3.18.0b Hotfix 1

I'm glad to see you nerf complete blockers mechanics (such as Rejuvenating or Assassin).
I hope you'll do the same with other similar modifiers (immunities to stun/shock/freeze etc.).
Quick headsup for the devs: about 3-4 hours after this was posted and said to be deployed, the Heralding Totems still several times stay around long after the monster dies in Delve.

Seems fine everywhere else I've been in maps and a couple campaign locations.
These changes look good but I defo feel that the last 2-3 days has seen enough nerfs to the mob mods, I really enjoy having to wake up from being zoned out running around stuff as fast as possible without hardly noticing what's happening on screen, this is better, much much better, now we're going from "passive gaming" to "active gaming". No more nerfs needed, except for full blockers, although I think it's perfectly acceptable for some builds not to be able to kill some combinations of mods as long as they are not bosses or progression content that stops them from moving forward. Having to skip a rare/unique mob doesn't break the game, just upsets people who are used to face rolling through everything.
Ullix wrote:
Seems like Delve and Blight-ravaged maps will continue to be unplayable.

Flabbergasting that this system was pushed live. Flabbergasting how unrewarding it all feels. Just an ugly, ugly, ugly league launch.

Flabbergasting that youre here talking bs about the league without even beating the first five acts, which means you dont know shit about the league, but you expect to get exalt drops in act 2.

I get censored and harassed by 3 cucks now.
Increase drop rate please.
So sad that you're catering to all the whiners, who want to faceroll the game day 1 with their no-investment broken league starters.

Really sad
Been playing since 2011, and I think Archnemesis mods should be straight up removed. Mod readability hasn't changed, in fact it's gotten worse. At least before you could just read the mods, instead of something like "Crystal Skin," which who knows wtf that will do at first glance.

At the very least Effigy and Invulnerable need to be completely deleted.

In addition, the new player experience is terrible. Acts 1-2 need massive nerfs in difficulty. No one finds struggling in those acts fun or rewarding since everyone's characters are so slow and basic.

I faced with one bug many times, till to 3.18.0b it is not fixed. yesterday, I invited my friend and showed him too, there is 0 monsters left, even boss killed, just nothing, but in area there some rombic blue eye-like thing just was followed me till to invisible border, when u out, there is nothing, when u in then begininng to autocast endless until it catch you and kill u, my friend said that is cast of crystal-skinned, and it is bugged, but Im not sure, as I killed over 700-800 archnemesis at total last league as servicer, and almost there was many crystal-skinned too, but I definitely didnt see that thing on previous league, so Im not sure which monster casting it, but there is that bug also, and as I working online, most of the time just parking char alone at the map, but, when I return, my char is died..

At last, I do repeat it sorry, but I faced that thing many times on absolutely definite locations, on acts, at lab 1 time, on different maps e.t.c.
laststraw9 wrote:
Increase drop rate please.

This needs to happen. I encountered an innocent touched mop in a t15 map and zerged it down for like 10 minutes. It dropped literally one yellow sword. i alt-checked the location because i could not believe it.

The drops associated with the archnemesis mods are non-existant, so if they are hard to do, its always worth to just skip them.

Its just not worth doing them and that sucks by design.
Hey GGG,
temporial bauble still ruins Heartbound Loop builds. Please fix this.

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