3.18.0b Hotfix 1

It would be nice if magic monsters received bigger nerf in my opinion, magic monsters feel almost as powerful as rares but with a bit less stats, but the problem is that they are in packs and it's though to deal with. I like the rares but I think magics shouldn't have received archnemesis mods in the first place as it makes no sense for me. You could only make rare mobs in 3.17, not magics.
1) Archnem mods need to get REMOVED as they are now.
2) There could be a "special rare" like one per location with these mods and same drop pool like in Archnem league, to make it feel rewarding.

Done, you save your league.

Tuning their stats from 75% to 60% solves absolutely nothing. Its unrewarding pain all the way as of now.
Dear GGG,

Can I get an atlas notable that replaces archnemesis mods with the ones they used to have?

fix headhunter
fk archnemesis.
I'm playing CF champ and having no problems doing harvest before these changes even. Only essence monsters were rarely too insane to kill.
The only solution here is to remove the mods.. but even so. I doubt they can somewhat save this league already unless they remove archnemesis mods from the game and go back to what we had the next 1-3 hotfixes they do before they put this league to the grave.. the nerfs to endgame bosses drops to enable builds is also another nail that might not even save this league despite removing archnemesis..
"Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure."

Once you break the cycle of fear no angels or demons can whisper you their sweet nothing words.
fix omni and ash drop rate please, can't play in ssf.
5 day's into league, and already so much complaining from players and adjustments done.
I died, please fix the game. Shame on you. What about investing in some defences for onse without only looking at your DPS number. Spend a few seconds more in each map and try to be tactical during fights..

The game is actually fun again. Well done GGG.

How come people are complaining about not geeting Omni, Headhunter, Ash etc already on day 5. Spoiled much in real life?

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Love the league and Arch mods! It defenetely needs some improvements, but I am finally feeling like playing a game now, not just a loot simulator.
Magma Barrier: Summoned Fire Volatiles are now much more visible and have had their explosion damage reduced significantly.

fixed on the 5th day of the league
hope u get candy for this
u guys need to start to play your own game asap
how can something like this doedre bullshit happening
100% proof you did not test anything
2 options
if u have someone so called "testing" fire this sweetard
if u dont have someone testing PATHETIC hire someone
hope u lose alot of sponsors and investors whitnessing this poor performance, imagine someone of your investors play the game. think about it for a second

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