[2.0] SRS build compendium: Life, Hybrid, Lowlife

Get GGG to reveal and updated base minion damage values!!!


This thread:
I started this thread before 2.0 was released to discuss the way to go SRS in 2.0. Pages 1-10 are that discussion. Pages 11- are discussion after 2.0 was released.

I'm also adding the SRS builds that I'm aware of to the top of this thread. If your build isn't listed please PM me. If you would like me to change the link I have for your build, also PM me.


Final 2.0 SRS Builds

Life without Eldritch Battery:
Scion by MatrixFactor
Uses Profane Chemistry + Alchemist + Belly of the Beast to quickly heal entire HP pool in 1 pot use.

Scion by Bob
Uses Vagan's craft "gems are supported by L1 bloodmagic" to create a 7L staff.

Life with Eldritch Battery
Scion by angryafricanaa
Uses zombies+specters to increase clear speed.
Witch by caioroberto1988
Puts zombies + animate guardian in Atziri's Disfavour to make them strong.

Witch by axazol
Tanky with high amounts of life, viable from lower level.
L100 Witch by toiletsnake
Optimized for playing L80-81 maps in a group.
Witch by mattc3303
Uses knitted horror spectres to proc bleed, which gives SRS 59% more melee phys damage through the Bloodlust support gem.

Witch by Ghazzy
Multiple other SRS builds for various budgets also listed here.


Tools for Theorycrafting about SRS

SRS DPS Calculator by axazol

SRS DPS Calculator by MatrixFactor

Aura Reservation Calculator by mikelat

Mana/Life Reservation & Regeneration Helper


Pre-Release discussion

I wanted to talk about SRS in 2.0. Specifically I'm interested in temp leagues where budget is part of the consideration.

Some 2.0 changes that affect us:

-SRS is now 30% less added damage. This means that in addition to Wrath, and Anger, now Hatred, Unholy Might, and Added Fire are also multiplied by 0.7 before being added to SRS.

-Arctic armor now makes phys/fire do 14% less damage while standing still (it provides no bonus while moving). Also it no longer costs mana/sec, rather it reserves 25% of your mana, like heralds.
-EB now makes skills use ES before they use mana. We no longer get a pure conversion to mana.
-Clarity now gives less regen.
-The reduced mana gem no longer affects auras. Enlighten gives a 0.96 multiplier at level 2 and 0.92, 0.88 at 3 and 4.
-Minion damage gem is now a %More modifier.
-Bandits normal alira is now 60 mana and Kraityn is 10 allres, oak still 40 life. Alira may be worth it, since mana regen is an issue right now. Cruel alira is 5% cast speed, which is worth it if we ever plan on specing mental rapidity or nimbleness. Merciless oak's endurance charge is worth it if we're going to bother with enduring cry.


Rare Cobalt Jewels
14-16% minion damage (2.86% chance to spawn)
3-5% cast speed while holding staff (2.86%)
3-5% cast speed with fire (2.86%)
6-8% inc max life (2%)
6-8% inc max mana (2.86%)
12-15% mana regen (2.86%)
6-8% ES (2.86%)
8-12% minion life (2%)

2-4% cast speed (3.6%)
2-4% attack and cast speed (2.52%)
8-10% all elemental res (2.16%)
6-10% Minion res (2.5%)
2-4% minion block (2.5%)

Intuitive Leap | Let's you pick nodes within its radius without pathing to them. axazol has the great idea to put it in the jewel node near CI to get the %ES nodes behind CI, influence, as well as essence surge.

Atziri's Reign (Crimson) | 15-20% inc vaal skill effect duration. This adds about 1sec to our vaal haste.

Assassin's Haste (Crimson) | 3% ms, 10% mana reg, 3% cast speed. seems good overall.

Cannabilistic Habits (Viridian) | Recover 4% of your max life when you consume a corpse. With flesh offering we pop up to 9 corpses at a time, so this would be a instant 36% of our life healed. Seems nice, but I don't know if it's necessary given we can use pots.

Conqueror's Potency (Crimson) | 3% aura effect, 8% flask effect, 4% curse effect. The best one so far.

Conqueror's Efficiency is a2m quest reward | 3% aura effect, 4% skill duration, 2% aura reservation. I believe this jewel is key as it lets us get away with not using alpha's with some trees.

No longer drops Dark Thoughts (Cobalt) | +1 curse if 70 int in radius. NVM this is the best one so far. This can probably go into the jewel socket above elemental equilibrium. Although it's looking hard to get the required int.

Inspired Learning (Crimson) | If 5 Notables are Allocated in Radius, When you Kill a Rare monster, you gain 1 of its mods for 30 seconds. Pretty neat, but after my experience with headhunter I'll say it's fun but not best in slot, and we would probably have to waste a bunch of skill points to get it.

No longer drops Selfless Leadership (Cobalt) | Bonuses from Allocated Passives in Radius apply to Minions instead of you. A potentially very powerful mod. If we can get it to work with Resolute Technique, it could be very strong.

New Uniques/Mods

The summon socketed minions on kill unique bow combined with elemental auras. Credits TheUberElite.

New Skills

Rallying Cry | Performs a warcry, granting increased damage and mana regeneration to you and your allies if there are nearby enemies. The damage increase is scaled by surrounding enemies. Taunts all nearby enemies to attack the user. Shares a cooldown with other Warcry skills. | We may only be able to use a mid-level version of this gem due to strength reqs. It seems like this gem may help us sustain mana regen, when it procs it gives us the regen of 3/4 of the new clarity gem.

Summon Chaos Golem | Potentially good for leveling. Seems like it won't be able to survive in tough maps without more investment in terms of tree and gem slots.

Bloodlust | 59% more melee physical damage against bleeding enemies. | If we get a fast bow and socket puncture - gmp - pierce - curse on hit - EW and we get some lightning damage on gear we can in 1 shot of the bow 1) proc bleeding, 2) apply curse 3) proc EE. We can then replace Empower with bloodlust in our SRS link. We can also use a quiver to either help with ES regen or stack defenses. Since +3 levels is about 50% more damage, it doesn't seem worth it if we can get a +3 5L staff.

Fortify | 25% phys reduction if we hit with a melee skill. Potentially useful with leap slam, but probably no good.

Potential Trees

Pure Life
High life unwavering stance
174% life, 74% max mana, 155% mana reg, 90dex, 48% aura effect, 18% aura reserve, 2 curse, 2 jewel sockets

Scion Jewel Socket Specialist by Rhaegar_G
149% max life
*not a finished tree, needs to determine auras and cast sustain*
*NOT recommended for new players, requires expensive jewels*

Life/ES Hybrid
Life/ES with 2 50% auras and Mana-Clarity
116% life, 185% ES
78% max mana, 170% mana reg
+80 dex, 48% aura effect, 22% aura reservation
2 curse, 31% curse effect.
We actually don't need alpha's once we hit 1500ish mana.
*low gear requirements, and good for new players*

Life/ES with 3 50% auras and Blood Magic-Clarity
116% max life, 185% max ES
50% mana, 125% mana reg
54% aura effect, 34% reduced mana
2 curse, 31% curse effect
*tied for my favorite so far*

Scion EB-MoM-ZO with 3 50% auras and no clarity needed
158% life, 116% ES
48% aura effect, 22% redecud mana reserved
2 curse, 11% curse effect,
75% minion dmg (all other trees are 90%)
4% life reg/sec. With 2k ES this would be a constant regen of 80 ES/sec.
*tested this in beta. EB/MoM/ZO isn't good because it's not enough regen to sustain SRS (especially with vaal haste), and we never get ES recharge since we'd have to stand still for 3 sec for it to start + not take damage + wait for it to recharge.*
*requires Alpha's and L2 enlighten*

Low Life
Lowlife by cmphx 135% ES, 132% mana, 130% mana reg, +60 dex, 54% aura effect, 34% aura reservation, essence surge, 4 jewel sockets. Can be customized to take ~60% more ES at the expense of mana %.

Low Life with jewel sockets
Thanks to axazol for suggesting the jewel socket by essence surge to be used for intuitive leap!
135% ES (+16% +15% more, and essence surge with intuitive leap)
32% aura effect, 8% reduced mana reserved (requires intuitive leap for influence)
111% increased max mana, 105% mana regen
2 curse, 21% curse effect
105% minion dmg (other trees are 90%), 16% minion allres (other trees have 0%)
8 jewel sockets. 6-7 free to be used for DPS jewels.
*tied for my favorite so far*

Link to popular 1.3/1.2 builds

I would love for you guys to post your insights. Let's keep it interesting and fun.[/url]
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265
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It's been a little while since I've played my srs but i did like her.

some notes and initial thoughts

1. Cannabilistic Habits was nerfed to 2% same patch as reduced mana change and may not even exist anymore. I haven't seen it anywhere since the most recent wipe. This would be a must.

2. I haven't seen the minions gain passives allocated within radius jewel either. I think it was used for acro/phase acro and that was too strong. It would be great for attack speed buffs.

3. It would be helpful to know what minion mods can roll on rare jewels. I have seen defensive ones but haven't' paid too much attention. If there aren't any real damage ones then we dont need 4 jewel slots on the tree. THe best they would help with is mana or life (up to 8% increase life) or maybe dex/str conversion jewel. Especially true if the top two are removed.

4. fortify would be useful with staff but requires a moment to perform a melee attack to activate. You can put it on srs for them to have fortify but i think that would be a waste. Even though fortify includes increased melee phys. (not More). Vigilent strike with faster attacks would be the other option.

**5. Minion Damage is now MORE. That makes it extremely competitive vs other gems.

6. The auras will need to be reworked possibly. Can go EB and reserve 100% mana but won't be able to use MoM reliably. At least that's my initial assumption. Also, we then become pure life and the mana regen path would be useless.

7. I clicked the first tree and can save a passive or two pathing. For instance above witch the jewel passive you can go another way to save 1 passive which can be spent on life.

8. Is RT necessary? Seems like a reach and it only works on You.

here gives 157% life, still 4 jewel slots which is likely too much but dropped RT.

Scion may actually be a good choice if going EB. Easy reach to jewel nodes and duration.
here's a scion tree with 3 jewel slots and 173% life (no eb)
Pacific (GMT -8) Time
Last edited by Madcow1120 on May 28, 2015, 4:05:31 PM
I guess a lvl3 enlighten will be quite cheap after 2 month, therefore nothing to worry about
it will stay as strong as before and not a lot has to be changed

I'm still a bit confused about mana regen... seems like you have to invest more gear slots for it
but it will be possible to spam skills, thats for sure, GGG knows that the playerbase hates to use flasks, like mentioned in ziggys video

so we can get some serious bonuses to Minion Dmg and take phys nodes with the unique jewel = huge buff to summoner in general
Personally i don't like relying on the possibility of getting an extremely high priced and rare gem like enlighten will be/is to get things working. It's a bonus to squeeze in if you are lucky enough.

Army of Bones could be used for the damage the damage

Conqueror's Efficiency is certainly useful with reduced cost and reservation as well as increased duration

Does Malicious Intent jewel work for srs? It gives a chance for unholy might and doesn't specify You.

Selfless leadership (minions gain the passives) radius is small. So, got to keep that in mind.
I think attack speed will be most useful but this requires testing.

If attack speed the 2 spots best are to get berserking OR the scion start to the right to get the 4 attack speed nodes And Harrier would all be for minions. The question with that spot is the aura res nodes are within that radius so would we lose that as it would be applied to minions?

If physical it has to be pure physical and not weapon specific. So to the right of scion you can get the node for Master of the Force cluster.

Of course if it's not limited to 1 then you can get both IF you have the passives.But my tree above can accomodate the attack speed grab easy enough. Just remove the es travel. liek this

Golems will be either fire (for 30% increased damage) or chaos for some physical mitigation. Would probably go fire.
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Hey Madcow, nice to see you again & thanks for dropping by.

Madcow1120 wrote:

7. I clicked the first tree and can save a passive or two pathing. For instance above witch the jewel passive you can go another way to save 1 passive which can be spent on life.

8. Is RT necessary? Seems like a reach and it only works on You.

7. The inefficient pathing is to get 70 int within the medium radius for Dark Thoughts (+1 curse).

8. The idea with RT is to use the minions get the buff jewel. As is I believe spirits have around 60-70% chance to hit and 5% chance to crit, so RT would be a huge DPS boost.
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265
I've reworked my old 1.3 tree (hybrid) together with a friend, and he's now playing it (currently 81). Our thoughts are:

- one of the few builds that can still run max level AA
- new shorter ES recharge is amazing for Hybrid
- it's harder to run haste/hatred/discipline now (with clarity on life) so he just dropped haste for now (or hatred, depending on party)
- dual curse ele weakness/vuln more OP than ever

Otherwise classic 5L +2fire staff setup, using minion damage now since it's a more multiplier. 2200 life, 4300 ES with crappy gear, easy mapping. Overall very little has changed since 1.3 I'd say.

Tree: http://cb.poedb.tw/us/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgMBA-4HHgj0DXwRLRFQEZYbJRzcHb4d2SL0KPosnDOHNZI1uTpYPydBh0NURZ1JUUmxSshLrk25U1JVxlfJWW1akVxrXsBfKl-YakNqrGvbbAttGW6qdFV8g30Yfll_xoLHhEiFYIhCiFqPGo9GkyeVLprgm6GgQqcIpyuofarErJi18rc-uJPAVMHFw23MvM8y0_vXz9i92Vva3d-K6QLr7uyK74jw1fRx99f5N_no_grVgYVtJNgvnRbzJjwYangvfOVYB5itMtFFR8BmBLOiAPAfaPJ8S5Z0
Don't use army of bones for damage for minions. IMO the best course now is to use minion damage jewels (rares) with cast speed and chaos resist in jewel sockets. Prior to update the only thing that was scary was chaos damage. Not sure how that'll change but you're able to get at least 13% per jewel as well as 5% cast speed w/ staves +1 extra mod.

I haven't tested it at all, but it may be worth it to utilize Bated Breath with EB to recovery pool faster.

IMO it is worth using 1 extra skill point to take the resist laden jewel socket over the attack speed one.

Something that might get me stoned to death is I don't believe its really possible to sustain mana regen anymore, especially since half regen and no regen maps are now pretty much impossible to complete. I can't really offer a suggestion other than going blood magic and compensating for the damage loss through powerful rare jewels and durability. If you're planning on using FC in a 6L I'd replace it with blood magic.

One way I can see EB working that I haven't seen mentioned is risky, you could utilize zealots oath and destroy your life regeneration. It might push you over the limit, but again... very scary.

Last thing I can think of right now that I haven't seen mentioned is that leap slam is a highly usable movement skill with this build and it can be supported by fortify which is equal to 6.25% max resist. I am currently utilizing it with ice crash on beta on a caster and it makes atziri a cakewalk. Ice crashes base AOE is so large that its able to hit from a safe distance away and its really good for whenever you see a magic or rare on the screen that screams one shot.

I haven't really given much thought to SRS after act 4. I've been testing explosive arrow, poison arrow, ice nova, iron will, potcg, discharge and abyssal cry. This is the most insight I can offer.



10 jewel sockets which can become 120% minion damage, 40% cast speed, 104 single resist or 80 dual resist, 1 extra mod (could be more cast speed) + conquerors jewel + 1 other. Option to switch in consume jewel for bosses when out of flasks. Since Minion damage is now MORE I feel that this stacking of minion damage beyond what is normal is more than enough to compensate for the loss of cast speed in a link setup. Additionally the jewel cast speed bonus that is obtainable can be far greater than the bonus from faster casting. High life regeneration means that even when utilizing headhunter or an acceleration shrine, you will be able to sustain much better. BM quality is reduced mana now, I feel that this is a solid choice for this build, albeit an EXTREMELY expensive one. I guess it just gives you a goal? SRS will cost about 220 life per echoed cast. With profane chemistry and Juggernaut there will be various life potion options to sustain this in maps. You may have to do some calculations and calculate degen/regen and switch life flasks for half and no regen maps. However, I believe this to be a minor inconvenience compared to rerolling or selling them if they are corrupted. Resolute technique is taken so that procs of fortify can be certain. If you were to use static strike (since hatred is linked to generosity) w/o any added damage jewelry, you could proc EE at the same time as well for bosses.

I'd also like to take the time to shamelessly promote testing of my item filter found here:
I will be considering all requests and will make several more variants.
"After play testing Endless Delve, many people on the team wanted to make it a one day event" -- Bex 24/11/2020
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Nice. I did not know they had a low accuracy. That would certainly up the dps then.

Couple that with the scion area to increase attack speed would be pretty damn strong.

I also wasnt sure if jewels could roll minion damage. I had seen minion block or dodge (something defensive) but hadnt noticed damage. If so then obviously that would be great to have.

Wish i had more time I would start one but not sure i do. Testing melee 1H axe ice crash still. I use leap slam and fortify on that which would translate here. Or vigilent strike faster attacks either one.

I also use blind on my golem which is great.

Good stuff here.
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Vigilants Cooldown timer and aim requirement imo makes it not worth using for fortify on casters.
"After play testing Endless Delve, many people on the team wanted to make it a one day event" -- Bex 24/11/2020
using this tree at the moment in beta


3k HP
3.6k ES
1.9k mana (200~ unreserved, 260/s regen able to withstand lvl21-22 arctic armor)

using alpha howl will save 2 points in reduce reserve, but i rather use +2 minion ES or AR/ES helm with HP, dex and res. generosity-hatred + haste + clarity in a 2L+1+1. will shuffle ard gems if i got +2minion helms with nice stats

HP and res glove mastercrafted minion damage in AR/ES or ES glove. 4L spectre-lmp-burningDmg-minionDmg (still testing out gem combos) for lanternbearers

HP and res and MS mastercrafted dex in AR/ES or ES boots. 4L zombie-minionHP-multistrike-meleephys. can swap the meleephys with splash from the SRS for single target especially when doing bosses.

5L +2 fire, cast speed, mastercraft manaregen (i didnt as i got alot of manaregen already). SRS-echo-multistrike-miniondmg-splash. would get empower or meleephys if i got +3 6L

6s4L+1+1 saintly chainmail or vaal regalia with high HP and high ES, res, mastercraft DEX here if needed. cwdt-curse-flesh offering-IC + vaal haste + chaos golem. if i got a 6L i would link vaal haste and inc dura. the cwdt wont proc vaal haste. so i double dip the inc dura for all linked, offering, IC, curse, vaal haste.

chain belt with high HP, STR, armor, ES, res. mastercraft MS is pure luxury if you already capped res.

atleast one unset rings for arctic armor look for dex, HP, res, manaregen (50%+), flat mana, flat ES. (cast speed for min maxing & rarity is pure luxury)

amethyst/resists/moonstone/coral/unset(another v.haste/convo/desec/lightwarp)/gold rings for dex, HP, res, manaregen (50%+), flat mana, flat ES. (cast speed for min maxing & rarity is pure luxury)

DEX amulets with HP, res, regen, flat mana, STR/DEX/all attr, (cast speed for min maxing & rarity is pure luxury)

i use the unique 3manaregen jewel, the unique 10% manaregen, self crafted +4 cast speed / +3 cast & atk speed / +4 cast speed for fire jewel, self crafted 15% manaregen, 10% all res jewel. would like to get my hands on selfless leadership or wtv its called that grants HP to me when i consume a corpse so that if i get burst, the cwdt will proc offering, which will heals me up whilst my minions got jacked.

i use srs since lvl4 in a 3L. smooth sailing till lvl79 currently in under 4days /played. few deaths. most of it came from reckless playing half-asleep and not potting or self-dodging maze vaal, temple piety, colonnade kole. pretty much tanky otherwise due to AR, chaos golem and AA mitigating most dmg and having zombie meatshields, can get much tankier with undying spectre, but i feel tanky enough to get the lantern for more deeeeps.

clearspeed is much better than live tbh.

sorry for the wall of text, pm me in beta to see in action, IGN: WTB_OP_RNG

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