3.18.0b Hotfix 1

Waiting on the a giant hotfix 2 to come back to game. Any day now. Please. we wouldn't be this vocal if we didn't love the game. Even your content creators are being vocal. Player base. wtf is it going to take.
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Wow do not take the Sentinel node that makes Stalker only empower rear mobs for maping after the changes. I have a Stalker with ~150 Mobs and did a Alc Yellow map and poped the stalker at the start. Speed Ran the whole map to Empower all the Rears and not counting the boss (I have a Apex for that) that Stalker only used 8 charges. WHOLE MAP
Hi Chris,

No changes on Steel infused modifier ?

Just level up my new char on ssfhc, just before piety act 4 i litteraly went from 1700 hp (just for your information, Chris, since you dont play the game, having 1700hp before piety a4 is HUGE) to 200 on a blue pack while im jugger with reasonable armour amount... i cant imagine the same situation on a T14 map for exemple. Do i need to stack 100k armour + 20k life to prevent being one shotted after investing maybe 50 or 60 hours on a char.
Im talking about a fucking blue pack, A FUCKING BLUE PACK, CHRIS, not rare or uniq or bosses...

Your game balance is trash, you litteraly dont play your game, OBVIOUSLY.

I'll never make another time the mistake to buy a supporter pack before league start in the future, i just feel scammed at this point.

True. Can confirm.

Died on Jugg 19k armour, 6 end charges, 4300hp to lvl 72 blue mob with steel-infused and nothing more. Went from full hp to zero instantly. No mob damage in map mods.

Sadge? I guess Archesadge.
Lost over 30% of your players in less than 7 days... well played GGG...
Please add Effigy on the list of mods that can't spawn in Rituals. This mod is terrifying, it's the main reason I am not touching Ritual. I also don't know why Final Gasp is on the list, it's not nearly as dangerous.
could you please remove Effigy?????? that is such a pain for hc
Just remove Archnemesis. No one has asked for it and no one will miss it, seriously.

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Where are the promised counter-buffs to headhunter by Chris?

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