would not recommend doing him on HC with this build/flasks setup/chaos resistances. :)

Video on Chimera
Overall very easy to handle. The only time you actually lose life is when he goes into his smoke cloud phase, where it took me a little longer than necessary to find him, because I wasn't quick enough due to my lack of experience. Although it should be mentioned that I ran this as a white map, because I simply forgot to roll it. :)

Video on Hydra
Also very easy in my opinion. Even though I think I do a pretty good job of dodging her abilites, I think that you can even play this fight a lot more sloppy and still be fine. The map has 40% Extra Elemental Resistance mod so it takes a bit longer to kill her.

Video on Phoenix
I think that Phoenix and Minotaur are significantly harder for this build than the other two guardians simply because of their one shot potential. You can see that I was a little bit too slow one time and it almost killed me. As a cyclone build you do not have control over your character 100% of the time and those few milliseconds delay before you can react can actually matter. :)

Video on Atziri
Shouldn't come as a surprise that this is very easy. Everything just dies way too quickly.

Video on Uber Atziri
Uber Atziri is of course a different story. :)

The Vaals went pretty smooth and I think that you can kill them like this pretty consistently every time. The trio is actually also not a big problem. I just forgot about the mechanic of the fire guy, that you cannot attack him when he is buffed. Doh! :)

Atziri herself I actually played pretty bad. But yeah, the fact remains that you can die if you only screw up once (I even got lucky a few times when I got hit by a flameblast and survived). I have a different strategy in mind which I will try and let you know how it went. It is certainly doable deathless but other builds are far more suited for this fight. :)

Video on Shaper
Yeah well, what can I say. Considering the difficulty of this fight I didn't really expect to get far on my first attempt. Because of that I was pretty surprised how well it all went.

But then I got to phase 3...

Just watch for yourselves, I suck. :)

*** New *** Video on Shaper (Deathless Run)
Managed to get a Deathless Shaper Kill yesterday.

Without Vaal Pact ;)

Video on Compilation of Shaper Deaths
I did 15 more Shaper runs and here are the results:

Run 1: 1 Death
Run 2: Deathless
Run 3: 1 Death
Run 4: 1 Death
Run 5: Deathless
Run 6: Deathless
Run 7: 1 Death
Run 8: 1 Death
Run 9: Deathless
Run 10: Deathless
Run 11: 1 Death
Run 12: Deathless
Run 13: Deathless
Run 14: 2 Deaths
Run 15: Deathless

So in total I got 8 deathless runs and 8 total deaths.

So all in all i would say the build is absolutely viable for the highest end game content!
I am looking forward to playing it again next league. :)

Video by @Overmedia (Face Tanking Shaper Slam Like A Boss)
@Overmedia has shown how it is possible for the build to face tank Shaper's 1 shot slam attack by popping Lion's Roar and Taste of Hate flask at the right time.

Watch his epic Face tanking Shaper's Slam video.

And here is the POB Pastebin to his profile.

His defense stats to achieve the face tank:

Required Gears

Free Molten Burst that does impressive damage with huge AOE granting high clear speed. Requires 0 link. You just want to pop support gems into this weapon to buff Molten Burst.

Recommended Gears

Setup 1: Xoph's Blood + Watcher's Eye (Most Damage Output)

Detail Explanation
Xoph's Blood 20% increased fire damage taken, mob slowed by 20%, health, more strength = more life. End game amulet for this build.

Watcher's Eye provides very good damage boost to the build when you run Anger aura.

Tombfist with Curse Enemies with Level 10 - 12 Elemental Weakness On Hit allows you to drop Flammability curse.

Special Thanks

To @JrFryta for suggesting the use of corrupted Tombfist.

To @adlrus for linking Watcher's Eye.

NOTE: Watcher's Eye is optional.

Setup 2: Impresence + Watcher's Eye

If you are not able to afford Xoph's Blood, the following amulets are great alternative:

Detail Explanation
Impresence 0% mana reservation enabling you to use another aura (i.e. Anger) and pick Without Xoph's Blood skill tree listed in Leveling Skill Trees section.

Watcher's Eye provides very good damage boost to the build when you run Anger aura.

Special Thanks

To @sm0ke52 for linking Impresence.

Pre Patch 3.1

- You can kill Shaper even without Xoph's Blood!
- Watcher's Eye is optional.


Provides very good damage boost to the build when you run Anger aura.

If you are not able to obtain the above stats, prioritize "Gain #% physical damage as extra fire damage while affected by Anger".


Provides attack speed, movement speed, dexterity and chaos resistance.


Up to 50% increased Cyclone damage, 25% increased attack speed, 10% increased movement speed. You can run with 5L. Main drawback is the lack of defense stats.

Bronn's Lithe provides great damage buff to the build. Thanks to @Lunartuna for testing it out.


Shrouding is the perfect chest if you are running Cremation + Cast on Melee Kill setup.



20% more AOE radius, great clear speed, comes with all resist and decent life. You can run with 5L.


Belly's large life pool couple with Windscream's +1 curse (for Enfeeble), you can easily reach effective life pool of 8300. Great setup when you are focused on leveling.

Cons: You have to skip hexproof maps as curse do not work on the mobs.


Similar to Belly + Windscream, Cospri's Will with Enfeeble works great for leveling and your curses work in hexproof maps too.

Cons: Lower effective life pool as compared to Belly + Windscream combo


29% chance to gain endurance charge on kill (with Diamond Skin). A lazy man approach to gain endurance charges without self casting Enduring Cry.

This jewel is pure luxury.

You socket the jewel near Barbarism node as shown:


Recommended Rares
Gloves - Titan Gauntlets Preferred
- At least 75 life (can roll over 100 life in patch 3.0)
- At least 10% Attack Speed
- At least 30% Fire / Cold / Lightning Resist (or any number that can get resistance capped)
- Intelligence (optional. if you need it to equip gears)

Belt - Stygian (preferred), Rustic or Vanguard Belt
- At least 75 life
- At least 30% Fire / Cold / Lightning Resist
- At least 20% Elemental Damage With Attacks
- At least 300 armor (optional but highly recommended)

Rings - Opal or Steel Rings Preferred
- At least 40 life (60+ preferred)
- At least 30% Fire / Cold / Lightning Resist (or any number that can get resistance capped)
- At least 20% Fire damage (optional, can be crafted using Essence of Anger)
- At least 20% Elemental Damage With Attacks (optional but highly recommended)
- Flat physical damage roll (optional but recommended)

Boots - Titan Greaves Preferred
- At least 75 life (can roll over 100 life in patch 3.0)
- At least 30% Fire / Cold / Lightning Resist (or any number that can get resistance capped)
- At least 15% movement

My Gears Used In Shaper Kill

Flask setup 1:

Flask setup 2:


Cyclone Damage (Herald of Ash + Lightning Golem Only)

Molten Burst Damage (Herald of Ash + Lightning Golem Only)

Defence Stats

How do you know if you are ready to kill Shaper? The best way I found to gauge if you have enough damage is whether you can keep Zana alive during the phase which requires her to close the portal with monsters streaming out.

If you can keep Zana alive, you have enough damage to kill Shaper.

My Gears Used In Uber Atziri Kill
Gear and jewels are exactly the same as Shaper. Only difference is the flask setup.

Flask setup 1:

Ruby Flask of Warding for Uber Atziri fight (she reflects your curse).

Quicksilver Flask of Heat for anti-freeze.

Flask setup 2:

Divine Life flask of Heat for anti-freeze.

Quicksilver Flask of Warding for Uber Atziri fight (she reflects your curse).

How do you know if you are ready to kill Uber Atziri? If you can kill Shaper, you will be able to kill the queen without much issue.

Offence & Defence Stats Provided by @Lunartuna (344K Cyclone & 18.9K Molten Burst damage!)
Fully buffed (flask + charges + ascendancy + enchants) stats:

@Lunartuna Gears

Gems Setup

Ngamahu's Flame (Do NOT require 6L)


Swap Elemental Focus to Chance to Ignite for ignite damage over time.

My personal preference will be to run Ignite on Axe and Elemental Focus on Cyclone.

Thanks to @redviles for suggesting the use of Elemental Focus.

Thanks to @_Tiem for suggesting Chance to Ignite to gem swap with Elemental Focus for ignite damage over time setup.

Ignite Damage Over Time Version

4/5/6L Chest: Pure Cyclone (For Everything)

3R 2B 1G - Highest Damage, Very Hard to Obtain on Bronn's Lithe

Thanks to @Lemmji for suggesting the use of Elemental Focus gem instead of Faster Attack for more damage output.


Replace with Concentrated gem for boss fight.


2R 3B 1G - 2nd Highest Damage on Bronn's Lithe
Special thanks to @Djangooo for highlighting this color combo.

NOTE: For players who are aiming for 3R2B1G but gotten this color instead, you can definitely stick to it as it does more damage than 2R2B2G.



Replace with Concentrated gem for boss fight.


2R 2B 2G - Easier to Obtain on Bronn's Lithe


Replace with Concentrated gem for boss fight.


4/5/6L Chest: Cyclone + Cast On Melee Kill + Cremation (For Variety)


Swap Cremation with Volatile Dead for Boss fight and use Vaal Breach or Desecrate:

Swap Fortify with Fire Penetration for more damage (requires linking of Fortify to Leap Slam):



Thanks to @Anbokr for sharing this setup.

Helm / Gloves / Boots


Optional Gem: Increased Duration Gem

Recommended Gem Level For:
Cast When Damage Taken: 1
Immortal Call: 3


You can replace Lightning Golem with Fire Golem. Personally I use Lightning Golem because I switch the gem for Enfeeble (level 13) when I use Cospri's Will chest for leveling.


Thanks to @Extremo_X for highlighting the above setup providing more resistance reduction to mobs and enabling Blood Rage to provide more attack speed.

Main drawback is the intelligence requirement is steep (155 needed). Great for Elemental Overload version of the build as it has higher int from skill tree and Acuity (if you are using one).

NOTE: You will want Enhance 4 to maximize the setup.

Optional Gems: Blood Rage and Lightning Golem


Optional Gems: Enduring Cry and Vaal Lightning Trap

Flasks Setup (IMPORTANT)
Recommended Flask Setup

Anti-freeze for life flask.

IMPORTANT: To run this setup, ensure your overcapped fire resistance is at least 50% higher than overcapped cold resistance and highest among all resistances.

E.g. Fire Resist: 159, Cold Resist: 109, Lightning Resist: 109


Anti-shock for life flask.
Anti-freeze for Quick Silver flask.

Budget Flask Setup (Great For Uber Lab Too)

Anti-curse for Granite flask.
Add Knockback for Basalt flask (to fight Argus in Uber lab).
Anti-freeze for Quick Silver flask.

For Uber Lab, you can replace Writhing Jar or Wise Oak with Anti-bleed life flask as shown below.

With the changes to Brutal Fervour in patch 3.1, the amount of life recovered per second has been reduced and thus for handling of traps in Uber lab and trials, an anti-bleed life flask is recommended.

If you run into mana issues (e.g. no mana regen maps), you can replace quick silver with mana pot:

IMPORTANT: Back before patch 3.1, Dying Sun is huge addition to the build because of single elemental reflect mob. With changes made to single elemental reflect mod in 3.1, Dying Sun is no longer critical to the build.

When Do We Use Dying Sun?
- Fighting Uber Atziri. She does fire damage and a ruby flask will help. An anti-burn Ruby flask will probably be better though.

- Running maps with Elemental Reflect mod (requires Sibyl + Soul of Yugul + Primeval Force)

- A 6L chest swap for Molten Strike single target setup vs end game boss fights and using Dying Sun to buff the damage.

6L Gems Molten Strike Setup on Chest:

Special Thanks

To @Extremo_X for highlighting Writhing Jar in Harbinger league and @_Tiem for emphasizing the replacement of Dying Sun with Writhing Jar (he could have just said "Flasks section is outdated. Dying Sun is no longer useful in 3.1.") in Abyss league.

P.S. Writhing Jar is to proc Headsman.

Alternatively, Vaal Breach is great for proc-ing Headsman too:

Abyssal Jewels (Patch 3.1)
Stats to look out for:
- 25 to 50 flat life (prefix)
- Add 7 to 12 flat physical damage to axe (prefix)
- Add 15 to 40 flat fire damage (suffix)
- Add 4 to 8 flat physical damage (suffix)
- 2% elemental resistance penetration if you have not kill recently (suffix)
- #% increased damage against abyssal monsters (suffix)

For highest damage output (all situation):
- 25 to 50 flat life (prefix)
- Add 7 to 12 flat physical damage to axe (prefix)
- Add 15 to 40 flat fire damage (suffix)
- 2% elemental resistance penetration if you have not kill recently (suffix)

For highest damage output (for abyss):
- 25 to 50 flat life (prefix)
- Add 7 to 12 flat physical damage to axe (prefix)
- Add 15 to 40 flat fire damage (suffix)
- #% increased damage against abyssal monsters (suffix)

Jewels Setup
Stats to look out for:

- Increased attack speed %
- Physical damage %
- Fire damage %
- Area damage %
- Increased projectile damage %
- Max life %
- Damage over time % (ignite skill tree only)
- Chance to ignite % (ignite skill tree only)
- Critical strike chance % (Acuity version only)
- Resistance (if you are missing)
- Intelligence (if you are missing)


Acuity version only:

Pros & Cons
- Endless Hunger from Slayer tree provide leech effect similar to Atziri's Acuity Gloves
- You will be able to clear Uber Lab by level 75
- You are immune to bleed and stun during fights
- You have 20% culling strike, effectively lowering boss health by 20%
- Very fast clearing speed due to high AOE radius
- High life regen making it easy to handle traps in Uber lab

- Leveling to level 55 could be a chore but from there onward it is a breeze
- Elemental reflect can still be an issue (use ruby flask when you run into elemental reflect and you should be fine)
- Can't do no life no mana leech map

Leveling Skill Trees
3.1 Patch Changes
The build does not require Vaal Pact but if you feel that the leech is lacking in patch 3.1, you can simply pick up Vaal Pact (above Vitality Void) which is 1 to 2 skill nodes away.

Skill Tree - Level 25: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Skill Tree - Level 55: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

With Xoph's Blood
Skill Tree - Level 75: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Skill Tree - Level 95: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com (More Life)

Skill Tree - Level 95: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com (More Damage Primeval Force)

Pros & Cons of Primeval Force
- More fire damage damage
- More fire penetration
- 10% more elemental reflect reduction
- More flask recovery speed

- Loses 12% maximum life (down to 199% from 211%)
- Loses some armour %
- 3 max endurance charges instead of 4
- Lower life regen based on % life

Running Without Xoph's Blood - Picking Avatar of Fire from Skill Tree
If you do not own Xoph's Blood amulet, you can consider running the following skill tree:

Skill Tree Level 64: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Skill Tree Level 90: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Skill Tree Level 95: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Big thanks to @Sa6oV0lta for proving that you can clear Shaper without Xoph's Blood! You can check out his profile by importing his Shaper kill POB pastebin.

Special thanks to @itsbushleague for pointing out on Purity of Flesh node for more life %.

You can refund the skill points later when you obtain Xoph's Blood and switch back to the regular tree.

P.S. Voidheart setup will not work with the above Avatar of Fire skill trees

Pastebin Links For Path Of Building Import
Below, you can find Pastebin links for players who uses PathOfBuilding (offline tool, download required) to simulate the build.

League Starter Using Avatar of Fire - Without Xoph's Blood

With Xoph's Blood

Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour -> Headsman -> Bane of Legends

NOTE: You will use Culling Strike Gem with Warchief Totem before clearing Uber Lab.

Outdated - Will Be Removed Once Patch 3.2 Hits
Bane of Legends -> Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour -> Headsman

Pantheon System
The powers provided by the major and minor gods are situation based. You can switch them in your hideout before engaging boss of certain map.

For general mapping:
Soul of Lunaris (Major God) - Up to 8% physical damage reduction when there are 8 enemies around you

Soul of Ryslatha (Minor God) - Life flask gain 3 charges every 3 seconds

For Uber Lab:
Soul of Solaris (Major God) - 20% chance to take 50% less area damage

Soul of Garukhan (Minor God) - 5% chance to evade attack and more movement speed


Soul of Ryslatha (Minor God) - Life flask gain 3 charges every 3 seconds

For Shaper:
Soul of Brine King (Major God) - 50% reduced chill effect. Also great for maps with chilling ground effect

Soul of Yugul (Minor God) - 5% reduced cold damage taken if you have been hit recently

For Uber Atziri
Soul of Solaris (Major God) - 20% chance to take 50% less area damage, 8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently

Soul of Abberath (Minor God) - 5% reduced fire damage taken while moving

For Minotaur Guardian
Soul of Solaris (Major God) - 20% chance to take 50% less area damage

Soul of Gruthkul (Minor God) - Up to 5% physical damage reduction


Soul of Ryslatha (Minor God) - Life flask gain 3 charges every 3 seconds

For Phoenix Guardian
Soul of Solaris (Major God) - 20% chance to take 50% less area damage, 8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently

Soul of Abberath (Minor God) - 5% reduced fire damage taken while moving

For Hydra Guardian
Soul of Brine King (Major God) - 50% reduced chill effect. Also great for maps with chilling ground effect

Soul of Garukhan (Minor God) - 5% chance to evade attack and more movement speed

For Chimera Guardian
Soul of Arakaali (Major God) - 5% reduction to damage over time taken and more chaos resistance

Soul of Ralakesh (Minor God) - 25% reduced physical damage over time taken while moving


Soul of Ryslatha (Minor God) - Life flask gain 3 charges every 3 seconds

Lab Enchantments
Priority listed is top (best) down (worse).

- 15% increased Cyclone Attack Speed
- 40% increased Cyclone Damage (Preferred. Attack speed can be obtained from other slots)
- Blood Rage grants additional 12% increased attack speed
- 30% Increased Flammability Curse Effect (thanks to @khoi14021993 for the highlight)
- 15% reduced Anger Mana Reservation
- 30% reduced Herald of Ash Mana Reservation

- Attack with Commandment of Fury on Hit

WARNING: Gloves enchantment on Spike Gloves will lose the melee damage

- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
- 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
- 0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently
- Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damage if you've Killed Recently
- 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently (only for Elemental Overload skill tree)

Kill All for 2 Passives

Magic Finding!
Yes. You can mix some magic finding gears into this build without taking a hit on damage:

Instead of Aurseize gloves, you can replace it with a pair of rare gloves that provide more toughness and stats with okay magic find.

Even with just 2 x Ventor rings, you will have great drops running maps. Especially in breaches.

Thanks to @areukiddingme for raising the question on crafting.

You can find various crafting options below (displayed in order of importance, top being most important, bottom being least important):

Gloves: Titan Gauntlets (preferred for lab enchantment), Spiked Gloves
Essence of Zeal - Add attack speed
Essence of Loathing - Critical strike chance (for EO skill tree)
Essence of Spite - more intelligence (if you needed it)

Rings: Steel, Opal, Two Stone / Prismatic (for more resist), Diamond (for EO skill tree)
Essence of Hysteria - 10% physical as extra fire damage
Essence of Zeal - Add attack speed
Essence of Anger - #% increased fire damage
Essence of Contempt - Add # - # physical damage
Essence of Loathing - Critical strike chance (for EO skill tree)
Essence of Spite - more intelligence (if you needed it)

Belt: Stygian, Vanguard, Rustic, Leather, Heavy
Essence of Dread - More armour
Essence of Hysteria - 5% elemental penetration on flask
Essence of Spite - more intelligence (if you needed it)

Leveling to 55
Weapons that you can use to get to level 55:

From Level 1 to Level 12

At Level 12
You can switch Molten Strike to

From Level 18 to 38

From Level 38 to 55

At level 28, you can start using Ancestral Warchief:

Remember to socket Cyclone gem into alternate weapon and level it at the same time when you reach level 28.

Jewelries you can use to manage your mana:

Skills you can use to manage your mana:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the pros/cons of Slayer vs Champion vs Scion vs Chieftain?
Slayer (requires Xoph's Blood or Avatar of Fire)
- Best Uber lab farmer
- 20% Culling Strike makes a long fight end so much faster
- Overleech makes Vaal Pact not necessary, and it greatly improve survivability if you do pick Vaal Pact

Champion (requires Xoph's Blood or Avatar of Fire)
- Ability to run Elemental Overload skill tree without investing into accuracy
- Permanent Fortify from Fortitude, allows running 5 x damage support gems for Cyclone
- Free intimidate and adrenaline damage buff (if you drop Fortitude and pick First to Strike, Last to Fall)

Scion (requires Xoph's Blood or Avatar of Fire)
- Benefit from Slayer's overleech and 10% culling strike
- Potentially higher damage than Slayer and do not require "On kill" to achieve that
- More jewel sockets and provide more flexibility in gearing choices

Chieftain (Do not require Xoph's Blood nor Avatar of Fire)
- Cheapest to gear
- Can be great Uber lab farmer (if you follow Uber lab skill tree and gem setup)
- Most flexible when it comes to gearing choices (no elemental penalty from Avatar of Fire)
- You achieve 100% fire conversion once you complete Cruel lab
- Highest potential damage on end game gears

Q: Why you do not need 6L for Ngamahu's Flame and only use support gems?
Support gems are applied directly to support Molten Burst skill on the axe. Thus no link is needed.

Q: How much damage does Xoph's Blood add?
If you do not use Xoph's Blood and not running Avatar of Fire skill tree, equipping Xoph's Blood will give you 30% to 40% more damage.

If you do not use Xoph's Blood but running Avatar of Fire skill tree, switching to Xoph's Blood will give you ~15% more damage.

Q: I don't have enough intelligence to use the gems.
Get 2 rings with high intelligence roll (30+ on each) and you will have enough intelligence to use all gems listed in the guide. You can also get intelligence from jewels.

If you are running Enfeeble curse, stop leveling the gem once it reach level 13.

Q: I don't have enough mana after running Flammability + Enfeeble + Herald of Ash.
You will need Enlighten 4 to run all 3.

Alternatively, you can drop Herald of Ash or swap Flammability with Enfeeble.

Q: Is Impresence better than Xoph's Blood?
No. Xoph's Blood still provides more damage (covers in Ash) than Impresence but Impresene is a very good alternate amulet to Xoph's Blood.

Q: I can't afford double anger rolled Watcher's Eye. Should I go for extra fire or fire penetration?
Based on POB simulation (shown below), definitely go for extra fire if you can only afford having 1 anger roll on Watcher's Eye.

Shaper DPS Comparison For Watcher's Eye
Shaper DPS with Double Anger Buff:

Shaper DPS with Extra Fire Anger Buff:

Shaper DPS with Fire Pen. Anger Buff:

Here is the POB Pastebin that I have used to test the damage difference:


Select Watcher's Eye variant from item dropdown.

Q: I managed to get 2R 2B 2G on Bronn. Should I change to 3R 2B 1G?
3R 2B 1G provide the most damage output but both setup have cleared Shaper so you can certainly go for the color combination that shows up first.

Q: What is the easiest way to get 3R 2B 1G on Bronn?
If your Bronn is 6L, Vorici's bench with 2R 1B combination is your best bet.

If your Bronn is NOT 6 linked, you can use jewelers method shown here:


Q: Iron Reflexes is just 1 node away, why is it not picked?
3000 armor is sufficient for the build. If you feel that Iron Reflexes allows you to survive better, you can definitely go for it.

Q: What is the best helm enchant?
15% increased cyclone attack speed has slightly more damage than 40% increased cyclone against Shaper.

However, I would recommend going for 40% Cyclone damage because you can get attack speed from rings, gloves, and jewels.

Q: Do I buy Voidheart till I can afford Xoph's Blood?
Voidheart alternate setup is meant for players who already own the ring, and don't want to respec from Avatar of Fire skill tree.

In terms of damage:

Xoph's Blood > Avatar of Fire Skill Tree > Voidheart > Non Voidheart

Q: Can this build do Hall of Grandmasters map?
The only map that this build can't clear is Hall of Grandmasters. Scorching Ray is your best bet.

Q: What is so special about level 55?
You can equip Ngamahu's Flame at level 55.

Q: What priority of gems should I focus on to get it to 20% quality?
Physical damage gems, concentrated gems gets the priority but eventually you will want all gems to be 20/20.

Personally, when a gem hit level 20, I just vendor it with 1 gemcutter's prism for a level 1, 20% quality gem and level it all over again.

@Hitoseijuro wrote a very comprehensive reply on the specific gems to GCP.

Q: Why do we pick Point Blank from the skill tree?
Molten Burst from Ngamahu are projectiles and Point Blank will provide 50% more damage to the balls.

As shown:


Q: I am not able to handle Uber Izaro.
Check your flask setup. Ensure you are following the guide. Experienced players are able clear Uber Izaro with 3300 life but if you are new, at least 4500 life is recommended. To farm Uber lab comfortably, 5500 life is essential.

Always pop Basalt and Granite flasks when Izaro pops up from his hole. Cyclone around him in circle so that he will miss his attacks on you. Do not cyclone forward and backward in a line when fighting Izaro or you will likely take a direct hit from him.

Q: Can I use Wildfire jewel?
No you can't. Wildfire only works for Molten Strike.

Q: Isn't switching from Brutal Fervour to Impact be a better choice as Impact provides more AOE?
Brutal Fervour is better because besides providing more leech rate, Brutal Fervour also provides stun and bleed immunity. Those are huge when it comes to survivability.

Q: Opal rings or Steel rings?
Opal rings

Q: Why are we not picking Rampart node when we have permanent fortify?
The points are better spent on damage or life % nodes.

Q: What order of gear should I follow for upgrade?
5L chest > Writhing Jar (and) Wise Oak (and) Lion's Roar (if it is ~10 chaos) > 6L > Xoph's Blood > Taste of Hate

Q: How do you sustain mana pool?
Mana will mainly be an issue before you equip Ngamahu. You can check out Leveling to 55 section for mana pool management. Once you reach level 55 and able to equip Ngamahu's Flame, you will no longer have mana issue.

If you are still facing mana issues after equipping Ngamahu, try playing at a higher map tier. You are probably doing too much damage and the monsters do not have large mana pool for you to leech from.

Q: I do not have Xoph's Blood but I am using Avatar of Fire skill tree. Why am I still using Physical to Lightning gem in the chest slot?
You don't use Physical to Lightning gem when you have Avatar of Fire. If you read carefully, the gems section indicated that Xoph's Blood and Avatar of Fire skill tree shares the same gem setup.

Q: Chimera aides phase is killing me. How do I handle them?
Chimera aides do huge DOT and have been well known to be more deadly than Chimera himself.

I find the following strategy against them to work best for me:


- Place totem at (1), between the 2 gates at the right side of the room. Totem will block incoming damage from (5)

- Cyclone near the gate at (2)

- Ensure totem is always up at (1) as you take out the mobs at (2) and (1)

- Once all mobs from (1) and (2) are cleared (you will know this when the rare mob at (2) shows up), place totem at (3), near center of room

- Cyclone near the totem at (4)

- Keep totem up while you take out the mobs

Also, you can run Enfeeble curse when you fight Chimera, you will still have enough damage to down him and take less damage from the adds.

Q: I am confused as to what aura to run if I am using Xoph's Blood or Impresence.
Hopefully this flowchart makes it clearer:


Q: I read that Molten Burst does close to nothing at top tier gears. Is that true?
No. It isn't true.

Though it is true that as a player gears up his character, Cyclone will account for more total damage than Molten Burst but Molten Burst is definitely not close to nothing in damage contribution.

A more realistic figure for Cyclone damage will be between 60% to 70% of total damage while Molten Burst account for the other 30% to 40%.

For a more comprehensive stat comparison, you can check out this reply that I have made to another fellow player.

Q: I was told Dying Sun is not worth it. Is that true?
Dying Sun is more for players who want to push for min/max gears.

It is not mandatory and you can check out the link above for a comprehensive damage comparison between having and not having Dying Sun and decide for yourself.

Outdated - No longer apply
Q: Why am I randomly dying to 1 shot when I am mapping?
You are likely dying to single elemental reflect that pops up in the map at random occurrence. You can identify them by the aura they emit (a swirling ring with 3 color balls circulating along the ring):


I strongly recommend you to equip Sibyl's Lament in the left ring slot when you are focusing on leveling.

Alternatively, Soul of Yugul + Primeval Force = 35% reduced elemental reflect which should be sufficient to handle single elemental reflect with Ruby flask popped too.

Change Logs
EDIT 1: Removed Atziri's Acuity from recommended gears, added Endless Hunger as new pointer under Pros
EDIT 2: Added 4L gem setup for various slots
EDIT 3: Added Bandits
EDIT 4: Added alternate skill tree utilizing Atziri's Acuity gloves + Elemental Overload (thanks to @HenkCCAA for his input)
EDIT 5: Updated gem setup for 6L Carcass Jack
EDIT 6: Added gem setup for 5L Carcass Jack
EDIT 7: Added screenshot of T16 Minotaur map clear
EDIT 8: Update a 4L gem setup to use Flammability + Blasphemy instead
EDIT 9: Added an alternate 4L setup that uses Purity of Fire
EDIT 10: Added magic finding into tank build (you can also use it for the alternate skill tree)
EDIT 11: Updated alternate skill tree for various levels (93, 96, 100) + new rings combo
EDIT 12: Added screenshot of T16 Hydra clear
EDIT 13: Added screenshot of T16 Phoenix clear
EDIT 14: Added screenshot of T16 Chimera clear
EDIT 15: Updated 5L/6L setup for Carcass Jack (courtesy to @Lemmji)
EDIT 16: Updated 4L setup for Ancestral Warchief and 6L setup for Ngamahu's Flame (courtesy of @redviles)
EDIT 17: Included screenshot of Deathless Shaper run by @redviles
EDIT 18: Included screenshot of Uber Atziri run by @redviles
EDIT 19: Updated skill tree to reflect patch 2.6 changes
EDIT 20: Updated recommended skill tree for alt tank version (thanks to @mrpetrov for his input on Elemental Focus penalty)
EDIT 21: Updated gems setup to make it more readable, with various skill tree setup for Ngamahu's Flame, and for Cyclone setup with(or without) Xoph's Blood
EDIT 22: Added jewels section
EDIT 23: Replaced Acuity's skill tree. Kudos to @mrpetrov for coming up with this new tree.
EDIT 24: Updated Acuity's skill tree by merging my former skill tree with @mrpetrov's skill tree. The merged skill tree now provide more toughness and 1 more jewel sockets while retaining the same damage output.
EDIT 25: Added Cospri's Will setup into alternate Elemental Overload skill tree.
EDIT 26: Added lab enchantments
EDIT 27: Added Hardcore section
EDIT 28: Added 30% Flammability curse effect to lab enchantment section (thanks to @khoi14021993 for the highlight)
EDIT 29: Added @Bymen's HC experience into HC section of the guide.
EDIT 30: Added crafting information
EDIT 31: Included Bronn's Lithe as recommended chest piece (thanks to @Lunartuna for testing it out). Added new section: Leveling to 55. Display essence crafting in order of importance.
EDIT 32: Included @haenic's venture into Cospri's Will section.
EDIT 33: Added gameplay videos section featuring gameplay of @Bymen on various boss fights.
EDIT 34: Updated skill trees that uses Primeval Force cluster for more elemental damage and attack speed (at the expense of dropping Executioner, Versatility, and 10 intelligence points).
EDIT 35: Added new Uber Lab gameplay video by @Waeboo and updated @Bymen gameplay video to include stats for his 15 Shaper runs.
EDIT 36: Added new Voidheart Bleed section for people who are running the build without Xoph's Blood
EDIT 37: Added Molten Strike section for single target damage gem swap on chest piece
EDIT 38: Added Avatar of File Skill trees into the guide (for people running the build without Xoph's Blood)
EDIT 39: Showcasing @Lunartuna 344K Cyclone & 18.9K Molten Burst
EDIT 40: Updated current, required and recommended gears. Updated 6L setup for chest
EDIT 41: Updated 4L gems setup plus my Shaper & Uber Atziri Kill Setup for your reference
EDIT 42: Updated bandits reward for 3.0
EDIT 43: Shuffled and removed some content for better readability. Added Pastebin Section
EDIT 44: Added Pantheon System into the guide
EDIT 45: Updated Hardcore section with new skill tree by @Bymen
EDIT 46: Updated flask section to now have recommended and budget setup.
EDIT 47: Inspired by @Kitaen, revived EO section, updated the skill trees and added DPS comparison chart
EDIT 48: Added FAQ section
EDIT 49: Added Recommended Rares section
EDIT 50: Added @Overmedia's gameplay video on how he face tanked Shaper's slam attack
EDIT 51: Updated Level to 55 section
EDIT 52: Added @Extremo_X's level 82 Shaper kill EO gears and pastebin into EO guide, and added his Enhance 4 4L setup into the main guide.
EDIT 53: Included Cremation + Cast on Melee Kill setup shared by @Anbokr
EDIT 54: Added Shrouding of Lightless into recommended gears section.
EDIT 55: Added Impresence amulet as the recommended Xoph's Blood alternative. Added Watcher's Eye into recommended gears section. Updated flask section. Special thanks to @sm0ke52 for providing the links to these items.
EDIT 56: Added @JrFryta's input on Elemental Weakness corruption gloves to combo with Watcher's Eye setup with Xoph's Blood.
EDIT 57: Updated preferred roll for Watcher's Eye into guide. Reshuffle and removed some redundant content from the guide to make it more readable (special thanks to @HeHeBunny for highlighting that the guide is a little overwhelming to new players of poe).
EDIT 58: Updated flasks and gems section (axe, special thanks to @_Tiem for suggesting Chance to Ignite gem swap)
EDIT 59: Updated flasks section.
EDIT 60: Updated gems section. Also included 2R3B1G Cyclone setup highlighted by @Djangooo. Special thanks to him for highlighting it!
EDIT 61: Included Champion version of the build under Elemental Overload section.


Thanks to @HenkCCAA on his input on Acuity + Elemental Overload, the following is the alternate skill tree that relies on Atziri's Acuity Gloves and Elemental Overload for more damage (at the expense of losing 2 endurance charges)

EO is very harder to gear and damage consistency loses out to Resolute Technique skill trees (listed in main post) if you are not fully optimized for it.

If you are the type who want to push this build to extreme, this will be your final form.

Fully EO Optimized Slayer Gears For Your Reference:

Provided by @Kitaen:

Offence and Defence Stats

Big thank you to @Kitaen for providing his fully optimized gear setup for EO reference! It was also him who made me decided to revive EO section.

Acuity Setup That Killed Shaper At Level 82 (Provided by @Extremo_X):

POB Pastebin provided by @Extremo_X for his character at level 90.

NOTE: Writhing Jar is used to proc Headsman which is activated on-kill.

Pros & Cons
- Huge damage boost from Elemental Overload

- Without popping Ruby flask, you can easily 1 shot yourself against elemental reflect
- Less tanky as you lose 2 endurance charges and 2 seconds of endurance duration
- If you are playing Slayer, you will need at least 300 accuracy on gears to get your chance to hit above 80%, for optimal chance to hit, you need at least 900 to get it to 90% (important)

Effective DPS: Elemental Overload Vs Non Elemental Overload
Cyclone Effective DPS Without EO (From PoB: 467355.4 Damage)


Cyclone Effect DPS With EO (From PoB: 566234.0 Damage)


Recommended Gears
IMPORTANT: Please ignore the gems show in the gears below as they are not used for the build. I am just linking the items for easy reference.

Huge intelligence supply to the build allowing you to drop intelligence roll on other slots (and jewels). Instant leech on critical strikes. Huge armour for more physical damage reduction. Large life pool.


Helm: Attack speed and crit strike chance are lovely mod for this tree.

Draw back for using the above helm: Your armour rating will take a big hit.

Rings (Slayer Only): Accuracy rings to push Chance to Hit above 80%. 90% is optimal.

Outdated - Ignore This
Rings #1: Adding more damage through this couple rings. Theoretically, having 300 stacks of ignite on an enemy increases your damage by 3000%. Pretty much for boss killing.

Elemental Overload Skill Tree - Slayer
Resolute Technique node is unspec and tree now links to Elemental Overload.

The new skill tree is based on input from @mrpetrov and @Kitaen

Kudos to both of them!

Skill Tree Level 90: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Skill Tree Level 95: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Skill Tree Level 100: poeplanner.com | pathofexile.com

Elemental Overload Skill Tree - Champion
You will replace Fortify gem with Fire Penetration.

Conqueror -> Worthy Foe -> Unstoppable Hero -> Fortitude


Conqueror -> Worthy Foe -> First to Strike, Last to Fall -> Unstoppable Hero
You can use a Quick Silver flask of Adrenaline to proc Adrenaline.

For reliable uptime of Adrenaline, you can have the following gems linked in your alternate weapon (weapon swap):

Purity of Element + Blood Magic (level 18)

When Adrenaline expires, you will do this:
- go to a safe spot
- hit X to weapon swap to your alternate weapon
- cast Purity of Element to proc Adrenaline (your life will drop to 30% low life mode)
- hit X to weapon swap back
- hit healing pot and you can go back into the fight

Skill Tree Level 90: poeplanner.com

Skill Tree Level 95: poeplanner.com

Skill Tree Level 100: poeplanner.com



Single Target with Molten Strike as Main Attack - 5/6L Setup For Chest Piece

With 2 x Wildfire gems, Molten Strike provides a very good source for single target damage. If you are looking into using Molten Strike for single target damage, you can perform the following gem swap on your chest piece:

Gem Swap for Chest Piece
Chest with R R R B G G setup:

Fortify for more toughness

Melee Physical for more damage

Chest with R R B B G G setup:

Fortify for more toughness

Melee Physical for more damage

VOIDHEART BLEED (If you do not have Xoph's Blood and not using Avatar of Fire Skill Tree)
P.S. Avatar of Fire Skill Tree have better damage output as compared but requires you to refund skill points when you obtain Xoph's Blood.

If you do not have the currency to own Xoph's Blood yet, you can seriously consider running the build using Voidheart ring.

Gears are the same as the regular build, only main changes will be 5/6L chest setup and Voidheart ring.

5L Chest Setup for Voidheart

6L Chest Setup for Voidheart

This setup allows your Cyclone and Molten Burst to deal chaos + bleed damage and it is insanely strong even without Xoph's Blood.

Playing The Build In HARDCORE
You can take a look at HC game play experience shared by @zelihood.

Also, do take a look at @Bymen's HC experience . His HC character has reached level 94 using the build!

For hardcore, you will want to focus on getting more toughness from the tree so that you can survive the ordeal.

Skill Tree

Referencing @Bymen's easeMahu hardcore guy in Harbinger league.

Skill Tree Level 95 (256% life + 38% armour)

Gears To Consider

40% reflect damage reduction from the ring + Soul of Yugul + Ruby flask pretty much makes you immune to elemental reflect.

Belly is the choice if you want more life.

+1 Endurance Charge belt is a nice addition, allowing you to have +6 charges. Very good for Immortal Call + Cast When Damage Taken (or even self cast to handle physical traps in Uber lab)

Consider replacing Flammability for Enfeeble for more toughness


Ignore This - For My Own Reference Only

*** NEW *** 2.6 Legacy League Skill Tree For Atziri's Acuity Gloves (198% life + 52% armour)

Level 93 Skill Tree (184% life + 52% armour)

Level 96 Skill Tree (198% life + 52% armour)

Level 100 Skill Tree (218% life + 52% armour)

6 Sockets Ngamahu's Flame Gems Setup For Acuity (No Links Required)

6L Carcass Jack Gem Setup For This Alternate Tree
For this alternate skill tree, it pretty much uses the same guide content as the post above except you replace "Faster Attack " gem with "Increased Critical Strike Chance" gem in the 6L setup of Carcass Jack:

If you need more accuracy:

When do you switch over to this alternate tree?
When you reach level 90 (and you have Atziri's Acuity Gloves), you can re-spec into this alternate tree.


Alternate Elemental Overload Skill Tree For Cospri's Will

Cospri's Will is great for it's +1 curse and curse works on hexproof mob. Depending on your needs, the extra curse can provide you more damage, or more survival.

The main disadvantage of going Cospri's Will path is that it is a huge Chromatic sucker. You will cry rolling the colours on gears with recommended stats.

You can take a look at @haenic's venture with Cospri's Will. He wrote a very detailed writeup on what to expect and things to look out for in his post and it is worth reading if you are thinking of going Cospri's Will path. Don't miss out his writeup on crafting statistic too.

Cospri's Wlll Skill Tree

Versatility skill node is required for it's mana reduction cost that is much needed for Cospri setup.

Level 93 Skill Tree (179% Life + 44% Armour)

Level 96 Skill Tree (194% Life + 44% Armour)

Level 100 Skill Tree (214% Life + 44% Armour)

Cospri's Will Gem Setup
6L Setup

5L Setup

4L Setup for Helm / Gloves / Boots
Enlighten 3 to reduce mana reserve of Herald of Ash.

Enlighten 4 is required for Blasphemy setup.



My Cospri's Will Gear

Pros & Cons
- Hexproof maps now a joke
- More ignite damage from Temporal Chain
- or more toughness through Enfeeble

- High character level requirement to have comfortable health pool
- Very expensive to roll the desired colours
- Recommended to have 4 x 7% life jewels
Last edited by kira1414 on May 30, 2018 9:50:50 PM
I like the idea with the atziri gloves but you need to unspec resolute technique for them to work and get some crit chance. There is also the elemental overload keystone in the witch area that would be very nice if you use these gloves.

ign Elmi_EQ
Completed 20 ChallengesHenkCCAA wrote:
I like the idea with the atziri gloves but you need to unspec resolute technique for them to work and get some crit chance. There is also the elemental overload keystone in the witch area that would be very nice if you use these gloves.

You are right on the Atziri gloves. My health pool is always at max and that gives me the impression that Atziri is in effect. I totally forgot that you need to crit in order to get the instant leech.

I guess it is "Endless Hunger" in effect that is causing this mislead impression. I will update the guide to remove Atziri as recommended gloves and just keeping Dying Sun.

Thanks for the input. :)

You will go for:

Kill all (+2 passives)

No longer valid
Oh my bad. I missed that out.

You will go for:
Help Oak ( 40 life ) -> Help Kraityn ( 8% IAS ) -> Kill all ( passive )

EDIT: For clarity. Players are still referring to this reply that was made in Jan 2017 which is no longer valid since GGG has changed the way bandit rewards.
Last edited by kira1414 on Jun 14, 2018 4:54:11 AM
Completed 38 Challengeskira1414 wrote:

Oh my bad. I missed that out.

You will go for:

Help Oak ( 40 life ) -> Help Kraityn ( 8% IAS ) -> Kill all ( passive )

np, thank you very much^^
What do you think about Hematopfagy? +20% damage while leeching
What do you think about Hematopfagy? +20% damage while leeching

Not worth it in my opinion because you need 3 skill points and only gain that 20% damage. This build don't benefit from the physical damage leech because it only deals fire damage.
Added an alternate skill tree using Atziri's Acuity gloves (post #2) thanks to @HenkCCAA input regarding Acuity + Elemental Overload.

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