[3.17] For Slayer / Champion - Ngamahu Cyclone / Consecrated Path / Tectonic Slam

Hitoseijuro wrote:
kira1414 wrote:

Yes. Avatar of Fire skill tree + Impresence (Flammability version) + Watcher's Eye (Anger version) is a very good combo.

In terms of damage, Impresence will still lose out to Xoph's Blood but for folks that run the build using Avatar of Fire skill tree, they are very good combo to use.

So I was running the numbers on POB and Impresence + Avatar + Anger + Watcher's Eye should beat out Xoph pretty hard on mapping mobs(50-100k difference) and on bosses it should be much closer, but the Anger/Impresence combo should win against Xoph(somewhere around 20k-ish), this is on Cyclone, for molten burst the gap is still there. Xoph gives 20% more fire damage when ashe is applied but Watcher's eye gains up to 40% of physical damage as extra fire damage, so that's pretty big.

Also a lot of Xoph's damage is in its Ashe since we can get the avatar of fire from the tree at minimal cost. If you're dodging a majority of hits from a boss, you're probably better off going with Anger/watcher set up.

The only thing that Xoph has going for it is that it can bring Vaal lightningtrap. Anger/Watcher's eye I believe will need enlighten support gem due to its hefty 50% mana reserve cost on top of ash's 35%. However, if you can make it work it could be an alternative cost to buying Xoph's(100-200 c vs 450+c).


Did you take into consideration that the impresence can roll like this too?
Thing about impresence is also you can run enfeeble (safer) with windscream + take a essence worm for additional aura so add in hatred.

Anger hatred flammability enfeeble - impresence + windscream + essence worm
Xoph + titan greaves + opal ring (you could say na to essence worm even above)
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from which level can we play with cyclone skill?????
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I just wanted to say that this build is amazing and just to share my idea for better dps: using lvl 21 anger with those
gives you probably most dps in a non-hexproof map. I got those corrupted in like 11th try (1 alch and vaal per try so it's really cheap)
Totalkobra wrote:

from which level can we play with cyclone skill?????

As soon as you can run Warlord's Mark for mana leech.
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what gem setup should i ran with bronns lithe?
nice guide ! kepp it up <3
What gems do you recommend getting a quality version asap?
WahreRauke wrote:
CatBastet wrote:
Which gems should I prioritize getting to 20q?

Question was asked and answered at least 2 times the last 10 pages. Would be nice if some ppl would just read a bit and dont blew up this fred to 1000 pages, so no one will find the usefull pages anymore.

Dont want to be rude, just saying.


Eh, I checked from 307 and couldn't find anything, I went a little further back and found an answer. No offense taken, but you're filling up the thread as much as I am and you didn't even bother answering. So I might as well be the better person and put the answer here and hope it gets added to the FAQ.

Hitoseijuro wrote:

Molten Burst:

-Fire Penetration
-Concentrated Effect
-Weapon Elemental Damage
-Elemental Focus
These 4 all give the same % increase in damage to your molten Burst

-Physical Projectile Attack Damage
slightly less than the other 4(its minimal difference to be honest)

Cyclone Damage:
-Elemental Focus
-Weapon Elemental Damage
-Concentrated Effect(boss fights)

These 3 give the same % increase in damage to your cyclone

-Melee support damage
Slightly less than the other 3(also minimal difference)

Herald of Ashe:
Unlike the other gems which only affect their main gem, HoA actually affects both Molten Burst procs and Cyclone. This should probably be your first gem to upgrade unless someone can think of a better reason not to.
What mods should I be looking to get on Watcher's Eye?
Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage
Physical Damage as extra Fire Damage
Damage Penetrates % Fire Resistance

For a High budget version, what two mods work best together, as I see it can roll 2 of them.
looking for answer last 15 pages and cant find, say me pls why noone dont use vaal pact?

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