2.1 pure life SRS [2.1 DPS calc]

Get GGG to reveal and updated base minion damage values!!!

Calculator has been updated to 2.1. I'm assuming the base damage was reduced so that L28 SRS would do at most the same damage in 2.1 as in 2.0. File->Make a Copy to use it.

This is a summary of my 2.0 SRS build on Warbands. Currently I'm L94 and I manage to do all maps vaaled up to 81. Can't do 82 map bosses.

Still attempting uber atziri. The DPS and HP should be enough (based on a guy who did her with 3.9k HP and less DPS), but my skill/luck may be lacking.

Videos [SC]

Vaal orb tutorial

Atziri YOLO mode

Torture Chmaber boss using 5L out of 7L

Arid Lake (clearspeed demonstration). 141% map: vulnerability, 80% extra dmg as light, 40% reduced life/mana regen.

Volcano boss. 128% map: no life/mana regen, elemental weakness, frenzy charges.
Necropolis Merveil. 92% map: temp chains, shocking ground, immune to curses, boss +dmg/speed.
Necropolis Merveil #2 155% map: fracture, gmp.

Springs. 136% map: temp chains + monster speed + boss dmg&speed.
Crematorium Magera. 92% map: +boss dmg&speed, shocking ground.

Overgrown Ruin Map. 144% map (30%unid 20%fragments) map: vulnerability, monster speed, 105% extra dmg as light, 102% extra dmg as fire.
Shipyard Map. 135% map (30% unid): 80% extra dmg as fire, fracture, shocking ground.
Village Ruin Map. Monster speed + curse immune.

Courtyard Mapp bossfight 90% fire 90% cold chilled ground.

Shrine Map 1xx% map: monsters skills chain & monster speed. I die to piety's ice shot in 1 shot. It does around 2.5k damage per shot to me with 88 cold res. With chain it kill me from chaining on my minions.
Maze Map Vaal Boss Fight 140% map: temp chains, chilled ground, -14%max, +109% as lightning
Maze Map #2 151% map: 395%crit chance, 35% crit multi.

Abyss Map 1xx% map: monster speed, 60% reduced regen. Boss is not doable because we have no way of dealing with his SRS.

Gear, Gems, Tree [SC]

There are three versions of this build. The first doesn't use Anger. The other two do. I recommend not using Anger because it adds very little DPS, and costs a good bit of survivability to get.

No Anger Build (recommended)

L84 Tree
L97 Tree

For Auras you start by relying on Alpha's Howl, and then you get rid of Alpha's once you have Enlighten L3, and then you get rid of Conqueror's Efficiency once you have Enlighten L4 or a +1 gems item.
Auras with Alpha's Howl
Auras with Enlighten L3 + Conq Efficiency
Auras with Enligten L4

For staff I recommend a 6L +3 fire.
SRS - Spell Echo - Empower L3+ - Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Melee Splash

Replace Splash with Multistrike for single target damage, or MOFL if you can't sustain multistrike. Also use vaal clarity if you can't sustain for bursts like atziri trio.

There are two versions of the Anger build. The first version doesn't use enlighten at all. The enlightened version uses a +1 4L item and two L3 enlightens in order to gain 20% max life from the tree. In practice it's 700 more life. This makes a big difference at uber atziri since we can survive 1 spear rather than die in 1. Read the regular version and then compare to the enlightened one.

Regular Build

Current L94 tree

Pledge of Hands is marginally more DPS than a +3 Fire 6L. It is also cheaper by not requiring Emp 4, and it lets us sustain with only 2 mana nodes, whereas +3 would need at least 4. This is because taking SRS from 21 to 24 is about 30% more DPS, whereas an extra support gem is 40-50% more DPS. Of course to know for sure we need GGG to release updated base SRS damage values. It may be that +3 is actually superior. I'm trying to 6L in order to test for myself. (I don't have gear in standard anymore).

For reference I estimate (against monsters with 40 all res, 60 curse res):
1.27M DPS with Pledge SRS-MinDam-Multi-Culling-MeleePhys-Culling. 122 mana/cast, 322 mana/sec.
1.22M DPS in +3 with SRS-Echo-MinDam-Multi-Culling-Splash (better than Emp 3). 93 mana/cast, 242 mana/sec.
1.30M DPS in +3 SRS - Echo - Min Dam - Emp 4 - Multi - Splash. 189 mana/cast 471 mana/sec!!!

Notice that a +3 may be superior since it's much cheaper to sustain, and only slightly less DPS. In the real world this means you will actually achieve your peak DPS more often under vaal haste. Though a mana flask can be used achieve pledge's required mana/sec. With L4 empower the mana cost because unsustainable. Another advantage to +3 is that you get to swap Splash for MPD and don't have to rely on MOFL.

Swap culling for Hypothermia or Blind for parties. Swap melee splash to melee on full life for Atziri.

+2 Auras is nice for Anger. It's mostly irrelevant for Haste/Hatred/Generosity, but nice. The 8% aura reservation is required to run 3 DPS auras. The purpose of running 3 auras is to get enough DPS for uber. I don't think Anger is necessary for mapping, but the support gems would change when Anger is taken out.

None of the stats on this item are amazing individually, but they are all beneficial, even the armor/evasion. The best stats are 40% max life, and 50% faster life recovery from flasks.

The CWDT seems useful. Phase run's 80% avoid detection has given me the opportunity to use a flask when hit while I wasn't paying attention. The rare instances when this saves you 10% exp is totally worth it for leveling past 90.

I thought about using a Kaom's, but the socket pressure is just too high with 3 DPS auras. It could be used if a DPS aura is dropped.

Playing around with a totem and self-cast curse instead of curse-on-hit. It seems clunky, so I will probably go back to curse on hit.

I recommend using Vaal Grace instead of Vaal Haste if mapping in parties or even solo. It gives me 50% dodge / spell dodge at L18.

Vaal skeles are good for almost all bosses. Especially with Vaal Grace.

You want to look for chaos res on gloves and boots. Also make sure to get MS+Dex on boots, as well as an open prefix on gloves to craft Minion Damage.

Belts can have so many useful stats. I recommend getting chaos res, increased flask effect duration, and life. Additional res, and armor are a luxury.

I like unset rings because they allow us to use nice stuff like flame dash and chaos golem. Stats to look for are life, res, mana regen. Flat mana and cast speed are luxuries. Don't try to get chaos res on jewelry. It's rare and unnecessarily expensive. I like the faster start of ES recharge mod from Leo 3. It's a prefix so your other alternatives are usually flat mana (30ish), or flat ES. The nice thing is that even with a tiny bit of ES, we still have 50% chance to avoid getting stunned when we have ES.

For amy you want life, cast speed, and mana regen. Stats are useful. Resists are a luxury.

The animation flask is very good for healing my vaal skeles during boss fights.

Use a appropriate flask depending on exiles, or warband, or monsters (dischargers, flame throwing cannibals).

Fine alternative to Rumi especially because you can spam it more

Used for noregen mods. Still figuring out the best affix combination.

Enlightened Build

L94 Tree

I use a +3 staff over pledge because it provides almost the same DPS for lesser mana cost.

Required. As is a conqueror's efficiency jewel.

You need a +1 item. Gloves/Boots are the only options here. So just buy them, get them 4soc with the right colors. Quality and corrupt. You can add links if you get +1 after.

Mana on this spec is super tight. My skill costs 76 mana and I have 77 unreserved. If you don't get +mana on your jewelry you'll need to take Deep Thoughts for 2 pts.


Leveling & Initial Gear [SC]

I leveled using a life/ES build because it's easy to get 5kish EHP with it. Leveling tree passives. In normal take DPS passives, in cruel and merciless take life/es passives. In maps start taking DPS passives again. Once you get an Alpha's Howl you can switch to the end-game pure life build. Don't take Charisma until you get Alpha's Howl.

I got a 5L +2 fire staff ond day 1, and a 6L +1 gems axe on day 2.

This axe only cost me 15c to buy on day 2, then about 20c to roll. It's almost as good (10% less DPS) as a 6L +2 fire staff but way cheaper.

This carried me from L70 to L90. I bought it for 1c from the laptop winner _o_O__ on day 2.

HC Build

The idea of this build is to use a staff that has vagans L7 mod "gems are supported by L1 blood magic." Then we sustain by having a huge HP pool as well as lots of life regen.

This build is inspired by Bob as well as my friend INGSoc who gave me the idea to use Vagan's craft.

L90 Tree. Can be done as Scion or Marauder. Just swap the two starting nodes.

Summary: 193% life, 8% life regen/sec, 6 jewel sockets, 105% minion damage.

29 pts tree, 54 pts tree, 81 pts tree.

Bandits Oak/Kill/Kill (recommended) or Oak/Alira/Kill (if you're looking for a bit more DPS).

Auras: Hatred or Haste / Vitality / Arctic Armor. Or Swap Vitality+Arctic armor for Haste/Hatred and drop the 4% reduced reservation nodes by Sovereignity.

5L +2 fire staff with cast speed. Craft Vagan's supported by blood magic mod.
Rares with life, res.
Belly of the beast to boost flasks.

5L: SRS-Spell Echo-Melee Physical Damage-Culling Strike-Melee Splash. Replace Melee Splash with Multistrike for boss fights.
4L#1: CWDT-Inc Dura-Immortall Call-Convocation.
4L#2: Inc Dura - Vaal Grace - Vaal Summon Skeletons - Flesh Offering
4L#3: Raise Zombie - Chaos Golem - Minion Life - Minion Res
4L#4: Generosity - Hatred | Arctic Armor | Vitality or Haste | Arctic Armor | Vitality
2L: Spell Totem - Summon Skeletons
1S: Flame Dash

Alternative Haste+Hatred+Anger setup

Thanks to wiwivgn for the suggestion.

L90 Tree.

Using an Alpha's Howl we can get enough reservation to run Haste+Hatred+Anger.

This can alse be achieved with enlighten level 5 without taking Charisma for the ulitmate version of this spec.

2.0 SRS Build & Information compendium
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265
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Hi, could you run my through the math of how you calculated that 6L pledge gave you more dps than a +3 staff? and why to your tree specifically?
Vulcan88 wrote:
Hi, could you run my through the math of how you calculated that 6L pledge gave you more dps than a +3 staff? and why to your tree specifically?

You can compare pledge to +3 for yourself using my DPS calculator. I made it to avoid having to post the math each time.

My tree specifically because I take 7-8 jewel sockets and 38% aura effect. I can imagine a tree with 11-12 jewels where culling strike no longer beats empower L4, and once you have empower in the picture you need to go for a +3.
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265
I've been comparing several SRS builds and have a few questions. Yours doesn't seem to take any cast speed nodes. Is this because of PoH, your jewels, or just because you feel it isn't necessary? Also, is Alpha's Howl required to run Anger+Hatred+Clarity? Based on an aura calculator, I don't think it is, but I'm not sure if we'll have enough free mana left over to spam SRS. Thanks for posting your build. I think with all the jewel slots you get, with the right jewels, they will far outweigh some of the other nodes/stats some of the other SRS builds take.
Brodrick2527 wrote:
Yours doesn't seem to take any cast speed nodes. Is this because of PoH, your jewels, or just because you feel it isn't necessary?

The 3-4% cast speed nodes are simply not worth it when looking at the math for DPS. I did take Alira (5% cast) on cruel though. That might have actually been a mistake as well, but I haven't done the math on it yet since it will depend on final gear/jewels. I would get curse effect (skittering runes) before getting any cast speed.

Brodrick2527 wrote:
Also, is Alpha's Howl required to run Anger+Hatred+Clarity? Based on an aura calculator, I don't think it is, but I'm not sure if we'll have enough free mana left over to spam SRS.

My tree has 18% mana reservation reduction. I have about 1700 mana with pledge. I could replace Alpha's with a rare helm, and use the conqueror's efficiency jewel. Then after Hatred, Anger, L20 clarity I'd have 116 mana unreserved. Spirit costs 106 to cast (I have 12% reduced mana cost of skills ATM). So it's doable, but you wouldn't have a buffer to help sustain vaal haste longer. Also it's not possible to remove Deep Thoughts if we do this, because we need the %max mana. It is something to test though. Another option is to get leadership for 22% mana reservation reduction total, and then conqueror's efficiency isn't necessary. So yeah alpha's isn't necessary, good point.
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265
Great replies, as always, Matrix. You answered my question perfectly, but you failed to read my mind haha. My followup question for you would be this: For those of us that are still poor (read: no PoH or Alpha's), how would you progress your character with regard to use of auras and which nodes are most important through the leveling process. Currently leveling as dual flame totem with plans to respec into SRS around 55-60. As I said before, been looking for a good SRS build and I have followed many of your posts/insights with regard to SRS. As such, I'll likely follow your lead with this guide. I appreciate your time indulging these noob questions.
For leveling you want to use Hatred+Clarity. Then add Anger once you can. For weapon go 5L staff -> 6L melee weapon -> 5L pledge -> 6L pledge.
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265
should i change sth in your tree if i would like to play with +3 fire 6L staff ? (i have 6l +3 and empower 4l)
IGN: Imoenpl, nieuczdziadajakcharchac
my first POEvid "Hybrid Wander and Atziri fight" http://youtu.be/0e-ffI2cOfY
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m_flower wrote:
should i change sth in your tree if i would like to play with +3 fire 6L staff ? (i have 6l +3 and empower 4l)

Nope. The only thing you might not need is 4points in sustain (Deep Thoughts, Dynamo). You could try removing one of them.
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265
Edit: Nvm, I can't read
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